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This is a quiz game included with Alice's Cottage 3.


You follow Kotobuki Hitoshi as he is having some troubles. He walks the same route as a girl he likes, but he doesn't know how to approach her normally. As he thinks all hope seems lost, a goddess appears and decides to help him.

The catch? Quizzes! For some reason the goddess makes you do unrelated quizzes and then she shows you 18+ scenes to get a better understanding of relationships. She also gives some normal advice along the way.



It is a quiz game, so all you really do is quizzes. The rewards are H-scenes. In the post game you can get 5 other CGs from the mystery man, after this you start receiving extra candy.

During the game you get to pick a category and try to get 100 points. If you run out of life, a piece of candy can revive you. You can also use a piece of candy to revive a previously finished genre.

You might run into the mystery man at times, his questions make no sense. I don't think the answers matter, so they are not noted down.

I went for about 50 questions in a row without a new question, so this should cover most of the questions. It will be shown with the Japanese question, English interpretation and English answers.
The numbers can be swapped around, something I found out later. The numbers correspond to the answers in the walkthrough specifically.

Questions/answers should be mostly translated unless it is kanji/name reading.

Alicesoft/アリスソフト (normal)

What is Endou Gorou's (from Prostudent G) favourite food?
Apples with worms in them, Rotten bananas, A blue moldy mandarin (2)

When did Yura lose her virginity in AmbivalenZ?
12th birthday, PTTP inauguration, Junior High School graduation (1)

Which sound drivers support sampled sound used in AliceSoft games

Which of these girls somehow improved her level when left with the hanny king for a day?
Maria Custard, Leila Grecni, Julia Lindum (3)

What is the name of the bloomer priest in Toushin Toshi 2?
Shimamura, Yamamura, Imamura (3)

Which of the following is the most common place of origin for Alicesoft staff?
Osaka, Mie, Nara (1)

瑞原葉月 appears in Toushin Toshi 2. How do you read 瑞原?
Zuihara, Mizuhara, Zuigen (2)

What is Rusher Verak's regular job?
Novelist, Manga artist, original artist (2)

What is the name of the school Sill entered in Rance I?
London academy, Alice academy, Paris academy (3)

Alice's sound driver and controller were released on disk for a short time. Why was this?
To enjoy the user reactions, it was a mistake, user service (2)

For some reason the underground labyrinth in the PC98 version of DALK went up to 1000. How far does it go in the TOWNS version?
B1000F, B100F, B10F (2)

What is the name of the Space Patrol's flagship in Space Thief Funny Bee?
Messe Makuhari, Intex Osaka, Harumi Kokusai (1)

What is the guest ID on Alicenet?

What is the title of the CD that comes with the Rance3 Option set
The Legend of Heroes, Brutal legend, Hero legend (2)

Why did the artish Rusher Verak get to work with Alicesoft?
He drew a picture on a user card and sent it in, Kidnapped by a strange person, Used to work there before (1)

What did the perverted mouse in Leazas ask for in Rance I?
Miki's socks, Miki's bra, Miki's panties (3)

Who was the kidnapped girl in Rance I?
Pulptenks, Horikawa Nami, Hikari (3)

How many female Duendies appear in AmbivalenZ?
6, 7, 5 (2)

What is the name of the sank into the ground in Rance II
Kathtom, Red, Ice (1)

What is the name of the crow that accompanies Alice?
Ronkichi, Rinkichi, Yukichi (3)

Why did Rance lose in the Toushin Toshi tournament?
He violated the rules, the opponent was too ugly and he ran away, He was weak (1)

What does the Toushin Toshi enemy Goat-san do?
Call a Dragon Knight, Self-destruct, Reduce experience to 0 (1)

What kind of effect does Fire Laser have other than doing damage?
Takes away XP, Mental attack, Takes away gold (2)

Who is the "Hanny King"

In Rance III, Rance killed a shopkeeper and forced the store to close. Which store was it?
Ice's weapon shop, Red's inn, Orc's tavern (1)

What do you need to get to AliceSoft in the first floor of the labyrinth in Toushin Toshi?
Gold Card, Alice's key, Hero's medal (1)

Which race is at war with the hannies in Toushin Toshi 2?
Can Can, Elf, Kalar (3)

What is the name of the mansion you explore in the game Intruder?
Ninja mansion , Kien Mansion, Sakura Mansion (3)

What sword is to have the same power as the magic sword Chaos in Rance III?
Alice sword, Black sword, Holy sword Nikkou? (written as 月光​) (3)

What is the subtitle of the original Rance OVA?
Rebellious girls, The desert Guardian, Guardians of the forest (2)

What was Alicesoft's first supported game on PC98 to get support for 256 colors?
Alice's cottage 2, Super D.P.S, DALK (2)

What was the name of the heroine in the first Toushin Toshi?
Emiko, Namiko, Kumiko (3)

Which of the following games is not a 2 disk set on PC98?
D.P.S, Alice's cottage, Dr. STOP! (2)

Which of these follows the Haniwa Religion?
Laura, Wrench, Corin (3)

What is the weakness of the main character of Prostudent G, Endou Gorou?
Cramped places, Dark places, High places (3)

What was the subtitle of Rance IV?
Quest for Hikari, Rebellious Maidens, The Legacy of the Sect (3)

Who drew Ayumi in Ayumi-chan Monogatari?
Ebi Furai, Neri Wasabi, Rusher Verak (3)

What is the name of the medicine used to suppress Angel Eater attacks in Toushin Toshi 2?
PTTP Drug, R344D, Angel Dust (2)

Who is the guru of the PTTP, a mysterious organization that is active in Alicesoft's magazine?
Imam, Kuribayashi, Muchi (2)

What is the surname of the samurai Gaji who appears in Toushin Toshi 2?
Giga, Gijihito, Gijiku (3)

Which angel came equipped with a gun that fired a spiritual death wave?
Serabaria F, LabelCase, Pachikar (1)

Which is the daughter of the mayor of Kathtom?
Lisa, Chisa, Misa (2)

What does the Can Can say in Toushin Toshi 2?
Asonde asonde, nē nē asobo, kyan kyan (1)

How many people participate in the tournament in Toushin Toshi 2?
80, 36, 64 (3)

Who is the unfortunate girl who sells Panshiron in Toushin Toushi 2?
Mayonnaise, Ketchup, Tomato Purée (2)

Where in the world of Rance is the ultimate weapon supposed to be hidden?
Ancient Ruins, Ylapu, Mount Saren (1)

Which of the following allies from Rance IV is the easiest to level?
Rance, Julia, Kanami (2)

What is the name of the orginazation that opposes the main character of Prostudent G?
Dark Phoenix, Heinous phoenix, Brutal phoenix (1)

Who was saved by Rance when she was surrounded by Hannies in Rance II?
Chisa, Milli, Mill (2)

What is the color of Ayumi-chan's eyes in Ayumi-chan Monogatari?
Green, Blue, Pink (3)

Which game featurse a policewoman in Alice's Cottage 2?
Policewoman RA, Policewoman VX, Policewoman DA (3)

What is the surname of princess Shizuku in Toushin Toshi 2?
Yoshikawa, Mouri, Kobayakawa (3)

Who was the creator of the Asshole enemy known for its butt-showing attacks?
K, Purin, Tori (3)

Does TADA wear glasses?
Yes, He has a thing for girls with glasses, He doesn't (1)

The DPS manual states that DPS is a social problem. How is it one?
Soaring electricity bills, People just keep on sleeping, Backdoor software leaks (2)

What is the name of the AmbivalenZ development team?
火の車, 妃乃車, 秘之車 (2)

What is Hikaru Sanjo's type?
A smooth and flat girl, A glamorous woman, Muscular man (1)

What is the full name of the main character's girlfriend, Ayumi, in Ayumi-chan Monogatari?
河合あゆみ, 河井あゆみ, 川合あゆみ (1)

What is the favourite food of Toushin Toshi 2's main character, Seed?
Tofu cake, Adult lunch, Henderopa (1)

What attribute does the Haniwa Sword have in Toushin Toshi 2?
Gal monster, Devil, Haniwa (3)

Which of these is the sickly girl from DALK?
Miko, Ku, Rinsu (1)

Which of the following does Sanae, one of the heroine's friends, have sex with?
Girl, Boy, Both (it doesn't matter what gender they are, as long as they are cute) (1)

Who is in charge of the story for AmbivalenZ?
Imam, Tori, TADA (2)

(Forgot to note down Japanese)
What is the name of Hubert's father, who is a Helmanian warrior in Rance?
Thoma, Rama, Shima (1)

What does the abbreviation PTTP, used in Alicesoft's magazines, stand for?
Project TsuruTsuru Peron, Project TsuruTsuru Petapeta, Project TsuruTsuru Pettan (3)

Dr. Katsumi from DPS is having sex with a student, what gender is the student?
Girl, Both (either are fine as long as they are cute), Boy (1)

In the Rance series, what is the advanced form of lightning arrow?
?Lightning Laser? (稲妻), Electroshock (電撃), Thunderstrike (雷撃) (3)

What is the full name of Shuri from Toushin Toshi?
Shura Seihajuu Hiroshima, Shuri Saigajuu Nagasaki, Shuri Seihajuu Nagasaki (3)

What is the name of the man with a horse on his crotch from Space Thief Funny Bee?
Rance, Invincible Detective K, Street Nazorah (2)

Who is said to be "Brutal"?
Endou Gorou, Rance, Void (2)

What is the name of Patton's game in Alice's Cottage 2?
Shibaki Makuri Tower, Dotsuki Makuri Tower, Naguri Makuri Tower (3)

『闘神都市2』『さーくーら さーくーら』で有名なレベル神の名前は?
Which is the name of the level god in Toushin Toshi 2?
Laseria, Willis, Agasa Kaguya (3)

(Forgot to note down Japanese)
Who is the partner of the Hero Milio in Toushin Toshi 2?
Cleria, Tirol, Reine (1)

On what type of media is "Ayumi-chan Monogatari: real life version" distributed?

What was the name of the plan to get into L'Zile in Rance III?
Operation Hanny, Operation Assault, Maria Hostage operation (3)

Pad-chan teaches magic in Toushin Toshi 2. Who teaches skills?
Elena, Lilia, Fina (2)

What did Rance stomp on to get into the Devil's Cave?
God's bromide, God's postcard, God's CD (1)

Who made the Hanny, the longest running character in the Rance series?
WAO, Hakase, Hanny King TADA (3)

What is the name of the monster that resides in the Sanzu River?
Love Me Tender, Gogo, Braoni Octo (2)

What is the name of the only male level god to date?
Jenny, Jori, Johnny (3)

What is the name of the bonus game attached to Rance I?
Policewoman DA, Banpei-kun RX , Policewoman VX (3)

What will happen if you exceed exceed 1000 on old man Miyuki's love counter in Ayumi-chan Monogatari?
You can get stuff for free, Nothing, You can have sex with Miyuki (2)

What is the name of the new commentator that appears in Toushin Toshi 2?
Killer (皆殺し君), Beater (タコ殴り君), Slasher (切り裂き君​) (3)

What item do you need to have sex with Patty from the item store?
Return wood, Hirara Lemon, Flaming tree leaf (3)

Who made the DPS hardware in the game of the same name?
TADA heavy industries, Hakase heavy industries, Alice heavy industries (1)

Who is the apprentice level god that appears in Rance IV?
Agusa Kaguya, Laseria, Mikan (3)

(Forgot to note down Japanese)
When Kanami asked Rance to rescue Lia, what did he get?
GOLD, Rarerare stone, Kanami's body (3)

What was the name of the SF themed mini-game included on the DALK hint disk?
Type one, Type Zero, Type two (2)

What is the name of the scenario interpreter used in Alicesoft games?

Which of the following Alicesoft games is the oldest?
Intruder, Abunai Tengu Densetsu, Crescent Moon Girl (1)

Which female character appears in Alice Cottage 2's music mode?
Kuriyama Miko (Dr. STOP!), Kurusu Miki (Rance), Horikawa Nami (Rance) (2)

Which is the name of the spaceship used in Space Thief Funny Bee?
Lambda, Sati, Juno (3)

The boxes for PC98 copies of Alicesoft games became thicker after a certain work, which one?
Rance IV, Ayumi-chan Monogatari, Toushin Toshi 2 (2)

Who was turned into a dried up husk by Ralga?
Rick, Sylphide, Bird (2)

Why was Rance IV HDD only?
Too much disk-swapping, We like HDDs, By mistake (1)

What is the name of the main character in Toushin Toshi 2?
Custom, Seiru, Seed (3)

What happens if you do too many bad things in Toushin Toshi 2?
You will not be able to level up, You will fall into hell and get a game over, You will receive the title of Brutal Warrior Rance (Not 1)

What is the list price of Space Thief Funny Bee for PC98?
6800 yen, 8500 yen, 7500 yen (3)

What is the expensive thing on the desk in the basement of Leazas castle in Rance III?
Portable MVR, Seirogan 3, Gal Curse (1)

What monster is owned by Tomato in Rance II?
Hanny King, Green Hanny, Mimic (3)

What is the name of the princess of Leazas who has appeared in all of the Rance series and fought alongside Rance in III?
Lia, Maris, Julia (1)

Which staff member died in the comment section of the Rance IV manual?
Ikazuchimaru, WAO, TADA (1)

What is the name of the tower built in the center of the floating city of Ylapu in Rance IV?
Sword of Strength, Magic Tower, Buoyance Staff (3)

What is the maximum amount of money the player can have in Ayumi-chan Monogatari?
99999 yen, 65535 yen, Infinite (2)

What is the name of the development team of Space Thief Funny Bee?
彼女が浮気, 妻子持ちの躰, キツネ目の男​ (2)

Who was the idol who hosted the Galaxy Cooking tournament in Space Thief Funny Bee?
Radish, Pumpkin, Carrot (2)

In which town can you find Rance's home?
Kathtom, L'zile, Ice (3)

After you progress enough in Rance III, Rance will do something crazy in the weapon shop in Ice. What will he do?
Kill the owner, set fire to the store, rob the place (1)

Which of the following swords does not exist in Toushin Toshi 2?
Rance Sword, Haniwa Sword, Alice Sword (1)

Alicesoft/アリスソフト (hard)

Which of these is not used for the H-warp device in Rance II?
SM, Lesbian, Masturbation (1)

About CG compression (VSP). WAO's goal for compression was a certain format. Which one?

Alicesoft can be found in the PC98 version. Where can it be found in the X68K version?
Koo village, Leazas castle basement, You can't (3)

Who drew the illustrations of Alicesoft characters for the CD "Love Panic"?
Yukimi, Rankan Ryou, Urata Takahiro (3)

In DALK you come across the female bandit Audrey, who is her sister?
Ellison, Zima, Rimuria (1)

What are the words written on Julia's headband in Rance IV?
Reckless Rush/猪突猛進, First move wins/先手必勝, Friendly competition/切磋琢磨​ (2)

When was the issue of ice cream discussed on the back of Alice's Room in the user club magazine?
Rakugan, Kuri gohan, Amazake (3)

What is the name of the maid who cleans the storeroom in Toushin Mansion in Toushin Toshi?
Natalie, Leia, Colon (2)

Of the following three, which made it into the semifinals of the Toushin tournament in Toushin Toshi 2?
Rafflesia Bandana, Babaro Bender, Meyer Kawaguchi (3)

Which software used VSP compression on the X68K?
Rance, Toushin Toshi, AmbivalenZ (2)

What did Reagan, the owner of the item shop in Rance IV, want?
Gorbacho fu, Nakaso root, Chernen powder (3)

What was the program used for ALICE-NET's predecessor?

What was the Ayumi-chan doujinshi book released by Rusher Verak at winter comiket in 1994?
Normal doujinshi, It did't release, Roughs part 2 (3)

What does the level goddess Laseria wear in the Toushin Toshi hint disk?
Sailor suit, Blazer, School swimsuit (1)

What is Ayumi's zodiac sign in Ayumi-chan Monogatari?
Virgo, Taurus, Scorpio (2)

Which army does Io the mage belong to in Rance IV?
Helman's 2nd army, Helman's 3rd army, Helman's 1st army (3)

How many items can the main character hold in Ayumi-chan Monogatari?
15, 13, 18 (1)

How many Rarerare stones exist in Rance 3?
3, 11, 16 (2)

Which of the following games has the smallest manual?
DALK, Toushin Toshi 2, Rance III (2)

Various religions appear in Toushin Toshi 2. Which of the following was removed as a bonus for the Haniwa religion?
Hannies become friendly, Haniwa special move at LV82, Increased boni on level up (3)

Rick, the red corps general, is said to be the cornerstone of Leazas' military power. Which generation is he?
13th, 4th, 15th (1)

In which of the following games did the Blue Hanny get more HP than the Green Hanny?
Rance II, Rance III, Toushin Toshi (3)

Which of these three has the biggest breasts in the Rance series?
Masou Shizuka, Maria Custard, Sill Plain (2)

What was the school event that was held in Abunai Tengu Densetsu?
School trip, Athletic meet, Culture festival (1)

Who is the voice actor of Sill in the CD Love Panic?
Yajima Akiko, Kouda Mariko, Mitsuishi Kotono (2)

In Rance, what is the oasis paradise (桃源郷) found in the middle of the desert?
Paraiso, Shangri-la, Crystal forest (2)

What is the capital of the Helman Empire called?
Leazas castle, Temple of Zeth, Lang Bau castle (3)

What game released closest to the time Alicesoft moved from Nara to Osaka?
Rance III, Toushin Toshi, DALK (1)

Which of the following happened in the year 302 of Space Thief Funny Bee's Space history?
White Mercury Empire rises, Opening of the galactic Railway, First galactic war (2)

What is is the host PC of the user support net YUKICHI-NET as of march 1995?
PC-286C, PC-FX, PC-386P (1)

As of December 1994, what is the speed of YUKICHI-NET's modem?
14400 bps, 2400 bps, 9600 bps (3)

What did an Alicesoft programmer say when told that the games got faster when they moved to DOS?
(ignored), DOS is TOO fast, I'll make A fast one in BASIC too! (3)

What was Merim's last name in/during Rance IV?
Tser/シェール , Scheele/シェーレ, Sheila/シェーラ​ (2)

Which character has the biggest butt in the Rance series?
Leila, Maris, Sel (1)

Who was the dark lord that was seen fighting Toushin Theta in the opening of Rance IV?
Ithere, Noce, Lexington (2)

How man CGs are used in the opening of Ayumi-chan Monogatari?
181, Dunno, 176 (1)

What is the fuel used in the Basho ship in Prostudent G?
Nuclear fuel, Gasoline, Coal (3)

What is the earliest day you can reach 100% CGs in Ayumi-chan Monogatari?
46, 42, 44 (3)

Which character has a profile in the Rance IV manual, but does not actually appear?
Milli Yorks, Kurusu Miki, Keith (2)

Who is the voice actor of the main character Rance in the OVA?
TADA, Yao Kazuki, Kusao Takeshi (2)

What was the name of the hospital in Dr. STOP!?
Shimada/島田 university hospital, Yoshida/吉田 university hospital, Sanada/真田 university hospital (3)

What is the title of volume 13 of the user club magazine Alice's room?
Ginnan, Sakuramochi, Rakugan (1)

In which issue was the last time you saw a ?rice thief/米泥棒? on the back of the user club magazine Alice's room?
Zousui, Hot milk, Yoghurt mushrooms/ようぐるときのこ (1)

What is the annual membership fee for the Alicesoft User Club?
2000 yen, 3000 yen, 1500 yen (3)

『ぷろ すちゅーでんとG』で猿藤悟郎の脳は、ある女の子の死体に移植されましたが、その娘の『生前の』氏名は?
In prostudent G, Endou Gorou's brain was transplanted into the corpse of a girl. What was her name before she died?
Akanko Marimo/阿寒湖まりも, Kanzakigawa Mina/神崎川美那, Nikkou Enkou/日光猿子​ (2)

What is the name of the mouse control method made for Rance III?
Po~nya~method, Pu~ni~method, Chi~pon~method (2)

Saori from Prostudent G uses an MP5A5 air gun. What is its power source?
Electricity, Gas, Water (not 2)

What is the earliest you can get Ayumi into her slutty mode in Ayumi-chan Monogatari?
Day 4, Day 6, Day 5 (1)

What is the current era in the world of Rance?
GL, LP, GI (2)

What is the name of the Helman Empire when it was founded?
Helman Republic, Helman Kingdom, Helman Federation (1)

What kind of vehicle is Tulip No. 4 depicted as in the Rance III hint disk?
Ship, Airplane, Balloon (Not 2)

『ぷろ すちゅーでんとG』で猿藤たちが大阪から東京まで新幹線で移動しようとした時に、足止めをくった駅は?
When Endou and his friends tried to take the shinkansen from Osaka to Tokyo in Prostudent G, what station did they get stuck at?
Shin-Fuji station which is built in a weird place (angry), Shizuoka station which is similar to Mishima station (lol), Numaza station where the Shinkansen never arrives (lmao) (not 3)

What is the name of god in the world of DALK?
Rance, Martis, Furado (3)

Which one of the 8-bit machines got the latest Alicesoft release?
MSX2, PC8801 mk2SR or later, PC88VA (1)

Julia once won second price in a competiton. What kind?
Sword fighting competition, Cat's cradle competition, Brutal competition (2)

Anime & Manga (アニメ、漫画) (normal)

Which of the following is title of the animated version of "Little House on the Prairie"?
Laura the Prairie Girl, Like the clouds Like the wind, Katri girl of the Meadows (1)

Mermaid's Forest by Takahashi Rumiko. What is the only to kill someone who becomes immortal by eating mermaid meat other than cutting off their heads?
Nothing else, Gouge out their heart, Use a special poison (3)

What is G Gundam's special move in Mobile Fighter G Gundam?

What was the special batting method Hanagata Mitsuru in Star of the Giants?
Murder X batting form, Knockout batting form, ?Suicide assist? (介錯人殺し) (2)

In the manga Oh My Goddess! there is a girl with a baby face and cute freckles who belong to the Nekomi Tech Motor club. What is her name?
Hasegawa Sora, Hasegawa Riku, Hasegawa Umi (1)

惑星ロボ・ダンガードA)? (『惑星ロボ・ダンガードA』のキャプテン・ダンの正体は?
What is the identity of Captain Dan in Planetary Robot Danguard Ace?
Ichimonji Dantetsu, ?Juumonji Kasumi Kuzushi? (十文字霞崩し), Ichimonji Hayato (1)

Who is the original author of Nama-chan, Himitsu no Akko-chan and Mōretsu Atarō?
Akatsuka Fujio, Ishinomori Shōtarō, Fujiko Fujio (1)

Which of these are Mylene's parents and ace pilots in previous works?
Roy and Claudia, Hikaru and Hayase , Max and Millia (3)

What is needed for Ranze to transform in Tokimeki Tonight?
Bite the target, Hit the target, Sleep with the target(1)

Captain Harlock will come to you whenever you blow something. What do you need to blow?
Shakuhachi, Ocarina, Flute (2)

What is the special move of Sailor Chibi Moon in Prety Soldier Sailor Moon S?
White Ape Heart Attack, Black Sheep Heart Attack, Pink Sugar Heart Attack (3)

What is the name of Memole's home planet in Little Memole?
Great King, Promete, Riruru (3)

Where did Yomi and Koichi first meet in the TV version of Babel II?
Himalayas, Mt. Fuji, Comiket (1)

How much older was Kyoko than Yusaka in Maison Ikkoku?
2 years, 1 year, 3 years (1)

What is the fighting style of Kōtarō Shindō from the manga Kōtarō Makaritōru! serialized in Shonen Jump?
Kyokutanryuu/極端流, Kyokushinryuu/極真流, Gokudouryuu/極道流 (1)

Shura no Mon by Kawahara Masatoshi. Which of the following is a Mutsu Enmei Ryu technique that can inflict damage upon an enemy without touching it?
Kogetsu/弧月, Ryuuha/龍波, Mukuuha/無空波 (2)

What kind of vehicle is Toushou Daimos before he transforms into his robot form?
Space Shuttle, Trailer truck, Freight Train (2)

Which of the following is Die Turn 3's special move in Invincible Steel Man Daitarn 3?
Moon Attack, Space Thunder, Sun Attack (3)

What is the name of the sword with which Horus beat Grunwald in The Great Adventure of Horus, Prince of the Sun?
Ruknabad, Sword of the sun, King's sword (2)

What is the name of the second in command of the doppler army in Wakusei Robo Danguard Ace?
Hisu, Hechi, Fechi (2)

How do you write Yukimura Keiko from Yu Yu Hakusho in Kanji?
柚木村景子, 雪村景子, 雪村螢子 (3)

What is the name of the phoenix that transforms into Wing Kris in Red Riding Hood Cha Cha?
Paasuke, Peesuke , Piisuke (3)

Who sang the second OP and ED for Metal Armor Dragonar?
Yamase Mami/山瀬まみ, Moriguchi Hiroko/森口博子, Ayukawa Mami/鮎川麻弥 (1)

In the Magical princess version of Akazukin Cha Cha, the sword was an ornament of a court of which culture?
India, Malay, Persia (2)

Which city in the Okayama prefecture is Tenchi Muyo! set in?
Okayama city, Sōja city, Kurashiki City (3)

Which is a well known line from the character Fujiwara Shinobu from Dancouga - Super Beast Machine God?
Yatte mi nasai!, Yatte oshimai!, Yatte yaru ze! (3)

What is the evolved form of Tekkaman known as in Tekkaman Blade?
Hyper, Blaster, Great (2)

Which of the shitennou was the only one to be defeated by sailor senshi?
Nephrite, Kunzite, Jadeite (2)

What is the departure time of the train in Galaxy Express 999?
0:00:00 am, 6:06:06 am, 9:09:09 pm (1)

What is the name of the stone that is needed by Ryū to class change in Haō Taikei Ryū Knight?
Magic stone, Spirit stone, Silver crystal (2)

What is the term used for the robots in Govarian which features a group of young ESPers?
Psycho Armor, Magic robo, Super Power Robot (1)

Which of the following protagonist mechs would be the worst if they lost their head?
Dunbine, Gundam, Xabungle (3)

What is the surname of Washu from the popuplar OVA Tenchi Muyo?
Hiromi/博美, Hakubi/伯備, Hakubi/白眉​ (3)

In the anime Wizard of Oz, what did Dorothy walk on to go towards the wizard of Oz?
Yellow brick road, Yellow asphalt road, Yellow candy road (1)

How much power does the song from the anime Astro Boy say Astro boy has?
1.000.000 horsepower, 100.000 horsepower, 10.000 horsepower? (2)

In Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon S, Chibi moon says "I will punish you in the name of the ... moon!" Complete the quote.
Past, Future, Present (2)

Which of the following is the appropriate meaning of the word "Roudou/労働" in Mobile Police Patlabor?
Laziness, Construction, Labor (3)

What does the F stand for in Mobile Suit Gundam F91?
Full Armor, Fighter, Formula (3)

When the protagonist Rina beat Daimon Kumao/大門熊男 in the manga of Natsuki Crisis, what kick did she do after the roundhouse kick before landing?
Golden Kick/金的蹴, Sobat/ソバット, Tatsumaki senpukyaku/たつまきせんぷうきゃくぅ~​ (2)

How many transformations does Orguss have from Super Dimension Century Orguss have?
2, 3, 4 (3)

What is the name of the school of which Chitose Fujinomiya is president in Kingyo Chūihō?
Tokai no Gakuen, Pengin gakuen, Shin-inako no Chugakko (3)

Akazukin Cha Cha is popular from little girls to big boys. What magazine is it serialized in?
Nakayoshi, Margaret, Ribon (3)

What is the favourite food of the baby dinosaur named Muka muka from the anime Muka muka Paradise?
Blueberry Jam, Popcorn, Sake (1)

What is the name of the princess from movie Nagagutsu o Haita Neko?
Princess Milk, Princess Aurora, Princess Rosa (3)

What title does Domon Kasshu inherit in Kidō Butōden Jī Gandamu?
King of Lion, King of King, King of Heart (3)

What does Dai-chan say he does when he gets upset in the song Daichan kazoeuta (大ちゃん数え唄) from Inakappe Taishō?
Train his special move, Get naked, Waste money (2)

『円卓の騎士 燃えろアーサー』でアーサーの愛馬の名は?
What is the name of Arthur's beloved horse King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table?
Jupiter, Thunder, Pegasus (3)

What is the surname of Kiyone from the popuplar OVA Tenchi Muyo?
Kuze/久世, Makibi/真備, Ikura/井倉 (2)

