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Tori is a former scenario writer for AliceSoft. Some of her representative works include AmbivalenZ and 夢幻泡影 ("Illusion of a Dream").

She was highschool friends with YUKIMI, whom invited Tori to join AliceSoft in the first place. Tori has the longest history with AliceSoft among all female employees. On April 10th, 2009, her resignation from AliceSoft was officially announced, citing health reasons. Right before her resignation, she was the only one still with the company from before TADA joined. She is of the same year as TADA.

Tori created the recurring monsters of Iyana Yatsu, Iyajanai Yatsu, and Shinu Yatsu. Often uses Iyana Yatsu as her avatar in the in-game staff room.

Her real name is Nakamura Rika(中村梨花) and since her departure from Alicesoft she is mostly use the name Rikka Rika(六花梨花) online. She is now working as a freelance and part of the 蓮玉兎-RenGyokuTo- doujin circle.

Haniwa Development Room 20090410

(c)アリスソフト Good by Tori, take care!

Writer vacuum[]

With Tori's retirement, AliceSoft lost one of its major scenario writers. On April 15th, 2009, AliceSoft updated its recruiting page (recruit.html) for a "Scenario Writer (Rance Team)" positions. Qualification include:

  • 18歳以上で協調性のある方。
  • エロゲーが大好きな方。
  • 当社ゲームである(ランス、大悪司、GALZOO、守り神様)みたいな方向性が好きな人。
  • 以下の属性が好きまたは理解出来る人(TADAと趣向があまりずれていない方)

The requirements are:

Be at least 18 years old

Must love eroge with all your heart

Please make sure you enjoy our games before deciding to work with us

Must love some of the following things (to be TADA's best friend)

  • Silly Girls, Glasses Girls, Global History, RPG's, Simulation games, board games,
  • Pitiful Girls are the best (Insulting Girls and so on are also okay), Monsters, Battleships

with additional comments from TADA:


ランスの続編とかリメイクとか自分で作りたいと思っている人とか、 陵辱ゲーとかエロ重視のゲームが作りたい人とか、 いずれはTADAに取って代わってアリスソフトの看板を背負ってやろうというような 野心がある人も歓迎です。

エロゲー作りですが、私は20年以上していますが満足した人生を送らせてもらっています。 楽しいです、物作るのうれしいです、60歳になっても続けたい仕事です。 一緒にやりませんか?

開発部企画 TADA

Which more or less reads:

This is for recruiting people who want to make a game with me, people who want to help me make a sequel or a remake of Rance. We will fill the world with wonderful erotic things, we'll carry a sign high in the air that says "Alicesoft is Eroge Maker". But most importantly, I want you to have fun when you come to work for us, and work with us for at least 20 years! I want to work alongside you and make eroge when you're 60 years old and when I'm a barely moveable old man, please come and join us if you share this passion.

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