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Qualification Edit

  • Talk to Shuri at the colosseum, then enter the Qualification Dungeon

0F Edit

  • Monsters
    • Nubobo
      • Weak vs light
    • Yankee
      • Weak vs ice
    • Kyan Kyan
      • Dislikes fire, ice and lightning
    • Dungeon Warriors
      • Have stats that vary wildly and can range from doing little to no damage, to doing massive amounts of damage. Their exp and gold rewards seem to vary wildly as well, sometimes the ones that do a lot of damage will give you almost no xp/gold. Their stats also seem to scale to your stats (however if you don't level up but just equip a stronger sword, their HP/DEF doesn't scale to that, meaning you can kill them easier), most will always hit you with a 80% chance and you will have a 85% chance to hit most of them, regardless of what your stats are. Run away if you are attempting to conserve healing items, as the rewards are often not worth it.
      • Occasionally, some dungeon warriors will be immune to normal attacks or have very high EVA. The one that looks like it's skin is made out of metal is immune to normal attacks.
      • Dungeon Warriors with Greatsword or Dark Sword seem to be the highest damage dealer in overall (because with 80% hit, the Axe has only 60% hit). If you encounter him with a huge head or melted face (both high hp) or with a horned red-eyed Darth Vader-like helmet (your chance to hit is 55%) or with tactical combat helmet-like (high defense) then maybe you should consider running away, if you don't want to waste too much medicines.
      • Dungeon Warriors with white biker helmet gives you 100+ (<200 probably) Gold and with yellow-eyed weird mecha helmet gives you 190+ Gold
    • Red Eye
      • Can only be fought if you are at least level 20 and choose to rescue the Splish Splah west of the entry stairs.
      • 30 DEF, 80 EVA, 100 RES
      • Resist fire and lightning
      • Weak vs dark
  • None of the barrels contain anything, so don't bother investigating them.
  • Your only option is to attack with your sword. Running away is difficult as you still do not have access to the escape skill, so keep your HP near full as much as possible.
  • You cannot rescue the Splish Splash being attacked by the Red Eye till you are at least level 20.
    • The next time you sleep in the inn, the Splish Splash will visit you and you will get a H-scene of her giving you a blowjob. This must be done before you win the tournament as you cannot go back to the inn after winning the tournament.
  • To the north is a chest containing a Seirogan 2.
  • In the SE is a chest containing 300 gold.
    • There is apparently a 1/500 (or 0.002%) chance to find a Happiness Kyan Kyan instead of a normal Kyan Kyan.

1F Edit

  • Monsters
    • Gecko dislikes ice
    • Pro Wrestler Man dislikes everything
    • Goldfish dislikes fire
  • You cannot get past the mysterious statue asking you for a password until later in the game
  • At one point, there will be a switch that opens a gate, which will contain a switch further inside. Step on the switch inside the room, and when leaving, step on the switch to close the gate to this room. This will open up a gate further in the dungeon.
  • In the room with a Hanny statue, step on the switch and try to proceed further twice. After the second time, investigate the Hanny statue.
  • Avoid trying to fight the Pig Banbara at this point, the room contains a trapped chest which you cannot open till you get the Treasure 1 skill. He is a very tough fight at this level. He will ask you to dance naked to get past, but Seed won't do it.
  • Healing before proceeding before proceeding into the SW room is not recommended, Xavier will ambush you and reduce you to 1 hp anyway.
  • Talk to Sage Isoroku in the SW to get his seal

Round 1 Edit

  • Talk to Sayaka at the bar and you can go to Ragnards dungeon.
  • Make sure to at least buy the Longsword 2 for 500 gold at the item shop, and preferably the armor 2 for 800 gold, you will need the stat boosts to survive in Ragnard's dungeon.
    • Prioritize DEF over EVA, as most bosses and enemies will have very high accuracy and be impossible to dodge.
    • Weapons that reduce your accuracy have limited usefulness, as there are some enemies with very high EVA.