What is the most well known ad-lib of the VA Mitsuishi Kotono in Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon?
Onaka no rappa ga pū, Adieu, Tsuki nikwatte oshioki yo (1)

What was the name of the school Kisaragi Honey was initially enrolled at in Cutie Honey?
St. Chapel, Haris, Paradise (1)

『うる星やつら2 ビューティフル・ドリーマー』の物語の舞台は一体誰の夢の中だった?
Whose dream was the setting for Urusei Yatsura 2: Beautiful Dreamer?
Lum, Mujaki, Ataru (1)

What is the name of the first stop after leaving earth in the TV version of Galaxy Express 999?
Titan, Heavy Melder, Mars (3)

Where is Heidi from Heidi, Girl of the Alps said to have lived for a while?
London, Frankfurt, Paris (2)

次の日本昔話の中で『魔法のプリンセス ミンキーモモ』と関係があるものは?
Which of the following folk tales has some relation to Magical Princess Minky Momo?
Momotarou, Kintarou, Urashima Tarou (1)

What police station do Natsumi and Miyuki from the OVA You're Under Arrest?
Sonezaki, Bokuto, Nanamagari (2)

What is the name of the style us by the ninja Sarutobi?
Bakunetsumaru/爆熱丸, Bakuretsumaru/爆裂丸, Bakataremaru/馬鹿タレ丸​ (2)

A manga artist who was serialized in Monthly Afternoon was caught for violating the sword and firearms act. Which manga did they write?
Oh My Goddess!, Tensui, Assembler OX (2)

What caused Okajima Sayori to fall into a parallel universe in Sayori na Parallel?
Lightning, Fire, Earthquake (1)

Which of these lyrics appear at in the ending of Space Emperor God Sigma?
水金地火木土天冥海, 水金地火木土天海冥, 水金月火木土天海冥 (2)

What vehicle does Makoto dislike in Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon?
Shinkansen, Airplane, Boat (2)

How did Yusaku break his leg in the manga Maison Ikkoku?
Skiing accident, Traffic accident, Fell out of the second floor window (3)

What is the name of Mako's father in Mahō no Mako-chan?
Demon king, Yamato King, Dragon King (3)

What was the name of Morumura Aiko's first dog in Ohayō! Spank?
Fanfan, Papi, Spank (2)

What is the name of the main character's mech, L-Gaim, when it is in its flight mode?
Wing Caliber, Wave Rider, Prowler (3)

What was the long-running drama series that was the basis for Saikyō Robo Daiōja?
Hissatsu Shigoto Nin/必殺仕事人, Taiyō ni Hoero!/太陽にほえろ, Mito Kōmon/水戸黄門 (3)

How does the following spell from Lalabel, the Magical Girl continue? Beraruru beraruru ....
Beraruura/ベラルーラ, Raraberura/ララベルラ, Berararura/ベララルラ (3)

What is the name of the first animation studio founded by Tezuka Osamu?
Atom World, Studio Zero, Nihon Douga/日本動画 (2)

What exactly was found in the speaker in Kakuta's lab?
Treasure chest with a ring, A piggy bank filled with money, A phoneline to the Goddess Help Line (1)

Chibiusa shouts "Moon ... power, make up!" when she transforms in Sailor Moon S. Fill in the blank.
Cosmic, Prism, Rorirori (2)

秋本 治の長編漫画『こちら葛飾区亀有公園前派出所』主人公の両さんが住んでいる警察寮の名前は?
What is the name of the police dormitory Ryo-san lives at in KochiKame: Tokyo Beat Cops by Akimoto Osamu?
Nico Nico dormitory, Sakurada dormitory, Jump dormitory (1)

What did the author call Milk in the novel of NG Knight Ramune & 40?
An innocence feigning girl/ねこかぶりお化粧女, A voracious girl, Carefree girl (2)

Which of the following robots will become an even numbered set after they seperate?
God Raijin-Oh, King Gosaurer, Great Ganbaruger (1)

Where did Belldandy appear from in Oh My Goddess!?
TV, Water, Mirror (3)

Who is the author of Akazukin Cha Cha?
Ayahana Min/彩花みん, Youka Min/妖花みん, Ayaka Min/綾花みん​ (1)

What is Chibiusa's future name in Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon S?
Chibiusa, Pretty Rabbit, Small Lady (3)

Which Idol group sings the opening (Kimi-iro Omoi) of Akazukin Cha Cha?

What class of Futaba kindergarten does Shin-chan belong to in Crayon Shin-Chan?
Mimawari, Omawari, Himawari (3)

氷山一角 appears in the manga Living game. How is it read?
Hiyama izumi/ひやまいずみ, Hyouzan ikkaku/ひょうざんいっかく, Hiyama ikkaku/ひやまいっかく (1)

Which of the following magazines is the oldest?
Bears club, Super Jump, Business Jump (3)

Katri in Katri, Girl of the Ranch owns an ex-hunting dog with a strangely long torse. What breed is it?
Maltese, St. Bernard, Dachshund (3)

What household does Meg from Majokko Megu-chan live with?
Amagasaki/尼崎, Ryuuzaki/竜崎, Kanzaki/神崎​ (3)

Who is Rosalie's sister in the Rose of Versailles?
Temple/テンプル, Ange/アンジェ, Charlotte/シャルロット (3)

What is the name of the daughter of the devil Mephisto in Princess Knight?
Aronessa, Media, Hecate (3)

What is the name of the creature with the same name as a certain magician that appears in Space Boy Soran?
Chacha, Chappy, Kukri (2)

Who is the legendary Magic Knight in Magic Knight Rayearth?
Umi/海, Daichi/大地, Sora/大空 (1)

What race is the mother of Ayeka and Sasami from the OVA Tenchi Muyo?
Juraian/樹雷星人, Earthling/地球人, Sasamian/ササミ星人​ (1)

What is the name of the captain of Phantom SWAT in Sonic Soldier Borgman?
Katsumi Liqueur/香津美・リキュール, Katsura Miki/桂美姫, Hayakawa Ai/早川愛​ (2)

Which of these is the female member of Cyborg 009?
002, 003, 004 (2)

Which of the following protagonist mechs can't be seperated or combined?
Z Gundam, V Gundam, ZZ Gundam (1)

Where did Chibiusa appear from in Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon R?
The river, The sky, The ground (2)

What is the name of the machine Chibiusa carries with her in Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon S?
Luna-C, Luna-P, Luna-T (2)

Who did the shitennou serve in their previous lives?
Beryl, Endymion, Serenity (2)

What is Horatu's surname in Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon S?
Tomoe/土萌, Tomoe/巴 , Tomoe/土萠​ (3)

What is Claire made out of in Galaxy Express 999?
Acrylic, Crystal glass, Hardened Tektite (2)

Who is the totally lovely girl in the black hood who appears in Akazukin Cha Cha?
Marin-chan/マリンちゃん, Orin-chan/お鈴ちゃん, Yakko-chan/やっこちゃん​ (3)

Which is the name of the former fiancée of the main character of UFO Robot Grendizer, Duke Fleed?
Naida/ナイーダ, Teronna/テロンナ, Rubina/ルビーナ​ (3)

What did Yokkyun say did not exist in the countryside in Idol Angel Yokoso Yoko?
Ice cream, Cash card, Radio (1)

What is Shin-chan's favorite TV show in Crayon Shin-chan?
Buriburizaemon, Kuntam Robo, Action Mask (3)

Which of these is the name of Oyama Mayu's mother in Captain Harlock?
Emeraldas/エメラルダス​ , Emeralda/エメラーダ, Esumerada/エスメラーダ (2)

What is the name of the robot designed to be Mazinger Z's partner?
Minerva X, Venus A, Aphrodite A (1)

What is the identity of the Black Tulip in La Seine no Hoshi?
Bernard Chatelet, Alain Delon, Robert de Forge (3)

What name does the idol Shiratori Nagisa go under when going to school in Chō Kuse ni Narisō?
Ōtori Nagisa/大鳥なぎさ, Akatori Nagisa/赤鳥なぎさ, Kurotori Nagisa/黒鳥なぎさ​ (1)

What is the name of the weapon that Kozuki Luna has in Casshan?
MF gun, Warrior gun, Walther P38 (1)

What is the name of the childlike Usagi from the future in Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon S?
Loliusa/ろりうさ, Hotaru, Chibiusa (3)

What does the main character say in Mazinger Z to dock?

Anime & Manga (アニメ、漫画) (hard)

What is Bancoran from Patalliro's call sign?
Sorrowful Casablanca/哀愁のカサブランカ, Foggy london Airport/霧のロンドンエアポート, Eliminate Patalliro/パタリロを抹殺せよ​ (2)

『FUTURE WAR198X年』でブラックドラゴンで西ドイツに亡命してきたのは誰?
Who took the Black Dragon and defected to West Germany in FUTURE WAR 198X?
Lieutenant Belenko, Captain Quattro, Captain Boris (3)

At which hot spring was Kagato masquerading as a sansuke in Tenchi Muyo CD Special 2?
Suisei Minakami hot spring/水星水上温泉, Dosei Beppu hot spring/土星別府温泉, Kinsei Kogane hot spring/金星黄金温泉 (3)

What is the name of Chappie's brother in Chappy the Witch?
Rabi, Cub, Jun (3)

Which of these three was made by collecting the good parts of the three brothers in the new Cyborg 009?
Gandara, Gandani, Gandar (3)

How long were Suzuki Arimi and Matsuura Yuu together in Marmalade Boy?
1 year, Six months, Three months (3)

What was the last HM Daba Myroad used in Heavy Metal L-Gaim?
L-Gaim Mk2, L-Gaim Mk1, Knight=of=Gold (2)

What was the last ending song that played in the TV version of Super Dimension Fortress Macross?
Do You Remember Love?/愛・おぼえていますか, Love Flows by/愛は流れる, Runner #2 Minmei version/ランナー2番ミンメイVer​ (3)

In the story of Perrine, Perrine moves to her grandfather's house and finds a job under a pseudonym. What was it?
Audrey/オードリー, Aubrenerie/オーブレネリー, Aurelie/オーレリー​ (3)

Animal caricatures are said to be the most common in Japanese early manga. Which of these appeared the most?
Monkey, Frog, Rabbit (2)

What would be the fate of Kiteretsu's encyclopedia at the end of the first series of Kiteretsu Daihyakka?
Turned into strips of paper for Tanabata and swept away, Found by the media and made to disappear, The past Kiteretsu takes it (1)

What is the name of the Ryu priest used by Izumi in Haō Taikei Ryū Knight?
Baruus, Baburus, Baurus (?3?)

What is the basis of the names of the Shitenno in Sailor Moon?
Organic compounds, Metals, minerals (3)

(Forgot to note Japanese question)
Which of these is the correct combination of the protagonist and artist from Yakekuso Tenshi?
Azuma Hideo and Asoko Soko/吾妻ひでお著 阿素湖素子, Goto Juan and Shirley Holmes/後藤寿庵著 シャーリィ・ホームズ, Asari Yoshito and Corona/あさりよしとお著 コロナ​ (1)

Where is Shōta from Shōta no Sushi from?
Kashihara in Nara, Otaru in Hokkaido, Osaka in Osaka (2)

What is the name of the phantom cat (bake neko) extermination crew in Itō Akihiro's Geobreeders?
Kagura Total Security/神楽総合警備, Shinrei destruction company/神霊撃滅社, Jingu Security Service/神宮警備保証​ (1)

What is the new Japanese name of Ryu knight Zephyr when it class changes in Haō Taikei Ryū Knight?
リューパラディン=ロードゼファー, リューパラディンロード=ゼファー, リュー=パラディンロードゼファー​ (1)

Who has never met Teresa in person at the limestone cave in Farewell to Space Battleship Yamato?
Sanada Shiro/真田志郎, Saito Hajime/斉藤始, Shima Daisuke/島大介 (3)

There was a Perman #5 in E42-43 of Perman, what was their name?
Pasuke/パー助, Pabo/パー坊, Pakichi/パー吉 (2)

『幸せを訪ねて~』ではじまる『ルパン三世 カリオストロの城』のエンディグテーマ。曲名は?
The ending theme of Lupin the Third: the Castle of Cagliostro starts with shiawase o tazunete. What is the name of this song?
Honoo no takara mono/炎のたからもの, Shiwase o sagashi ni/幸せを探しに, Cagliostro castle/カリオストロの城​ (1)

What is the Chinese title of Urusei Yatsura?
宇留星連中, 騒騒大衆, 福星小子 (3)

What is the nickname of the main character's custom motocomputer in the manga Baikizzu?
Aya-chan/アヤちゃん, Kikko-chan/キッコちゃん, Yumi-chan/ユミちゃん​ (2)

Project A-ko has 3 characters, the power idiot A-ko, the haughty B-ko and the carefree C-ko. Some of these share voice actors with Sailor Moon, which ones?
B-ko=Jupiter and C-ko=Mars, B-ko=mars and C-ko=Moon, A-ko=Jupiter and B-ko=Mars (1)

In Kouda Mariko's MOMENT, what burns when her lips are traced?
Love, Chest, Cheeks (3)

What is the name of Lunlun's rival in Hana no Ko Lunlun?
Non/ノン, Eliza/イライザ, Togenishia/トゲニシア​ (3)

What is the name of the scientist who created Combattler V in Chōdenji Robo Combattler V?
Dr. Moriguchi/森口博士, Dr. Uchimura/内村博士, Dr. Nanbara/南原博士​ (3)

What is the name of the zebra backup Hide-SAN calls a necessity for his walks in the manga A Totally True and Normal Story?
Shimauman, Shima-chan, Shimaman (3)

What is the name of the sister of Duke Fleed from UFO Robot Grendizer?
Grace Kelly Fleed, Grace Maria Fleed, Maria Theresia Fleed (2)

What is the second name of Marin, the main character of Space Warrior Space Warrior Baldios?
Roosevelt/ルーズベルト, Eisenhower/アイゼンハワー, Reagan/レーガン​ (3)

What is the surname of Amagasaki-kun, one of Tenchi's classmates, in Tenchi Muyo?
Kazuhiko/和彦, Akihiko/明彦, Fuyuhiko/冬彦​ (1)

Of the following main character Mechas, which did not have more than one form?
Xabungle, Dunbine, L-Gaim Mk1 (3)

Which of the following labors did not appear in Mobile Police Patlabor?
Peacemaker, Ingram, Derringer (3)

Which Gundam was captured by Gato in Mobile Suit Gundam 0083?
GP03S, GP02A, GP01Fb (2)

From which episode did Araki Kae voice Sailor Moon as a stand in for Mitsuishi Kotono?
Mitsuishi Kotono all the way, Episode 19, Episode 44 (3)

Which of these did not appear in Idol Angel Yokoso Yoko?
An alien, Ghost from the future, Witch (3)

Which of these is the locomotive in Galaxy Express 999 based on?
D52, C62, D51 (2)

What bullets can't be used by Jigen Daisuke's favourite gun?
.357 Magnum, .44 Magnum, .38 special (2)

Which of the following magic spells are not related to works by Studio Pierrot?
Pararin ririkaru/パラリン リリカル, Pinpuru panpuru/ピンプル パンプル, Tirakuru ramikaru/ティラクル ラミカル​ (3)

What happens to Mihoshi when she unties her ponytail?
Her shuttle will come within 3 minutes, She will lose her memories, Yukinojo/her spaceship will self-destruct (2)

Which of these songs played as the ending to Idol Angel Yokoso Yoko?
Youno Ataru Station/陽のあたるステーション, You're an original/君はオリジナル, SINGING QUEEN (1)

Which of these are the aircraft of the 801st training squadron in 801 T.T.S. Airbats?
T-4, T-2, F-15J (1)

The actors Furukawa Toshio and Hirano Fumi, Ataru and Lum from Urusei Yatsura, once teamed up for a commercial for a delivery service. Which one?
Nippon Express/日本通運, Yamata Transport/ヤマト運輸, Sagawa Express/佐川急便​ (2)

Which of the following from Ginga Reppū Bakushingā has left ?descendants/protoge?
Don Condor/ドン・コンドール, Kattobi no Sama//かっ飛びの佐馬, Moroha no Shuteken/もろ刃のシュテッケン​ (2)

Alicia Y. Armitage from ALICIA.Y was born from the union between a god and a human, but which god was it?
Shub-Niggurath, Cthulu, Yog-Sothoth (3)

Which of the following is the genjina of Kamio in Kawaharu Izumi's Meipuru Senki?
Kamio Yurie/神尾 ゆりえ, Kamio Ruriko/神尾 瑠璃子, Kamio Masumi/神尾 ますみ​ (2)

What happens when you watch NG Knight Ramune & 40 with Dolby Surround Sound?
Only the front, Full impact, Only the center (3)

What is Kuramitsu Mihoshi's GP rank in Tenchi Muyo?
1級2種非限定刑事, 1種刑事, 1級刑事​ (3)

What is the name of goose Morten's girlfriend in The Wonderful Adventures of Nils?
Dunfuin, Ingrid, Suirii (1)

What is the title of a doujin that manga artist Ishinomori Shotaro made during his HS days?
A drop of ink/墨汁一滴, Deadline dream/締切夢幻, Useless typesetting/写植無用​ (1)

Which incident was covered in the old Cyborg 009 episode Warriors of Peace do not die?
Afghanistan Invasion, Cuban Crisis, Falklands war (2)

Which of the three sisters who live with Ryouichi in Muteki Eiyuu Esugaiyaa is the oldest?
Attack unit Mitsuru/ミツル, Defense unit Scheherazade/シェラザート, Mobile unit Urschel/アーシェル​ (2)

Which of these phrases nearly triggered a war in the episode "The Strategy Full of Mistakes?
Climb mount Niitaka/ニイタカヤマノボレ, The cat died/猫が死んだ, The eagle has flown/鷲よ飛べ​ (2)

What is the name of the heroine in Love Me, My Knight?
Yoshinaga Yaeko/吉永八重子, Mitamura Yaeko/三田村八重子, Mizutani Yaeko/水谷八重子​ (2)

Enoki Harumi just lost his wife and now works hard to take care of his two sons. What is his job?
Actor, System Engineer, Novelist (2)

Which character was known for bullying Oka Hiromi in Aim for the Ace! and was later forced to retire due to problems with her arm?
Otowa Nobuko/乙羽信子, Otobe Norie/乙部のりえ, Otowa Kyoko/音羽京子 (3)

Which tokusatsu show did the queen of anime songs, Horie Mitsuko, appear on regularly?
Daitetsujin 17, Uchū Tetsujin Kyōdain, Tetsujin Tiger Seven (2)

What was the name of the ridiculously strong clerk who confronted Ryoko as she tried to escape in Tenchi Muyo?
Makura Takaoka/高岡まくら, Makura Okayama/岡山まくら, Makura Kasaoka/笠岡まくら​ (1)

What is the name of the vampire who kidnapped Chacha and Marin and was then blown away by Riiya in Akazukin Chacha?
Kyuu-chan/キューちゃん, Q-chan, Kiyu-chan/きゅーちゃん (3)

Who was the girl who accidentally hit Kuruma Mari during the high school women's individual competition from in the manga Obi o Gyuttone!?
Fune Otobuchi/乙淵ふね or Fuchin , Bessho Aiko/別所愛子 or Princess, Hakamada Kyouko/袴田今日子 (1)

Which song is not one of Yokkyun's in Idol Angel Yokoso Yoko?
Sunset Crescendo/夕陽のクレッシェンド, Birthday of the sun/太陽のバースディ, Crescent Hearts/クレッセント・ハーツ​ (3)

The three sisters Urd, Belldandy and Skuld who appear in Oh My Goddess! are based on Norse mythology. What are they based on?
Goddess Sarin, Goddess Nornen, Goddess Oriln (2)

In the gaiden of Shura no Mon, Shura no Toki, someone went to America. Who?
Mutsu Izumi/陸奥出海, Mutsu Yakumo/陸奥八雲, Mutsu Azuma/陸奥雷 (3)

Whose motto is "立てば芍薬、座れば牡丹、歩く姿は藤の花" in Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon?
Hino Rei/火野レイ, Aino Minako/愛野美奈子, Kino Makato/木野まこと (3)

Sailor moon is a Bishoujo Senshi. What would Sailor V be?
Bijin Tsuma Senshi/美人妻戦士, Bijin Senshi/美人戦士, Bishoujo Senshi/美少女戦士​ (2)

What village do Nike and Kukuri from Magical Circle Guru Guru come from?
Kurai village, Jimina Village, Inaka Village (2)

Where in Tokyo do the Usagis live in Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon?
Minato, Setagaya, Chiyoda (1)

A.I. Love You has recently been moved from weekly to monthly serialization. What is the language used to code #30?
Pascal, 4GL, C (3)

What is Aoi's real name in Aoi-chan Panic! by Takemoto Izumi?
Yakko, Marin, Chacha (3)

『聖闘士星矢 真紅の少年伝説』に登場する、アテナの兄の名は?
What is the name of Athena's brother in Saint Seiya: The Legend of Crimson Youth?
Arthur/アーサー, Roel/ロエル, Abel/アベル (3)

The name has changed quite a few times, but I'm sure everyone knows to tune in at 19:30 to watch Masterpiece Theater. Which of these was the third season?
Moomin/ムーミン, Fables of the Green Forest/山ネズミロッキーチャック, Andersen Stories/アンデルセン物語 (1)

Who is the enemy of the Three Planets Alliance in Armored Fleet Dairugger XV?
Galveston Empire, Gatrantis Empire, Imperias Empire (1)

Hidaka Noriko suddenly rose to popularity with her role in Touch. Before that she was a member of an Idol trio, which of these was its name?
Ichigo-chanzu/いちごちゃんず, Trio Za Gomi/トリオ・ザ・ゴミ, Gakeppuchi Trio/崖っぷちトリオ​ (3)

Which do you think of when I say Inoue Kikuko, Nakagawa Yumi, Hisakawa Aya?
Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon, Oh My Goddess!, Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 (2)

What is the name of Oh My Goddess! in Chinese?
我的愛人, 我的愛神, 嗚呼女神様​ (2)

What was the position of Bancoran in the Oedo/大江戸 version of Patalliro!?
Machi-Bugyo of North Edo/江戸北町奉行, Shogunate Ōmetsuke/幕府大目付, Machi-Bugyo of South Edo/江戸南町奉行 (3)

What is the name of the scientist who is Admiral Richter's best friend in Tōshō Daimos?
Aizam, Halleck, Melvi (1)

Computer/コンピューター (normal)

There are two main MIDI signals in use today. Which one of these belongs to the GM standard?
GS, CN, NT (1)

Which of these 3 programming languages was the base for basic?

Which of these is the standard for controlling music equipment with a computer?

What was the advertising catch phrase used for the PC-6601sr?
Harajuku/原宿 Pasokon, Shibuya/渋谷 Pasokon, Roppongi/六本木 Pasokon (3)

What is the term for a read/write CD?
CD-I, CD-ROM, CD-R (3)

What is the term for a parasite that can live in a program and moves on to a new one when the program is executed and can cause harm when triggered?
Trojan horse, Worm, Virus (3)

What is the name of the founder of Microsoft?
Hill Gates, Bull Gates, Bill gates (3)

Which of the following is a mini size floppy disk?
8 inch, 3.5 inch, 5.25 inch (3)

What was the codename for Microsoft's Windows 95?
Chicago, Cairo, Daytona (1)

What is the name of the LSI used in pentium that looks like a flipped Kenzan?

What does the F in the acronym of Fujitsu's FM series of computers stand for?
Facom, Fujitsu, Family (2)

What kind of data storage device came as standard with the PC-9801?
Hard Disk, Cassette, none (3)

Printers can be divided into several categories. Which is the noisiest?
Thermal transfer, Laser, Dot matrix (3)

Which of the following requires line numbers in the source code?
C, Pascal, N88BASIC (3)

Which external storage device comes installed on a Sharp MZ-80B?
Hard Disk, Floppy Disk, Cassette recorder (3)

Which of these is Kodak's standard for burning photos to CD?
View Magic, PhotoCD, CD-I (2)

What is the term used for data being buffered on a slow device like a printer?
Streaming, Spooling, Buffering (2)

Recently games started employing something called A.I. What is this?
Artificial Incompetence/人工無能, Population intelligence/人口知能, Artificial Intelligence/人工知能​ (3)

Which of the following operating systems work on CPUs other than Intel x86s?
MS-DOS, Windows NT, Windows 95 (2)

What is the maximum speed on the RS-232C prot built in the early PC-9801 series of computers?
1.44K, 9600, 2400 (2)

What does the computing term ROM stand for?
Load Only Member, Load Only Memory, Read Only Memory (3)

Which of the following graphic modes has been added to the 9821?
256 color 640x480, 16 color 400x480, B&W 200x480 (1)

What is the RAM capacity of the oldest model in the MSX series?
32KB, 16KB, 8KB (3)

What happens if you install MS-DOS6.2 for PC98 to floppies?
It will be the same as DOS5.0A, Only runs on 486 machines, Not possible (1)

Which of the following does not exist?
PC-9001, PC-6001, PC-2001 (1)

DRAM is a type of computer memory. What does the D stand for?
Dynamic, Direct, Dramatic (1)

The Intel CPU "Pentium" takes its name from Penta. How many is Penta?
4, 5, 6 (5)

You often hear the term CRT in computing, but what does it mean?
Cathode Ray Tube, Display device, Television (1)

What was the first Japanese computer that came with a CD drive as standard?
MAC, FM TOWNS, PC-9801 (2)

Which of the following programming languages does not exist?
B, A, C (2)

I plugged in the disk and turned on the power, but it gave me an I/O error. What does I/O mean?
Interface Over, Internet Operation, Input Output (3)

Which of the following does not exist?
PC-9801mk2, PC-8001mk2, PC-8801mk2 (1)

What is the name of the computer-related project done by assistant professor Sakamura at Tokyo University?
FREON/フロン, TRON/トロン, COLON/コロン (2)

The next generation of PCI, a bus standard, has chipsets named after planets. Which of the following planets are not used as of January 1995?
Earth/アース, Mercury/マーキュリー, Neptune/ネプチューン (1)

Which of the following does not exist?
PC-9801E, PC-9801G, PC-9801F (2)

What does the slang term Mikakadai/みかか代 mean in computing?
Water bill, Electricity bill, Telephone bill (3)

What CPU type was created when Motorola, IBM and Apple cooperated and is also found in Macintosh PCs?
PlayPC, PowerPC, PoorPC (2)

Which of these formats was made by the American company CompuServe to save images up to 256 colors?

A RISC CPU is used in both the Sega Saturn and Sony Playstation. What does RISC stand for?
Reduced instruction set computer, Extended instruction set computer, High-Speed Instruction Set Computer (1)

DOS/V allows IBM PC compatibles to display Japanese text via software. What does the V stand for?
Roman 5, VGA, Value (2)

What version of DOS is currently allowed to be bundles with software (as of 1995)?
3.3D, 2.11. 5.0A (2)

What frequency can a 44 kHz PCM sample actually handle?
44 kHz, 22 kHz, 11 kHz (2)

Which of the following computers is a 16-bit machine?
FM-7, PC-8801, Tutor/ぴゅう太 (3)

The term ... is used to describe a group of tasks to be performed by a computer. Fill in the blank.
Program, Work, Job (3)

What was the short-lived storage solution used by the FM-8?
Optic Cassette, Bubble Cassette, Soap Cassette (2)

Which of the following CPUs caused a fuss when a bug was discovered in its floating point division?
Pentium, PowerPC, Alpha (1)

What is the name of the international standard intended for full-color image compression?

Intel's DX4 CPU runs actually runs at a multiple of its actual clock speed. What is the multiplier?
2x, 3x, 4x (2)

What does the MS in MS-DOS stand for?
Maso Sado/マゾサド, Mobile Suit/モビルスーツ, Microsoft/マイクロソフト (3)

PC EngineのHuカードが使えるコンピューターを作ったことのあるメーカーは?
Which manufacturer has built computers which can use the PC Engine's HuCard?
NEC, Fujitsu/富士通, Sharp/シャープ​ (3)

Magnetic tape is made by putting a magnetic material atop another. What is the other material?
Rubber, Stainless Steel, Polyethylene (3)

Magnetic tapes have a similar code as the EOF code at the end of text files. What is its name?

Which of the following has not be used as a name for a computer?
King Kong/キングコング, Godzilla/ゴジラ, Gundam/ガンダム (2)

The AT command is a common command for modems. Who made it?
Microsoft/マイクロソフト, CCITT, Hayes Microcomputer/ヘイズ社 (3)

The PC-8801mk2 supports two programming languages, which of the three is not supported?

