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Character Stats[]

  • 体力 - Hit Points (HP)
  • 気力 - Stamina Points (SP) (Also referred to as Vitality in some places)
  • 戦士レベル - Warrior level (WLv)
  • 魔法レベル - Mage level (MLv), affects magic damage
  • 攻撃命中値 - Hit, determines physical accuracy.
  • 攻撃回避値 - Evade, determines physical evasion. (Eva)
  • 腕力 - Strength, determines physical damage. (Str)
  • 魔法抵抗値 - Magical resistance, determines defense against magic (Mdf)
  • 装甲値 - Armor value, determines defense against physical attacks. Equals the sum of the armor and shield effects. (Def)
  • 知識 - Intelligence, affects your ability to disarm traps on chests.
  • 悪事 - Evil/Sin, affects experience needed to level up


Typical battles are one-on-one, first-person, in a sort of Dragon Warrior style. A few enemies will appear in groups, but Custom can only attack one of them at a time. At the end of the game, a few other characters will help him out in battle.

The options in battle are:

  • (Regular) Attack - Custom physically attacks the enemy, using a bit of energy/vitality
  • Strong Attack - Custom deals the strongest physical attack he can muster, using a lot of energy/vitality. This can do immense damage sometimes, but is unimpressive others.
  • Weak Attack - This is only an option when battling a Gal Monster that can be captured. It inflicts small damage, on the order of single digits. This is useful because Gal Monsters must be brought down to 1 HP to be captured (they can then be sold for Gold)
  • Attack Magic - Brings up the menu of offensive spells Custom has learned
  • Support Magic - Brings up the menu of stat-boosting/healing spells Custom has learned
  • Use Item - Brings up the menu of usable items like Medicine, etc. Special Item is a submenu for more interesting items like V3 Bombs, V5 Bombs, and Hirara Lemons.
  • Capture - Captures a Gal Monster. May only be used if she is low on health and you do not have a monster already in custody.
  • Run - Escapes from battle. Most, but not all battles can be easily escaped from.
  • Rest - Appears when Custom is low on energy/vitality. This recharges some of it.

There are also some special menu items in various situations related to the story.


If Custom's HP becomes zero, he will lose the battle. If this happens in the first part of the game, before the tournament is over, he will wake up to a worried Kumiko. He will be healed, but will lose his experience points stored up. If it is the second part of the game, after the tournament, or inside Poe's mind, it's game over.

Experience and Level[]

Unlike most RPGs, in this game you have separate experience and levels for Warrior and Mage. Whenever you defeat a monster, the last attack you used determine whether the experience goes towards your Warrior class or Mage class (even if all the attacks used before the last blow was a different type).

Experience required to level up equals:

Level 1-50: Current Level x (80 + (Evil x 2))

Level 51-100: Current Level x (200 + (Evil x 2))

Level 101+: Current Level x (500 + (Evil x 2))

When you level up, you are healed to full health. Therefore waiting until your health is in the red before leveling up once can be a good tactic to conserve medicine or trips back to the inn.

Monsters will give 1 less experience point for each level Custom has gone up.


An unusual stat in Toushin Toshi is Evil. It's pretty self-explanatory. Custom, being a decent fellow, has an Evil rating of 0 when the game starts. However, it will increase if he does the following:

  • Selling a Gal Monster he's captured (+1 Evil each time he sells one - not capture, but actually sell)
  • Completely forcing himself on Amiga after defeating Raipiraki in the tournament (+2 Evil)
  • After winning the tournament, ordering the maid in the mansion to H (+10 Evil)

What does Evil do?[]

Evil plays a minor role in the game, but it has a couple of effects:

  • Increases the amount of experience points needed to level-up (see Experience and Level above)
  • Affects to what extent Custom abuses the maid in the mansion (if his Evil is very low, he won't abuse her at all.) If you want to be Evil to the core (Abuse her all the way, in case you aim for All CG) then you will need at least 11 Evil. The Maid is located on Toushin Mansion Storehouse, which you can find by looking at your surrounding.

Evil can be wiped clean and set to 0 by giving the girl in the 1st floor of the labyrinth money without making her H in exchange. (Not very realistic, but hey!)