0F Edit

  • Monsters
    • Ruronta weak vs Light
    • Tenten weak vs fire
    • Sweet Girl dislikes fire
    • Death Golem (real, with large fangs) weak vs light
    • Chatsumi fatal vs light
  • The NE corner of the map contains a temple to the Haniwa cult. If you choose to join, you get on the Haniwa warrior route, can use magic immediately, learn Hanny Flash (always hits, does a low amount of damage, ignores all resistances and will kill chests in one hit), but you donate 10% of all exp and gold that you earn to the Haniwa god. If you do not choose to join, a new quest to unlock magic opens up after the fight.
    • It is recommended to not join the Haniwa cult because you permanantly miss this quest
    • Regardless of whether you choose to join, talk to her again to obtain a good hanny card.
  • On the eastern side of the map will be a ladder descending downwads, this can be used when you gain the 5th floor, decending it lets you to fight a boss and obtain some items.
  • The Escape skill can be found in a chest in the NW corner of the map. It lets you escape from most battles easily.
  • The northern dungeon door requires the dungeon key to open but contains a healing tile that will heal you to full hp every time you step on it.
  • The entry to 1F is blocked by a thief, you can either pay him 300 gold or fight him to get past. He is a pretty tough fight at this level however.
  • After finding a certain amount of battles (100 or so according to the Japanese wiki), you will get a message in the camp screen that Seed is getting increasingly fatigued. This will impose a large xp/gold penalty till you sleep at the inn. There is no warning message on the main screen, so make sure to check the camp menu at intervals.

1F Edit

  • To the east, you can find the widow Fulsmina at her husband's grave. If you come back the next day, some thieves will have dug up the grave to look for her husband's sword. After defeating them, find the thief in the NW corner of the map and chase him down. Do not leave the map before finding the thief.
    • You can either keep the sword (which is a Japanese Katana, same as the one that costs 4,500 gold in the item shop) or return it. If you return it, talk to Fulsmina again for a 500 gold reward. Keeping it will net you the sword and +5 sin.
      • Sin reduces your experience gained by the same amount (so 5 sin would reduce your exp per battle by 5 sin). Sin is not a big deal, and later on you will find it very easy to remove large amounts of sin. Keeping the Katana allows you to easily proceed through the early game.
  • There is a simple trapped chest in the NW containing the dungeon key, which can be used to open a room with a healing tile on 0F, and the way leading to 2F.
  • The way south is blocked by a Cow Cow Bang Bang, make sure you have upgraded equip before fighting her.
  • Go east, then follow the corridor North. In a large room is the Envelope A-1.
  • If you go east, then south, you will find several rooms with teleport tiles. Stepping on one of them will teleport you randomly to either a empty room in the north, or a closed room with a chest containing the Treasure Chest 1 skill, allowing you to open chest with simple traps.
  • The teleport room, 2nd from the west, contains envelope A-2.
    • Now would be a good time to get the dungeon key from chest in the NW.
  • Go south past the Cow Cow Bang Bang, then west. You will meet Diana. Go south again, use the dungeon key from your item screen and open the door. You will meet Rakira.
  • To get Rakira, to move you need to buy her a cheese cake from the item shop.
    • You can only have one gal monster following at one time (whether or not you brought it from your house or captured it), and there is a chance that Option Eater, a special enemy, will appear to steal your gal monster. Most of the time he will steal the monster before you first turn, other times you get several turns to fight him. He has very high EVA. If selling gal monsters, using a return wood to sell them as soon as you can before he can show up to steal them is recommended.
    • The char shop will only pay a decent fee for the first gal monster of each type. To find a list of gal monsters that you have already sold, you need to buy land later on in the game, construct a house, then choose to buy gal monsters. The shop will only sell you gal monsters that you have previously sold to them. Note that some gal monsters are unique encounters and you cannot capture them if you have already killed them.
  • When buying the cheesecake, remember to get the trapped chest on Qualification 1F, past the Pig Bambara.
  • After giving the cheesecake to Rakira, you can now find the char shop. Go to the main square and use the look command and Serena will point it out to you.
  • If you go east past Rakira, you will find a room with 3 chests and 3 colored icons. After opening one chest, all chests will drop into a bottomless pit. The piko hammers in the chests allow you to bypass the colored Sekitoris blocking several areas.
    • The red hammer allows you to get a protect ring (+5 defence), north of Rakira
    • The blue hammer allows you to get a power ring (+10 attack) north of Rakira but you can get a blue hammer on the 2nd floor as well. There is another blue Sekitori on 3F, although it only leads to a small amount of gold. It might be best to get the blue hammer first as the power ring will make a huge difference in how fast you can kill monsters, whereas the protect ring becomes obsolete quickly.
    • The green hammer can be used on 2F to get a Seirogan 3, 1200 gold, dreaming ring (+1 xp per combat turn), indulgence, magic rock and critical watermelon.
  • You cannot reach 2F till you win your first fight. You can probably reach level 10 with 1-2 days to spare before your match, and that is sufficient to win the match easily. You can spend time farming xp/gold next to the healing tile on 0F, but you will get xp penalties if your level is too high for the monsters on that floor.
  • Reward for winning the match : 400 gold, revival coin, critical watermelon and magic rock.