N-BASIC, which was in use since the PC-8001, became important for compatibility for later NIDEC 8-bit machines. Did it exist on the PC-9801?
Disk version only, Did not exist, Disk and ROM version (3)

PC EngineのHuカードが使えるRGBモニターを作ったことのあるメーカーは?
Which of the following has made an RGB monitor that can use the PC Engine's HuCard?
Sharp/シャープ, NEC, Fujitsu/富士通​ (2)

Which is the slogan on the logo of Intel CPUs?
Intel Input, Intel Internal, Intel Inside (3)

The PC98 series has been on the market for many years now. Which of the following is the smallest?
9801UV21, 9801DX, 9821 (1)

Computer/コンピューター (hard)

There is a special device that can read characters and is used to check transactions or prevent fraud. What is it called?

C language could originally vary a bit as different vendors made compilers. It got standardised, but by whom?

The NEC version of Windows 3.1 included software that the Microsoft version did not? Which was it?
Dr. Watson/ワトソン博士, System editor/システムエディタ, Font Avenue/フォントアベニュー​ (3)

What is the name of the device that writes processed information onto microfilm?

Which version of MS-DOS introduced file management using hierarchical directories?
2.0, 2.11, 3.3D (1)

Which of these is known for making AT compatible BIOSes, competed with Phoenix and was known for its performance?

When Bill Gates from Microsoft visited Japan, he said certain peripherals were worth their weight in gold in Japan. Which peripheral?
Hard disk, Scanner, High speed modems (1)

One of these machines became popular for a while for video production in the US and UK. Which one?
Macintosh/マッキントッシュ, PS/55, Amiga/アミーガ​ (3)

What was the lowest amount of memory required to run MS-DOS 1.0?
128KB, 64KB, 256KB (1)

Which of the following does not exist?
PC-6601 MK2, PC-6001 MK2 SR, PC-6001 mk2 (1)

Which of these is the Japanese term for XOR?
Assumed Logic OR/仮定論理和, Negative Logic OR/否定論理和, Exclusive Logic OR/排他的論理和​ (3)

You can connect a 5-inch FDD to an FM-TOWNS. What is the standard name of that FDD?
YD-380, PCS-50P, NES-640 (1)

Which computer used a form of BASIC that was compatible the Famicom's Family BASIC?
S1, F1, X1 (1)

Microsoft's latest operating system, Windows 95, will be released by Microsoft which of the following ways?
DOS/V and PC98 version, DOS/V only, No immediate support (1)

Which of these 3 AT compatible cards has an RS-232C port?
XGA card, SB16, I/O card (3)

What device has become a popular method of reading mark sheets used in tests?
CR, PTR, OMR (3)

?What is the use of HMA after 286? (or after HMA on a 286?)
Long useless thing/無用の長物, A wealth of memory/裕福になるメモリ, Just bugs/ただのバグ​ (3)

Which of the following types is found in Pascal, but not in C?
Set type/集合型, Enum type/列挙型, Record type/レコード型 (1)

Which of the following is not a purpose of an operating system?
Troubleshooting, Make it easier for the user, Throughput (1)

Which of the following buses is used in the PC-9800 series?
PCI bus, MSP, XT bus (1)

『PC DOS』とパッケージに書いてあるソフトは、次のどの機種で動くか?
On which of the following models does PC DOS run?
PC-9801, PC-8001, 5550-B03 (2)

How many read/write heads are currently attached to open-real magnetic tape devices used in larger computers?
8 pairs, 9 pairs, 7 pairs (2)

Which is the correct name of the creator of the AWK text processing language?
Baka, Tawake, Aho (3)

2HD is currently the most common type of floppy, but there's also a type called 2DD. What does 2DD stand for?
Double-sided high density double track/倍面高密度倍トラック, Double-sided high density double track/両面高密度倍トラック, Double-sided double density double track/両面倍密度倍トラック​ (3)

IBM互換機用MS-DOSに、初めて『DOS SHELL』が添付されたのはどれ?
Which of these was the first to include DOS Shell for 2HD floppies on IBM compatible machines?
5.0A, 4.0, 6.2 (2)

What is the output device used to draw precise things onto paper using a computer?
XY plotter, COM, LP (1)

Which of these is not even included in the PC-6000 series' top-end models?
FM sound source, Kanji ROM, RS-232C interface (3)

How many lines were needed to describe MS-DOS 1.0?
About 40.000, about 400, About 4000 (3)

MS-DOS was developed with compatibility in mind for a certain OS. Which one?
OS/2, OS/9, CP/M (3)

Which of the following is not a characteristic of a low-level language assembler?
Can only be used for a specific machine, specifies general behavior only, Fills in the machine's behavior sequentially (2)

Open-reel magnetic tape is still used in larger computers today. What is the width of the current tape?
2/3 inch, 1/5 inch, 1/2 inch (3)

MS-DOS is currently the standard OS for machines with Intel based CPUs. What was the original name?

What is the minimum amount of VRAM installed in MSX2 standard machines?
1024KByte, 64KByte, 256KByte (2)

The data management program IOCS manages files in general. What does DBMS handle?
CGs, Databases, Jobs (2)

Something was added to MSX2 machines so they can handle more memory. What is it?
Memory mapper, Swap, Memory server (1)

Which is the correct file handle for NEC's N88-BASIC?
0-15 are reserved and 0 is for the system, 1-10 are reserved and 1 is for the system, 0-99 are reserved and 1 is for the system. (1)

Food (食べ物) (no difficulty)

The user club magazine Alice's Room took its name after the food Rakugan. Which of these is Rakugan?
Flour and soybean flour mixed with sugar/穀粉と豆の粉を砂糖で固めた物, Bracken starch and bean paste in some hot water/蕨粉・餡などを湯で溶いて蒸した物, Half-dehydrated radish pickled in rice bran/半ば脱水した大根を米糠で漬けた物 (1)

What is the best way to prevent the fins and tails from falling of when grilling a fish?
Sprinkle some sugar on it, put a load of salt on it, soak it with sake (2)

The seven pepper flavours in shichimi are: red peppers, sesame, rapeseed, Chenpi, hemp seed, sansho and what else?
Mustard/芥子, Black pepper/胡椒, Ginger/生姜 (1)

Which of the following products does not an actual best-before label?
Natto, Ice cream, Frozen food (2)

Yamanashi's specialty is hōtō. What is said to be its most delicious ingredient?
Squash, Tomato, Carrot (1)

What is referred to by "bipedal sheep" in ancient Chinese cookbooks?
Kangaroo, Ostrich, Human (3)

What is the name of a scary menu item found in a certain coffee shop in Nagoya?
Miso cutlet ice cream/味噌カツアイス, Red miso bavarois/赤味噌ババロア, Sweet green tea with red bean paste/甘口抹茶小倉スパ (3)

What vegetables are not to be put in the dumpling skins in China?
Chinese cabbage, Garlic, Long green onion (2)

What do you get when you order a "Tanenuki/Tanuki" at a soba restaurant?
Kake soba/かけそば, Omelet/玉子焼き, Tempura battered soba/エビ天​ (3)

Which tea brand is famous for its apple tea?
Fortnum & Mason, Fauchon, Harrods (2)

When the Great Seto Bridge first openend, which limited menu items were available at the coffee shop under Okayama station?
Bavarois Seto ōhashi/ババロア瀬戸大橋, Onaruto Sunday/大鳴門サンデー, Momotaro's Demon Slayer parfait/桃太郎の鬼退治パフェ (1)

What kind of flowers do food companies use to color their Kuri Kinton?
Lotus/れんげ, Sunflower/ひまわり, Gardenia/くちなし (3)

The founder of Confucianism, Confucius, once had all his salted meat removed from his house. What was the reason?
One of his disciples got turned into salted meat, Parasites on the salted meat, Meat was bought from criminals (1)

What do you call the phenomenon where the surface of chocolate turns whiter when you melt and harden it.
Bloom, Blame, Bloomer (1)

Foreign words are written in Kanji as much as possible at court banquets. What are the kanji for "champagne"?
三鞭酒, 三盃酒, 三片酒​ (1)

I'm glad there are many types of black tea out there, but which of F&M's black teas is classified as "Chinese" tea?
Darjeeling Superb/ダージリンスパーブ, Russian Caravan/ロシアンキャラバン, Orange Pekoe/オレンジペコ​ (2)

One of the more expensive ingredients in oden is whale tongue. What is it written as?
Geitan/げいたん, Nagayari/ながやり, Saezuri/さえずり​ (3)

A Konoshiro is a fish many small bones. How is it written in Kanji?
鰆, 鮗, 鰍 (2)

French fries can be found anywhere in fast food. Which French food is named after a woman?
Francoise/フランソワアーズ, Julienne/ジュリアンヌ, Sigrun/シグルーン (2)

Which is the correct onomatopoeia when cooking cold Japanese Amberjack with Radish?
Kotokoto/ことこと, Guragura/ぐらぐら, Gutsugutsu/ぐつぐつ (1)

Which food did Kitakita city in Fukushima focus on so much it became a nation-wide success?
Curry Rice, Ramen, Pizza (2)

The Niigata prefecture is known for its rice and sake production. What do you call it when the sake brewery starts to brew its sake?
Kurabiraki, Koshiki okoshi, Taru arai (2)

Johnnie Walker is a popular brand of Scotch Whisky. Which of the following labels is considered the highest grade?
Gold, Blue, Red (2)

Miso soup is also called omiotsuke. How is that written in Kanji?
御水実付け, 御御御付け, 小緒味付け (2)

Games (ゲーム) (normal)

What fighter jet does Mao Mao fly in the game Sonic Wings 2?
F14, F15J, FSX Kai (2)

What does the game Genpei Tōma Den says when you insert a credit?
Midokoro no aru yatsu ja, Omae no chikara wa son'na mono ka, Arigata ya (3)

What race is Morrigan from the Capcom fighting game "Vampire" (Darkstalkers)?
Vampire, Iron Golem, Succubus (3)

Excluding the jokers, how many cards are in a deck?
56, 52, 48 (2)

What is the subtitle of the game Madou Monogatari 1 for Game Gear?
Mittsu no Madō-kyū, kyūkyoku joō-sama, Aruru 16-sai (1)

Galford from Shin Samurai Spirits (Samurai Shodown II) has a dog named Poppy. It is half Borzoi and half...?
Siberian Husky, Bulldog, Shepherd (1)

What is the origin of the names of the seven heroes in Romancing Saga 2?
Great men, Mythology, Stations (3)

There is a saying in shogi that goes "Without a ... in hand the game is lost". Fill in the blank.
Pawn/歩, Knight/桂馬, Gold/金 (1)

Mario, the most famous videogame character created by Nintendo, has a brother. What is his name?
Blackie, Luigi, Wario (2)

Which company distributes the X-2000 Karaoke machine?
SEGA/セガ, Taito/タイトー, Namco/ナムコ (2)

Which of the following hands can only be played with both red (hearts/diamonds) and black (spades and clubs) cards? (excluding jokers)
Straight, two pair, four of a kind (3)

Which manga artist designed the characters in Jaleco's mahjong game "Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai"?
Asamiya Kia, U-Jin, Sonoda Kenichi (3)

What is the name of Charlotte's pigeon in the Samurai Shodown series?
Arthur/アーサー, Hahan/ハハーン, Pierre/ピエール​ (3)

Which of these games was used to improve algorithms and processing speed in the early days of computing?
Chess, Gunjin Shogi/軍人将棋, Backgammon (1)

Kabu/カブ is a unique card where the goal of the game is to get close to 9. Which of the following is not a special rule?
1 and 4, 2-4, 1 and 9 (2)

Which of the following poker terms is used to raise your bet in poker?
Check, Raise, Bid (2)

Which of the following poker hands is the strongest?
Flush, Straight, Three of a kind (1)

On which console can you play Super Fantasy Zone by Sunsoft?
Super Famicom, Mega Drive, Master System (2)

What is the name of the ship you control in Taito's Darius?
Metal Black, Silver Hawk, Vic Viper (2)

Shogi. If you promote a silver piece, what ways can it not move?
Both flanks, Backwards, Diagonally backwards (3)

Which of the following is a Japanese-style fighting game created by Kaneko which was never released?
Shogun Warriors/富士山バスター, Kamikaze Crash/神風クラッシュ, Blood Warrior/大江戸ファイト (2)

What is the name of the Toaplan shooting game?
Meijin/メイジン, Tatsujin/タツジン, Veteran/ベテラン (2)

Which of the following music genres is the most similar to the BGM of Jaleco's Buta-san?
Country, Jazz, Rock (1)

Two new characters haven been added in Sega's Virtua Fighter 2. What is their fighting style called?
Drunken fist/酔拳, Big Dipper Divine Fist/北斗神拳, Monkey Fist/猿拳​ (1)

In the deluxe type of Sega's Thunder blade, the player turns left and right as you move a lever. How is the player moved?
Electromagnet, Human power, Motor (2)

Yuri's Haoh Shoko Ken has a certain color to it in Ryūko no Ken 2 and KOF94. What color?
Orange, Pink, Black (2)

How many characters fight barefooted in Capcom's Super Street Fighter II Turbo?
7, 8, 6 (1)

What is the name of the final enemy in Sega's Virtua Fighter 2?
D.K., Gouki, Dural (3)

How many levels, including hidden ones, are there in Taito's Bubble Bobble?
103, 100, 206 (3)

For some reason the main character in Ghosts 'n Goblins is having a date at the graveyard. How is he dressed?
Underwear only, Armour, Naked (1)

MUSHA is a shooter made by Compile for the Sega Genesis. Who published it?
Compile, Sega, Toaplan (3)

Which famous PC game was the basis for Torneko's Great Adventure?
Ultima, Wizardry, Rogue (3)

You can go the wrong way in Sega's Dayona USA, but for how long?
Time gets added so until the end, Until you get warned for driving backwards, Until you hit an oncoming car (1)

Dragon Crystal for the Game Gear was based on which game?
Ultima, Wizardry, Rogue (3)

ナムコのレースゲーム、『リッジレーサー2』のBGMで、『RARE HERO 2』は、どのゲームのBGMの一部分を使っている?
Rare Hero 2, a song from Ridge Racer 2, user a portion of the BGM from which game?
Pacman, Pole Position, Rally-X (3)

What does the innkeeper say after resting at the inn when you escort princess Laura back.
Seems like you had fun last night, Seems like you had a good rest, I'll puff you for 50G (1)

Which of the following arcade games have been ported to the PC-6000 series?
Gradius, Space Harrier, The Tower of Druaga (2)

Sega made an action game named ...kyō no Yabō. Fill in the blanks.
Zunzun/ずんずん, Munmun/むんむん, Dondon/どんどん (1)

Which of these is the name of the circular obstacle in pinball that bounces the ball away?
Flipper, Turntable, Bumper (3)

What was Taito's business before making games?
Trading/貿易, Securities/証券, Pharmaceuticals/製薬 (1)

The 3D action game DOOM has been ported to the PC98 series of machine, but what is the Japanese word for DOOM?
驚愕, 恐怖, 狂気​ (2)

Which of the following is not part of the arcade version of Konami's Hyper Olympics?
Long jump, Triple Jump, Hammer Throw (2)

一一一ニ二二五五五七七七九  ツ 九萬萬萬萬萬萬萬萬萬萬萬萬萬  モ 萬           南2局 5巡目麻雀で、上記の状態。親なら何点の役?
Look at the following situation: (一一一ニ二二五五五七七七九  ツ 九) (萬萬萬萬萬萬萬萬萬萬萬萬萬  モ 萬) (南2局 5巡目) You are the dealer, how many points is this yaku worth?
96000, 32000, 48000 (1)

Which of these is a difference between Ridge Racer 2 and 1 for the arcade?
You can play against other and there is more music, A black and fast car appears, The cars are going slower (1)

Who made the arcade fighting game series World Heroes?

Capcom is know from Street Fighter 2, but which of these was the first game they released?
Commando/戦場の狼, 1942, Vulgus/バルガス (3)

What name is Nintendo's Super Famicom being sold as in the United States?
Super Nintendo, NES, Genesis (1)

What can the boss from ADK's World Heroes, Geegus, do?
Self-destruct, Transform, Become invisible (2)

Who is the enemy (in Japanese) that breaks into Vega's stage when certain conditions are met in Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo?
Gouken/豪拳, Gouki/豪鬼, Goukai/豪快​ (2)

What kind of animal does Cham Cham have in Samurai Shodown 2?
Rabbit, Cat, Monkey (3)

What was part of the name of the sequel of Fighter's History by Data East?
Dynamite/ダイナマイト, Special/スペシャル, Jet/ジェット (1)

What is the name of Tam Tam's sword in Samurai Shodown?
Zange Hange Zonge/ザンゲ・ハンゲ・ゾンゲ, Henge Hange Zange/ヘンゲ・ハンゲ・ザンゲ, Hange Henge Zonge/ハンゲ・ヘンゲ・ゾンゲ (2)

Which developer released the PC masterpiece Sokoban in arcades?
Konami/コナミ, Namco/ナムコ, Taito/タイトー (2)

What is the identity of the hawk Mamahaha who accompanies Nakoruru in Samurai Shodown 2?
Just a hawk, her sister Rimururu, The hawk is actually Nakoruru's real body (1)

In the arcade version of Sega's Outrun there was a certain broken trick you could use. What part was used for it?
Accelerator, Shifter, Steering wheel (2)

What is the name of the main character of Compile's Puyo Puyo series?
Arle Nadja/アルル・ナジャ, Arla Nadja/アララ・ナジ, Are Nadja/アレレ・ナジャ​ (1)

What is the relationship between Ryu and Ken from Capcom's Street Fighter 2?
Complete stranger, Brothers, Couple (1)

In Konami's arcade game Monster Mauler a song is played during the intro. Who is the singer?
Mizuki Ichirou/水木一郎, Yamamoto Masayuki/山本正之, Shimon Masato/子門真人 (3)

Which of these games is a shooter based on Greek mythology and made by Namco?
Alphos/アルフォス, Phelios/フェリオス, Ferios/フェアリス (2)

Chinchirorin is a dice game in which 3 dice are rolled into a bowl to get 2 identical dice. What is it called when you roll 3 identical dice?
Hanamaru/はなまる, Arashi/あらし, Daikanki/だいかんき (2)

What is the name of the yeti in Capcom's Darkstalkers?
Sasquatch/サスカッチ, Yoyuutch/ヨユウッチ, Onetouch/ワンタッチ​ (1)

Which of the following companies has not made a Karaoke machine as of 1995?
Namco/ナムコ, Sega/セガ, Taito/タイトー (1)

Power Instinct is a game released by Atlus. Which is one if its features?
It has one-shot techniques/一発奥義がある, Everyone can double jump, There is a magical girl fighter (2)

How many characters can transform in Atlus' Power Instinct 2?
4, 5, 6 (1)

What is the subtitle of Enix's Dragon Quest VI?
The Heavenly Bride/天空の花嫁, The Guided Ones/導かれし者たち, Land of Illusion/幻の大地​ (3)

In Namco's Genpei Tōma Den, which of the following 3 sacred treasure can't you get in the land of gags?
Sword, Mirror, Magatama (1)

What is the subtitle of Irem's 3rd arcade version of Lode Runner?
Majin no Hokai/魔人の崩壊, Majin no Gyakushu/魔人の逆襲, Majin no Fukkatsu/魔人の復活 (3)

What kind of attack do you do when you press both the middle and strong attack buttons in Taito's Kaiser Knuckle?
Medium attack, Strong attack, Furious attack (3)

What series has never had a Game&Watch title?
Mario Bros./マリオブラザーズ, Donkey Kong/ドンキーコング, Kirby/星のカービィ​ (3)

What is the name of the temple you fight Caffeine Nicotine, a new character in Samurai Shodown 2, in?
Caffe-in/花諷院, Koka-in/枯華院, Hero-in/屁梠院 (2)

Which is the first SNK game that uses the "Loop Lever"/rotary joystick?
T.A.N.K, Ikari Warriors/怒, Victory Road/怒号層圏​ (1)

What is the name of the technique used that add pictures to the surface of polygons?
Gouraud shading, Texture mapping, Flat shading (2)

What is the term used to describe a situation where the score can't go higher in a shooting game?
Hungst/ハンスト, Countst/カンスト, Pantst/パンスト​ (2)

What is the surname of Kurara the witch who appears in Power Instinct 2?
Goketsuji/豪血寺, Kokuin/孤空院, Hananokoji/花小路 (3)

Which of the following CD-ROM consoles uses a standard speed CD drive?
Neo Geo CD, Saturn, Playstation (1)

How many types of Tetris blocks exist?
8, 7, 6 (2)

What was the first memorable game made by Capcom on their CP system?
Street Fighter 2/ストリートファイター2, Forgotten Worlds/ロストワールド, Ghosts 'n Goblins/大魔界村​ (2)

What is the true identity of Cham Cham's monkey companion Paku Paku in Samurai Shodown 2?
Just a monkey, Quetzalcoatl/ケツアルクァトル, Tam Tam/タムタム​ (3)

What happens if you hit the brakes once before the countdown in Namco's Ridge Racer 2?
You can do a rocket start, No BGM, Song title will remain displayed (3)

What is said to be the first RPG in the world?
D&D, T&T, C&C (1)

What is the main character's name in Namco's Märchen Maze?
Kumiko/クミコ, Alice/アリス, Sill/シイル (2)

The Playstation version of Puzzle-Dama has a different style to it, which is it?
Twinbee based world, Tokimeki Memorial based world, Parodius based world (1)

Who are the members of the Chinese team in KOF '94? Asamiya Athena, Sie Kensou and...?
Hoi Kourou/ホイ コーロー, Dou banjiang/トウ・バンジャン, Chin Gentsai/チン・ゲンサイ​ (3)

What is the subtitle of the Game Gear game Madou Monogatari 2?
Mittsu no Madō-kyū, Aruru 16-sai, Kyūkyoku joō-sama (2)

When should you enter the secret command in Taito's Bubble Bobble?
Title screen after inserting a coin, Opening demo, Title screen before inserting a coin (3)

What do you call the platform with the stick and buttons to control arcade games?
Control panel/コンパネ, Pin hane/ピンハネ, Instrument panel/インパネ (1)

Which of the three is the only work of Takahashi Rumiko to be made into a PC98 game which has ?a different dev and publisher?
Maison Ikkoku/めぞん一刻, Urusei Yatsura/うる星やつら, Ranma 1/2/らんま1/2​ (3)

Which of these is incorrect for Capcom's Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo?
There is a combo bonus, Super special moves can be used, Akuma/豪鬼 appears as a special character (2)

Which of the following games has an official ruleset and is even played internationally?
Tag/鬼ごっこ, Kick the can/かんけり, Beigoma/ベーゴマ​ (2)

Which is the name of the main character of Namco's Marvel Land?
Poco/ポコ, Peco/ペコ, Paco/パコ​ (3)

In Jaleco's Soldam, there is a character who fights in battle mode who appeared in another game. What was the game's name?
Rod Land/ロッドランド, Plus Alpha/プラスアルファ, Buta-san/ぶたさん (1)

Which of the following names is used to refer to Nihon Falcom's Dragon Slayer 5?
The Legend of Heroes/英雄伝説, Sorcerian/ソーサリアン, Romancia/ロマンシア (2)

What is the name of the sequel to Sega's Tant-R?
Madamada-R/マダマダアール, Shinuhodo-R/シヌホドアール, Ichidant-R/イチダントアール​ (3)

What is the name of the form of karate Ryo Sakazaki from Art of Fighting uses?
Bushin Ryū/武神流, Kyokushin Ryū/極真流, Kyokugen Ryū/極限流​ (3)

The game machines in arcade halls are called "Kyoutai/きょう体". What is the correct kanji for きょう bit?
筐, 橿, 匡 (1)

What does Galaxian even refer to in Namco's shooting game Galaxian?
All enemies, Yellow enemy, The player themselves (3)

What is the strongest sword a samurai can equip in Wizardry?
Murayama blade/ムラヤマブレード, Wing Kris/ウィングクリス, Muramasa blade/ムラマサブレード​ (3)

Cotton is a game made by Sega and Succes. What is the Cotton's favourite food?
Yowkan, Willow, Manjuu (2)

In the card game UNO, S is skip (one person) And R is reverse (order). What is the effect of Wild?
Change color and the next person takes 4, Next person takes 2, Change to a color you like (3)

プレイステーションのレースゲーム、「リッジレーサー」。 CD読み込み起動時にあるナムコゲームが遊べる。その名前は?
In the Playstation version of Ridge Racer you can play a certain Namco game. Which one?
Galaxian/ギャラクシアン, Space Invaders/インベーダー, Moon Cresta/ムーンクレスタ (1)

Which of the following next-gen consoles will have the fastest RISC chip?
Saturn/サターン, Playstation/プレイステーション, 3DO (2)

What do you hear when you get hit by a 4-chain in Puyo Puyo?
Gegege/げげげ, Bayoe~n/ばよえーん, Dai dageki/大打撃​ (3)

How many people can you play against in the Mega Drive puzzle game Columns III?
4, 3, 5 (3)

Hanafuda cards have a variety of animals on them, which of the following does not have a crane on it?
Pine/松, Bōzu/坊主, Plum/梅​ (3)

Who is the mentor of Ryu and Ken from Street Fighter 2?
Goutetsu/轟鉄, Gouki/豪鬼, Gouken/剛拳 (3)

Which of the following characters can be used as ?its own machine? in Gokujou Parodius?
Mambo/まんぼう, Vic Viper/ビックパイパー, Soitsu/そいつ (1)

Which of the following is a game released by Capcom?
US Air Force, US Army, US Navy (3)

What is the subtitle of the Game Gear game Madou Monogatari 3?
Mittsu no Madō-kyū, Aruru 16-sai, Kyūkyoku joō-sama (3)

How many girls can you face off against in Seta's Super Real Mahjong P5?
5, 4, 3 (3)

Which of the following is not a mahjong cheat?
Genrokuzmi/元禄積み, Tsubame-gaeshi/ツバメ返し, Tsukampo/ツカンポ (3)

What type of moves can be performed if the rage gauge is filled in Samurai Shodown 2?
Taunt, Weapon destroying special move, secret technique (2)

Recently games have started to use polygons to create a 3D effect. Which of these makes up a polygon?
Hexagon, Square, Triangle (3)

Sega's racing game, Sega Rally, is based on a real motorsport. Which one?
Indycar, WRC, F1 (2)

What kind of CPU is not installed in the Mega CD compatible Wonder Mega?
68000, i8086, Z80A (2)

Ridge racer is a racing game for Playstation. One technique allows for a lot of acceleration. Which one?
Activating a boost in a straight line, Drift without tire noise, Drift in the opposite director of the corner (2)

What is the name of Ken's girlfriend in Street Fighter 2?
Eliza/イライザ, Ryu/リュウ, Julia/ユリア​ (1)

Gomoku, also know as renju, has a move neither player should make. Which is it?
4.3, 4.4, 3.3 (not 1)

Games (ゲーム) (hard)

What is the name of the Boss that appears in the S zone of Taito's Night Striker?
Moonlight Prisma/ムーンライトプリズマ, Midnight Illusion/ミッドナイトイリュージョン, Twilight Mirage/トワイライトミラージュ (3)

What is the difference between Sega's Quartet and Quartet 2?
Different BGM, Different amount of players in multiplayer, Different enemies (2)

Wizardry is considered to be one of the classic masterpieces of computer RPGs. What language was used to code it?
Pascal, C, Fortran (1)

Which of the following game soundstracks have been arranged in Japan's first video game music album titled "Video Game Music"?
Galaga/ギャラガ, Mappy/マッピー, Dig Dug/ディグダグ​ (1)

Of the following, which is a real game title?
Namen na yo/なめんなよ, Ite komasu/いてこます, Fuzakeru na/ふざけるな (1)

The game Thexder by Game Arts used FM for music in the 88 version, but what about the X1 version?
Only sound effects, PSG, FM (1)

Who sings Kurara's theme in Atlus' Power instinct 2?
Kumiko/クミコ, Kurara/クララ, Kurumi/クルミ (3)

What is the common name for a player created WAD in the game DOOM?

