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Toushin Toshi Girls Gift - banner
General info

This is a list of usable items in Toushin Toshi Girls Gift. This excludes key items.


Name Description
Seirogan I Heals 100 HP
Seirogan II Heals 200 HP
Seirogan III Heals 500 HP
Seirogan IV Heals 1000 HP
Manga meat Heals all HP
Craia's cookie Heals all HP and recovers abnormal status effects.
SP recovery medicine I Recovers 90 SP
SP recovery medicine II Recovers 180 SP
SP recovery medicine III Recovers 300 SP
SP recovery medicine MAX Recovers all SP
Hazuki's handmade lunch 5 HP damage and 80 SP recovery
Juicy manga meat Recovers all HP and SP
Poison cure Cures poison
Luxury poison cure Recovers HP and cures poison
Paralysis cure Cures paralysis
Luxury paralysis cure Recovers HP and cures paralysis
Burn cure Cures burn
Luxury burn cure Recovers HP and cures burn
Freeze cure Cures freeze
Luxury freeze cure Recovers HP and cures freeze
Special skill release talisman Cures special skill seal
Luxury special skill release talisman recovers HP and cures special skill seal
Card skill release talisman Cures card skill seal
Luxury card skill release talisman Recovers HP and cures card skill seal
Panacea Cures all abnormal statuses
Blank card I Low chance to capture weakened gal monster
Blank card II Medium chance to capture weakened gal monster
Blank card III High chance to capture weakened gal monster
Fire card High chance to capture a gal monster weak to fire
Snow card High chance to capture a gal monster weak to water
Wind card High chance to capture a gal monster weak to wind
Earth card High chance to capture a gal monster weak to earth
Light card High chance to capture a gal monster weak to light
Dark card High chance to capture a gal monster weak to dark
Super blank card 100% chance to catch any gal monster
Atari berry Increases ACC for 4 turns
Critical mandarin Increases CRT for 4 turns
Mikawashi apple Increases EVA for 4 turns
Seirogan Needle Regular attack which leaves the enemy on 1 HP
See through glasses Displays enemy information (analyze)
Old piece of metal Sellable item
Round object Sellable item
Hanny fragment Sellable item
Rusty coin Sellable item
Ancient sword Sellable item
Ancient vase Sellable item
Ancient acupuncture needle Sellable item
Ancient tea bowl Sellable item
Haniwa-like object Sellable item
Shining Haniwa statue Sellable item
Holy Haniwa relic Sellable item
Blood sucking impule repressant Recovers the blood meter


Weapons aren't unequipable and thus the values are technically based on the short sword's stats (if it has any).
If a weapon can't be bought, it's an EX monster drop.

Name Stat increase
Short sword default
Cutlass ATT+02 MAG+01
Longsword ATT+04 MAG+03
Shotel ATT+07 MAG+05
Saber ATT+10 MAG+08
Carp stun sword ATT+13 MAG+10
Xiphos ATT+14 MAG+11
Gladius ATT+18 MAG+14
Deadly sword ATT+23 MAG+18 CRT+10
Uchigatana ATT+24 MAG+19
Ōdachi ATT+28 MAG+22
Gorgeous sword ATT+32 MAG+25
Dress Sword ATT+40 MAG+32
Guren's magic sword ATT+37 MAG+48
Bastard Sword ATT+44 MAG+35
Flamberge ATT+51 MAG+41
Human slaying sword ATT+56 MAG+46
Scramasax ATT+63 MAG+50
New Cavalry sword ATT+76 MAG+61
Demon Sword ATT+80 MAG+55
Haniwa Sword ATT+73 MAG+70
Atta Knife ATT+80 MAG+64 ACC+70
Kamidai's sword ATT+78 MAG+62
Muramasa ATT+88 MAG+70
Aura Blade ATT+74 MAG+98
Magane sword ATT+101 MAG+81
Alice Sword ATT+119 MAG+95
Suzaku sword ATT+143 MAG+114


Name Stat changes Elemental changes
Leather Armour DEF+05 MDF+04 Weak to fire
Light Armour DEF+08 MDF+06
Magic Light Armour DEF+10 MDF+18
Scale Armour DEF+11 MDF+08
Heavy armour DEF+16 MDF+10 SPD-5 EVA-2
Crimson Armour DEF+20 MDF+16
Luxury Armour DEF+26 MDF+20
Brigandine DEF+32 MDF+25
Silver Armour DEF+38 MDF+30
Gold Armour DEF+44 MDF+35
Crusader Heavy Armor DEF+47 MDF+37 SPD-2 EVA-2 Strong to light Weak to dark
King's Clothes DEF+50 MDF+40
Demon Armour DEF+57 MDF+45
Heavy Magic Armour DEF+64 MDF+54
Yellow Armour DEF+78 MDF+62 Strong against Fire, Water, Wind and Earth


Name Description
Poison protect ring Protects against poison
Caffeine ring Protects against sleep
Pouch guardian Protects against item seal
Paralysis protect ring Protects against paralysis
Cold ring Protects against burn
Warm ring Protects against freeze
Special skill Talisman Protects against special skill seal
Card talisman Protects against card skill seal
Attack ring I ATT+02
Attack ring II ATT+05
Heavenly attack Ring ATT+10
Magic attack ring I MAG+02
Magic attack ring II MAG+05
Magic ring MAG+10
Guard ring I DEF+02
Guard ring II DEF+05
Iron wall ring DEF+10
Magic defense ring I MDF+02
Magic defense ring II MDF+05
Demon ring MDF+10
Hit ring I ACC+02
Hit ring II ACC+05
Heart ring ACC+10
Speed ring I SPD+02
Speed ring II SPD+05
Rush ring SPD+10
Step ring I EVA+02
Step ring I EVA+05
Illusion ring EVA+10
Critical ring I CRT+02
Critical ring II CRT+05
Deadly ring CRT+10
Barrier talisman DEF+05 MDF+05
Siege talisman ATT+05 MAG+05
Wheel talisman SPD+05 EVA+05
Fireproof ring Reduces fire damage by 10%
Waterproof ring Reduces water damage by 10%
Windproof ring Reduces wind damage by 10%
Earthproof ring Reduces earth damage by 10%
Lightproof ring Reduces light damage by 10%
Darkproof ring Reduces dark damage by 10%
Experience ring (NG+) Triples XP