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Toushin City is the primary setting of the Toushin Toshi series, and host to the famous Toushin Tournament. Because each Toushin Toshi game is set in a distinct universe, each of the cities is likewise distinct, though they have a large number of commonalities, including a handful of recurring characters. Because the original Toushin Toshi was set on The Continent, later Toushin Cities have a similar world structure and mythology.

Because the Toushin Toshi games present such highly similar settings, it is possible that some details of a particluar Toushin City are true in other settings, and are simply never observed or mentioned.

Toushin Toshi[]

The Toushin City of the original Toushin Toshi was set on The Continent of the Rance series, specifically in the Free Cities region. It was founded atop the ruins of the floating island Ylapu by the island's former residents, after the island crashed to earth during the events of Rance IV.

During the years that followed, Toushin City developed an unusual industry in the form of the Toushin Tournament, which drew participants from far and wide with its promises of massive payouts in the form of cash, its illicit partner system, and even a career generalship for the winner. The annual tournament became a global event, attracting crowds of paying tourists and even surripitous international attention. The city operated under the rule of the Toushin, or Wargod, the most powerful warrior in a city of powerful warriors.

The town has three major features: its famous colosseum, the illustrious Toushin Mansion, and the Trial Dungeon outside of town. While the stadium sees thousands of visitors a year, the mansion is secretive, accessible only to the tournament's winning generals and their servants. The dungeon is used by tournament participants to hone their abilities, though some of its lowest levels are cordoned off for VIP access only via the Gold Cards on offer to Tournament winners and others. It is uncertain whether the Trial Dungeon is related to the dungeon that originally existed under Ylapu, though such a connection is suggested in regards to at least one level.

Notable Residents[]


Toushin Toshi II[]

The Toushin City of Toushin Toshi II strongly resembles the original, complete with colosseum and exclusive Toushin Mansion. Unlike the Toushin City of Toushin Toshi I, this alternate city is not governed by a Toushin, but rather by Apros. Instead of a "training dungeon," this incarnation of the city has two dungeons: the simple, two-level Qualification Dungeon, and the much larger Ragnard Dungeon.

Notable Residents[]

Universal Residents[]

Shuri and Kuri, two members of the Toushin Tournament staff, have appeared in nearly every version of Toushin City to date. Shuri works as an assistant and receptionist at the colosseum and is sometimes a commentator on Toushin MV. Kuri works exclusively on the latter.

In addition to these familiar staff members, the villainous Atlanta is a Toushin dungeon staple, known for trapping innocent women in shattered, magical mirrors.