How do you get the treasure on the 31st floor of the arcade version of Tower of Druaga?
Tilt the lever up twice and down 5 times, Do not move for a while, Press the start button (3)

Which of the following is the BGM for the bonus stage of Sega's Virtua Fighter?
Character select BGM, Opening demo BGM, There is no bonus stage (1)

In Sega's Daytona, you can do a quick start by revving the engine whilst keeping the brake on and releasing at start. How many revs?
650, 6500, 65535 (2)

What are the names of the enemies on the ground based on in Taito's Darius?
Place names, Chemical substances, Employee names (3)

In order to produce strong horse racing horses, successful horses breed. What are horses who get negative traits from that called?
Knicks/ニックス, Inbred/インブリード, Ribot/リボー (2)

Hanafuda card represent the months with certain pictures. January is pine, January Plum and March is cherry. Which month is Rain/Willow/雨?
September, November, June (2)

In what year was the arcade game Space Invaders released?
1978/Showa 53, 1983/Showa 58, 1988/Showa 63 (1)

What happens when you double click the camera switch button?
Activates boost, Camera gets closer to the road, nothing (2)

セガのシューティングゲーム、『ファンタジーゾーン』。5面のBGM『HOT SNOW』の、国内版と海外版の違いは?
Which of these is the difference between the Japanese and international version of the BGM HOT SNOW from Fantasy Zone's 5th level?
Different tone, Different BGM entirely, Japanese version is missing the melody line (3)

The most expensive location in Monopoly is the Boardwalk. Which one is the second most expensive?
Park Place/パークプレース, New York Avenue/ニューヨーク通り, Illinois Avenue/イリノイ通り (1)

Which of the following is a dead copy (illegal copy) of Xevious?
Alphos/アルフォス, Battles/バトルス, Zexus/ゼクサス (2)

How many types of invaders exist in Space Invaders?
4, 3, 5 (2)

What do you call the first chip put on the field in poker?
Ante/アンティ, Dawson/ドーソン, Bungee/バンジー​ (1)

What is the title of the world's first arcade game released by Atari?
Ping/ピン, Pong/ポン, Pang/パン​ (2)

You have 4 Kanuradora, ?how many total dora will you have if you get the max amount?
32, 52, 44 (1)

Which vehicle from Taito's Night Striker based on?
Integra/インテグラ, Prelude/プレリュード, Odyssey/オデッセイ​ (1)

Which of the following girls from various arcade games has the smallest butt?
Chun-Li/春麗 from SF2, Shiranui Mai/不知火舞 from Fatal Fury 2, Rosa/ローザ from Undercover cops (3)

How long does it take to make a character tape in the tape version of Nihon Falcom's Xanadu?
60 minutes, 40 minutes, 20 minutes (2)

Who voiced Ryu in the Street Fighter 2 Anime film?
Shimizu Kojiro/清水宏次郎, Funaki Masaharu/船木誠勝, Haga Kenji/羽賀健二 (1)

What is the name of the master who you can see in the true ending?
Vastral Bindout/バストラル・バインドアウト, Sieg Pholia/ジーク・フォーリア, Shelpha Freja/シェルファ・フレイア (2)

What happens if you finish the Championship mode of Sega Rally in first place?
You can play it again, You can play an extra stage, nothing (2)

Which is the correct name for prize grabbing games like UFO Catcher?
Catch machine, Crane machine, Prize machine (3)

Which of these made the LaserDisc game Genma Taisen?
Taito/タイトー, Data East/データイースト, Sega/セガ​ (2)

Which of these is the boss of the Y zone in Darius by Taito?
Octopus/タコ, Squid/イカ, Sunfish/マンボウ (2)

What do you call the guy who spins the ball in roulette?
Raker/レーカー, Croupier/クルーピエ, Ozza/オッツァ (2)

アーケードゲーム『ザ・キング・オブ・ファイターズ ’94』のアイドル、麻宮アテナのスリーサイズは以下のうちどれ?
Which is the correct set of measurements for the idol Athena Asamiya from KOF 94?
86-56-85, 82-56-80, 83-57-82 (3)

How many Castlevania titles, including Kid Dracula, have been released by Konami up to 1995?
14, 13, 12 (2)

Human Shogi is a form of shogi held in Tendo City, Yamagate prefecture every 4th saturday and sunday in April. Which warlord from the warring states period came up with it?
Oda Nobunaga/織田信長, Toyotomi Hideyoshi/豊臣秀吉, Tokugawa Ieyasu/徳川家康 (2)

Some mahjong hands actually originate from the USA, like ryuuiisou/緑一色 and Chiitoitsu/七対子. Which of the following three is also American?
Pinfu/平和, Riichi/立直, Chankan/槍槓​ (2)

Which of the following inputs (numbers like a numpad) does a hadouken in Street Fighter 2 if the character faces left?
236, 214, 623 (2)

How old is Mudman in ADK's World Heroes 2?
17, 28, Unknown (1)

Power Instinct 2 by Atlus has a theme called Bozu de Dadada! Which food is mentioned in it?
Senbei/煎餅, Dorayaki/ドラ焼き, Butaman/豚まん (3)

How many invaders appear on once screen in Taito's Space invaders?
45, 55, 50 (2)

A version of Thunderforce was initially for Mega Drive only, but got ported to arcades and the Super Nintendo. Which one?
2MD, 3, 4 (2)

Which type of gun does the main character use in Taito's Operation Wolf?
KG9, MP5A5, Uzi (3)

In Sega's Afterburner, you can get a lucky pattern to encounter certain enemies if you insert a coin after X amount of demo runs.
9, 17, 4 (1)

Which of the following appears in the background of the final boss battle in Taito's Metal Black?
Buddha statue/仏像, Beckoning cat/招き猫, Komainu/狛犬​ (2)

Which of these is an item in SNK's Athena?
Sailor suit, Gym clothes, Blazer (1)

プレイステーションのレースゲーム、「リッジレーサー」。 CD読み込み起動時のギャラクシアン、自機を破壊されることなく全滅させると、どうなる?
What happens when you beat the Galaxian loading screen game in the PS version of Ridge Racer?
You unlock more cars, nothing, You can keep playing Galaxian (1)

Of which of these three races is it said that the strongest horse wins?
Kikuka-shō/菊花賞, Derby/ダービー, Satsuki Shō/皐月賞 (not 3)

Which of these people is related the the group AXS and the classic game Daiva?
Asakura Daisuke/アサクラダイス, Takahashi Hiroyuki/タカハシヒロユキ, None of these actually (1)

Which is the subtitle of the third game in the Game Gear block puzzle game series Nazo Puyo?
Rururu no ru~/ルルルのル~, Aruru no ru~/アルルのル~, Ruruu no ru~/ルルーのル~​ (2)

What is the method used to draw the line only drawings as seen in Atari's Star Wars?
Single scan, Multi scan, Vector scan (3)

Who was the musician who developed Japan's first video game music album "The Video Game Music"?
Takahasi Yukihiro/高橋幸宏, Hosono Haruomi/細野晴臣, Sakamoto Ryūichi/坂本龍一 (2)

Which of the following characters were born earliest in the world's history?
Captain Kidd/キャプテンキッド, Fuuma/フウマ, Jeanne/ジャンヌ​ (3)

Horii Yuji is most famous for being the scenario writer of Dragon Quest. Which of these was his first work?
Love Match Tennis/ラブマッチテニス, The Portopia Serial Murder Case/ポートピア連続殺人事件, Door Door/ドアドア​ (1)

Which is the correct term for the 4 types of symbols drawn on regular playing cards?
Palm/パーム, Suits/スート, Sequence/シークエンス (2)

How many levels does Psycho Soldier have?
6, 8, 7 (1)

Which standard unifies connectors for Arcade game boards to make repairs/upgrades easier?

There are various ways of digging named after various things in Denki Onkyō Heiankyo Alien. Which is named after a station?
Akiba digging/秋葉掘り, Ito digging/伊藤掘り, Retirement digging/隠居掘り (1)

Which of the following Pacman games is different than the others?
Pac-land/パックランド, Pac & Pal/パック&パル, Pac-Mania/パックマニア (1)

ThrustMaster has a 3-piece set used in AT-compatible flight simulators. FCS, WCS and ...?

Which of these vehicles in Namco's Blazer comes equipped with anti-aircraft weaponry?
M-256 Jason, M-128 Vanguard, M-512 Buster Cannon (2)

Which of the following was the first game released by Banpresto for arcades?
Dragon Ball Z/ドラゴンボールZ, Ultraman/ウルトラマン, Mobile Suit Gundam/機動戦士ガンダム (not 1)

What was the name of the motion-controlled cabinet with which you could play Sega's Hang-On as if you were riding a motorcycle?
Ride-On type/ライドオンタイプ, Deluxe type/デラックスタイプ, Rolling type/ローリングタイプ (1)

Samurai Shodown 2 is a jidaigeki fighting game. Which button do you press last to transform as Nakoruru?
A button, D button, Start button (1P button) (2)

Which of the following three side scrollers scrolls in a different direction?
Sky Kid/スカイキッド, Flyboy/フライボーイ, Gradius/グラディウス​ (3)

Which of these is Capcom's second quiz game?
Hatena? no daibōken/ハテナ?の大冒険, Capcom World/カプコンワールド, Tonosama no Yabō/殿様の野望​ (1)

Which of these is the boss in the Y-zone of Taito's Darius Gaiden?
Sunfish/マンボウ, Squid/イカ, Octopus/タコ (1)

Which of the following is an actual game name?
Noboranka/のぼらんか, Suberanka/すべらんか, Tomoranka/とまらんか (1)

How do you control Konami's LaserDisc game Badlands?
4 way stick + 1 button, 1 button, 8 way stick + 2 buttons (2)

The software vending machine Takeru has a special X1 version of T&ESOFT's Hydlide. Which one?
Another dimension/異次元, Miracle/ミラクル, Special/スペシャル (not 2)

Entertainment (芸能関係) (no difficulty)

What are Yoshinaga Sayuri's fans called?
Feminists, Sayurists, Roudists (2)

Who played the mysterious man who helps the main character in the drama "Shoujo ni nani ga okotta ka"?
Takakura Ken/高倉健, Shimura Ken/志村けん, Utsui Ken/宇津井健 (3)

In which field was there a change of Iron Chef in the Fuji TV shows of he same name (as of december 1994)?
Chinese, Japanese, French (3)

Shakespeare is known for 4 great tragedies: Othello, Hamlet, King Lear and ...?
Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, the Tempest (2)

Which of the following is a hit song by the "Queen of Blues" Awaya Noriko?
Asteroid Blues (アステロイドブルース), Farewell Blues (別れのブルース), First discovered blues (第一発見者ブルース​) (2)

Harrison Ford was seen all over the city of Osaka in a cell phone commercial. What is the name of the famous food shop he frequented?
Rāmen no kin ryū (ラーメンの金龍), Buta man no 551 (豚マンの551), Karē no jiyūken (カレーの自由軒​) (1)

On Japanese tV you might hear the words ゲー万 or ゲー万. What does this refer to?
Someone's name, Scale name, Units that describe a comedian's salary (2)

The music for the Fuji TV show "Iron Chef" was adapted from the musical score of which film?
Backdraft, Columbo, The Godfather Part III (1)

Which Japanese science fiction movie has people traveling through space without a spacesuit?
Sayonara Jupiter (さよならジュピター), 2001: A space odyssey, Message from Space (宇宙からのメッセージ​) (3)

Which of the played the character Yamaoka Shirō in the live action version of Oishinbo?
Kase Taishū/加勢大周, Karasawa Toshiaki/唐沢寿明, Yūji Oda/織田雄二 (2)

There were actually two endings to the movie Army of Darkness by Sam Raimi. Which of these is considered to be the unhappy ending?
Miserably dying in the past, Taking too many drops and ending up in the future, Becoming a ghost due to the curse of the necronimicon (2)

Who plays the role of Asamiya Saki II in Sukeban Deka 2?
Fujisaki Shiori/藤崎詩織, Saotome Shiori/早乙女志織, Saotome Yumi/早乙女優美​ (2)

Who played the evil detective who torments the main character by calling her "a filthy Cinderella" in the drama "Shoujo ni nani ga okotta ka"?
Nagato Hiroyuki/長門裕之, Ishidate Tetsuo/石立鉄男, Takeda Tetsuya/武田鉄矢 (2)

"Arima Hyoe no Koyokaku" is famous throughout Japan for its advertisements and served as the inspiration for the name of Arima from AmbivalenZ.
How is it Koyokaku in Kanji? 甲陽閣, 紅葉閣, 向陽閣​ (3)

Which of these is the artist known for songs like Chanchiki Okesa, Funakata-san and said that "the customer is God"?
Minami Haruo/三波春夫, Shōji Tarō/東海林太郎, Fujiyama Ichirō/藤山一郎​ (1)

Which of the following is the blood type of Nogawa Yuki from "Shoujo ni nani ga okotta ka"?
AB/Rh-, AB/Rh+, A/Rh+ (1)

What do the first and second movies of the Die Hard series starring Bruce Willis have in common?
Subordinates get kicked around all the time, The hero always dies once, It is always during christmas (3)

Some members of Star Trek have appeared in Star Trek TNG. How old was McCoy when he first appeared?
231, 137, 173 (2)

What breed of dog was featured in the movie Lassie Come-home?
Collie, Shepherd, Dalmatian (1)

Which of the following western films had was screened for 511 days in Japan?
Gone with the Wind/風と共に去りぬ, West Side Story/ウエスト・サイド物語, E.T. (2)

Which was seen line dancing in the ad "Kasutera ichiban, denwa wa niban" by Bunmeido?
Castella shaped toys, Teddy Bears, Portuguese and Dutch people (2)

A theatrical version of Star Trek was released in the USA for new year in 1995. What is its title?
Redemption, Generation, Violations (2)

The movie Run Silent, Run Deep was based on a true story. Which Japanese destroyer appeared in the real one?
Hamakaze/浜風, Yukikaze/雪風, Kamikaze/神風 (3)

Which of these girls from the Kadokawa three played leading roles in the series "Psychic School Wars" and "Sailor Suit and Machine gun"?
Harada Tomoyo/原田知世, Yakushimaru Hiroko/薬師丸ひろ子, Watanabe Noriko/,渡辺典子 (1)

Which of the following is not a Tony Tani comedy song?
Chanbara Mambo/チャンバラマンボ, Shibire Mambo/シビレマンボ, Bukubuku Mambo/ブクブクマンボ​ (2)

When you think of Tani Kei, you think "Gachooon/がちょ~ん". What about Tony Tani?
Sheeee/シェーッ, Zansu zansu Zaisansu/ざんす、ざんす、さいざんす, Ajapa/アジャパー (2)

Which of one of the following three Yoshimoto comedians has been in the National Diet as a politician?
Yokoyama Punch/横山パンチ, Yokoyama Knock/横山ノック, Yokoyama Hook/横山フック (2)

What generation shogun is Tokugawa Yoshimune in The Unfettered Shogun?
6th, 8th, 7th (2)

Kin-chan refers to Hagimoto Kinichi. Who was his partner in the duo Konto 55-gō?
Bandō Eiji/坂東英二, Sakagami Jirō/坂上二郎, Itō Shirō/伊東四朗 (2)

Shimaki Jōji is a Yoshimoto comedian know for his mostly physical gags enjoyed by people of all ages. Which of these is not his?
Baribari kick/バリバリキック, Pachipachi Punch/パチパチパンチ, Pokopoko Head/ポコポコヘッド (1)

Arnold Schwarzenegger spent his own money on the movie True Lies. How much did it cost?
12 billion dollars, 12 billion yen, 120 billion yen (2)

Yoshimoto owns various stages like Umeda and Namba in Osaka. What does NGK stand for?
Namba Grand Kagetsu/なんばグランド花月, Naniwa Grand Kagetsu/なにわグランド花月, Namba Great Kansai/なんばグレート関西 (1)

The Enterprise-D from Star Trek can split into two, why?
So the engine can evacuate as the civvies are there, So the saucer can evacuate as the civvies are there, So the engine can function as the ultimate weapon (2)

Which of the following from the Akai series stars Yamaguchi Momoe, but doesn't co-star Mirua Tomokazu?
Akai Giwaku/赤い疑惑, Akai Shōgek/赤い衝撃, Akai Kizuna/赤い絆 (3)

Which of the following was part of the Hananochuusan trio with Sakurada Junko and Yamaguchi Momoe?
Katahira Nagisa/片平なぎさ, Masako Mori/森昌子, Iwasaki Hiromi/岩崎宏美 (2)

The Japanese Iron Chef in the program of the same name is Michiba Rokusaburo. Despite his name he wasn't the 63rd. What is the origin of his name?
He was born on the 3rd of june, he was the 6th born and 3rd son, His father was 63 at time (2)

What happened to Tora-san at the end of Otoko wa Tsurai yo from 1968?
He goes traveling again, Died due to a poisonous snake bite, Gets married (2)

高倉 健主演の映画『駅』の舞台にもなった北海道中東部の町、増毛はある会社がキャンペーンに使っていたそうですが、その会社の業種は?
Station is a movie set in various towns in Hokkaido starring Takakura Ken. ?A company also used the town of Mashike for a campaign, what was its business??
Beautician school, Wig maker, Cosmetics company (2)

One of the three is a novelist who wrote Grave of the Fireflies, the lyrics to "Omocha no chachacha" and has appeared on "Asa made nama-terebi!". What is their name?
Nosaka Akiyuki/野坂昭如, Inose Naoki/猪瀬直樹, Tahara Sōichirō/田原総一郎 (1)

Oh? One of these grousps is not from Kansai. Which one?
Konto55/コント55号, Downtown/ダウンタウン, The Bonchi/ざ・ぼんち​ (1)

Marty McFly from Back to the Future gets really made when you say something to him. Which one?
Baby, Fuck you, Chicken (3)

The members of the Tempuku Trio are Minami Shinsuke, Totsuka Mutsuo and...?
Yuri Tōru/由利徹, Itō Shirō/伊東四朗, Fujita Makoto/藤田まこと (2)

Data imiated Spock's technique in Star Trek TNG. Which was it?
Vulcan Shock, Vulcan Pinch, Vulcan Chop (2)

Which of these was a member of the first Gosanke/御三家 with Hashi Yukio and Funaki Kazuo?
Kobayashi Akira/小林旭, Saigō Teruhiko/西郷輝彦, Aoi Teruhiko/あおい輝彦 (2)

The first three girls to appear on "Heibon" were Misora Hibari, Eri Chiemi and...?
Takamine Hideko/高峰秀子, Miyako Harumi/都はるみ, Yukimura Izumi/雪村いづみ (3)

Which of these is said to be the Oscars for TV and has awarded the popular TV show "Iron Chef" with an award of excellence?
Grammy, Emmy, Fields (2)

A certain drama series is said to have led to the marriage of Miura Tomokazu and Yamaguchi Momoe. The common part was the color in their title, which color?
Red, Iridescent/玉虫色, Blue (not 3)

Who was the chef who got nominated in the first episode of the popular TV show Iron Chef?
Chinese chef Chen Kenichi, French chef Ishinabe Yutaka, Japanese chef Michiba Rokusaburō (2)

Asada Tetsuya who wrote Mājanhōrōki also wrote many books under his real name, like the 79th Naoki prize winner Divorce. What is his real name?
Irokawa Takehiro/色川武大, Atōda Takashi/阿刀田高, Andō Tsuruo/安藤鶴夫 (1)

Which TV show started airing in August of 1970 and featured stewardesses?
Attention Please/アテンションプリーズ, Stewardess Monogatari/スチュワーデス物語, Shiroi Kassōro​/白い滑走路​ (1)

Music/音楽関係 (no difficulty)

What song from Izumiya Shigeru's 1989 album 90's ballad appeared in a TV ad?
Hallelujah/ハレルヤ, Eternal wall/永遠の壁, Hard Rain/ハードレイン (1)

Kine Naoto was a member of the band TMN. He told TV viewers to laugh it up, what did he plan to do after the breakup?
Form a new band and start over, Travel the world, Join the family plumbing business. (3)

When Dreams Come True first debuted, one FM station played their entire album as a trial. Which one of the following did this?
FM802, FM Fukui, Bay-FM (1)

What is Nakajima Miyuki's debut hit?
Jidai/時代, Wakare uta/わかれうた, Azami Jō no Lullaby/アザミ嬢のララバイ (3)

At the end of Mozart's compositions you can find a K. This is the first letter of the person who arranged his works in chronological order. Which is his name?
Cowbell, Köchel, Quartet (2)

As Beethoven continued his musical career, he lost the use of a certain part of his body. Which one?
His hearing, His eyesight, His arms (1)

Who was the first artist to release a CD single in Japan?
Kubota Toshinobu/久保田利伸, Matsutōya Yumi/松任谷由美, Nagabuchi Tsuyoshi/長渕剛 (1)

What was the name of the song released by Tamura Naomi before the single of Yuzure Negai/ゆずれない願い from Rayearth?
ICE MY LIFE, 永遠の一秒 (Eien no Ichi-byō), TURE BLUE (2)

What is the meaning of fairly famous strong/weak symbol mp. (mezzopiano)?
Slightly quiet, Very quiet, slightly loud (1)

Who held the position of principal conductor for the Berlin Philharmonic between 1955-1989?
Herbert von Karajan, Claudio Abbado, Wilhelm Furtwängler (1)

Which of the following brass instruments is not normally used in a full orchestra?
Euphonium, Horn, Trumpet (1)

Which of these is the last song in the Ballet Suite The Nutcracker by Tchaikovsky?
Waltz of the Flowers/花のワルツ, Waltz of Snow/雪のワルツ, Waltz of the Stars/星のワルツ (1)

Which of these characters dies in Schubert's Erlkönig?
Dad, Horse, Boy (3)

シングルレコードの超ヒット曲、『およげ! たいやきくん』。歌う子門真人、いったいいくら印税が入った?
How much did Shimon Masato make in royalties on the super hit single Oyoge! Taiyaki-kun?
120 Million yen, 12 million yen, He did not get royalties (3)

Which of the following groups covered MANISH's hit song "Koe ni Naranai Hodo ni Itoshī"?

What does the t in "trf" stand for?
t.komoro, trend, time machine (1)

Who is the famous composer who wrote the Symphony No. 41 (Jupiter) and became famous in Japan with the movie Amadeus?
Bach, Beethoven, Mozart (3)

Brass instruments are made by bending and rounding long brass tubes. How long would a horn be if you stretched it back out?
About 4 meters, About 3 meters, About 5 meters (1)

What musical symbol is used to raise a note by a semitone?
Flat, Sharp, Natural (2)

Which of the following is a famous songwriter who writes hits for groups like WANDS, ZARD, DEEN and is a first-rate singer in their own right?
Komuro Tetsuya/小室哲哉, Asuka Ryō/飛鳥涼, Oda Tetsurō/織田哲郎​ (3)

The music left behind by musical progenitors like Beethoven, Bach and Mozart tends to be called "Kurasshikku". How is that written in proper English?
Classix, Clasic, Classic (3)

Guitars normally have six strings and bass guitars four. How about a ukulele?
5, 6, 4 (3)

Which is these is the musical symbol that restores a note after it has gone up or down a semitone?
Flat, Natural, Sharp (2)

Nocturne is one of Chopin's most famous piano pieces. How would you write it in kanji?
夜想曲, 夢想曲, 狂想曲 (1)

Which of these works by Mozart was completed by one of his pupils after Mozart's death?
Jupiter/ジュピター, Requiem/レクイエム, The Magic Flute/魔笛 (2)

Which of the 1st and 2nd suits of L'Arlésienne was composed by Bizet himself?
1st suite, 2nd suite, Neither (1)

Chage and Aska are jumping from hit to hit, but which of these was their debut song?
Koibito wa wine iro/恋人はワイン色, Banri no Kawa/万里の河, Hitori Zaki/ひとり咲き (3)

Which of these methods was done in medieval and renaissance era Europe to secure male sopranos?
Special vocal training, Get beautiful women to crossdress, Castrate boys (3)

The length of a quarter note is 1, but what if it is dotted?
1.25, 1.5, 0.5 (2)

From which album on did the B'z change their logo?
The 7th Blues, RUN, Friends (1)

Which of these rock groups does not exist?

Which of the following is the famous guitarist known for Jeux interdits?
Claude Ciari/クロード・チアリ, Muhammad Ali/モハメド・アリ, Eric Clapton/エリック・クラプトン (1)

How do you read the musical symbol fff?
Fortissimo, Triple Forte, Forte Forte Forte (1)

What does the tempo indication andante mean?
Fast and lively, Gradually and slowly, Walking pace (3)

Which of these is a ballet suite?
The Marriage of Figaro/フィガロの結婚, Swan Lake/白鳥の湖, Rigoletto/リゴレット (2)

Which was Matsutōya Yumi's debut single?
Henji o Kudasai/返事をください, Henji wa Iranai/返事はいらない, Hikoukigumo/ひこうき雲 (2)

TMN has disbanded and the former members are all doing their own thing. What is the name of the group which the vocalist Utsunomiya Takashi is active in?
T. OTO, T.UTU, Y. MO (2)

What is the name of the new MIDI sound standard Yamaha made in response to Roland?
XG, GTC, GM2 (1)

Which of the following was made by Chopin?
Erlkönig/魔王, Moldau/モルダウ, Valse du Petit Chien/子犬のワルツ​ (3)

What musical symbol is used to lower a note by a semitone?
Sharp, Flat, Natural (2)

How old was Mozart when he died?
37, 32, 35 (3)

Tatsuno, Hyōgo is known for its production of soy sauce. The lyricist for Akatombo also came from this city, what was their name?
Noguchi Ujō/野口雨情, Miki Rofū/三木露風, Yamada Kōsaku/山田耕筰​ (2)

Which of these composers died the youngest?
Mendelssohn/メンデルスゾーン, Schubert/シューベルト, Mozart/モーツァルト (2)

Which sound will "do" be if you raise it by two and a half notes?
Fa, Mi, Re sharp (1)

Four Seasons is a popular piece of light music. Who composed it?
Smetana/スメタナ, Vivaldi/ヴィヴァルディ, Händel/ヘンデル (2)

What is the musical instrument "piano" officially called?
Grand piano, Piano forte, Piano hands (2)

Kinniku Shōjo Tai is known for its unique music and the personality of vocalist Ōtsuki Kenji. They joined up with record company BMG Victor, who did they belong to before?
Funhouse/ファンハウス, TOY'S FACTORY/トイズファクトリー, Teichiku/テイチク​ (2)

Someone had a debut song caleld "Warabi Nugisutete", which of the three was it?
Tanimura Yumi/谷村有美, Ōe Senri/大江千里, KAN (2)

What is the title of Mozart's K626 which was also used as the battle theme of Krauser from Fatal Fury 2?
Kōtei/皇帝, Requiem/レクイエム, Jupiter/ジュピター (2)

Which song features the voice actor Hayama Koji on the CD "Chō Hayama ~ Aniki Bangaichi/超葉山~兄貴番外地"?
Ongaku Bōzōzoku/音楽暴走族, Seiki no Taiketsu/世紀の対決, Shokuzen no Gasshō/食前の合掌 (2)

ドラマ『一つ屋根の下』などで、俳優活動も記憶に新しい福山 雅治。彼の曲で、『抱きしめたいのさ・・・』というフレーズでサビが始まる曲は?
Fukuyama Masaharu's acting performance is still fresh in our minds since Hitotsu Yane no Shita. Which of his songs begins its chorus with "Dakishimetai no sa"?
Koibito/恋人, Melody, All My Loving (2)

Which symphony by Beethoven is titled "Fate"
No. 5, No. 7, No. 9 (1)

Who composed Night on Bald Mountain?
Stravinsky/ストラビンスキー, Tchaikovsky/チャイコフスキー, Mussorgsky/ムソルグスキー​ (3)

Which of the following groups has the most people?
Sting, Rolling Stone, USA for Africa (3)

Enka and other Japanese songs apply the "yona nuki" scale instead as the melody is more familiar to the Japanese. Which two notes are omitted?
Re and C, Fa and C, Re and Fa (2)

Who made the ballet suite "The Nutcracker"?
Grieg/グリーグ, Tchaikovsky/チャイコフスキー, Mozart/モーツァルト (2)

Which of Mr. Children's songs won a record award in 1994?
Crossroads/クロスロード, Tomorrow Never Knows/トゥモローネバーノウ, Innocent World/イノセントワールド (3)

Which of these is the first album of the rock group B'z?
Friends, RUN, B'z (3)

There are various types of bass guitar, such as jazz or acoustic. What does the "precision" part of precision bass mean in Japanese?
正確な, ありきたりな, スタンダードな (1)

Who composed the opera William Tell?
Tchaikovsky/チャイコフスキー, Wagner/ワーグナー, Rossini/ロッシーニ (3)

An instrument that makes a sound when struck is called a percussion instrument. Which of the following is one?
Piano, Trumpet, Flute (1)

Which of the following albums/single was a first release after changing record companies?
U. Be Love, Eien no Yume ni Mukatte/永遠の夢に向かって, Anata Dake Mitsumeteru/あなただけみつめてる (2)

Which of the following is a composer?
Schubert/シューベルト , Nobel/ノーベル, Einstein/アインシュタイン (1)

How old is the girl in the nursery rhyme "Akai Kutsu"?
9, 19, 29 (1)

Tchaikovsky made a grand overture based on Napoleon's invasion of Russia. What is its name?
1894, 1999, 1812 (3)

Vehicles/乗り物 (normal)

F1グランプリ ’94鈴鹿を制したのは、誰?
Who won the F1 GP at Suzuka?
Michael Schumacher/ミハエル・シューマッハ, Graham Hill/グラハム・ヒル or Damon Hill/デーモン・ヒル (3)

What is the common name for a meter that displays RPM?
Nummeter, Tachometer, Wowmeter (2)

Sky mate (discount program for Japan airlines) offers a large discount for younger people. How much is its admission fee (january 1995)?
10000 yen, 100 yen, 1000 yen (3)

What is the name of the Honda sports car that uses aluminium instead of steel?