Round 2 Edit

2F Edit

  • Monsters
    • Lycanthrope (and all transformed variants)
      • Resist fire
      • Weak vs lightning
    • Goldfish Tamer
      • Weak vs fire and ice
    • Puryo
      • Resist light and dark
      • Weak vs fire and lightning
    • Cow Tamer
      • Weak vs ice
    • Pig Banbara
      • Weak vs dark
    • Uppy
      • Immune to fire and dislikes ice
    • Cow Cow Bang Bang
  • Ketchup is blocking the corridor to the east of the stairs. You can buy panshirons (weak, expensive healing items) or give her gold to lower your sin. Your sin decreases by 1 regardless of how much gold you give her. She will keep blocking the corridor until you talk to her, and she will be gone the next day.
    • There is a green Sekitori past here, and a room with spike traps that will reduce you to 1 HP if you get hit. The correct order is to go straight forward, up 1 tile then straight forward, down 1 tile then straight forward, and just repeat the pattern till you get to the chest. The chest here contains a pulse ring (+5 DEF, +5 RES, +5 EVA, +1 hp) per turn of combat.
    • There is a savepoint to the south past Ketchup
    • To the east of the save point is a room with arrows on the floor. Following the arrows in the order (landing on an up arrow at the SE room) will give you an evasion bug and +1 defense consumable.
    • The blue sekitori to the south leads to a chest with 1000 gold.
  • Keep following the corridor east, you will find envelope A-3.
  • The two chests in the NE contain a pass to get into the thieves guild and a blue piko hammer.
  • The treasury cannot be accessed at this time, but when you leave come back, the guards will be asleep and you will find Ashika robbing the treasury.
  • Buy the 3F key from the thieves guild. The shop also has a Girl Shield that gives +15 Defense for 1500 gold. The town store equivalent (Nei Shield) costs 6000 gold.
  • There is a manga meat in the thieves guild and you can pay the bathhouse attendant 300 gold to have a H-scene
  • The 4F key can be bought after you obtain the magic and item ban skills

3F Edit

  • Monsters
    • Lycanthrope
      • Resist fire
      • Weak vs lightning
    • Rust
      • Resist normal
      • Weak vs light
    • Three eyed lizard
      • Resist fire
      • Weak vs lightning
    • Caterpillar DX
      • Weak vs lightning and fire
    • Frog witch
      • High RES
      • Weak vs fire
    • Oddsa
      • Weak vs ice
    • Chasoba
      • Heals 10 hp per turn
      • Weak vs ice
  • This floor can be difficult if you do not have magic yet as some of the monsters are hard to kill without taking advantage of elemental weaknesses.
  • Head to the SW corner where an animal is caught in a trap. Craia will then rescue you.
    • If you joined the Haniwa sect, you won't be able to interact with Craia any further and cannot access her room through the hidden doorway with the two statues. You will eventually meet Ashika on 3F on one of the days and she will give you the magic ban and item ban skills, after which you can purchase the 4F key from the thieves shop.
    • If you did not join the Haniwa sect, you will be prompted to go to the bar after reaching the main square. Rakira will rush off to hunt the Kalar, and you can find her and Barth Barbato in the thieves guild.
      • Head to the NW corner of 3F and rescue Craia.
      • Go back to the inn and sleep (Get the 5000 gold explained further down first, as it is missable)
      • Talk to the 3 guards at the thieves guild
      • Talk to Craia
      • Talk to the 3 guards again
      • Head back to 3F and talk to Ashika
      • Go through the secret passage into the back rooms of the thieves guild. The thieves give 150-200 gold and should be an easy fight at this level.
      • Craia is in the NW corner of the map, you have to fight 3 thieves to rescue her
      • Big Takeshi will fight you next, he is immune to normal attacks and you will have to lose the first fight.
      • After getting class changed to Mage Knight, use Flame Arrow to defeat him.
      • Craia's house will be occupied by thieves, but you cannot do anything to them. Craia's pet will also have dissapeared.
      • All the thieves on 2F, Barth Barbato, Rakira and the thieves on 3F will dissapear after Big Takeshi is killed, except for the ones guarding the treasury who will still have the same lines.
      • Exit the dungeon to receive the Magic and Item ban spells from Craia.
  • In the NW corner of the map, there is a large pond area. On days with multiples of 5, you can find 3 whales here. They can each be sold for 10,000 gold to a chef much later on in the game. You can find them on days 10, 15, 20 and 25 for a maximum of 12 whales.
  • In the SW corner of the map is an area with a pond, stand on the flowers north of the pool and investigate the pond, you will find 5,000 gold.
    • You must do this on the first day where you get rescued by Craia, or the witch Atlanta will show up and block this area until you defeat her on later on in the dungeon.
  • North of the stairs is a manga meat.
  • There is a Plum's Ghost in the NE corner of the map. I suggest saving it till you hit level 65 or so where the exp required to level up hits the cap of 65,535 exp.
  • In the NW corner of the map are two chests containing Hit Layer and Miss Layer. Unfortunately, they aren't very useful as their effects do not scale with MAG or proficiency levels (often buffing the relevant stat by 5 or less).
  • East of the stairs are a lot of mushroom mines. Lower your movement speed and walk slowly through the mines to get to the chests containing the Ice Arrow spell and Reader skill. The mines can only reduce your hp down to 1 but not kill you.
    • The reader skill lets you know what the enemy is thinking, which is a line of dialog. Every monster has their own dialog and will repeat it everytime you use the skill, and it does not change even if you use it in other battles.
  • SE of the map is a Hanny shop selling really expensive items, if you buy all of their items from the first selection, you will receive a stamp on the good hanny card, and they will sell you items from a second selection. You are unlikely to have the gold to do this until much later on however.
  • The girl for the A series of photos is south of the stairs.
  • You need to use the Item Ban magic to prevent Milo from auto reviving. You can also use Magic Ban to stop him from healing himself for 50 hp.
  • Rewards for winning the match : 3,000 gold, revival coin, critical water melon, magic rock.
  • Choosing to penetrate Cleria will cause you to gain sin.
    • +1 sin for vaginal, and an additional+2 sin if you choose to do anal. Non-penetrative Sex is fine (by game-standards. She's a kid for god's sake, don't do it.)

