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General info
Game mechanics
Skills (技能)
Buff materials (付与素材)
Items (アイテム)
Walkthrough Part 1 (攻略)
Walkthrough Part 2 (攻略)
Walkthrough Part 3 (攻略)
Side quests & optional events
Dungeons (迷宮)
Misc notes

The game play is basically fight and clear dungeons, equip buff materials at the workshop, buy items at the item shop, and duel at the coliseum on tournament days.

Hazumi's worksop

  • Equip buff materials and magic here. Click and drag materials from the left column to the space on the right to equip. The materials cannot be removed after equipping, and space is limited, so plan before equipping. Sakura shells(item) increase the space.
  • Equip mapo to cast magic. Each Mapo is good for 3 casts, after which the mapo will be destroyed and there will be a burnt out area at the space where it originally occupied. Put a man-faced dog(item) on the burnt out area to use the space again.
  • As the game progresses, sakura shells drop more readily and space ceases to be an issue.

Item shop

  • Consumables are sold on the 1st page of the item shop, armour on the second page.
  • To equip the armour, open up the status menu, go to the specific sub-type of armour, and scroll to the specific piece of armour.
  • Armour are also dropped by Dango enemies or found in treasure chests; these are not buyable in the shop.


  • One dungeon level is cleared per day. There are random and fixed enemy encounters. You can forcibly encounter an enemy by clicking on the tab at the left hand corner of the screen.


  • Go to the coliseum to duel on tournament days!

Enemy fights

  • The enemy does 1 of 4 things:
    1. normal attack
    2. cast status ailment
    3. special attack
    4. run away

When charging special attack, there will be an icon of an exclamation mark at the left side of the screen. Likewise for escaping, there will be an icon. There are 3 ways to interrupt this - 1. stun (skill) 2. any magic spell 3. Powawa gun (item)


Auto-cure poisoned state (bug?)

  • If you return to the city in a poisoned state, you will be cured automatically.

Sakura Shell

  • After doing the event where you get your first buff space increase, there will be a very low chance that you can get Sakura Shells from common enemies either by stealing from or defeating them. This is repeatable with any common enemies (not with gal monsters here).