Which team is the only one to enter the 1994 F1 GP with a 12-cylinder engine?
Ferrari/フェラーリ, Benetton/ベネトン, Williams/ウィリアムズ (1)

Which popular jumbo jet painted with a whale was introduced by All Nippon Airways in 1993?
Dream Jumbo, Marine Jumbo or Whale Jumbo (2)

Which rider managed to win the GP1 World Champinship 3 consecutive times from 1990-1992?
Wayne Raineyウェイン・レイニー, Giacomo Agostini/ジャコモ・アゴスチーニ, Kenny Robertsケニー・ロバーツ (1)

Which is the world's first VTOL fighter?
Harrier, Trier/トリアー, Ulya/ウリャー (1)

The Tokaido Shinkansen is Japan's most important railroad. Which of the following credit cards can be used in the train?
JR card, EXPRESS card, JR-WEST card (2)

Which of the following is the proper name for the current collector on the roof of a train?
Handagraph/ハンダグラフ, Pantograph/パンタグラフ, Pandagraph/パンダグラフ​ (2)

Which of the following was the only Japanese person to fully participate in the GP1 World GP of 1994?
Itō Shin'ichi/伊藤真一, Abe Norifumi/阿部典史, Taira Tadahiko/平忠彦 (1)

Haruka is a limited express train owned by JR West Japan which connects Kansai International Airport. Which of the following is the correct station?
Tennōji/天王寺, Meiōji/冥王寺, Kaiōji/海王寺 (1)

Japan's first F1 driver was Nakajima Satoru. Which of these was never his teammate?
Alain Prost/アラン=プロスト, Ayrton Senna/アイルトン=セナ, Jean Alesi/ジャン=アレジ (1)

Which of the three trains between Osaka and Tokyo is the most expensive?
Sleeper Express Ginga B class/寝台急行『銀河』B寝台, Shinkansen Nozomi reserved seats/新幹線『のぞみ』普通指定席, Shinkansen Hikari reserved seats/新幹線『ひかり』普通指定席 (1)

Which of the facilities is available on an Australian long distance three-day train?
Sauna, Casino, Theater (2)

Nigel Mansel is known as the mustached man in the F1 world. What martial did he become a black belt in after just 1 year?
Aikido/合気道, Karate/空手, Koppōjutsu/骨法​ (2)

Which of these is part of the cornering basics for motorcycles on public roads?
Hang on/ハングオン, High side/ハイサイド, Lean with/リーンウィズ (3)

The uniquely named Oboke & Koboke canyons are locaed in the Tokushima prefecture. Which of these is the name of the roped Kago-like vehicle that passengers use to cross the ravine?
Sanko/山狐, Midori/水鳥, Yaen/野猿 (3)

A newspaper held a competition in 1964 between the Tokaido shinkansen and what vehicle?
Cessna aircraft, Military helicopter, F1 car (1)

The RZ250RR, RG250Γ, NS250R and KR250 are racing replica bikes from a while ago. What do they have in common?
two-stroke engine, Aluminium frame, Tandem twin engines (1)

Qantas Airwaus is an Australian airline. What is the origin of the name?
Local word for Kangaroo, Initials of founding employees, Acronym of the name where it was founded (3)

By which method did the inventor and pilots of the world's first power airplane, the Wright brothers, decide who makes the first flight?
Coin Toss, Quoits/ring toss, Clay pigeon shooting (1)

Former world GP rider Katayama Takazumi retired in what year?
1987, 1986, 1985 (3)

Which of these was one of the late F1 racer Ayrton Senna's hobbies?
Golf, Water skiing, RC airplanes (3)

Which company did the former passenger ship moored in Yokohama, Hikawa Maru, belong to when it was still in service?
Nippon Yusen Kaisha/日本郵船, Mitsui OSK Passenger Line/商船三井客船, Kansai Kisen Kaisha/関西汽船 (1)

Flags are used during F1 races to indicate something. What does a yellow flag mean?
Caution to the read, No overtaking, Penalty 1 (2)

Until which GP were the old regulations used in 1994?
Motor Toon GP/モータートゥーンGP, Japanese GP/日本GP, Monaco GP/モナコGP (3)

A card drives and brakes for a turn, what will happen if you step on the gas while turning?
The wheels will spin and the car starts to slide, The car flies straight up, The car accelerates tremendously (1)

Sailboats and smaller sailing vessels had rectangular sails in the past. What can be done with a traingular sail that can't be done with a rectangular one?
back it up/バックができる, Jump, Sail upwind (3)

Which of these is the term used for the weekly concerts held at Tokyo station?
Kishacon/キシャコン, Kankonkincon/カンコンキンコン, Ekicon/エキコン (3)

Yamaha's Taira Tadahiko won his first and last victory in 1990 at the Suzuka 8 hours. With whom was he paired up?
Eddy Lawson/エディー・ローソン, Wayne Rainer/ウェイン・レイニー, Kenny Roberts/ケニー・ロバーツ​ (1)

Which of these is a real station name on a private railway near Utsunomiya, Tochigi?
Plastic model town/プラモデルのまち, Puppet town/にんぎょうのまち, Toy Town/おもちゃのまち (3)

What is the displace of the Honda Fusion scooter?
250, 125, 400 (1)

Which of these drivers has the highest amount of F1 wins?
Alain Prost/アラン・プロスト, Ayrton Senna/アイルトン・セナ, Niki Lauda/ニキ・ラウダ (1)

Which F1 team did Suzuki Aguri belong to in his first year?
Zakspeed/ザク=スピード, Gufspeed/グフ=スピード, Domspeed/ドム=スピード​ (1)

Sapporo uses snow removal trams called Sasara trams. What is a sasara?
A small iron rake, Bamboo hand broom, Wooden spinning rotor (2)

Which of the following bikes was a race replica rumored to be so fast that it probably exceeded the 45 HP regulation?
88 NSR, 87 RGΓ, 89 TZR (1)

What is the nickname of JR East's E1 series double-decker shinkansen?
Max, Mix, Nex (1)

Which airline operates air passenger service by rail?
Australia's Qantas/カンタス, USA's United/ユナイテッド, Germany's Lufthansa/ルフトハンザ (3)

JAL has a flying Mickey Mouse themed plane. Which of the following aircraft is it?
B747-400, B747SUD, Fokker/フォッカ 50 (2)

Which of these is a rule for F1 during rainy GP races?
Use rain tires, Turn on tail lights, Install wipers (2)

Kevin Schwantz has the number 1 in the 1994 world GP. What was his previous number?
56, 19, 34 (3)

There is fierce competition between V8, 10 and 12 engines in F1. What does the number after V indicate?
Displacement, Number of valves, Number of Cylinders (3)

What is the name of the female part time cleaning job introduced by JR west for their Sanyo Shinkansen in 1993?
Alice Mate/アリスメイト, Dio Mate/ディーオーメイト, Elf Mate/エルフメイト (1)

The Skyline is characterized by its round tail lights, but when were they adopted?
The 4th generation Kenmeri, Late 6th gen RS, Second generation sealed engine (3)

You have Metallic, Pearlescent and...types of paint. fill in the blank.
Merit/メリット, Solid/ソリット, Lilit/リリット​ (2)

More cities have subways now. Which of the following names is not a subway station?
Osaka/大阪, Kyoto/京都, Tokyo/東京 (1)

Which of the following companies/stations does not use toden/とでん as part of the streetcar or company names in some form?
Okayama Electric Tramway/岡山電気軌道, Bureau of Transportation Tokyo Metropolitan Government/東京都交通局, Tosa Electric Railway/土佐電気鉄道 (1)

JR West issued the JR-WEST card in cooperation with some credit card companies. Can it be used at the ticket office of JR East stations?
At some stations, Nope, At all stations (1)

Which of these was the Englishman who came up with using pedals like you would with a modern day bike?
Lawson/ローソン, Seven-Eleven/セブンイレブン, Circle Kay/サークルケイ (1)

What is the name of JR's Kansai international Airport Limited express?
Michiru/みちる, Setsuna/せつな, Haruka/はるか (3)

Which vehicle are you not allowed to drive with a normal driving license?
Medium size motorcycle/中型自動二輪車, Small special vehicle/小型特殊自動車, Motorized Bike/原動機付自転車 (1)

Which of these drivers had 3 consecutive pole positions and continued to show his ability in the 1994 F1 season?
Jean Alesi/ジャン・アレジ, Michael Schumacher/ミハエル・シューマッハ, Ayrton Senna/アイルトン・セナ​ (3)

Which Japanese rider won the GP1 (500cc) class between 1982 till 1994?
Taira Tadahiko won once/平忠彦が1回ある, No one did, Itō Shin'ichi won once/伊藤真一が1回ある​ (2)

Taira Tadahiko won 1 motorcycle GP race, which GP?
1987 British GP, 1986 San Marinese GP, 1987 Japanese GP (2)

Tokyo station is the start of the JR Tokaido Line. Which is the terminus?
Kobe station/神戸駅, Kyoto Station/京都駅, Osaka Station/大阪駅 (1)

What is ABS?
Anti-dive Suspension/アンチダイブ・サスペンション, Anti-lock Brake/アンチロック・ブレーキ, Anti-lock handle/アンチロック・ハンドル (2)

How many wins did the previous year's champion, Nigel Mansell, get in the 1994 IndyCar season?
All 16 races, 8 wins, 0 somehow (3)

What is the nickname of F1 racer Alain Prost?
All-or-nothing/一発屋, Wrecker/壊し屋, Professor/教授 (3)

Which railway in the Aomori prefecture is famous for its stove trains?
Tsugaru railway/津軽鉄道, Towada Kankō Tourist Railway/十和田観光鉄道, Shimokita transportation/下北交通​ (1)

Who was the Japanese driver who got 7th place in a 19914 European magazine due to his passion and performance?
Katayama Ukyō/片山右京, Nakajima Satoru/中嶋悟, Suzuki Aguri/鈴木亜久里 (1)

With what kanji is 汽車 written in Chinese?
火, 煙, 鉄 (1)

Which of these is a Finnish F1 driver?
Martin Brundle/マーティン・ブランドル, Mauricio Gugelmin/マウリシオ・グージェルミン, Mika Häkkinen/ミカ・ハッキネン​ (3)

On JR lines you can get a one-way ticket if you don't pass the same station twice. How far can you go?
Kyushu/九州, Shikoku/四国, Hokkaido/北海道​ (2)

The shinkansen Nozomi can reach speeds of up to 273 km/h. What is her route as of february 1995?
Tokyo-Shin Ōsaka and Himeji-Hakata/東京-新大阪間と姫路-博多間, Tokyo-Shin Ōsaka only/東京-新大阪間だけ, Tokyo-Shin Ōsaka and Okayama-Hakata/東京-新大阪間と岡山-博多間​ (2)

During the 1990 Suzuka 8-hour endurance, Wayne Gardner desperately chased the leaders but had to retire. Why was this?
Out of fuel, Crashed, Engine blowout (1)

Which of the following is a real place name in Kannami, Tagata, Shizuoka?
Shinkansen/新幹線, Kōzokudōro/高速道路, Hikōki/飛行機 (1)

There are seven JR railroad companies: JR Kyusha, Jr Shikoku, JR West, JR Tokai, JR East, JR Hokkaido and...?
JR Tōhoku/JR東北, JR business/JR総務, JR Freight/JR貨物 (3)

JR West issued the JR-WEST card in cooperation with some credit card companies. Can it be used at the ticket office of JR Central stations?
At some station, Nope, At all stations (not 1)

Nakajima Satoru made his debut as the first Japanese F1 driver at the 1987 Brazil GP. What was his result?
Retired, 12th, 7th (3)

What is the name of a chassis structure that absorbs shocks entirey like an eggshell?
Monocoque/モノコック, Robocoque/ロボコック, Monolock/モノロック (1)

Japan's first railroad line opened between Shimbashi and Yokohama in 1872. What did people call the train?
Kurogama-sha/黒釜車, Okajōki/陸蒸気, Kuro Jōki/黒蒸気 (2)

Which was the world's first petrol powered four wheeled vehicle?
Timely #1/タイムリー1号, Tyler #1/タイラー1号, Daimler #1/ダイムラー1号 (3)

Vehicles/乗り物 (hard)

Which tour ticket once included its departure point in the free tour section?
Tohoku wide/東北ワイド, Minamikinki wide/南近畿ワイド​, Kyūshū Kita wide/九州北ワイド (2)

Which of the following three private railway companies have a different meaning for 京?
京王帝都電鉄, 京阪電気鉄道, 京成電鉄 (2)

Skymate offers a substantial discount for the younger with their empty seat program. Approximately how much as of January 1995?
50%, 35%, 20% (1)

In the 1994 F1 GP season, downforce had to be reduces by installing a long board behind the car. Which of these was it?
Kamaboko board/かまぼこ板, Lego block/レゴブロック, Skid block/スキッドブロック​ (3)

The dining car of the 0 series shinkansen has already stopped. Why did it appear at first?
Extension of the shinkansen to Hakata/新幹線の博多延長, Osaka world expo/大阪万国博覧会, Extension of the shinkansen to Okayama/新幹線の岡山延長​ (1)

Which of the following was built on the north side of Osaka station before the establishment of JR?
Japanese National Railway Osaka rail administration bureau/国鉄の大阪鉄道管理局, Senba Center building/船場センタービル, Sumitomo bank head office/住友銀行本店 (1)

How many wins did former World GP rider Katayama Takazumi accrue?
10, 11, 12 (2)

The Skyline series always had a GT-R version designed with racing in mind. Which of these had the largest fuel tank?
2nd gen Kenmeri, 1st gen Hakosuka, 3rd gen Chō kankaku (2)

The Suzuka 8 hours endurance race was shortened due to an approaching Typhoon. To how many?
5, 6, 7 (2)

Which of the following will damage paint if it sticks to the car's body?
Engine oil, Gear oil, Brake oil (3)

Which of the following is the cheapest way to get from Osaka station to Tempozan or Kaiyukan?
City bus, Loop line and subway, Subway (1)

Shin Nihonkai Ferry's Maizuru - Otaru. When do you arrive at Otaru if you leave from Maizuri at midnight?
Day 4 noon, Day 3 morning, Day 2 evening (2)

The Chizu Express line opened on 3 December 1994. Which of these is a station part of the line with a certain person's name?
Kōnohara Enshin/河野原円心, Miyamoto Musashi/宮本武蔵, Oumi Maiko/近江舞子 (2)

When and where did Nigel Mansell make his F1 debut?
1984 Brazil GP, 1977 Monaco GP, 1980 Austrian GP (3)

One of the turns at Suzuka is named after Ernst Degner. Which manufacturer did her drive for in East Germany before he defected?
MV, MX, MZ (3)

How many axles does the D51 steam locomotive also, known as Degoichi, have?
5, 1, 4 (3)

How many trains per day will have dining car service as of the end of January 1995? (Shinkansen and conventional respectively)
6 for both, 22 and 8, 22 and 6 (1)

Japanese airports are ranked from 1-3. Which of the following is a rank 2 airport? (as of january 1995)
Yao/八尾, Tajima /但馬, Chōfu /調布 (1)

Which of the following has more than two railcars? (as of December 1994)
Budoiro EF58/ぶどう色のEF58, JR freight color ED62/JR貨物色のED62, Maite 49/マイテ49​ (1)

Which of the following has only one railcar? (as of December 1994)
DD51 with three headlights, 101 series train, DD51 with Euroliner color (1)

Which of the following was once a nickname for Japan National Railways' school excursion trains?
Kibo/きぼう, Ai/あい, ゆうき​/Yūki (1)

What is F1 driver Alain Prost's birthday?
February 24th, September 28th, June 11th (1)

Which of the following electric locomotives is not owned by Japan Freight Railway Company?
EF200, ED500, EF500 (2)

The domestically produced YS-11 was once Japan's mainstay for air travel. How many of Japan Air System's scheduled passenger routes remain? (as of february 1995?)
None, 5 round trips on two routes, 3 round trips on one route (3)

In what year did Freddie Spencer win both 250 and 500cc titles in the world GP?
1985, 1984, 1983 (1)

Which of the following railcars does not exist?
Orange EF65, Euroliner EF65, Budōiro EF65 (3)

A Toyota driver won the 1994 WRC championship, what was his name?
Sainz/サインツ, Auriol/オリオール, Kankkunen/カンクネン​ (2)

The domestically produced YS-11 was once Japan's mainstay for air travel. How many of All Nippon Airways' scheduled passenger routes remain? (as of february 1995?)
6 round trips on 2 routes, None, One round trip on one route (2)

Skymate offers large discounts on airfare with their empty seat program. You can use this program if you are 12+ and younger than...?
22, 18, 25 (1)

The opening round of the 1994 F1 season was at Brazil. Ayrton Senna is very popular there, but what was his result?
Spun out and retired, Retired due to being lapped, Won with only 6th gear! (1)

The blue train was a sleeper limited express once know as the running hotel. How many rounds trips a day are being made as of January 1995?
8 round trips, 13 round trips, 10 round trips (3)

What was the last race former world GP rider Katayama Takazumi won?
1982 Dutch GP, 1982 Swedish GP, 1982 French GP (2)

There are various weird trains. Which of the following does not actually exist? (as of January 1995)
The non-stop Kodama, The Hikari with no transit stations, the Kodama with transit stations (3)

A set of tickets is convenient for repeated trips or small groups. In the case of airline tickets you can buy them in sets of 6, 8 or 10. What is the discount rate for an adult 10 set ticket?
12.5%, 17.5%, 20% (3)

Who was the Japanese rider who want the GP3 class in the 1994 motorcycle world GP?
Ueda Noboru/上田昇, Sakata Kazuto/坂田和人, Tsujimura Takeshi/辻村猛​ (2)

Kansai International Airport opened on September 4th, 1994. What is its three-letter abbreviation?

A famous old song goes "the Azusa #2 departed from Shinjuku at 8:00 AM". What is its number now?
55, 3, 11 (1)

Japanese airports are ranked from 1-3. How many type 1 airports exist as of January 1995?
9, 2, 4 (3)

Which was the more expensive option to travel between Tokyo and Osaka in 1956. The first class observation car of the JNR limited express Tsubame or a Japan Airlines plane?
1st class observation car, Same price for both, Plane (1)

Which team dominated the 1994 IndyCar season by winning 12 out of 16 races?
Penske/ペンスキー, Honda/ホンダ, Newman Haas/ニューマンハース (1)

Midōsuji is one of the main roads through Osaka. It runs passes through the Umeda and Namba districts. In which direction does it go?
North south, south north, west east (1)

The frequency of the power for the Tokaido-Sanyo shinkansen is 60Hz, but it is 50Hz for the Tohoku-Joetsu shinkansen. Is there a vehicle that can be used on both lines? (as of February 1995)
one six car train can run it, They scrapped the one, None have even been made (not 3)

Which railroad from the Aomori prefecture is known for its rail busses?
Nanbu Jūkan Railway/南部縦貫鉄道, Kōnan Railway/弘南鉄道, JR Gonō Line/JR五能線​ (1)

The Nankai line is known for the limited expres train Rapi:t. Which of the following is the only other train that runs on that line?
Gōkan/ごうかん, Rinkan/りんかん, Wakan/わかん (2)

A two character code is attached to airline flight numbers. Japan Airlines is JL, Japan Air System is JD and All Nippon Airways is...?
AH, NH, JN (2)

Who was the chief designer of the Zero fighter?
Honjō Kirō/本庄季郎氏, Horikoshi Jirō/堀越二郎氏, Ozaki Toshi/尾崎紀男氏 (2)

The sixth generation of Skyline RS has a little lever near the map lamp to operate something. What does it operate?
Adjusts the antenna angle, Operates the aircon, Adjusts door mirror (1)

The dining car of the 0 series shinkansen has already stopped. When was its last round trip?
January 1995, December 1994, March 1995 (1)

Which was Michael Schumachers first F1 team?
Jordan/ジョーダン, Sauber/ザウバー, Benetton/ベネトン​ (1)

What year was the first Suzuka 8 hour Endurance race held?
1977, 1978, 1979 (2)

The subway is an important method of transportation for the people Sapporo. Which of the following station names does not exist?
Jieitai-Mae/自衛隊前, Reien-Mae/霊園前, Sapporo-Ekimae/札幌駅前 (3)

Hanwa Electric Railway was the predecessor JR Hanwa line. Which section opened first?
Tennoji~Izumi Fuchu/天王寺~和泉府中, Tennoji~Ōtori/天王寺~鳳 , Tennoji~Sugimotochō/天王寺~杉本町 (not 3)

Potpourri/その他一般 (normal)

I ran into one question which either bugged out or has 2 copies with different answers. It is the highest total population one. At first it found Hokkaido and Shikoku to be a fine answer, but it became obstinate and did not accept any answer after a while.

Lake Biwa occupies 30% of the Shiga prefecture. What is the name of the ancient Japanese Tea ceremony game in which tea is made from the water of lake biwa and the yodo river where you have to guess the source of the tea?
答茶, 盗茶, 闘茶 (3)

What is the etymology of the word Bazooka gun (バズーカ砲)?
Developer's name, Trumpet player's name, US military commander's name. (2)

Drink in moderation. Which prefecture has highest annual purchase rate of alcohol per household in 1993?
Shiga, Hiroshima, Osaka (1)

What temple is believed to have been built by Prince Shoutoku?
Honnou-ji/本能寺, Horyu-ji/法隆寺, Enryaku-ji/延暦寺 (2)

Aichi is what used to be Owari. It is commonly said that "Kyoto was ruined by extravagance (expensive clothes), Osaka by overindulgence (in food) and Owari by ...." Fill in the blank.
Debt (金蔵倒れ), Pedigree (系図倒れ), ?gifts? (結納倒れ​) (2)

Who is the son and successor of former NK leader Kim Il Sung?
Kim Pyong-il/金平一, Kimg Jong-il/金正日, Kim Dae-jung/金大中 (2)

What is the name of a secret society originated from masonry guilds?
Free ticket, Freelance, Freemason (3)

Seki is a city located in Gifu known for their cutlery. It used to be a major production center for swords. What is the name of the sword they tested on a corpse?
Dou-mono/胴物, Wazamono/業物, Kiremono/切物 (2)

Despite its small size, Tokyo has a large population. Which of the following combinations has the highest total population in 1994?
Kyushu and Okinawa/九州(含む沖縄), Hokkaido and Shikoku/北海道と四国, Tokyo/東京都のみ. (?2?)

How old does one have to be to run for the house of councillors?
25, 20, 30 (3)

With what connection type do you connect a Famicom?
RGB, RF, S-video (2)

During the bubble there was a boom in hotel building. In 1993 Tokyo has the largest amount of rooms, but who is second?
Okinawa, Hokkaido, Osaka (2)

Ago bay in the Mie prefecture is world famous for its pearl cultivation. What do the locals call the pearls harvested here?
Angel's Tears/天使の涙, The smile of a shell/貝の微笑, Maiden's Soul/乙女の魂 (1)

What was Matsuo Bashou's, haiku progenitor, job?
Ninja, Youkai, Pirate (1)

Which of these cities is closest to 0° east longitude?
London, New York, Paris (1)

Japan has received the following of the 6 noble prizes:Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine, Literature and Peace. Which of these 3 is the missing sixth?
Law, Economics, Math (2)

Who was the first Japanese person to win the nobel prize before Ōe Kenzaburō?
Dazai Osamu, Akutagawa Ryūnosuke, Kawabata Yasunari (3)

Which of the following occupations is considered a local goverment employee?
Public zoo staff, Antarctic winter team, Meteorological observatory staff (1)

Solve √A1-(A+A2)
-1, 1, A (1)

Hiiragi/ひいらぎ is often seen on Chrismas cakes. What is its kanji?
楸, 椿, 柊 (3)

The inventor of the lightning rod, one of the drafters of the declaration of independence and an American diplomat who got the French to help in the revolutionary war, what was his name?
Jefferson, Washington, Franklin (3)

Who is portrayed on the 5000 yen bill (March 1995)?
Fukuzawa Yukichi, Prince Shōtoku, Nitobe Inazō (3)

What does the "Tsubo/壷" in "Omoutsubo/思う壷"
Just an ordinary jar, Female genital, A tool used for dice rolls in gambling (3)

The phone number 119 is for Ambulance and fire brigade, 117 for a speaking clock, what is 115 for?
Telephone malfunctions, Collect call, Telegram service (3)

Which of the following is a semi-automatic pistol?
Peacemaker/ピースメーカー, Tokarev/トカレフ, Bodyguard/ボディーガード (2)

In Japan single kanji can be used to indicate countries like: 米 for USA, 英 for Britain, 仏 for France, 伊 for Italy, 独 for Germany, etc. Which character is used for Belgium?
白, 乳, 鈴 (1)

Everyone's favourite weather forecast (as seen in Rance IV). How many of the old unit pascal would represent 1 of the new millibar?
1 pascal, 100 pascal, 10 pascal (2)

Which of the following producs was sold in Shizuoka to test before a nationwide release?
Tires, Cigarettes, Cold medicine (2)

Which of these is the number you dial for adult premium rate numbers (DIAL Q2)?
5, 3, 9 (2)

What was the name of the ancient land trade route between China and Europe?
Milky Way/ミルキーウェイ, Tea Road/ティロード, Silk Road/シルクロード (3)

What is the name of the American anti-aircraft missile that means "愛国者"?
Hawk/ホーク, Patriot/パトリオット, Rapier/レイピア (2)

What do they call an emperor in Russia?
Kaiser/カイザー, Imperator/インペリアル, Tsar/ツァーリ (3)

Which of the following countries does not have a formal constitution?
Japan/日本, France/フランス, United Kingdom/イギリス (3)

What does Bloosailor/ブルセラ stand for?
Bloomer Sailor Moon/ブルマーセーラームーン, Blazer Sailor Suit/ブレザーセーラー服, Bloomer Sailor Suit/ブルマーセーラー服 (3)

VHS used to compete with Betamax for, what was the name of the format that used to compete with LDs?