Round 3 Edit

4F Edit

  • Monsters
    • Marsh
      • Def > RES
      • High EVA
      • Weak vs ice and lightning
      • Resist fire and light
      • Immune vs dark
    • Rommel
      • DEF > RES
      • Resist normal
      • Weak vs light
    • Konnichiwa transforms into Konbanwa when defeated.
      • Immune to normal
      • Weak vs light
    • Lycanthrope
      • Resist fire
      • Weak vs lightning
    • Zashikiwarashi
      • Dislikes fire and ice
    • Lady Killer
      • DEF < RES
    • Black Hanny
      • DEF < RES
    • Tokko-chan
      • DEF > RES
      • Resist fire, ice
  • The exit to the 5th floor is blocked by brutal hannys, talking to them will trigger a fight, there is no way to get past them till the next round.
  • To the east is a chest with a critical watermelon.
  • The Fire Blast spell is in a chest to the NE, on a hill.
    • It does more damage than the Flame Arrow spell, but requires 60 sp.
  • In the extreme NE corner of the map is a chest with a protect apple.
  • To the east, you will eventually find Xavier and Barth Barbato. The chest at thet op of the hill cannot be opened for now as it has a complex trap which requires the Treasure 2 skill to open.
    • The chst contains a magic ring (+30 magic).
  • SE of the exit to 5F is a chest containing 2,000 gold.
  • Diana will be at the bottom of the map with the locked doors, the doors cannot be opened till you get access to the 5th floor. They each require a pass one from 5F, one from 6F and one from 7F.
    • After you open all doors and defeat all guardians, you will be able to talk to the sleeping princess and obtain the Sword Art 1 skill.
    • If you try to do lewd things with the sleeping princess afterwards, you will take damage.
  • The forest of trees is in the SW corner of the map is inaccessible for now.
  • Hazuki is located to the west and will teach you the Mizuhara Wind Sword skill.
  • There is a chest west of Hazuki with the T33 Test Shield.
  • There is a savepoint in the SE corner of the map, on a hill.
  • You can find a strange black dot in a pit on the NE hill, it will lead to a event scene between a mysterious warrior and an Oni.
  • The next day, Plumalocke will be near the 4F entry stairs and the 4F cemetery gate will be open after talking to her.
    • You may need to see all the events on this floor, such as the ones with the Oni and Xavier before Plumalocke will appear.
  • Use the crypt key to open the crypt.
  • Then go to the SW corner of the map to talk to Plumalocke. You will have to fight Gazellocke.
  • Once imprisoned, try opening the door a few times and you will end up sleeping and be rescued.
  • Without doing the above steps, Plumalocke cannot be defeated in the tournament without cheating as she will cast two spells per turn doing 150+ damage each time, and her hp can never fall below 2.
    • Even if you defeat her via cheating, the game assumes you defeated her the normal way.
  • Rewards for winning the match : 10,000 gold, revival coin, accuracy feather and evasion bug.
  • Choosing to fuck Tirnol will increase your sin.

