Toushin Toshi 3DS
Tōshin Toshi
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(c)アリスソフト Box art
Brand Alice Soft
Release date 2014/01/30
Genre / Rating RPG+ADV / 18+
Base price ¥?"?" is not a number.
Voice none
 Toushin Toshi 3DS 
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General info

Toushin Toshi Girls Gift is a remake of Toushin Toshi II released in 2014 by Imageepoch.
It's one of the few Alicesoft related games which don't contain any explicit porn or nudity, though it does get quite close which makes it one of the few 3DS games with a CERO D (17+) rating.


The story of Toushin Toshi Girls Gift follows the plot of the original Toushin Toshi II in broad lines throughout the game, ultimately leading to similar outcomes. The backstory is the same as well.
There have been some significant changes to scenes and/or characters though, so don't expect the exact same story.


The gameplay is similar to a standard JRPG, but is played with a single character instead. To make up for this, you get an action point system which allows you to do multiple things in 1 turn.
Overworld travel is not too different from the original, but is in 3D instead. There are also various obstacles in the way which require certain gal monster's abilities to deal with.

Seed himself doesn't come with many abilities, but his arsenal can be expanded by either capturing gal monsters with cards or doing the titular Girl's Gift quests.

Gal monsters are caught by using cards, the general idea is to weaken them and then use a card to catch them. When caught you can equip them at the card shop and depending on how you set them (Offense or support) will give you either a skill or a passive ability. Any field skills will be available no matter what position they are in.