How much blood can a man donate in Japan yearly?
1400 ml, 1000 ml, 1200 ml (3)

What is the name of the stone square shaped royal tomb you can find in Egypt?
Sanctuary/サンクチュアリ, Pyramid/ピラミッド, Tower of Babel/バベルの塔 (2)

Cape Tappi is found at the tip of the Tsugaru peninsula in the Aomori prefecture. National Route 339 passes through there and has a peculiar feature, what is it?
Part of it is by staircase, Part of it is by ship, Part of it is by air (1)

Modern Japanese banknotes can be identified by the number and sequence of certain marks on the bills which helps the visually impaired. Which bill only has one mark?
5000 yen, 1000 yen, 10000 yen (2)

Which of these is a small arthropod that looks similar to a shrimp and is used as fishing bait?
Rabbit/ウサギ, Mysidacea/アミ, ?Ray?/レイ (2)

Fill in the blanks. 『石の上にも○○年』『○○人寄れば文殊の知恵』
一, 二, 三 (3)

What is the correct etymology of Tiger Scroll/Tora no Maki?
A cheat sheet made from tiger skin, Name of a volume of the Chinese book "Art of War", Imitation tiger meat (2)

How do you write "perfect" in kanji?
完碧, 完璧, 完壁​ (2)

Which of these is the best way to deal with a leech bite?
Leave it alone, Salt the bite, Put it near a fire (1)

Arable land is decreasing year by year in Japan. Hokkaido had the most as of 1993. Who was second?
Fukushima/福島県, Niigata/新潟県, Ibaraki/茨城県 (3)

What is the sum of 1 through 100?
5000, 5555, 5050 (3)

東京都の最後の秘境? 皇居を清掃するボランティアの団体がお礼としてもらうのは、煙草と何?
Tokyo's last frontier? What do the volunteers who clean the imperial palace get as thanks, cigarettes and...?
Imperial photo book, Bouquet related to the imperial palace, Signature book of the imperial family (1)

The general public decided the catchphrase of the Saitama prefecture. What is it?
Country of Talent/才の国, Country of ?Aya?/彩の国, Country of Festivals/祭の国 (2)

What does @ stand for?
To, For, At (3)

What do you call Muhammed's successor in Shia Islam?
Caliph/カリフ, Sultan/スルタン, Imam/イマーム (3)

According to the 1991 fiscal statistics, the prefecture the highest per capita income was Tokyo. Which was the poorest?
Kōchi/高知県, Okinawa/沖縄県, Aomori/青森県​ (2)

The F-15 fighter plane debuted in the 70s and is still deployed to this day. Who was the manufacturer of this aircraft?
McDonnell Douglas/マクダネルダグラス社, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries/三菱重工業, General Dynamics Corporation/ジェネラルダイナミックス社 (1)

The current portrait of the 10.000 yen bill is Fukuzawa Yukichi. Who was portrayed on the previous 10.000 yen bill? (as of March 1995)
Itō Hirobumi/伊藤博文, Itagaki Taisuke/板垣退助, Prince Shōtoku/聖徳太子 (3)

What does the unusual vending machine at Sekihoku-tōge, Hokkaido sell?
Batteries, Gasoline, Snow tires (2)

The symbol of the Kagoshima prefecture is Sakurajima. What was damaged when it erupted?
Torii standing on one leg, A statue without a head, Komainu standing on its head (1)

Which country overfished the Right whale and made it necessary to protect it?
Japan/日本, Norway/ノルウェー, USA/アメリカ (3)

What is the name for the summit of world leaders?
G7, Summit/サミット, APEC (2)

What is the name of the gem called "electron" by the ancient greeks and which generates static electricity when rubbed?
Amber/琥珀, Coral/珊瑚, Ivory/象牙​ (1)

If you donate 200ml of blood in Japan, when will you be allowed to do it again?
8 weeks, 6 weeks, 4 weeks (3)

The convenience store makes for a convenient existence. Tokyo has by far the largest amount as of 1991, but which prefecture comes in second?
Hokkaido/北海道, Kanagawa/神奈川県, Aichi/愛知県 (1)

What does the Kumamotan dialact conjunction "Batten/ばってん" mean when translated to standard Japanese?
Sonoue-sarani/そのうえ・さらに, Daga-hhikashi/だが・しかし, Dakara/だから (2)

Which of the following is not a nobel prize?
Mathematics, Economics, Physics (1)

Who was the French mathematician that said humans are but thinking reeds?
Pascal/パスカル, Ada/エイダ, Fortran/フォートラン (1)

Okuno is an island in the Seto inland sea which is part of the Hiroshima prefecture. It was erased from maps due to the presence of a certain facility of the former Japanese military. What kind?
Atomic bomb testing facility, Jet aircraft facility, Poison gas facility (3)

The F-14 is called Tomcat, the F-15 Eagle. What is the F-16 called?
Border Lifter/ボーダーリフター, Apache/アパッチ, Fighting Falcon/ファイティングファルコン (3)

Kyoto has been synonymous with the capital for a long time. What are the common reading of the kanji 京, 都 and 府?
Ōikimi/おおいきみ, Hirogari/ひろがり, Miyako/みやこ (3)

Japan has many volcanoes and you can find hot spring resorts everywhere. Which prefecture has the most hot springs as of April 1992?
Hokkaido/北海道, Aomori/青森県, Nagano/長野県 (1)

The Six Codes refer to the six basic laws of Japan. You have Criminal, Civil, Civil Procedure, Commercial and ... code.
Administrative/行政法, Constitution/憲法, Tax/税法 (2)

During WW2 Kyoto was not bombed as much as the other cities. Why did the Americans do this?
Because Kyoto was of cultural and historical value, Planned target to test nukes, Whim (2)

What size are airsoft BB bullets?
4mm, 6mm, 5mm (2)

Enoshima, Kanagawa is an island dedicated to Benzaiten. She is said to have a very unusual pose, which is it?
Standing on her head, Completely naked, Male form (2)

What is 小豆 usually read as?
Komama/こまめ, Shoudo/しょうど, Azuki/あずき (3)

Which was the first country to install a vending machine?
Japan/日本, USA/アメリカ, Egypt/エジプト (3)

LaserDiscs are shortened to LD, but what about the highest capacity discs?

What is the name of the status system in India?
Four occupations/士農工商, Serfdom/農奴制, Caste/カースト (3)

The end of the century approaches, but wait...what year does it actually end?
2001, 1999, 2000 (1)

Which is the chinese practice of divining good omens from the direction and location of buildings?
Feng Shui/風水術, Sorcery/呪術, Onmyōdō/陰陽道 (1)

Maeda Toshiie, founder of Kaga Hyakumangoku, was specialized in which weapon?
Spear, Bow, Sword (1)

The ATB project is currently underway, what is it referred to as in the news?
Stealth, FX, Swat (1)

"88 nights till summer arrives". When should you start counting?
Spring Equinox/春分, Lichun/立春, New year/正月 (2)

What do you call a natural number othen than 1 that always has a remainder when divided by a natural number other than 1 and itself?
Prime number/素数, Function/関数, Fraction/分数 (1)

Which of the following Alicesoft character was supposed to be named after a IJN destroyer?
Hazuki/葉月, Karin/花梨, Kanami/香波 (1)

Which of the following is not designated as a national park?
Mount Shirouma/白馬岳, Amanohashidate/天橋立, Lake Akan/阿寒湖 (not 1)

How many states were part of the USA when it got its independence?
28, 50, 13 (3)

What is the term used by Kumamotans to describe people who are stubborn or have guts?
Dareppu/だれっぷ, Chobatto/ちょばっと, Mokkosu/もっこす​ (3)

Fill in the blanks for the following Japanese poems. "古池や○○飛び込む水の音" and "井の中の○○大海を知らず".
Namazu/なまず, Kappa/河童, Kaeru/蛙 (3)

What is the name of the topography formed by the erosion of limestone as found in the popular tourist spot Akiyoshidai, Yamaguchi?
Hoist/ホイスト, Zenst/ゼンスト, Karst/カルスト (3)

In western magic there are four major elements: earth, water, fire and ...?
Sea/海, Wind/風, Light/光 (2)

Which of these is the longest unit of length used in Japan?
1 Ken/間, 1 kilometer/キロメートル, 1 ri/里 (3)

What is the sum of the internal angles of a polygon?
(N = number of angles 180 × (n-2) °, 2,90 × n °, 3,360 ° (1)

Which of the following is the most developed dairy country?
Sweden/スウェーデン, The Netherlands/オランダ, Denmark/デンマーク (3)

AIDS is an abbreviation for a certain disease. Which of the following would be a formal translation into Japanese?
Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome/後天性免疫不全症候群, Sudden Immune Deficienc Syndrome/突然性免疫不全症候群, Primary Immunodeficiency Syndrome/先天性免疫不全症候群 (1)

Yamanashi is know for having some of the best gemstone processing plants in the world. How do they prevent theft from employees?
They have to get naked, Bathing after work, X-ray (2)

The sacred mountain Osore is located in the center of the Shimokita peninsula in Aomori. What is the name of the old women who can serve as mediums there?
Etako/えたこ, Utako/うたこ, Itako/いたこ (3)

Japanese satellite broadcasts have to take breaks at certain times of the year due to "shoku/食". What exactly is meant by this?
When a broadcasting satellite passed by the moon, When the broadcasting satellite is on the earth's dark side, When NHK employees eat their evening meal (not 1)

What is a Shotgun in Japanese?
Sandan jū/散弾銃, Ōgata kenjū/大型拳銃, Tankikanjū/短機関銃 (1)

Rokuyo is a six day calendar with the following six days: Taian, Butsumetsu, Senbu, Sensho, Tomobiki and 赤口. How is the last one read?
Sekiguchi/せきぐち, Akagakomi/あかがこみ, Shakkou/しゃっこう (3)

Which is the correct etymology for Sakai, Osaka?
It was at the border of a country, It means to be on a hill, It was founded by the Sakai clan (not 3)

Revenue stamps are used on receipts. Where are they sold?
Convenience store, Post office, Bank (2)

Tortoiseshell is one of the traditional handicrafts in Nagasaki. What is the name of the turtle that is used for this?
Aitai/アイタイ, Waiwai/ワイワイ, Taimai/タイマイ​ (3)

Which of the following three activies will most likely not cause an AIDS infection?
Bathing with an infected person, Deep kiss with an infected person, H with an infected person (1)

Potpourri/その他一般 (hard)

How many kings did the ancient Greek city state of Sparta have at any given time?
4, 2, 3 (2)

Japan celebrates the five seasonal festivals (Gosekku/五節句)/ May 5th is Tango/端午, July 7th is Tanabata/七夕. Which festival is on september 9th?
Jinjitsu/人日, Kiku no Sekku/重陽, Hinamatsuri/上巳 (2)

The Military Balance is published by the British International Institute for Strategic Studies every year. Which agency translates it into Japanese?
Japanese Defence Agency/防衛庁防衛局, Federal Central Intelligence Agency/連邦中央情報局, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Information Bureau/外務省情報局 (1)

AIDS can be transmitted from mother to child, but it isn't absolutely inherited. What are the chances it happens?
30%, 80%, 60% (1)

After the war, there ere two prime ministers who belonged to the Socialist Party. Murayama Tomiichi and...?
Suzuki Zenkō/鈴木善幸, Katayama Tetsu/片山哲, Ikeda Hayato/池田勇人 (2)

Which of the following is also known as EDTV?
Clear Definition Broadcasting/クリアビジョン放送, High Definition Broadcasting/ハイビジョン放送, Stereo Broadcasting/ステレオ放送 (1)

Which gem goes by the false name "African Diamond"?
Colorless Zircon/無色ジルコン, Colorless Topaz/無色トパーズ, Colorless Glass/無色ガラス (2)

In which of the following countries can elementary schoolers legally drink alcohol?
China/中国, Germany/ドイツ, United Kingdom/イギリス (1)

Which gem goes by the false name Brazillian Ruby?
Red Garnet/赤色ガーネット, Red Spinel/赤色スピネル, Red Topaz/赤色トパーズ (3)

Which was the reason for the creation of the Anglican church?
To compete with France, Divorce, A puritan king (2)

三管式のカラーカメラって有るよね。 さて、その『管』って一体な~に?
There are color cameras with three "tubes", right? What exactly are those "tubes"?
Cathode-ray tube/ブラウン管, Vacuum tube/真空管, Imaging tube/撮像管 (3)

Which mathematical concept was discovered in Ancient India?
The concept of 0, De Morgan's law, Solving of a cubic equation (1)

Which gem goes by the false name water sapphire?
Blue Topaz/青色トパーズ, Blue Tourmaline/青色トルマリン, Iolite/アイオライト (3)

A regular meal for devs? Which prefecture has the largest annual purchase rate of nutritional supplements (including liver oil, etc.) per household as of 1993?
Mie/三重県, Fukushima/福島県, Okinawa/沖縄県 (3)

If UN forces are involved get entangled with civilians, ?who has to garuantee their safety as of 1994?
No one is obliged to do so, The entire UN, The country that was dispatched (1)

Former U.S. president George W. Bush was show down by Japanese anti-aircraft fire during the Pacific War. Where was he shot down?
Over Chichijima/父島上空, Over Iwo Jima/硫黄島上空, Over Rabaul/ラバウル上空 (1)

A copywriter recently excavated buried treasure on Akagiyama, Gunma. Which animal was dedicated to protecting the treasure?
Snake, Fox, Crane (2)

How many frames are displayed per second by the Japanese NTSC system for TV broadcasts?
60, 30, 24 (2)

Susukino is a popular entertainment district in Sapporo. Which of the following is an actual name for one of its image clubs?
Rayearth/レイアース, Sailor Moon/セーラームーン, Chacha/チャチャ (2)

What is Restaurant Skylark's trademark bird?
Lark/ひばり, Sparrow/すずめ, Chicken/にわとり (1)

Which of the following universities has the largest grounds in Japan?
University of Tsukuba/筑波大学, University of Tokyo/東京大学, Hokkaido University/北海道大学 (3)

The Sony infrared remote standard is commonly referred to as R. What about Pioneer's standard?
SR, MDS, PR (1)

Fukuzawa Yukichi was born in the Oita prefecture. How many 300 yen lottery tickets can you buy with 100 kg of 10000 yen bills?
About 3.3 million, about 2.8 million, about 1.7 million (1)

What is the color of an oxygen cylinder?
Black, Gray, Green (1)

What kind of gem is "Black Prince's Ruby", part of the Imperial State Crown of Great Britain, actually identified as?
Red Topaz/赤色トパーズ, Red Garnet/赤色ガーネット, Red Spinel/赤色スピネル (3)

Which of these modern months corresponds with the old month Hazuki/葉月?
August, April, July (1)

Which of the following is the last to be cut off due to overdue payments?
Gas, Water, Electricity (2)

What unit does Setsuna/刹那 measure?
Time, Speed, Distance (1)

Among the ships of the current MSDF and former IJN, only one has ever had a human name. Which one?
MSDF's Hayase/海上自衛隊の『はやせ』, MSDF's Shirase/海上自衛隊の『しらせ』, IJN's Kurahashi/旧日本海軍の『倉橋』 (2)

The Ebino Highlands in Miyazaki house some odd plants. This might be because of volcanic activity. Which are they?
Red Susuki/赤色をしたすすき, Blue Sakura/青色をしたさくら, Black Sotetsu/黒色をしたそてつ (1)

According to 1993 statistics, Tokyo was the prefecture that saved the most money per resident. Who was second?
Fukui/福井県, Wakayama/和歌山県, Kagawa/香川県 (2)

Ryokans are very popular as people say "it is just like home". Which prefecture has the highest amount of Ryokans?
Hokkaido/北海道, Shizuoka/静岡県, Nagano/長野県 (2)

Osaka city hall is located in Nakanoshima, Kita ward, Osaka city and faces Midosuji street. What building is on the other side of the street?
Nakanoshima central public hall/中之島中央公会堂, The old Itoman building/旧イトマンビル(ちと古いか), The Osaka branch of the Bank of Japan/日本銀行大阪支店 (3)

Alicesoft games have monsters known as Hannies which look like Haniwa. Which of these is a burial mound located in Hyogo known for its many Haniwa?
Daisen Kofun/大山古墳, Midoriyama Kofun/緑山古墳, Goshikizuka Kofun/五色塚古墳 (3)

The British International Institute for Strategic Studies identified a group in Japan as quasi-military. Which of these groups was it?
Japan Coast Guard/海上保安庁, Metropolitan Police Department/警視庁, Maritime Self-Defense Force/海上自衛隊 (1)

Which university is located at the highest altitude in Japan?
Shinshu University/信州大学, Hokkaido University/北海道大学, Kyoto University/京都大学 (1)

How many grams are in the gemstone measurement "carat"?
0.1 g, 0.2 g, 0.05 g (2)

Firefly squid is a specialty of Toyama. It is also availabe as a postage stamp, how much is it worth?
55 yen, 35 yen, 45 yen (2)

How far can you call on NTT phone lines before the nighttime discount stops applying?
60 km, 160 km, 100 km (1)

Who was the girl who modeled for the Little Nurse symbol of the skin ointment Mentholatum?
Alice Pleasance Liddel/アリス・ブレンゼス・リデル, Shirley Temple/シャリー・テンプル, Isa Bowman/アイザ・ボウマン (2)

What is the term for a religious leader in the Sunni sect of Islam?
Sultan/スルタン, Imam/イマーム, Caliph/カリフ (3)

Who was the third son of the poet Saitō Mokichi who attended Matsumoto HS in the by mountain surrounded Matsumoto city, Nagano about 50 years ago?
Komatsu Sakyō/小松左京, Endō Shūsaku/遠藤周作, Kita Morio/北杜夫 (3)

Which of the following is not a designated city?
Kanazawa/金沢, Sendai/仙台, Kawasaki/川崎 (1)

Miyamoto Musashi was a legendary swordsman born in Okayama. He was also a master painter, which of these was his favourite subject?
Tengus and islands, Moon and fields, Daruma and flowers (3)

Akita's Lake Tazawa is a well known tourist spot. What record does this lake hold?
Widest in Japan, Deepest in Japan, Coldest in Japan (2)

Ehime's Uwajima is known for its popularity of bullfighting. They hold the annual Ushi-oni (cow demon) festival in July. What is the name of this Ushi-oni?
Mōyare/モーヤレ, Būyare/ブーヤレ, Hīyare/ヒーヤレ (2)

Residential land usage is expanding year by year in Japan. Which prefecture has the lowest rate of conversion to residential as of 1993?
Kōchi/高知県, Iwate/岩手県, Hokkaido/北海道 (1)

Ichibata Yakushi is located north of Lake Shinji, Shimane. It is said you can cure certain parts of the bdoy there. Which ones?
Ears, Eyes, Nose (2)

『Would you mind my making love to you?』この英文の答えとして(文法的に)間違っているものは?
"Would you mind my making love to you?" Which of these answers is (grammaticaly) incorrect?
"Yes, please.", "Certainly not.", "No, not at all." (1)

Which is the correct Etymology for "culture" in English?
Greek "Leisure", Latin "Cultivate", Arabic "Time" (2)

Which of the following feminine names was not adopted by an IJN destroyer?
Ayaka/彩香, Yayoi/弥生, Miyuki/深雪 (1)

People are said to catch a cold three times a year. Which prefecture has the highest annual purchase rate of cold remedies per household as of 1993?
Aichi/愛知県, Hokkaido/北海道, Kagawa/香川県 (not 2)

Osaka is home to Kansai International Airport which operates 24/7. Which unique character was used for TV ads for a while?
Funayūrei/舟幽霊, Binbōgami/貧乏神, Karasu Tengu/烏天狗 (2)

What is the meaning of the word Ingira/いんぎらぁ in the dialect of the people of former Kaga castle town Kanazawa, Ishikiwa?
Nonbiri/のんびり, Ganbare/がんばれ, Kutabireru/くたびれる (1)

The model railroad shop has some weird 1/80 models. Which is the model of a certain old man based on?
Katō Cha/加藤茶, Hazama Kanpei/間寛平, Emperor Shōwa/昭和天皇 (3)

Akihabara in Tokyo and Nipponbashi in Osaka are famed for their electronic shops. Which of the following buildings actually exists near the northern intersection between Sakaisuji and Sennichimae?
Sekaiichi kaikan/世界一会館, Nihonichi Kaikan/日本一会館, Uchūichi Kaikan/宇宙一会館 (2)

There are 10 parts of speech in Japanese, to which does big/ōkina belong?
Adverb/副詞, Adjectival noun/形容動詞, Adnominal adjective/連体詞 (3)

The Chikuho region is Fukuoka used to be one of the largest coal mining areas in Japan. What is the name of the mountain created from dumped coal mining waste?
Kuroyama/クロ山, Seriyama/セリ山, Botayama/ボタ山 (3)

The former IJN destroyer Amagiri sank a torpedo boat crewed by a man who would later become president of the USA. Who was it?
Bush/ブッシュ, Nixon/ニクソン, Kennedy/ケネディ (3)

What is the name of the mountain on the Oshika Peninsula where Seacats/Black-Tailed Gulls are known to pounce on any food from passengers on passing boats?
Doukazan/銅華山, Ginkazan/銀華山, Kinkazan/金華山 (3)

The disparity of the system of apportionment might be a problem. Which prefecture has the highest amount of voters per member of the House of Representatives as of 1993?
Kanagawa/神奈川県, Saitama/埼玉県, Osaka/大阪府 (1)

LD is Pioneer's trademark for discs produced to a specific standard. Which one?
Videodisc/ビデオディスク, Video CD/ビデオCD, Laser Vision/レーザービジョン (3)

Sony's Betamax standard provides 3 modes for recording. Which ones?
Beta A/B/C, Beta 1/2/3, Beta L/M/H (2)

Which side of the escalator is officially used if you want to ascend?
It depends on the region, Right side, Left side (1)

Which is equal to sin30°?
cos60 °, cos 30 °, tan 90 ° (1)

History & Literature (novel)/歴史・文学(小説) (normal)

Romance of the three kingdoms. He was the strongest, but ultimately beaten by Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei. Who was he?
Taishi Ci/太史慈, Lü Bu/呂布, Ma Chao/馬超 (2)

What is the name of the legendary Christian country that was believed to be in East Africa during medieval times?
Peeping Tom, Prester John or Cefiro (2)

The four heavenly kings of the Tokugawa all hailed from Mikawa, except one. Who was this?
Ii Naomasa/井伊直政, Sakai Tadatsugu/酒井忠次, Honda Tadakatsu/本多忠勝 (1)

What is the nickname of Bato Robis from Demon Warrior Luna Walger?
Crazy Prince, Reckless Warrior, Amnesiac Mage (2)

Which ancestor of the Hōjō clan who was based in Odawara and moved on to Izu Nirayama?
Hōjō Sōun/北条早雲, Hōjō Ujitsuna/北条氏綱, Hōjō Ujiyasu/北条氏康 (1)

With which generation of shogun did Ashikaga Takauji's eldest son, Tadafuyu, make peace?
Yoshimitsu (3rd)/三代将軍義満 , Yoshiakira (2nd)/二代将軍義詮, Takauji (1st)/初代将軍尊氏 (1)

Who was the winner of the Jinshin War in 672?
Prince Ōama/大海人皇子, Prince Ōtomo/大友皇子, Prince Ōtsu/大津皇子 (1)

The medieval christians sent out many crusades to retake the holy land. What was the final destination of the fourth crusade?
Constantinople/コンスタンティノープル, Jerusalem/エルサレム, Alexandria/アレキサンドリア (1)

Toyotomi Hideyoshi used his brother, Hidenaga, as a contact point to receive offers from feudal lords. Who did he use to make sure he heard confidential conversations?
Sen no Rikyū/千利休, Ishida Mitsunari/石田三成, Maeda Toshiie/前田利家 (1)

What text evolved from the earlier pyramid text and was to be placed inside tombs?
The book of the dead, The book of the saints, The book of the kings (1)

An old man was unable to eat by himself, but did his aides did a battle cry. What was his name?
Fukushima Masanori/福島正則, Maeda Toshiie/前田利家, Shimazu Yoshihiro/島津義弘 (3)

Guan Yu is the leader of Shu Han's five tiger generals. Who is the last?
Ma Chao/馬超, Zhao Jun/趙雲, Huang Zhong/黄忠 (2)

?In the Saga prefecture you will find a mountain named Hirefuriyama. Which poet held lordship over this area??
舞扇王, 舎利王, Princess Nukata/額田王 (3)

Who was Ashikaga Takauji's younger brother?
Ashikaga Yoshiakira/足利義詮, Ashikaga Tadafuyu/足利直冬, Ashikaga Tadayoshi/足利直義 (3)

Zhuge Liang cried when putting who to death?
Ma Su/馬謖, Ma Chao/馬超, Ma Lian/馬良 (1)

In what year did Tokugawa Ieyasu become establish the Tokugawa/edo shogunate?
1615, 1603, 1600 (2)

What kind of trade did the Muromachi shogun Ashikaga Yoshimitsu start with China?
Slave Trade/奴隷貿易, Shuinsen trade/朱印船貿易, Kangou trade/勘合貿易 (3)

Which of the following did the daughter of Takeda Shingen marry into?
Honganji Kenshō/本願寺顕証, Oda Nobutada/織田信忠, Uesugi Kagekatsu/上杉景勝 (3)

Who said "if Cleopatra's nose had been a little shorter, the face of the world would have been changed"?
Socrates/ソクラテス, Aristotle/アリストテレス, Pascal/パスカル (3)

What was Guan Yu's weapon in The Romance of the Three Kingdoms?
Moon Stick/ムーンスティック, Beauty Serene Arrow/ビューティセレインアロー, Green Dragon Crescent Blade/青竜偃月刀 (3)

In the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, who was the famous general under Liu Bei who broke through a million strong army led by Cao Cao as if nothing was there?
Zhao Yun/趙雲, Zhang Fei/張飛, Ma Chao/馬超 (1)

The Roman emperor Nero was said to have sunglasses made from a gemstones. What kind?
Emerald, Diamond, Ruby (1)

Who is the famed general who answerede emperor Go-Daigo's call to arms during the Genkō War and helped defeat the Kamakura shogunate forces through his role in the sieges at Akasaka and Chihaya?
Nitta Yoshisada/新田義貞, Kusunoki Masashige/楠木正成, Ashikaga Takauji/足利尊氏 (2)

Kitabatake Chikafusa was a noble who supported the southern court and 5 emperors, among which Go-Daigo and Go-Murakami. Which of these is not a book written by him?
Shokugenshou/職原抄, Jinnō Shōtōki/神皇正統記, Taiheiki/太平記 (3)

Which of these was the woman that Chōsokabe Motochika hid?
Lady Kasuga/春日局, Yodogimi/淀君, Izumo no Okuni/出雲阿国 (1)

Which was Takeda Shingen afraid of as a child?
Centipedes/ムカデ, Caterpillars/イモムシ, Spiders/クモ (2)

Which of these is a saying popularized by Cervantes' Don Quixote?
All roads lead to Rome, Roman cow/ローマの牝牛, Rome was not built in a day (3)

What was something Toyotomi Hideyoshi actually did during the war with Korea?
Put people in a room and gassed them, Sold Koreans into slavery, Dropped them in a pit and buried them (2)

What is the name of the cultural movement that emerged in the 14th and 15th century which examined the culture of Ancient Greece and Rome?
Renaissance/ルネサンス, Coup d'etat/クーデター, Reconquista/レコンキスタ (1)

What is the term used for families established by Tokugawa Yoshimune to feed shoguns into his own family?
Sanseika/三世家, Gosankyō/御三卿, Shin Gosanke/新御三家 (2)

Niitakayama which became famous for its use in the coded message (Niitakayama nobore 1208) that started the pacific war. What is it?
Japanese name for Taiwan's highest peak, Japanese name for the highest Korean peak, It was just a cryptographic term with no meaning (1)

Tieh and Lakshi are characters from the book The Weathering Continent. Which of them is female?
Lakshi/ラクシ, Tieh/ティーエ, both (1)

Which of the following characters from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms lived the longest?
Cao Cao/曹操, Sun Quan/孫権, Liu Bei/劉備 (2)

Which of these lived the longest?
Uesugi Kenshin/上杉謙信, Oda Nobunaga/織田信長, Takeda Shingen/武田信玄 (3)

Which is a correct physical characteristic of Dong Zhuo from Romance of the Three Kingdoms?
Makes a beautiful transformation with a magical stick, Burns when you light a fire ?in his navel?, Hair stands upright when sensing danger (2)

Which of the following is not related to Toyotomi Hideyoshi?
One Country One castle edict/一国一城令, Bataren expulsion edict/バテレン追放令, Sword hunt/刀狩 (1)

Who is the author of the novel Lolita which is the origin for the word "lolicon"?
Vladimir Nabokov/ウラジミール・ナボコフ, Mikhail Gorbachev/ミハイル・ゴルバチョフ, Alexey Pajitnov/アレクセイ・パジトノフ (1)

Which magazine once serialized (St. Elsa's Crusaders"?
Comptiq/コンプティーク, OH! FM TOWNS, Technopolis/テクノポリス (1)

Which is the correct missionary policy of the Jesuit order which Francis Xavier belonged to?
Use means that align with God's will, The ends justify the means, Be willing to die for God (2)

Hashiba Hideyoshi beat Shibata Katsuie in 1583 at which battle?
Battle of Komaki and Nagakute/小牧・長久手の戦い, Battle of Shizugatake/賎ヶ岳の戦い, Battle of Yamazaki/山崎の戦い (2)

Where did Oda Nobunaga die?
Hōryū-ji/法隆寺, Honnō-ji/本能寺, Enryaku-ji/延暦寺 (2)