Round 4 Edit

5F Edit

  • Monsters
    • Lycantrope
      • Resist fire
      • Weak vs lightning
    • Lantern
      • Tends to run away
      • Resist fire and ice
      • Weak vs lightning
    • Marder
      • Resist normal
      • Weak vs light and dark
    • Happy
      • Resist ice
      • Weak vs fire
    • Octoman
      • Resist ice
      • Weak vs fire
    • Okayu Fever
      • Resist light and dark
      • Weak vs fire, ice and lightning.
    • Goering
      • Resist normal and fire
    • Pool Pony
      • Very high EVA
      • Resist ice and light
    • Frozen
      • Immune to ice
      • Resist lightning
      • Weak vs fire
      • 20% chance to resist fire
    • Bloany Octo is a boss that can be fought if you use the stairs on the east side of 0F to descend all the way to 5F. fter defeating it, you can enter it's mouth to access some chests.
      • 3,000 hp, 18 DEF, 10 RES.
      • Resists light, and dark.
      • You should be able to defeat him by using the Fierce Sword skill.
      • Inside his mouth are chests containing a SP source medicine, accuracy feather, evasion bug, power potato chip and ryukakusan
  • To enter 5F you need to talk to Border Galois in the Bar to remove the brutal hannies blocking the way to the 5th floor.
  • Diana is in the NW corner of the map ad will give you a hint to a puzzle.
  • There is a healing tile in the west corner of the map.
  • There is a Plum's Ghost in one of the western rooms. I suggest saving it till you hit level 65 or so where the exp required to level up hits the cap of 65,535 exp.
  • A path blocking hanny is blocking one of the SW corridors, you need to get an autograph from Shuri and give it to him for him to move. The blue switch behind him opens the blue door west of the entry stairs.
    • Past the blue door contains two chests. The south chest contains a Seirogan 3 and the north chest contains a red piko hammer.
    • The south Sekitori leads to the girl for the C series of photos.
    • The north Sekitori leads to the B-5 photo which will not be available yet.
    • The northern corridor leads to a room with 4 tiles. Step on them in the order that Diana told you (Apple, Orange, Chestnut and Watermelon) to open a secret door. The blue switch behind teh door opens the exit to 6F.
  • A manga meat is located in one of the SW corridors.
  • There are 3 trap rooms in the SW, once you open the doors, you have to fight several consecutive battles with monsters without being able to run away. Make sure you are fully healed up before opening the doors.
    • The first door contains a chest with 1,000 gold.
    • The second door ccontains a treasure chest with the blue card for 4F.
    • The third door contains a chest with the Treasure 2 skill which allows you to open chests with complicated traps.
    • The corridor here has a manga meat

