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Floor 1[]

  • Summary: Defeat Crayon to obtain the key for the next floor. Get the Hero Crest and talk to Shuri to enter the tournament.

Floor 1 map. Click to enlarge.

  • 1 = Entrance
  • 2 = Hero Crest
  • 3 = Kaori
  • 4 = Crayon battle
  • 5 = Iron Key gate
  • 6 = Gold Card gate (to Alicesoft staff room)
  • A = Chest, 300 Gold
  • B = Chest, Iron Key
  • C = Chest, 5 x Medicine 2

Floor 2[]

  • Summary: Must pass the first round of tournament to get past Poe.

Floor 3[]

  • Can go right to floor 4 (floor 3 needed for tournament purposes only)

Floor 3 map. Click to enlarge.


Floor 4[]

  • Summary: Must pass second round of tournament to defeat Summit with ice magic. Require Returning Branch to get past right-most hanny. Must pass third round of tournament to go down to floor 5.

Floor 5[]

  • Can go right to floor 6 (floor 5 needed for tournament purposes only)

Floor 5 map. Click to enlarge.


Floor 6[]

  • Summary: Must pass 4th round to pass the poison field. Must pass 5th round to pass the last door to get to floor 7

Floor 6 map. Click to enlarge.


Floor 7[]

  • Summary: Must win last round to get to the teleporter for other floors.

Floor 7 map. Click to enlarge.


Poe's Mind[]

  • Summary: Fall off and it's game over. Cannot enter camp mode to level up or use items outside of battle.

Map of Poe's Mind. Click to enlarge.


Floor 8[]

Summary: Find all chests to learn Fire Laser. Good for experience farming.

Floor 8 map. Click to enlarge.

  • W = Warp point. The entry point to this floor. Entering it warps you out of the dungeon.
  • F = Fall point. When you step on the magenta tiles you'd fall off into the void and end up at the Fall Point with 1 HP left.
  • C = Chests with mirror fragments. Collect all 6 to free a girl and learn the tier 3 fire magic -- Fire Laser.

Floor 9[]

  • No enemies. Must defeat Toushin Alexander to get pass locked door. Can get to floor 10 directly.

Floor 10[]

Optional floor. Has power-up chests.

Floor 10 map. Click to enlarge.

  • U = Stairs to Floor 9
  • H = a Hanny
  • Red numbers = Warp points
    • 0 = sends player to warp point 1~3 depending on response with Hanny
    • 1 = sends player to warp point 0
    • 2 = sends player to warp point 0
    • 3 = sends player to warp point 0
  • Blue numbers = Treasure chests

The warp points are controlled via talking to the Hanny at location H. By default, warp point 0 always sends the player to warp point 1. However, after the player has explored around warp point 1, the response you pick when talking to the hanny will control the destination of warp point 0 (1st response choice = warp point 1 etc). Notice that choice 3 only becomes available after you have obtained the Takoyaki item from a chest.

Floor - Last level[]

The path to go safely from prison to your equipement.