A feudal lord who drove his lord, Hosokawa Harumoto. He then held great power of the Kinai region but lost control to his subordinate, Matsunaga Hisahide. Who was he?
Ōuchi Yoshitaka/大内義隆, Uesugi Norimasa/上杉憲政, Miyoshi Nagayoshi/三好長慶 (3)

Which of these is the battle between the allied Oda-Tokugawa and Takeda Katsuyori and showed Japan the power of guns?
Battle of Okehazama/桶狭間の戦い, Battle of Anegawa/姉川の戦い, Battle of Nagashino/長篠の戦い (3)

Which is the title given to Yu/虞 by Xiang Yu?
Lover/恋人, Mistress/愛人, Beauty/美人 (3)

The Ōnin War was fought between Yamana Sōzen and who?
Hosokawa Katsumoto/細川勝元, Hosokawa Harumoto/細川晴元, Hosokawa Masamoto/細川政元 (1)

Who reigned during the Engi and Tenryaku eras?
Emperors Shirakawa and Toba/白河上皇・鳥羽法皇, Lia, Maris and Kanami/リア・マリス・かなみ, Emperors Daigo and Murakami/醍醐天皇・村上天皇 (3)

Which one of these was one of Oda Nobunaga's habits?
Picking his nose, Rubbing his eyes, Scratching his ears (1)

Which of these is an ancient Chinese history book written by Sima Qian?
Records of the Three Kingdoms/三国志, Shiji/史記, Zhan Guo Ce/戦国策 (2)

Which of these unified the Jurchen people and fought against the Ming empire in the 17th century?
Hong Taiji/ホンタイジ, Chun-Li/チュンリー, Nurhaci/ヌルハチ (3)

Which of these, according the the legend of King Arthur, was the best lance user among the knights of the round table?
Lancelot/ランスロット, Sir Gawain/サー・ガウェイン, Paladin/パラディン (1)

The old testament was mentioned in AmbivalenZ. What is the first sentence of this book?
"God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light", "Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep", "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth" (3)

Which of these is the most correct description of Confucius' foremost disciple, Yan Hui?
He is very perceptive/一を聞いて十を知る, He's very intelligent/目から鼻へ抜ける, He is very unpredictable/破天荒 (1)

Which of these conflicts had nothing to do with the Mongol invasion?
Battle of Kōan/弘安の役, Battle of Bun'ei/文永の役, Bunroku war/文禄の役 (3)

次のSF作品が共通して受賞した賞は? クラーク  『楽園の泉』 カード   『エンダーのゲーム』 ハーバート 『デューン砂の惑星』
Which of these following awards do these SF books have in common? Clarke's The Fountains of Paradise, Card's Ender's Game and Herbert's Dune.
Locus and International Fantasy awards, Seiun and Philip K. Dick Awards, Nebula and Hugo awards (3)

『例え万金に値する名刀を持っても、 百銭の槍百本にはかなわない』誰の名言?
"Even if you have a sword worth 10000 pieces, it is no match for 100 spears worth a 100 pieces." Who said this?
Mōri Motonari/毛利元就, Hosokawa Katsumoto/細川勝元, Asakura Toshikage/朝倉考景 (3)

Who was the regent of the Kamakura shogunate who enacted the Goseibai Shikimoku in 1232?
Hōjō Tokimasa/北条時政, Hōjō Yoshitoki/北条義時, Hōjō Yasutoki/北条泰時 (3)

What was the name of the incident where Ashikaga Yoshinori, the sixth shogun of the Muromachi period, was murdered on the orders of Akamatsu Mitsusuke?
Eikyō no ran/永享の乱, Kakitsu no ran/嘉吉の乱, Ōnin War/応仁の乱 (2)

What position did Taira no Kiyomori in 1167 after his victories in the Hōgen and Heiji rebellions?
Daijō-daijin/太政大臣, Kanpaku/関白, Sei-i Taishōgun/征夷大将軍 (1)

In what year was the capitol moved to Heijō-kyō?
1192, 794, 710 (3)

Nobunaga's death during the Honnō-ji incident was reported quite urgently in the Oda army. Who was the general who replied "Nobunaga-sama is alive and well"?
Shibata Katsuie/柴田勝家, Hashiba Hideyoshi/羽柴秀吉, Tokugawa Ieyasu/徳川家康 (2)

Constantinople got the works. What do they call it now?
Istanbul/イスタンブール, Byzantium/ビザンチウム, Bordeaux/ボルドー (1)

In 1180 this man raised an army, pacified the Hokuriku region and went to Kyoto. He was later defeated by Minamoto's Yoritomo and Yoshitsune. Who was he?
Minamoto no Yoshinaka/源義仲, Taira no Munemori/平宗盛, Taira no Norimori/平教盛 (?1?)

Which of these was a rebellion caused by the self-proclaimed brother of Jesus Christ, Hong Xiuquan, and his followers during the later Qing dynasty in China?
Red Eyebrow rebellion/赤眉の乱, White Lotus Rebellion/白蓮教の乱, Taiping rebellion/太平天国の乱 (3)

Who was the daimyo who defeated the combined Amago-Ouchi forces and ?pacified 10 countries in China??
Chōsokabe Motochika/長宗我部元親, Shimazu Yoshihisa/島津義久, Mōri Motonari/毛利元就 (3)

At what age did the French hero Jeanne d'Arc die?
17, 18, 19 (3)

In 1582, which battle saw Hashiba Hideyoshi defeat Akechi Mitsuhide?
Battle of Yamazaki/山崎の戦い, Battle of Komaki and Nagakute/小牧・長久手の戦い, Battle of Shizugatake/賎ヶ岳の戦い (1)

Which of these temples was burned down by Oda Nobunaga in 1571 due to its large power base?
Ishiyama Hongan-ji/石山本願寺, Enryaku-ji/延暦寺, Isenagashima-ji/伊勢長嶋寺 (2)

Which is the correct sexuality of the author of Alice In Wonderland, Lewis Carroll?
Homosexual/ホモ, Masochist/マゾヒスト, Lolicon/ロリコン (3)

What was Toyotomi Hideyoshi's favourite sweet?
Yōkan/羊かん, Konpeitō/金平糖, Castella/カステーラ (1)

Which was the very first Alice book thing that Lewis Carroll gave to Alice Liddell?
?Alice in Wonderland poem?/曲をつけたの不思議の国のアリス, Alice Under Ground with pictures, The Nursery Alice with a photo on the cover (2)

Which position is responsible for the guardianship of the emperor AFTER he becomes an adult?
Kanpaku/関白, Sesshō/摂政, Sei-i Taishōgun/征夷大将軍 (1)

One theory said that the over 100 years old Tenkai, wise advisor of Tokugawa Ieyasu, was in actuality someone else. But who?
Akechi Mitsuhide/明智光秀, Sessai Chōrō/太原雪斎, Oda Nobunaga/織田信長 (1)

次の作品が共通して受賞した賞は? 谷 甲州   『終わりなき索敵』 わかつきめぐみ『SoWhat?』 紫堂恭子『グラン・ローヴァ物語』
What award do the following books have in common? Tani Kōshū's Owarinaki Sakuteki, Wakatsuki Megumi's So What? and Shitō Kyōko's Gran Rova Monogatari.
Hakusensha Athena Newcomers' Award/白泉社ですってばアテナ新人大賞, Shūeisha! Cobalt Novel Award/実は集英社! コバルトノベル大賞, SF Seiun Award/SF大会にて星雲賞 (3)

What was the name of a festival that renews a pharaoh's ascension to the ancient egyptian throne after 30 years?
Sed festival/セド祭, Waseda festival/ワセダ祭, Mita festival/ミタ祭 (1)

Where was the Muromachi Shogunate located?
Tokyo/東京, Kyoto/京都, Nara/奈良 (2)

Chōsokabe Morichika lost the battle of Sekigahara. What was his occupation for the next 14 years until the battle of Osaka?
Teacher at a terakoya/寺子屋の師匠, Teacher of tea eeremonies/茶道の師匠, Martial arts master/武芸師範 (1)

What was Toyotomi Hideyoshi's birthday?
May 3rd, January 1st, November 3rd (2)

How many Fudoki still remain to date?
5, 7, 13 (1)

The Three Kingdoms names in Japanese were: 魏, 蜀 and...?
碁, 五, 呉 (3)

Mohammed moved from Mecca to Medina to escape oppression. What was that called?
Jihad/ジハード, Sultan/スルタン, Hegira/ヒジュラ (3)

Who was mostly responsible for the Taika reform?
Fujiwara no Fuhito/藤原不比等, Soga no Iruka/蘇我入鹿, Nakatomi no Kamatari/中臣鎌足 (3)

What is the Japanese term for Oda Nobunaga's policy of world conquering?
天下布変態, 天下布武, 天下布笑 (2)

Who became shogun and created a shogunate in 1603?
Tsukino Usagi/月野うさぎ, Oda Nobunaga/織田信長, Tokugawa Ieyasu/徳川家康 (3)

Who played a role in the Former Nine and Later Three Years Wars?
Minamoto no Yoritomo/源頼朝, Minamoto no Yoshiie/源義家, Minamoto no Yoshitomo/源義朝 (2)

There are three great inventions made in the renaissance: Gunpowder, Letterpress printing and...?
Telescope, Steam Engine, Compass (3)

香川県は小豆島を舞台にした、小学校の女教師と生徒達の交流を描いた壷井 栄の小説のタイトルは?
Tsuboi Sakae wrote a book about the interaction between a female elementary schoolteacher and her students on the island of Shōdoshima, Kagawa?
Twenty-Four eyes/二十四の瞳, Forty-Eight Eyes/四十八の瞳, Thirty-Six Eyes/三十六の瞳 (1)

Who assassinated the third shōgun of the Kamakura shogunate, Minamoto no Sanetomo?
Hōjō Yoshitoki/北条義時, Kugyō/公暁, Emperor Go-Toba/後鳥羽上皇 (2)

In the novel Kagemusha Tokugawa Ieyasu, who was the former subordinate Ishida Mitsunari and became the shadow/Kagemusha chief strategist?
Shima Sakon/島左近, Sanada Yukimura/真田幸村, Akechi Mitsuhide/明智光秀 (not 2)

Fans of Sherlock Holmes are generally called Sherlockians. What would it be if you did the same for fans of Lewis Carroll's books?
Carolians/キャロリアン, Lolicons/ロリコン, Alicists/アリシスト (1)

There is a Lewis Carroll study in Niji no Sato in Shizuoka. Which direction is Alice facing in this study?
Towards the mirror, Towards Carroll, Towards the doorway (not 1)

What is the title of the first volume of the Yuma-kun novels published by Kadokawa Shoten?
"Yuma-kun, Yume ni Sayonarao"/由麻クン、夢にさよならを, "Yuma-kun, Matsubakuzushi wa Mada Hayai"/由麻クン、松葉くずしはまだ早い, "Yuma-kun, o Tanoshimi wa Korekarada"/由麻クン、お楽しみはこれからだ (not 2)

Which novel is based on a story that a mathematician improvised when a girl asked him to tell her a story?
Marianne's Dream/マリアンヌの夢, Lolita/ロリータ, Alice in Wonderland/不思議の国のアリス (3)

Which of these three founded the Han state in ancient China and fought against Xiang Yu?
Liu Bei/劉備, Liu Bang/劉邦, Liu Xu/劉秀 (2)

Who is the girl in Shōji Takashi's Starship Girl Yamamoto Yohko who resembles Sailor Jupiter?
Kagariya Momiji/松明屋紅葉, Midō Madoka/御堂まどか, Hakuhōin Ayana Elizabeth/白鳳院綾乃エリザベス (1)

What are the names the young monk and a princess who ends up becoming a snake in the tragic love story set at the Hikoi River, Wakayama?
Anchin and Kiyohime/安珍・清姫, Wachin and Nasuhime/和狆・茄姫, Kōshin and Tsuruhime/空沈・鶴姫 (1)

What is the name of a tradition originating from the Song China where you bind a girl's legs to prevent them from growing larger?
Kitsunesoku/狐足, Zōsoku/象足, Tensoku/纏足 (3)

Ramses II was the pharaoh of pharaohs and thus the most powerful man in ancient Egypt. Where can you find his mummy?
British Museum in England/イギリスの大英博物館, Undiscovered/まだ発見されていない, The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities/エジプト考古学博物館 (3)

What did Hashiba Hideyoshi give to his men when he took control of Japan?
太刀一振, Tanned leather/なめし革, All the gold silver and rice in Himeji castle/姫路城内にあった金銀米全て (3)

Who were the sengoku daimyo of Kai and Shinano?
Takeda/武田氏, Uesugi/上杉氏, Saito/斉藤氏 (1)

Which was one of the Tokugawa Shitennō who was said to never have been wounded in his countless battles?
Honda Masazumi/本多正純, Honda Tadakatsu/本多忠勝, Honda Masanobu/本多正信 (2)

This battle saw Hōjō Ujiyasu beat the 80000+ strong force of Ashikaga Haruuji and Uesugis Tomosada and Norimasa and is counted as one of Japan's three major night battles. Which one?
Battle of Nirayama/韮山の合戦, Siege of Kawagoe Castle/河越の合戦, Battle of Mimasetoge/三増峠の合戦 (2)

As a samurai, when ones lord died you were expected to end yourself. Which is the correct Japanese term for this?
詰め腹を切る, 追い腹を切る, 自腹を切る (2)

Which of these is false about Hōjō's Odawara castle?
Moat was filled with water, Stone walls, Town was inside the castle (2)

Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Which of these was one of the biggest battles in which Liu Bei and Sun Quan's allied forces beat the 1 million strong army of Cao Cao?
Battle of the Red Cliffs/赤壁の戦い, Battle of Guandu/官渡の戦い, Battle of Xiaoting/夷陵の戦い (1)

Which Frankish king unified vast territories of Germany, France and Italy under his rule?
Richard the Lionheart/獅子心王リチャード, Charlemagne/カール大帝, King of Incubi Locus/淫魔王ローカス (2)

Which of the following is not related to prince Shōtoku?
Regent of Empress Suiko, Dispatched envoys to Tang China, Instated the Kan'i Jūnikai/冠位十二階 (2)

Which of these was the mongol ruler who was first emperor of the Yuan dynasty and invaded Japan twice?
Batu/バトゥ, Kublai/フビライ, Flag/フラグ (2)

What was the name of Lü Bu's and later Guan Yu's horse in Romance of the Three Kingdoms?
Red Hare/赤兎, Black hare/黒兎, Chibiusa/ちびうさ (1)

In the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, who was the fierce warlord under Liu Bei who stood on the Changban bridge and challenged Cao Cao's million man strong army?
Huang Zhong/黄忠, Zhang Fei/張飛, Guan Yu/関羽 (2)

Nero was a famous tyrant in Roman times. Which of these was his dynasty?
Severus dynasty/セウェルス家, Julio-Claudian dynasty/ユリウス=クラウディウス家, Flavian dynasty/フラウィス家 (2)

Who was the mysterious priest who caused a stir in the later stages of the Russian Empire?
Rasputin/ラスプーチン, Zhirinovsky/ジリノフスキー, Gorbachev/ゴルバチョフ (1)

Sanada Yukimura shocked Japan as an impressive general. Which of these was true about the man?
A small and mild-mannered man, A loyal man who never forgot his debt to the Toyotomi family, A big and beautiful man (1)

Paper originated from Papyrus, the symbol of Lower Egypt. What was the symbol of Upper Egypt?
Nile/ナイル, Pharaoh/ファラオ, Lotus/ロータス (3)

What was the gift that Chōsokabe Motochika surprised Toyotomi Hideyoshi with?
Tengu from Mount Ishizuchi/石鎚山の天狗, Whale/クジラ, Bizen Kanemitsu's sword/備前兼光の太刀 (2)

Which of these is the correct Japanese name for the castle Hideyoshi commission on the site of Ishiyama Hongan-ji?
大坂城, 大逆城, 大阪城 (1)

Which of the following was not one of Momotaro's followers?
Pheasant/雉, Hamadryas baboon/マントヒヒ, Dog/戌 (2)

Columbus brought back syphilis from South America. What practice became obsolete because of this?
Face wash, Bathing, Washing hands (2)

Which of the following is not a quote from the Ancient Roman hero Caesar?
You too, Brutus?/ブルータス、お前もか, The die is cast/サイは投げられた, Eye for an eye/目には目を (3)

Which of these is the direct cause of the Hundred Years War between France and England?
Drawing of colonial borders, Succession conflict for the French throne, Papal appointment rights (2)

Which of these is the subtitle of the sixth volume of Saeki Shinobu's "Tamago Ōji"?
Kanashimi wa Tasogare to Tomoni/悲しみは黄昏とともに, Yasashisa wa Kaze no Shirabe/やさしさは風の調べ, Yabō wa Kurayami no Oku de/野望は暗闇の奥で (1)

What was a greek city state called in B.C. times?
Cosmopolitan/コスモポリタン, Polis/ポリス, City/シティ (2)

What was the name of the empire of natives that existed on the Mexican plateaus in 15th century Central America?
Mexican empire/メキシコ帝国, Aztec Empire/アステカ帝国, Incan Empire/インカ帝国 (2)

What was the name of the Greek god of the sea?
Poseidon/ポセイドン, Rodem/ロデム, Lopros/ロプロス (1)

Which is the 1000-year empire?
Byzantine empire/ビザンチン帝国, Persian empire/ペルシア帝国, Austrian empire/オーストリア (1)

Which of these is the famous soldier who fought at the Battle of Sekigahara who faught under Ukita Hideie and escaped with his life?
Miyamota Musashi/宮本武蔵, Tachibana Ukyō/橘右京, Sasaki Kojirō/佐々木小次郎 (1)

Who said that "Old soldiers never die, they just fade away"?
MacArthur/マッカーサー, Bewcock/ビュコック, Merkatz/メルカッツ (1)

Which of these is a Sengoku period battle where Takeda Shingen and Uesugi Kenshin fought near what is now Nagano city?
Battle of Kawanakajima/川中島の戦い, Battle of Yamazaki/山崎の戦い, Battle of Okehazama/桶狭間の戦い (1)

Aizu was important for the control of the Ōshū province. Hideyoshi had his generals vote on who was best suited to rule it, who won with 9 out 10 votes?
Gamō Ujisato/蒲生氏郷, Uesugi Kagekatsu/上杉景勝, Hosokawa Tadaoki/細川忠興 (not 2)

In what year was the fourth and biggest battle of Kawanakajima between Uesugi Kenshin and Takeda Shingen?
1557, 1561, 1564 (2)

Who is the author of "Game Over: How Nintendo Conquered The World"?
David Lynch (?should be Sheff?)/デビット・リンチ, Bill Gates/ビル・ゲイツ, Alan Kay/アラン・ケイ (1)

Kaiser, Imperator and Tsar. Who is the originator of these words?
Caesar/カエサル, Nero/ネロ, Octavian/オクタビアヌス (1)

Which of these is the correct reason why Tokugawa Tsunayoshi cared deeply for dogs?
Born in the year of the dog, He previous life was that of a dog, His mother's name was dog (1)

The Arabic name for this H.P. Lovecraft book is Al-Azif. What is its normal name?
De vermis Mysteriis/妖蛆の秘密, Unaussprechlichen Kulten/無名祭祀書, Necronomicon/ネクロノミコン (3)

What is the name of the 14th century central Asian empire rule by self-proclaimed descendants of Genghis Khan with its capital in Samarkand?
Timurid empire/チムール帝国, Khwarazm empire/ホラズム帝国, Persian Empire/ペルシア帝国 (1)

Which city was ruled by the Medicis?
Naples/ナポリ, Sicily/シチリア, Florence/フィレンツェ (3)

What was the name of the catacombs where Christians gathered to escape persecution in the ancient Roman empire?
Catacombs/カタコンベ, Callisto/カリスト, Catapult/カタパルト (1)

Who said "残念ながらこの大たわけの門前に、わしの子供らは馬をつなぐであろう"?
Maeda Toshiie/前田利家, Saitō Dōsan/斎藤道三, Shimazu Yoshihiro/島津義弘 (not 3)

According to one theory the Chosokabe family are descended from?
Qin Shi Huang/秦の始皇帝, Fujiwara no Sumitomo/藤原純友, Sakanoue no Tamuramaro/坂上田村麻呂 (1)

History & Literature (novel)/歴史・文学(小説) (hard)

Who is the founder of the Northern Fujiwara clan?
Fujiwara no Kiyohira/藤原清衡, Fujiwara no Motohira/藤原基衡, Fujiwara no Hidehira/藤原秀衡 (1)

Sasamoto Yūichi's Halation Ghosts has had its illustrators change 3 times. Which of these has not worked on it?
Miyone Shī/御米椎, Suzuki Masahisa/鈴木雅久, Hirano Toshiki/平野俊弘 (2)

What happened in the same year as the Honnō-ji incident?
Adoption of the Gregorian calendar, Establishment of the Bourbon dynasty in France, Independence of The Netherlands (1)

Ōtomo Sōrin controlled the six provinces of Kyushu. What happened in the same year as his Christian baptism?
The dispatch of Japan's first envoys to Europe, He became Kyūshū tandai, Defeat at the battle of Mimigawa (3)

At the battle of Okehazama, the defeated Imagawa Yoshimoto was defiant to the enemy and fought until the end. He took a parting shot at Mōri Shinsuke. Which was it?
Bit off his index finger, Tore off his right ear, Poked out his left eye (1)

Which was the birthday of French hero Jeanne d'Arc?
January 6th, September 4th, May 29th (1)

Huang Gai was of great importance in the battle of Red Cliff where he was hit by a stray arrow and fell into the water. He was rescued by a friendly army, but mistakenly put where?
The toilet, Dump site, POW camp (1)

Whose signature was so overly complicated that Fukushima Masanori chided him by saying: "You'll have trouble making a will if it's that complex"?
Ishida Mitsunari/石田 三成, Kuroda Nagamasa/黒田長政, Katō Kiyomasa/加藤清正 (3)

What is the name of an Ottoman Empire force made up entirely of young Christian boys converted to Islam?
Huguenots/ユグノー, Janissary/イェニチェリ, Assassin/アサシン (2)

Which of these translated Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland and James Joyce's Finnegans Wake into Japanese?
Takayama Hiroshi who also did Alice Hunting/『アリス狩り』の高山宏, Yanase Naoki who also did Book of Imaginary Beings/『幻獣辞典』もです柳瀬尚紀, Maruya Saiichi who also did Dubliners/『ダブリン市民』もそう丸谷才一 (2)

At what age did Tokugawa Ieyasu's have his 11th son, the later Mito branch founder Yorifusa?
62, 60, 58 (1)

In 1587, a riot broke out in Sassa Narimasa's Higo province. The neighbouring lord, Ryūzōji Masaie, did not come to assist as he claimed he was ill. Which of the three reason is incorrect?
He heard a woman crying in the castle, The ghostly previous lord Takanonbu appeared, He dreamt he would be killed (3)

Which of the by H.P. Lovecraft inspired Robert Bloch's works got turned into a film by Hitchcock?
Strange Eons/アーカム計画, Psycho/サイコ, De Vermis Mysteriis/妖蛆の秘密 (2)

When Lü Bu chased Liu Bei, the latter found a place to rest. The owner served him his wife's flesh. What was Liu Bei's reaction to this?
He killed him, He was amazed, He was saddened (2)

In Journey to the West, Sun Wukong is a monkey and Zhu Bajie as pig. What was Sha Wujing?
直電淫魔, Kappa/河童, Dolphin/イルカ (not 1)

『兄の前に出るときには必ず 鎖かたびらを着込んで用心した』と弟にまで恐れられた、戦国の謀将と言えば?
Who was it that feared his younger brother and said "Whenever I go in front of my brother, I make sure to wear my Kusari"?
Ukita Naoie/宇喜多直家, Sue Harukata/陶晴賢, Matsunaga Hisahide/松永久秀 (1)

Which of the following was a world's first made by the IJN?
Sea lane attack by submarine, Sea lane escort fleet, Aircraft carrier task force (3)

Japanese naval forces went the Korea in 663 and were defeated by the Baekje revival and Tang navy in which battle?
Battle of Baekgang/白村江の戦い, Bunroku no eki/文禄の役, Keichō no eki/慶長の役 (1)

Of the seven spears in the battle of Shizugatake, whose family has remained daimyō throughout the Edo period?
Katō Kiyomasa/加藤清正, Wakisaka Yasuharu/脇坂安治, Katagiri Katsumoto/片桐且元 (2)

Who did Oda Nobunaga introduce to Tokugawa Ieyasu as "the man who destroyed his own family, murdered his shougan and burned down Daibutsu-den in Nara"?
Akechi Mitsuhide/明智光秀, Ukita Naoie/宇喜多直家, Matsunaga Hisahide/松永久秀 (3)

Whose does the quote "a vécu, écrit, aimé" belong to?
Hippocrates/ヒポクラテス, Stendhal/スタンダール, Cervantes/セルバンテス (2)

Who was the fifth child of Shingen, whom so fiercely fought to protected the Takeda family despite the betrayal of his self-destructive relatives?
Katsurayama Nobusada/葛山信貞, Takeda Nobukiyo/武田信清, Nishina Morinobu/仁科盛信 (3)

There are multiple pyramids in the Giza pyramid complex located near Cairo, Egypt. Which of the three is the tallest?
King Khafre/カフラー王, King Menkaure/メンカウラー王, King Khufu/クフ王 (1)

The Western Roman Empire was said to have collapsed because of the migration of the Huns who in turn drove the Germanic tribes to migration. Which of these is said to be a Hunnic tribe?
Xiongnu/匈奴, Greater Yuezhi/大月氏, Jurchen/女真族 (1)

Who unified all of Egypt around 3000 B.C and established the first dynasty?
King Nakoruru/ナコルル王, King Nameruna/ナメルナ王, King Narmer/ナルメル王 (3)

Sakamoto Ryōma's compatriot was a samurai from Kōchi, which was known for its many warriors. He was assasinated with his comrade. Who was this comrade who has a statue on Cape Muroto?
Mutsu Munemitsu/陸奥陽之助, Arima Harunobu/川原甲太夫, Nakaoka Shintarō/中岡慎太郎 (3)

The ancient Egyptian king Akhenaten carried out religious reforms and allowed for the flourishing of realistic art. What was this art called?
Amarna art/アマルナ芸術, Amalia/アマリア芸術, American art/アメリカ芸術 (1)

Who sided with the western army in the battle of Sekigahara, after which he was reduced to a ronin only to make a miraculous comeback to regain his former domain in Yanagawa due to his warm personality?
Ukita Hideie/宇喜多秀家, Tachibana Muneshige/立花宗茂, Shimazu Yoshihiro/島津義弘 (2)

There were several women named Cleopatra in Egypt's Ptolemaic dynasty. Which generation was known as the last queen?
5th, 7th, 3rd (2)

Which of these was known to have confessed to shooting Genghis Khan with an arrow, was known for his libido, was part of the four generals and conquered Russia?
Jebe/ジェベ, Subutai/スブタイ, Jelme/ジェルメ (1)

Which of these fortresses did Jeanne d'Arc capture from the English at Orleans on May 7th, 1429 despite taking an arrow to the chest?
Saint Laurent/サン=ローラン, Les Tourelles/レ・トゥーレル, Augustin/オーギュスタン (2)

Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Which Shu warlord was a childhood friend of a Wei army prisoner and recommended him to Liu Bei as military governor to then not associate with him to avoid suspicion?
Zhang Fei/張飛, Zhao Yun/趙雲, Guan Yu/関羽 (2)

Which sengoku daimyō had following said about him by the missionary Fróis? "He was so obese he could not ride a horse, so he rode a yamakago carried by six men."
Imagawa Yoshimoto/今川義元, Ryūzōji Takanobu/龍造寺隆信, Tokugawa Ieyasu/徳川家康 (2)

What was the name used for the Gaya nation established in 369 by the Yamato administration in the old lands of the Byeonhan?
Mimana/任那, Baekje/百済, Silla/新羅 (1)

What was the name of the Imagawa vassal who took the body of his lord who died at Okehazama back to Sunpu castle?
Katsurayama Ujimoto/葛山氏元, Okabe Motonobu/岡部元信, Udono Nagateru/鵜殿長照 (2)

Which of these is the name of a queen who is said to have offered a bouquet of cornflower on the young Tutankhamun's coffin?
Hatshepsut/ハトシェプスト, Nefertiti/ネフェルティティ, Ankhesenamun/アンケセナーメン (3)

