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This page covers cut content in the original Toushin Toshi.

Debug Mode[]

Toushin Toshi has a debug mode, and curiously, it was meant to be user-accessible via a cheat code, but the code is broken on Windows. The intended method for unlocking Debug Mode is to go to the load screen, and then to click on save files 1, 6, 8 and then 2 in that order. None of these files can have save data in them, or the process will fail, and clicking any other files will break the code and force you to restart the game if you wish to try again. Unfortunately, the Windows version initializes all the game's variables to "off" when you return to the title screen, including the debug variable. It is possible that the cheat worked in the PC-98 release of the game.

To restore the cheat to working order in the English version of the game, please install this patch, or, if you prefer to modify the source code, decompile the game and set VAR0132 to "4" during startup (スタート.ADV).

The Debug Mode unlocks the following features:

Alice's Mansion[]

The Windows version of Toushin Toshi has several entries of cut text in the Alice's Mansion section, all taken from the PC-98 release. Unlike past Alicesoft games, where the cut text was inaccessible, Toushin Toshi's missing menu items will appear if debug mode is active. The entries, "PC-98" and "Hint Disk," are summarized below.


The "PC-98" menu item includes manual erratta for PC-98 users, mostly concerning sound issues. According to the text, the PC-98 version outright shipped with a patch to help correct sound issues, and the commentary adds that the sound settings between Rance I and Rance II are distinct, which adds to the already considerable problems Toushin Toshi customers might face on the platform.

The PC-98 section also includes an open mention of the cheat for changing the protagonist's name, which is still available, but is a secret, in the Windows version.

Hint Disk[]

Like Rance 2, it seems Toushin Toshi was going to have a Hint Disk released on the PC-98, and orders would be accepted from March 2, 1991 to February 1992. Unlike the Rance 2 hint disk, which is described as though already complete, the Toushin Toshi disk is described as still in development, and details about it are sketchy. It contains a light walkthrough which takes you through the story, a Sound Test, a quiz and Toushin Toshi Rance Gaiden. It also contains the usual news fixtures and some release info. Its most prominent feature would be the side story, a "What If" scenario where Rance would rampage across the game setting. The side story would boast "more sex than the original, of course (because it's Rance)." This isn't actually the case as the game cuts to the ending sequence after a few rounds in the tournament. The Hint Disk is further mentioned in game's post-credits, where Alice says that Kumiko threw a party with Rance.

Debug Play[]

Similar to Rance I, Debug Mode allows the player to select from a list of starting conditions to give easy access to different parts of the game. Unlike Rance I, most of these conditions are for the end of the game, not the beginning or middle.

No matter which mode you select, debug mode gives a few common benefits. Firstly, it sets story flags so that Custom has just collected a Hero's Crest and is ready to register for the tournament, even if later changes make these flags irrelevant. Debug mode always gives the player 20 Seirogan, 20 Ryukakusan, 10 Return Wood, and 20 Seirogan 2.

Strangely, debug mode always sets the timer to the the second (not the first) day of the current section of plot, even though none of the debug options occur during the tournament (only before and after), and so the current day is irrelevant. This may imply that there used to be more Debug scenarios at some earlier point of development. The second day might have been chosen to avoid some of the time-consuming dialogues that lead off each section of the plot.

Since the three scenarios we have are very close to one another at the end of the game, it may be that the developer advanced the debug menu as development proceeeded.

  • While there is no official menu item for doing so, the common bonuses described above are applied the moment you enter the debug menu. This means that the player can right-click out of the Debug Menu and start a new game. The opening will play as normal, but after the fight with Dogi, the player will find themselves already prepped to register for the tournament.
  • Poe's Dungeon: The player appears instantly in Poe's mind at the end of the tournament. There will be a number of visual glitches at first, but they will resolve after your conversation with Dalis. You will very likely die as soon as you get started, since you can't flee from battles in this dungeon and are still level 1.
  • Defeating Poe: The player is put into the text sequence that occurs after you clear Poe's Dungeon, proceeding into the two H-sequences that follow. A number of relevant plot flags have been set to put the dungeon in its proper condition for this point in the game, but there are oversights related to Floor 7, including both of its keys and several events.
    • You are Warrior Lv 30 and Mage Lv 14, with 10,000 spare EXP in each (which for some reason is written as "5000+5000" in the code).
    • Max HP is 313, Max Vitality 395, Accuracy 36, Evasion 34, Strength 17, Resistance 13, Knowledge 5.
    • You have 11 914 GOLD (10 000 of which comes from winning the tournament), and are equipped with a Battle Armor and Power Shield (Defence 15), and while you are equipped with a Longsword, you have a Muramasa and Dragon Slayer in reserve.
    • You have the Fire Arrow, Fire Blast, Ice Arrow, Healing, Scope and Idleness spells.
    • In addition to the common debug mode items listed above, and also the items you received for defeating Poe and winning the tournament, you have the Secret Key and Sorcery Card.
    • Notably, "Girls Fucked" is only 2, meaning the two H-scenes you just saw, with none of the others in the game.
  • After Championship: Puts you in town after the Toushin Tournament. Even though this is essentially the same point in the game as "Defeating Poe" (minus a few cutscenes and a single story flag), your character is weaker:
    • You are Warrior Lv 17 and Mage Lv 13, with 12,000 spare EXP in each (written normally in the code this time). These are very low values and may have been used to test the game's balance.
    • Max HP is 172 (but because you have not slept, your current HP is the Level 1 value of 20), Max Vitality 305, Accuracy 23, Evasion 21, Strength 13, Resistance 12, Knowledge 5.
    • Your equipment, spells and possessions are otherwise the same as "Defeating Poe," but because the debug feature puts you beyond the championship sequence, you are missing the tournament prizes (several items and 10 000 GOLD).
    • "Girls Fucked" is 0.
  • END: Plays the ending, starting with YORA's final lines (the game does not bother to switch to battle mode to display these line in their proper context, but there are no graphical glitches per se).

Unused Variables[]

  • VAR0108 is set to "0" numerous times in the code, always in armor-related situations, but is never actually read, or set to any other value. It is even set to "0" by some of the debug scenarios, above.

Defeating Dogi[]

If you defeat Dogi during the intro (say, by hacking), the game will restart.

Invisible Legs[]

On Level 4, an Okayu Fever torments Fila through a wall. The Okayu Fever is invisible, but if you look closely, the square is outright blank, lacking the shadow of the adjoining wall. In the map data, the square is marked 0x16, an invalid value. After Fila has been rescued (which is a separate step from killing the Okayu Fever), the square will be tidied up on future visits and will show the shadow correctly. This suggests that the square was supposed to display Fila's legs, or possibly the Okayu Fever itself. No suitable graphic exists for either situation.

Coincidentally, a similar graphical error exists in the hall behind Fila, but this is a simple tile mismatch (empty tile 0x04 was used instead of wall-adjoining tile 0x03).