6F Edit

  • Monsters
    • Lycanthrope
      • Resist fire
      • Weak vs lightning
    • Kretschmer
      • Can heal itself for 50 hp.
      • Weak vs lightning
    • Splish Splash
      • Weak vs fire and lightning
    • Water Snake
      • Weak vs fire, ice, lightning and dark.
      • 10% chance to be weak vs dark only.
    • Jelly Fish Mk 2
      • Resist lightning
      • Fatal vs fire
      • 10% chance to be weak vs light instead.
    • Sea Cat
      • DEF > RES
      • Can steal 20 exp from you
    • Captain Vanilla
      • Can heal herself for 30 hp
      • Resist lightning, light and darkness
    • Doraku
      • DEF > RES
    • Genin
      • High EVA
      • Resist dark
    • IAEA
      • Resists everything execpt Ice.
    • Hazuki
      • 189 hp, 43 DEF, 85 EVA, 70 RES
  • Gaji and some ninjas are in the room east of the stairs.
  • Ketchup is located on a broken bridge in a room to the east,
  • There is a giant valve to the SE that you cannot turn. Go to the bar and talk to Border Galois and he will then turn the lever so you can proceed to continue exploring 6F.
    • He will only turn the lever after you defeat IAEA and talk to the female ninja Suzuya.
  • NW of the valve is a save point.
  • When exploring 6F, there will be events between the samurai and some ninjas.
  • After meeting Hazuki in town, she will wait for you on this level so that you can fight her.
    • If you kill her, you get an immediate game over.
    • Sometimes, reducing her below half hp will not cause the battle to end. It may be necessary to fight for at least 2 turns before the battle will end.
    • If you lose, you can try again at any time during this round.
    • There is no reward except a CG for beating her in this fight.
    • You will no longer be able to fight her on 6F after this round is over, and it is not necessary to proceed in the game.
  • After going west of the valve, you will see the scene where Suzuya wounds Gaji. The Swim skill can be found in a chest in the SW corner of this room and will allow you to explore the rest of the dungeon.
  • The exit to 7F is also in this room, and you can go there, but you will not be able to proceed past Musashibou. However, you can get the green card from the chst in the SW corner of 7F.
  • Go north from the valve, and keep following the bridges till you can enter the water with the swim skill. Follow the underwater maze west to find three chests on a platform, containing 30 Ryukakusan, 20 return woods and 5 Seirogan 3s.
  • West of the three chests is a platform with a critical watermelon.
  • If you follow the underwater maze north, to the east, then all the way SW till you end up south of the area with the valve, there is a chest with the Black Wave spell.
  • On the west side of the underwater maze is a platform with the MX shield (20 + enemies defeated/100 rounded down).
  • To the east of the MX Shield is a platform with the envelope C-1.
  • At the west end of the underwater maze is a chest with the Murasama (+65 ATT, +30 ACC).
    • After reloading the map, the same chest will have the Light Sword (+120 ATT, +8 ACC).
  • In the NW corner are several islands. The western one has a chest with an Indulgence.
  • The large island contains a red card for 4F.
  • The NW island is where Suzuya is, you have to fight two Genins to get to her.
    • You will get a h-scene with her afterwards, if you do not take her kunai away when the option presents itself, she will stab you to death.
  • One of the islands also contains a chest with the Course Armor.
  • After a couple more events, you will have to defeat two low ranking ninjas and will have a h-scene with Suzuya.
  • After killing Suzuya, you will be ready for the tournament fight.
    • Gaji has 52 DEF, 40 EVA, 40 RES and is immune to fire.
    • If you do not complete the event where Suzuya wounds Gaji, he will be attack 3 times a turn, have extremely high stats and heal 50 hp each turn, so it will be nearly impossible to defeat him without cheating.
    • If you do somehow defeat him, the game assumes you did so normally.
      • If you had met Suzuya but not seen the event where she wounds Gaji, then she will still show up to kill you if you refuse to fuck the princess, or will show up to congratulate you if you do.
