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General info
Game mechanics
Skills (技能)
Buff materials (付与素材)
Items (アイテム)
Walkthrough Part 1 (攻略)
Walkthrough Part 2 (攻略)
Walkthrough Part 3 (攻略)
Side quests & optional events
Dungeons (迷宮)
Misc notes
Day 01
  • Visit Fiori's Mansion in the top left (CG 142)
  • The building to the south is an item shop.  There is also a new feature available in the top right corner of the store.
    • When placing items into this Box, the items disappear, but you get Hanny Zippo in return
  • Visit the Dungeon, Floor 01
    • There is an invisible passage directly north of the entrance leading to a training door
    • Fighting at the door nets you cameo conversations from old AliceSoft games
  • Head west and talk to Bolt
  • Check the stone door and the wooden door
  • Head west for a crystal fragment
  • Return to the stone doors and head south, following the path
  • Head west and fight the eyeball monster
  • Head southeast and press the switch to open the stone door above
    • The chest behind the stone door gives you a tablet; you’ll need it later
  • Talk to Bolt again
  • Fight the monster again
  • Step on the blue platform
  • Visit Nakuto's Mansion (CG 106)
Day 02
  • Visit Fiori's Mansion
  • Visit Leglose's Mansion (Bottom left), Fiori's Mansion, Bolt's Mansion (Center), the large mansion at the top
  • Visit Remedia's Mansion (Top right)
    • This forces you into a fight against Remedia which you cannot win
  • Visit the Dungeon, Floor 02
  • Go through the hidden passage to the left of the entrance and talk to Leglose
  • Head south two rooms and follow the hidden passage west
  • Check the summon door and fight the monster
  • Head north through the hidden passage and talk to the girl
  • Head west to the hidden passage and then south when you hit a wall
  • Head west in the room to find an angel
  • Exit the dungeon and visit Fiori's Mansion
  • Visit the Dungeon, Floor 02
  • Make your way back to the angel
  • Head south from the feathers to the blue portal
  • Visit Nakuto's Mansion
  • Visit Fiori's Mansion (CG 45)
  • Visit Nakuto's Mansion
Day 03
  • Visit the Dungeon, Floor 03
  • Head west and fight the monster at the summon door
  • Talk to Bolt
  • Head all the way south to find more angels
  • Head back north and take the first path you can
  • Head all the way east for the second stone tablet
  • Check the summon door
    • In these areas, you can’t leave until you’ve defeated the boss. There are no enemies
  • Head south and defeat the monster
  • Exit the region and head north to the next path
  • Talk to Leglose
  • Head east and hit the switch to the stone door
  • Return to the stone door and open the chest for the third stone tablet
  • Visit the Dungeon, Floor 02
    • Head to the second room on the left side and take the hidden path west
    • Check the well
    • Check the summon door
  • Visit the Dungeon, Floor 03
  • Head back to the angels
  • Head east and check the blue portal (CG 38)
  • Visit Nakuto's Mansion (CG 13)

Day 04

  • You can now use the workshop at the bottom right house
  • Visit the Dungeon, Floor 04
  • Head south, west, and then north at the fork
  • Head north at the next fork and get pushed back
  • Head north past where the fan used to be and hit the switch
  • Head east at the last fork and open the chest in the room
  • Head north and check the well
  • Head back to the summon door
    • Enter the summon door and follow path to fight the monster
  • Go back to the main dungeon and head west then north
    • Talk to Leglose
  • Head west and open the double doors
    • Head through the passage and go east to pick up the fan
  • Head back to the double doors and go west
    • Talk to Bolt
  • Go back east and talk to Leglose (Boss Fight)
    • You will obtain the fourth stone tablet
  • Visit the Dungeon, Floor 01
    • Open the stone doors and check the pod (CG 64, 65, 66, 67)
  • Visit the Dungeon, Floor 04
    • Head back to where Bolt was
    • Fight the monster and step on the blue portal (CG 14)
  • Visit Fiori's Mansion
  • Visit Nakuto's Mansion (CG 15, 16, 17, 18, 19)
Day 05
  • Visit Leglose's Mansion
  • Visit the Dungeon, Floor 05
  • As you walk across this room, you can be damaged by the pillars, there are also invisible walls
    • Green pillars hurt you in a 3x3 area around it, Blue 4x4, and Red 5x5
  • Fight at the summon door halfway through the maze
  • Continue west and fight Leglose
    • You will receive Destroy Barrier
    • Equip Destroy Barrier, as it is needed for future boss fights
  • Head north and talk to Bolt
  • Fight the monster and hop on the blue portal
  • Visit Nakuto's Mansion
  • Visit Remedia's Mansion (CG 163, 164)
    • To hit Remedia, you must use Destroy Barrier periodically
  • Visit Fiori's Mansion (CG 20, 143)
Day 06
  • Visit Remedia's Mansion
  • Visit the Dungeon, Floor 06
    • Check the summon door
    • Talk to Leglose in the top right corner of the room
  • Visit Fiori's Mansion
    • The save made here is a checkpoint
  • Visit the Dungeon, Floor 01
    • Open the wooden doors and enter the summon door
    • Follow the path and fight the monster
    • Magic is the only thing that works against this enemy
    • If you spend too long fighting, it’s an automatic game over
  • Visit Fiori's Mansion
  • Visit Nakuto's Mansion (CG 28, 29, 30, 31)
Day 07
  • Visit the Dungeon, Floor 06
  • Enter the summon door and fight the monster up north
  • Exit the dungeon and fight Kishin
  • Visit the top left house and fight the monster
    • Remedia will fight with you and will deal additional damage
    • Some of the attacks will hit Remedia instead of you as well
    • After the fight, Buff your weapon with the newly acquired item
  • Visit the top left mansion to enter the final dungeon (CG 144, 145)
    • As of now, if you can use your buff-status screen as a workshop
  • As you move along, grab the little blue flames and step on the teleporters (CG 149, 150, 151, 165, 166, 167, 168)
  • When the map is full, heal up and buff up. The last teleporter takes you to the final boss
  • Enter the final teleporter (CG 146, 147, 148, 170)
    • The save game is a checkpoint for if you lose
    • Every 3 hits, the barrier will return
    • For the second battle, there is no barrier

At the end of the game, you'll get CG 171, 172, 173, 174, and 175 and access to Alice's Mansion

Talk to everyone and check everything out in Alice's Mansion and you should be able to obtain CG 176 to complete the whole collection