This article is about the floating battle-machine created by the Holy Magic Sect. For the game named after the machine itself, see Toushin Toshi.

A Toushin Toshi (闘神都市, literally "Battle God City") is a magical floating fortress-city designed by the Holy Magic Sect for the Toushin battle Dark Lords and Demon King Gi. First developed in the GI era, the massive floating fortresses were fueled by powerful magic and used magic to wage war and float in the air, many people lived in this fortresses. The Toushin Toshi were originally designed by M.M. Rune, head of the Holy Magic Sect.

There were 24 in all, 3 of which were never completed. They each beared the name of a letter of the Greek alphabet, starting with Alpha and ending with Omega. When referring to a Toushin Toshi, they're commonly called by their codename (for example, "Toushin Toushi Delta"). However, from the LP era on, when referring to a Toushin Toshi, Toushin Toshi Upsilon (Ylapu) is almost always what's being referenced.

The remains of crashed Toushins were used to create Zeth's mana batteries which power the Maginot Line, and one is even displayed in the Zeth Royal Museum. Toushin Toshi are a major plot point in the Alicesoft game series Toushin Toshi.

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