      • If you have not met Suzuya, she will not show up at all after the match, even if Gaji is unwounded.
  • Winning the match gives you 20,000 gold, a revival coin, accuracy feather and evasion bug.
  • Having sex with the princess will give you 10 sin as she kills herself afterwards.

Round 5 Edit

7F Edit

  • Monsters
    • Massage Master
      • Weak vs fire and dark
    • Red Eye
      • High EVA
      • Resist fire and lightning
      • Weak vs dark
    • Dekant
      • Resist fire, lightning and dark
      • Weak vs light
    • Man Eater X68
      • Fatal vs lightning
    • Kite Clone
      • Weak vs ice and lightning
    • Nashorn
      • Resist normal
    • Snake-san
      • 10% chance to have regeneration 10
      • Resist fire and lightning
      • High EVA
    • Musashibo
      • Resist fire
    • Maneshita
      • Resist light and dark
  • On 7F you will encounter Xavier again who has taken Ashika hostage. He runs off after discovering that she isn't your girlfriend.
  • In the SW corner of the map is a green card that can be used on 4F.
  • You will see Diana fly off to Site B, and then one of Xavier's subourdinates will push the Hanny controlling the flying ring off a cliff. You need to resuce the hanny and fly to site A to rescue Ashika.
  • You will have to fight Maneshita several times, but he's not a hard fight. North of the first Dekant, he will transform into a petit hanny and blow himself and the land bridge up.
  • Fight your way past the Dekant then go south, there is a chest with a magic rock here.
  • Keep going north, north of the path blocking hanny is a chest with the jump skill. You can now jump past the gap Maneshita created and also get one of the photographs on 2F that requires you to jump across a bridge.
  • After jumping across the gap, follow the path west then south to find a chest with a manga meat.
  • When you reach the Hanny who's controlling the transport device, talk to him and he will transport you for free. (You will need to reload the map after the first time you help the hanny)
  • Site B will only be available after you win the fight.
  • After arriving at site A, there is a chest with a blob of water.
  • Go north, there will be arrow traps which you cannot avoid, so stock up on healing items as they will reduce you down to 1HP. The traps cannot kill you, so heal only after getting past them.
  • Go up and you will find a Hanny who is controlling the electric fence to the south where Ashika is held. Use the blob of water on him and he will be electrocuted and the fence will be deactivated. If you try to proceed past the electric fence without killing the electric hanny, you will be reduced to 1 hp.
  • Now go south and rescue Ashika. You will have the option of pushing her off the cliff afterwards, but this will give you 50 sin. Choosing to run away will cause you to use a return wood and leave the dungeon. Choosing to apologize will cause Ashika to leave.
  • After leaving, you will meet Hazuki in town and she will ask you if you did anything with the partners after winning the matches. Choosing to say you did nothing counts as a lie and will cause you to gain 6 sin. Note that even if you have chosen not to fuck any of the partners up till now, you always fuck the partner after the first match so choosing to say you did nothing still counts as a lie.
  • On day 21, Xavier will find Hazuki and capture her. Go back to 7F to rescue her.
  • The path blocking hanny is now gone, cross the bridge and go south. If you don't choose to jump, Hazuki will die. Choosing to panic just forces you to choose again.
  • There is a slot machine in the NE corner of the map, you can keep inserting 1 gold each time to win various prizes. Note that the chance of winning anything is VERY low. The prizes are :
    • Grand prize : Max amount of gold that you can carry
    • 4th class prize (All white triangles) : One Seirogan 3
  • Afterwards, just sleep at the inn till the day of the match.
  • Winning the match gives you 30,000 gold, a revival coin, magi stone indulgence and power potato chip.
  • If you choose not to rescue Hazuki before the match day, then Xavier will send a box to you under Hazuki's name before the match. Serena will open it, and you will get killed by the exploding petite hannys that were in the box.

Round 6 Edit

  • You won't be able to enter the dungeon due to your injured leg. Go to the Toushin Mansion instead, then go back to the inn and sleep.
  • To get to the 8F entrance, you have to choose Site B at the floating ring. However there is no way to go back without a return wood. Make sure to explore the eastern section of 7F first to get the chests.
    • The area with 3 chests contains a Dragon Slayer (+80 ATT, -20 ACC), accuracy feather and power potato chip.
    • If you keep going south then west, you will find a chest with the T34D shield, but it's very likely that the MX shield will be better at this point.
  • The bodies of Xavier's subourdinates cannot be interacted with.
  • Due to your leg injury, you only have one day to get exp before the exp penalty from fatigue will kick in.

8F Edit

  • Monsters
    • Magician
      • 30 DEF, 0 RES
      • Resist everything except normal and dark
    • Hanny Knight
      • DEF > RES
      • Resists ice, lightning and light.
    • Smiling man
      • 0 DEF
      • Immune to normal
      • Resist fire
    • Stone golem
      • Weak vs lightning
    • Galland
      • Weak vs lightning
    • Pitter Patter
      • DEF > RES, 99 EVA
      • Often runs away
    • Humming
      • DEF < RES
      • If captured, can heal you
    • Bau
      • 0 DEF, 0 RES
      • Regeneration 50
    • Kite Clone
      • Weak vs ice and lightning.
    • Pheasant
      • 1,900 hp
    • Monkey
      • 1,000 hp, 80 EVA
    • Dog
      • 1,000 hp, 40 EVA
  • The witch Atlanta will be blocking a lot of areas with illusions. You need to find and defeat her real body. Go to the east, where one of her illusions is standing two tiles away from a mirror. All the other illusions are standing next to a wall or mirror.
  • Investigate the mirror and the illusions will dissapear. She will also stop blocking the western area on 3F, if you haven't gotten the 5,000 gold by standing on the northern flowers and investigating the pond, you can get it now.
  • The Deluxe shop is located to the SE, it sells stat boosting items, but most are too expensive. The evasion bugs aren't very useful as most enemies at this point have around 200 accuracy. The magic rocks are probably the best value for money.
  • To the NE is a chest containing the battle shield (+10 DEF, can be used to attack).
  • One of the western corridors leads to Diana, but the way is blocked by a Kaiju Pebble. You need the Mirror Shield equipped to get past it.
  • One of the eastern corridors has a manga meat.
  • In a room south of the savepoint is a chest with the Mirror Shield.
  • After obtaining the mirror shield, equip it and talk to the Kaiju Pebble in the western corridor to get access to Diana.
    • If you try to get past the Kaiju Pebble without the Mirror Shield equipped, you will be turned into stone.
  • Talk to Diana first, then use the teleporter in the room with alphabet panels. Even if you have used the teleporter before meeting Diana, you must still talk to her then use it again for her to ask you about the teleporter.
  • Go back to Diana and talk to her again to get a H-Scene and the three passwords. You will have to fight three bosses, the Pheasant being the hardest. Use the Wind Sword skill if possible. They will each drop an orb that you need to put into a hole in the wall. After finding a wall with some lettering on it, go back to Diana again. You will be able to obtain the Manslayer sword afterwards.
    • If you haven't gotten the passwords from Diana yet, you will simply be teleported to the default room instead of the boss rooms.
    • FFFABC - Pheasant Boss. Diana give these after using the teleporter for the first time.
    • FFFCBA - Monkey Boss. Diana give these after using the teleporter for the first time.
    • FFFBAC - Dog Boss. Diana give these after using the teleporter for the first time.
  • The other passwords seem to be obtained from random sources, some of which can be obtained by using the Reader skill on certain monsters.
    • AAAAAA - Default location. Any non-unique code will send you here. Has Picture C-3, the Magic Art 1 skill, and Course Armor 2 (+33 DEF)
    • ABBBBB : Can be obtained by using the Reader skill on a Captain Vanilla. Contains a chest with a Warrior Ring (+20 attack and +20 accuracy)
    • ABCDEF - Two Seirogan 3s. Restocked every time the floor is reloaded.
    • BAABBC - Two chests with junk, King's Clothes (+50 DEF) and 3 Power Potato Chips
    • BBBBBB - Five chests, each of which may be empty or can contain a Seirogan, Seirogan 3, Manga Meat, Critical Watermelon or Accuracy Feather. These chests are refilled at random every time the floor is reloaded.
    • BBCCDD : Supposedly can be obtained by using the reader skill on a Kyan Kyan. Contains a chest with 20,000 Gold
    • BBCCEA - Girl's Photograph B (Miki's photo)
    • BCCCDA - Sweets and 50,000 Gold
    • BCFCDD - The support magic Healing (useless as it does not scale)
    • BFEEEA - Girl's Photograph A (Sill's photo)
    • CABCDE - Revival Coin
    • CBAFED - 5 Critical Watermelon and Miracle J (+57 DEF, +48 EVA, Attribute Light, but sets your RES to zero)
    • CCCCCC - 20,000 Gold
    • DBAFFF : Can be obtained by talking to Shuri at the colosseum, seems to have a very low chance of happening. Contains a chest with the Course Armor 3 (+80 DEF)
    • DBBBEE - Hit Knife (+1 ATT, +400 ACC)
    • DDDBBB - Blue Shield (+68 DEF, Attribute Ice)
    • EEEEEE - Naomi's Ring (+30 RES, +30 EVA, +40 CRIT) and 20,000 Gold
    • FEDCBA - Nothing, an empty room
    • FEECEF - 5 Revival Coin, 5 Power Potato Chip, and Arm Barrier (+50 DEF, -20 EVA, Attribute Light)
    • FFFFFF - An empty room.
  • Envelope C-5 is located to the east of the chest with the battle shield.
  • Before starting the match, spend as much of your gold as possible as you will get the maximum amount of gold after winning.
  • If you fight Billnas without the Manslayer sword, Serena won't transfer the Mizuhara Fierce Sword to you, and Billnas will be able to use the Mizuhara Blade Sword which can do 300+ damage in one hit.
  • Remember to add the sword's attribute for it to do extra damage against Billnas. Use the Fierce Sword first to stop Billnas from using the Blade Sword against you, and just attack normally.
  • For winning the match, you get the maximum amount of gold, a magic stone, indulgence, power potato chip, 40 Seirogan 3, 99 return woods, 99 Exploding Mushrooms, 99 Ryukukasans, Flame Blade (+138 ATT, Attribute Fire), Recovery Shield (30 DEF, heals 1-10 hp per combat turn) and Riot R (+38 DEF, +8 EVA, Attribute Lightning)

You can see here Japanese walktrough movies from the Game
write 闘神都市2 in the search bar

Path for endingEdit

Good vs Bad End.

Join Hanny sect / Don't join (Joining stop you from getting Thief boss path later / Not joining stop you from having Hanny king pictures)

Give sword back to Widow / Steal it - If you give the sword back, you won't be able to get all weapons. If you have all swords, a fairy will appear(CG) and give you boost for your stats (You get the last sword around end game)

Don't sell M Gals / DO sell

Never eat Angle / Always eat them

Use Indulgence / Don't (or you can give money to the Panshiron Selling Girl in 2F and 6F)

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