Which of the following was the first to flee and betray Takeda Katsuyori at the battle of Nagashino?
Anayama Nobutada/穴山信君, Kiso Yoshimasa/木曽義昌, Takeda Nobukado/武田逍遥軒 (1)

Who said "People are not born women, they become women"?
Beauvoir/ボーヴォワール, Chekhov/チェーホフ, Shelley/シェリー (1)

Which of these did not die at the battle of Nagashino?
Yamagata Masakage/山県昌景, Kōsaka Masanobu/高坂弾正, Naitō Masatoyo/内藤昌豊 (2)

Which of these is the older brother of Chōsokabe Motochika's wife?
Saitō Toshimitsu/斎藤利三, Takayama Ukon/高山右近, Kōno Michinao/河野道直 (1)

What type of earring did Cleopatra put in her drink to impress Antonius?
Black onyx/ブラックオニキス, Black opal/ブラックオパール, Black pearl/ブラックパール (3)

What happened in the same year as the battle of Sekigahara?
Founding of the British East India Company, Battle of Lepanto, Signing of the Edict of Nantes (1)

Which of these was the vietnamese hero who took over 65 Han cities in a massive rebellion against them?
Trần Hưng Đạo/チャン・フンダオ, Trưng sisters/チュン姉妹, Ngô Quyền/ゴー・クウェン (2)

What is the name of the tribal council to elect a Great Khan in the Mongol Empire?
Tangarak/タンガラック, Kurultai/クリルタイ, Uto sakar/ウト・サカル (2)

Mokichi Saitō was a poet from Yamagata. His favourite dish was eels and he wrote many waka about it. What was the nickname of his third son?
Manbō/まんぼう, Rakko/らっこ, Pengin/ぺんぎん (1)

which of these people from the Three Kingdoms said "If you control the center, politics will be unsteady and the country in turmoil. Rule from the frontier and you can control the lands"?
Yuan Shao/袁紹, Liu Bei/劉備, Liu Biao/劉表 (2)

Which of these was the ailing devious lord who sought to bring his retainers closer to his children by making them hate him through swearing and humiliation?
Hōjō Sōun/北条早雲, Kuroda Yoshitaka/黒田如水, Honda Masanobu/本田正信 (2)

What was the name of the king who built five pyramids among which the Bent Pyramid and Red Pyramid?
King Scarab/スカラベ王, King Snufkin/スナフキン王, King Sneferu/スネフェル王 (3)

What did Murat IV of the Ottoman Empire allegedly do to smokers?
Kick them, Crush their cigarette, Cut them down (3)

The starvation tactics used by Hashiba Hideyoshi at Tottori castle were very effective. What happened to the soldiers who were freed from the siege by the suicide of Kikkawa Tsuneie?
Death due to atrophy of the stomach and intestines, Transferred to Akechi's army and part of the Honnō-ji incident, All killed by Nobunaga's orders (1)

Which of the following atrocities was actually commited by Empress Lu of the Han Dynasty on the emperor's consort Qi?
Boiled her to death and fed her to her son, Killed and skinned her, Slit her wrists and put her into the toilet (3)

How old was Emperor Antoku when he perished at the battle of Dan-no-ura?
8, 12, 14 (1)

Who killed Cock Robin starts with the "Who killed Cock Robin? I, said the Sparrow...". Who rang the bell?
Doctor and miko? Sakura-san/保険医兼巫女?のサクラさんだ, He is probably the bull/力持ちですし…雄牛さんかな, The angelic Elsie Robbins/天使のようなエルシー・ロヴィンス (2)

In October 1974 a mausoleum was discovered and for the first time in 338 someone's body came into the light. Whose?
Sanada Yukimura/真田幸村, Maeda Toshimasu/前田慶次郎, Date Masamune/伊達政宗 (3)

In the Romanov ruled Russian Empire, which offence was punishable by exile to Siberia, confiscation of propery and rhinotomy (mutilation of nose)?
Drinking, Bathing, Smoking (3)

Who had a habit of moving his legs often, regardless if he was in front of his lord?
Hashiba Hideyoshi/羽柴秀吉, Takanaka Hanbei/竹中半兵衛, Kobayakawa Takakage/小早川隆景 (2)

Which of these was responsible for the zenith of Fujiwara power, had three daughters married into the imperial line and held power through family over Go-Ichijō, Go-Suzuka and Go-Reizei?
Fujiwara no Yorimichi/藤原頼通, Fujiwara no Michinaga/藤原道長, Fujiwara no Sumitomo/藤原純友 (2)

What is the name of the status system used in the later kingdom of France that consisted of priests, nobles and commoners?
Tricolore/トリコロール, Hierarchy/ヒエラルキー, Ancien Régime/アンシャン・レジーム (3)

Who is to the left of the Luoyang Guanlin temple Guan Yu statue?
Guan Xing/関興, Guan Ping/関平, Zhou Cang/周倉 (3)

Who was one of the four orphans raised by Genghis Khan's mother Hoelun and would later become one of the four generals?
Borokhula/ボロクル, Muqali/ムカリ, Bo'orchu/ボオルチュ (1)

What was in the medicine of immortality given to Hideyoshi by Katō Kiyomasa, Kikkawa Hiroie and Shimazu Yoshihiro who went to Korea?
Gyōza, Korean Ginseng, Tiger meat (3)

Katō Kiyomasa said that there was no easier battle than the battle of Korea. He also said it was this easy because of someone, but who?
Nabeshima Naoshige/鍋島直茂, Kobayakawa Takakage/小早川隆景, Kuroda Nagamasa/黒田長政 (1)

"Cool and Tough, that is the only requirement!" A dream competition between McQueen, Bogard, Gable and Holden. What is this even about?
James Crumley's Dancing Bear, Kuwahara Jotarou's Carnival of Wolves, Gavin Lyall's Midnight Plus One (2)

What was the blood type of the hero of Ōshu, Date Masamune?
O, B, A (2)

Which Japanese aircraft carriers were sunk at the Battle of the Philippine Sea?
Taihō-Zuikaku-Hiyō/大鳳 瑞鶴 飛鷹, Taihō-Shōkaku-Jun'yō/大鳳 翔鶴 隼鷹, Taihō-Shōkaku-/Hiyō (not 1)

There are three geat post-war fantasy books in the world. Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia and...?
Record of Lodoss War/ロードス島戦記, Dragonlance chronicles/ドラゴンランス戦記, Earthsea/ゲド戦記 (3)

Which led to the discovery of the ancient Chinese kingdom of Shang?
Music, Legend, Chinese herbal medicine (3)

An old story was the basis for the torch dance. Apparently ghosts started appearing at Shingen Zuka, where the fallen of the Nagashino battle where buried, and tried to avenge this loss. What form did they take?
Horde of ghost bees, Horde of ghost ants, Horde of ghost moths (1)

Which of these did not die at the battle of Nagashino?
Akiyama Nobutomo/秋山信友, Amari Nobuyasu/甘利信康, Sanada Nobutsuna/真田信綱 (1)

Science/理科一般 (normal)

Which of the following is the correct combination of primary colors?
Red blue yellow, Red blue white, Red blue green (1)

What is the name of the poison extracted from certain types of Aconitum flowers?
Curare/クラーレ, Aconitine/アコニチン, Phosgene/ホスゲン (2)

What gas is the main component of hydrochloric acid and reacts with ammonia to produce white smoke?
Carbon monoxide/一酸化炭素, Nitrogen dioxide/二酸化窒素, Hydrogen chloride/塩化水素 (3)

Ayu is one of the most popular fish in Japan. How does it react to live bait?
It attacks to defend its territory, It makes contact as if competing for a mate, It makes contact as if proposing to a mate (1)

What light metal is also referred to as "electric can" due to it requires large amounts of it to be made?
Aluminium/月の輪グマ, Magnesium/マグネシウム, Germanium/ゲルマニウム (1)

What is the "Amanogawa/天の川" called in English?
Aura road/オーラロード, Milky way/ミルキーウェイ, Star road/スターロード (2)

Human blood vessels are categorized into 3: arteries, veins and ...?
Lymphatic vessels, Heart, Capillaries (3)

It is generally recommended to take medicine with water, but what about tea or coffee?
Never do that, Mild side effects, It doesn not matter (3)

Penicillin, also known as the wonder drug, was extracted from some kind of organism. What was it?
?Moss?/モウセン苔, Penicillium/青カビ , Staphylococcus/ブドウ球菌 (2)

There is a deer park close to Tōdai-ji in Nara. What is the name of the softer stage antlers before they fully grow?
Bernet/ベルネット, Vermouth/ベルモット, Velvet/ベルベット (3)

Durian, the king of fruits, grows in south east Asia in early summer. What drink can cause poisoning if you drink it after eat durian?
Alcohol, Milk, Cold medicine (1)

Ayu changes its eating habits when it grows older. What do they eat when they start owning their own territory?
Nothing, Insect on the water's surface, Water moss (3)

Tottori is known among other things for its sand dunes. What are the patterns that form on them that even used for fortune telling?
Ripple marks/砂紋, Face marks/顔紋, Wind ripples/風紋 (3)

Which if these is the Japanese name for the law governs stop and moving of objects?
惰性の法則, 感性の法則, 慣性の法則 (3)

The dachshund is now just a pet dog, but used to be used for hunting. What did it hunt?
Asian black bear/月の輪グマ, Brown bear/ヒグマ, Badger/アナグマ (3)

what do you call the number when you collect enough carbon-12 to get 12g of it?
Planck constant/プランク定数, Avogadro constant/アボガドロ数, Boltzmann constant/ボルツマン定数 (2)

The Japanese timezone is actually centered on Akashi. What is Akashi's longitude?
128 degrees east, 135 degrees east, 23.4 degrees east (2)

Blood circulated through the human body. How much blood is said to be part of one's weight at any given time?
5%, 8%, 3% (2)

Which of these is the most similar to death from hydrocyanic acid gas?
Brain hemorrhage, Heart attack, Suffocation (3)

The periodic table is of great importance to chemistry, but by what metric are they ordered?
Reactivity, Atomic number, Atomic weight (2)

What is the more common Japanese name of the disinfectant Merbromin?
Mercurochrome solution/マーキュロクロム液, Akachin/赤チン, Ethanol/エタノール (2)

Which of these is a liquid that can burn, evaporates when exposed to oxygen and can be diluted with water?
Alcohol/アルコール, Benzine/ベンジン, Lacquer/ラッカー (1)

Which of this countries is at 0 degrees east longitude and has the meridian running through it?
United Kingdom/イギリス, Japan/日本, USA/アメリカ​ (1)

Which of the following is not a property of concentrated sulphuric acid?
Dissolves metals while generating hydrogen, Is a strong dehydratant, Generates heat when dissolving in water (1)

As of 1995, when will the distance between the Sun and Pluto and Neptune change?
2000, 2001, 1999 (3)

The brightness of stars is measured by apparent magnitude. How many times brighter would the sun be if its magnitude is decreased by one?
2.5 times, 2 times, 1.5 times (1)

It was recently discovered that some unexplained headaches could actually be withdrawal symptoms due to a certain drink. Which of these does not cause this?
Coffee/コーヒー, Tea/紅茶, Apple juice/りんごジュース​ (3)

Oxygen is essential for human life. What about ozone?
Needed to sustain life, Irrelevant, Poison (3)

Which celestial body is referred to as morning/evening star?
Polaris/北極星, Venus/金星, Mars/火星​ (2)

The gelatin in jelly, mannan in konjac and agarose in agar. Which of these can be digested and absorbed by humans?
Agarose/アガロース, Mannan/マンナン, Gelatin/ゼラチン (3)

The japanese call the springtime day fog "Kasumi". What do they call the fog on spring nights?
Aeka/阿重霞, Oboro/朧, Biun/眉雲 (2)

Which of the following alloys does not contain tin?
Solder/はんだ, Stainless steel/ステンレス, Bronze/ブロンズ (2)

If you categorize the Japanese people using the ABO blood group system, one of them was most common. Which one?
A, AB, O (1)

Which of these is bigger, Earth or Mars?
About the same, Earth/地球, Mars/火星 (2)

Ultraman comes from the M78 Nebula. The Orion Nebula is M42. What does this M stand for?
M for Messier who was the person who first discovered such an object, M for Miracle, M for Milky way (1)

Which of these types of thread comes from an animal?
Silk/絹糸, Hemp/麻糸, Cotton/綿糸 (1)

When alcohol gets old, it becomes vinegar. What chemical reaction causes this?
Esterification/エステル化, Oxidation/酸化, Reduction/還元 (2)

There is a unit of distance called AU/Astronomical unit. How much distance is one AU?
Average distance between Earth and Pluto, Average distance between Earth and the Moon, Average distance between the Earth and the Sun (3)

From what drug does the term "assassin" stem from?
Hashish/ハシッシュ, Cocaine/コカイン, Heroin/ヘロイン (1)

Kaposi's sarcoma is common in AIDS patients. What is the origin of its name?
Name of the first diseased, Name of the discoverer, Name of the region it was first found in (2)

What is the name of the potent neurotoxin found in tobacco leaves?
Aconitine/アコニチン, Tar/タール, Nicotine/ニコチン (3)

Which of the following is called a Typhoon?
Moving cyclone/移動性低気圧, Tropical cyclone/熱帯性低気圧, Tropical monsoon/温帯季節風 (2)

The unit "light-year" is used to describe the distance between celestial bodies. How many KM is one light-year?
About 9.5 trillion km/約9兆5千億Km, about 950 billion km/約9千5百億Km, about 9.5 quadrillion km/約9千5百兆Km (1)

How much % is the concentration of oxygen in the atmosphere?
50%, 20%, 10% (2)

An object passed by you at high speed. What is the name of the phenomenon where pitch shifts when it gets closer or further away from you?
Theory of relativity/相対性理論, Charles' law/シャルルの法則, Doppler effect/ドップラー効果 (3)

What are the name of the two brightest stars in the cluser most commonly known from Subaru's logo?
Leone and Alcyone/レオーネとアルシオーネ, Aldebaran and Betelgeuse/アルデバランとベテルギウス, Sirius and Antares/シリウスとアンタレス (1)

Earthquakes have a magnitude that indicates the general size and an intensity which does the same but on location. How many intensity stages are theres as of 1995?
9, 7, 8 (not 1)

Which of these is the lightest element among metals and often used for production of batteries?
Nickel/ニッケル, Lithium/リチウム, Manganese/マンガン (2)

Poodles are currently kept as regular pets. What was their original purpose?
Dogs kept as food, Hunting dogs, Military dogs (2)

When should you get tested if you suspect you have gotten AIDS?
ASAP, 3 months later, 2 weeks later (not 1)

What is the name of the phenomenon where the moon goes in front of the sun and block sunlight?
Western eclipse, Solar eclipse, Lunar eclipse (2)

What is the molecular weight of water?
18, 16, 20 (1)

Ethane with one hydrogen atom replaced by a hydroxy group is is the main component of a certain drink. Which one?
Coke (Caffeine)/コーラ (カフェイン), Tea (tannin)/お茶 (タンニン), Liquor (alcohol)/お酒 (アルコール) (3)

What is the more common name of a neurotoxin developed by Nazi Germany called "Isopropylmethylphosphonofluoridate"?
Mustard Gas/マスタード・ガス, Lewisite/ルイサイト, Sarin/サリン (3)

What is the official name of the antiseptic "Akachin"?
Mercurochrome solution/マーキュロクロム液, Japanese Oxydol/オキシドール, Methanol/メタノール (1)

What is the apparent path of the sun as seen from the earth?
Equator/赤道, Ecliptic/黄道, Hakudō/白道 (2)

Which of the following alloys does not contain zinc?
Nickel silver/洋銀, Duralumin/ジュラルミン, Brass/真鍮 (2)

Which canines have similar pupils to cats?
Fox/キツネ, Wolf/オオカミ, Raccoon dog/タヌキ (1)

A famous statue of the loyal dog, Hachiko, stands at JR Shibuya station. Hachiko was a real dog, what breed was he?
Shiba Inu/柴犬, Akita Inu/秋田犬, Kishu Inu/紀州犬 (2)

What will happen to the boiling point of water if you are the the top of Mt. Fuji?
Higher than 100 degrees celsius, stays at 100, Lower than 100 degrees celsius (3)

Not all drugs have medicinal properties. What do you call a drug that has no real effect?
?Mechirejiru?/メチレジール, Meteclin/メテクリン, Placebo/プラシーボ (3)

What type of lens is used in a refracting telescope?
Convex lens/凸レンズ, Concave lens/凹レンズ, Otsu lens/乙レンズ (1)

A Japanese version of the phrase "A couple of lovebirds" is "Oshidori fufu/おしどり夫婦", though it is more used for married couples. What kind of bird is this Oshidori/おしどり?
Pigeon, Pheasant, Duck (3)

Which of these will produce a brighter light bulb. 2 batteries placed in a serial or parallel fashion?
Parallel, Both are the same, Serial (3)

What is the name of the phenomenon in which plants produce nutrients from carbon dioxide and water?
Photosynthesis/光合成, Carbon synthesis/炭素合成, Optical communication/光通信 (1)

Why do people often put eggshells in flowerpots?
The keep insects away, to store water, to use as fertilizer (3)

China's oldest medicinal plant book, the Shennon Ben Cao Jing, was written somewhere in the 3rd century. It classifies things in 3 classes. Which ones?
Pine-Bamboo-Plum medicine/松薬/竹薬/梅薬, Gold-Silver-Copper medicine/金薬/銀薬/銅薬, Upper-Middle-Lower medicine/上薬/中薬/下薬 (3)

What did the French entomologist Fabre do to test the hearing of cicadas?
He farted, he used a cannon, he used a paper popper (2)

The Big Dipper is part of what constellation?
Ursa Minor/こぐま座, Ursa Major/おおくま座, Kabuki-za/歌舞伎座 (2)

Morphine is a liquid from unripe poppy seedpods. What is the origin of the name "Morphine"?
Manufacturer's name, Name of a god, Name of the discoverer (2)

What color do you get if you mix the three primary colors of light?
Gray, White, Black (2)

What temperature is needed for ice to melt at an atmospheric pressure of 1?
0 degrees celsius, 4 degrees celsius, -4 degrees celsius (1)

What is the name of the national bird of Japan which goes by the scientific name Nipponia Nippon?
Crested ibis/朱鷺, Red-crowned crane/丹頂, Yukichi/ゆきち (1)

Which of the following is a liquid at room temperature?
Plutonium/プルトニウム, Radium/ラジウム, Bromine/臭素 (3)

Capsules are sensitive to moisture, so they are packaged in a certain material. What is this packing materials name?

Benzene is a cyclic molecule which can be made out of 3 of a certain molecule. Which of these 3 is it made of?
Acetylene/アセチレン, Ethylene/エチレン, Alcohol/アルコール (1)

Many marsupials, including kangaroos, are mostly found in Australia. Which area of the world has none at all?
New Guinea/ニューギニア, South America/南アメリカ, New Zealand/ニュージーランド (3)

What do you get when you caused a reaction between sodium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid?
Delicious water/おいしい水, Salt water/塩水, Sugar water/砂糖水 (2)

Which of these is the germanic folklore creature that is the source for a mineral's name?
Kobold/コボルト, Orc/オーク, Goblin/ゴブリン (1)

One of Japan's famous fish, the Koi, has a "mustache". How many "hairs" does it have?
6, 8, 4 (3)

Which of the following is an carnivorous plant?
Mimosa pudica/オジギソウ, Impatiens balsamina/ホウセンカ, Drosera rotundifolia/モウセンゴケ (3)

Which of the following is not a satellite of Mars?
Deimos/ディモス, Rei/レイ, Phobos/フォボス (2)

When is a human's height at its tallest point?
Always the same, After waking up in the morning, After taking a bath (2)

What is the concentration of salt in seawater?
About 10%, about 3%, about 1% (2)

What flowers are NOT supposed to be given to the sick due to the way their leaves tend to fall?
Camellia japonica/椿, Tachibana/橘, Cherry Blossoms/桜 (1)

What is the name of the deadly poison that can be extracted from the puffer fish?
Tetrodotoxin/テトロドトキシン, Potassium Cyanide/青酸カリ, Aconitine/アコニチン (1)

Science/理科一般 (hard)

In 1972, there were talks of pandas coming to Japan. China set some conditons however, which was one of them?
9 zebras/シマウマを9頭, 23 brown bears/ヒグマを23頭, 17 giraffes/キリンを17頭 (3)

Kingfishers can have really beautiful colors. Which of the following birds will migrate to Japan in the summer?
Ruddy kingfisher/アカショウビン, Black-capped kingfisher/ヤマショウビン, Crested kingfisher/ヤマセミ (1)

Blood types are usually categorised in the ABO method, but there's also the Rh method. What does that stand for?
The name of the discoverers, Factor matching, Rhesus macaque/アカゲザル (3)

Which of the following is a property that noble gases have?
Easily ionized, Highly reactive, Stable (3)

Kesshikiso/血色素 amounts are listed on the results of blood and other tests. What is that?
Hemoglobin, Red blood cells, White blood cells (1)

An anti-obesity drug was approved in Japan around 1992 after an exceptionally long 7.5 year review period. What was its name?
Sanoredor/サノレドール, Artes/アルテス, Mazindol/マジンドール (3)

Anti-obesity medication is now available in Japan, but they are restrictions on who can use them. Which of the following is not one?
Obesity level/肥満度 70%, 20+ years old, BMI 35+ (2)

The always absent bird? Here's a question for old fossils. What kanji do you use for the Japanese tit?
始終空, 四重烏, 四十雀 (3)

Prefectures tend to have their own symbols, like birds. Which of the following is wrong?
Hokkaido and White-naped crane/北海道-真鶴, Okinawa and Okinawan woodpecker/, Tokyo and Black-headed gull/東京都-百合鴎 (1)

One of the terms used in hospitals is "eosinophil count". What is this related to?
Prostate exam, Allergy test, Adreno cortex test (3)

Morphine is used as a painkiller. One area was known for its production of the stuff from the mid-Edo to the end of the Edo period. Which area?
Toyama/富山, Tsugaru/津軽, Osaka/大阪 (2)

Cell division requires the synthesis of DNA. Which of these drugs inhibit DNA from synthesizing?
Aldose reductase inhibitor/アルドース還元酵素阻害剤, Sulpha drugs/サルファ剤, Alkylating agents/アルキル化剤 (3)

There are two types of naming conventions for organic compounds. One is the conventional and the other is...?

岩手県の水沢にある天文台で、時の所長である木村 栄氏が発見した、地球の緯度変化に関係ある成分は?
What component of Earth's latitudinal changes was discovered by the then director of the Mizusawa observatory, Kimura Hisashi?
H term, Q term, Z term (3)

There are many inotropes, but only one directly affects the heart. Which one?
Xanthine/キサンチン製剤, Vesnarinone/ベスナリノン製剤, Digitalis/ジギタリス製剤 (3)

The Haru no nanakusa (Spring's seven herbs) are: Seri, Nazuna, Gogyō, Hakobera, Hotokenoza, Suzuna and Suzushiro. Which one of these is a radish?
Hotokenoza/ほとけのざ, Suzushiro/すずしろ, Suzuna/すずな (2)

Humans can get quite unsteady on their feet if they drink too much alcohol. What is the alcohol % needed in the blood for this to happen?
About 0.2%, About 0.9%, About 0.5% (1)

You have a pH 1 acid and a pH 13 base. Which is most dangerous for your eyes?
Both will make you feel good, Base, Acid (2)

In what year was Neptune discovered?
1946, 1746, 1846 (3)

In Japan you might the prescribed a white granule-like medicine called PL. What kind of medicine is this?
Anti-inflammatory drug/坑炎剤, anti-inflammatory enzyme/消炎酵素剤, Cold cold medicine/総合感冒剤 (3)

To carry out a substitution reaction with Alkane, you need a catalyst. Which of these is used?
Carbon dioxide/二酸化炭素, Manganese/マンガン, Light/光 (3)

Speaking of Alice, Arisui! That was just a pun...What family does the Arisui (Eurasian wryneck) belong to?
Pigeon, Crow, Woodpecker (3)

Where do Budgerigars come from?
Australia/オーストラリア, India/インド, The Netherlands/オランダ (1)

周期表における3A~1B族のことをなんと呼ぶでしょうか?(1989年改訂版周期表ならば、 3~11族です)
What is the name of the group 3A-1B (3-11 in the 1989 revision) of the periodic table?
Radioactive elements, Transition metals, Main elements (2)

There are 2 isomers of 2-butene, cis and...?
Slay/スレイ型, Cyclo/シクロ型, Trans/トランス型 (3)

Bird names are strange, huh? Does Alice-chan know a lot of them? Which of the following is not a Japanese bird name?
十一, 八十八, 三十三才 (2)

Humans have red blood because of the iron in it. What is responsible for a fish's blue blood?
Zinc/亜鉛, Copper/銅, Tin/錫 (2)

A watery solution (generally syrup) is used for children's medication. What is the generally accepted expiration date when they are kept in refrigerated conditions?
3 days, 2 weeks, 1 month (2)

Which of the following is described as a small bird that is aobut the size of a sparrow, wags it tail and is found along riverbanks?
Wagtail/セキレイ, Earasian Siskin/マヒワ, Common kingfisher/カワセミ (1)

The distinction between rain and fog is based on water droplet size. How big should they be for it to be rain?
0.5 mm, 0.1 mm, 0.2 mm (1)

Which of these cannot be formed by adding Ethanol to concentrated sulfuric acid and heating it?
Ethylene/エチレン, Diethyl ether/ジエチルエーテル, Ethyl acetate/酢酸エチル (3)

The pomeranian is a small dog with a cute little pointy face. Where does it come from?
Thuringia in Germany/ドイツ・チューリンゲン地方, Pomerania in Germany/ドイツ・ポメラニア地方, Newfoundland in Canada/カナダ・ニューファンドランド (2)

The pyramidal tracts nerves govern our concious movements. What about our unconscious movements?
Pyramidalis tract/錐体筋路, Extrapyramidal tracts/錐体外路, Non-pyramidal tract/無錐体路 (2)

Alkanes are classified as aliphatic hydrocarbons. Which is the correct general formula?
CnH2n+2, CnHn, CnH2n (1)

HIV is a virus that inhibits certain cells that are part of white blood cells. Which one?
G cell, M cell, T cell (3)

Which of these Chinese herbal medicines are said to be effective for dementia?
Ōrenge dokutō/黄連解毒湯, Wulang San Wan/五淋散, Saibokuto/柴朴湯 (1)

Which of the following are not allotropic?
Oxygen and ozone/酸素とオゾン, Water and heavy water/水と重水, Diamond and graphite/ダイヤモンドと黒鉛 (2)

Cocaine is an anesthetic that is absorbed very quickly, making it highly addictive. Which drug is used to avoid this?
Epinephrine/エピネフリン, Espiol/エスピオール, Frimones/フリモネス (1)

Propylene is known by another name too. Which one?
Cyclopropane/シクロプロパン, Propane/プロパン, Propene/プロペン (3)

Which of these is a wrong method to fight a fire?
?Enhanced liquid fire extinguisher?/強化液消火器 for electical fires, Foam for an ordinary, powder for oil (1)

Medicine have expiration dates. The FDA has a general rule they use for when it loses a certain amount of effectiveness. How much?
8%, 10%, 3% (2)

Which of the following Japanese terms are not related to "ginkgo/いちょう" trees?
鴨脚樹, 公孫樹, 又雰樹 (3)

Sports/スポーツ (no difficulty)

Which team's cheering squad cheered for their team despite the ban on doing so at Kintetsu Fujiidera Stadium?
Seibu Lions, Yomiuria Giants, Hanshin Tigers (not 2)

The Giants lost the Japan Series with 4 no-hitters. They argued they couldn't win as long as Seibu had Tsuji Hatsuhiko, Ishige Hiromichi and who else?
Akiyama Kōji/秋山幸二, Itō Tsutomu/伊東勤, Hirano Ken/平野謙 (3)

Which of the following baseball teams never won the top championship? (as of march 1995)
Kintetsu Buffaloes/近鉄, Hanshin Tigers/阪神, Chunichi Dragons/中日 (1)

In sumo a large wrestler is called "anko". What do you call a small wrestler?
Kamakiri, Soppu, Sōmen (2)

What type of pitcher has an advantage when picking-off first base?
Shot put pitcher, Left-handed pitcher, Right-handed pitcher (2)

Baseball has nine players, volleyball 6, soccer 1 and basketball 5. What about Judo?
4, 6, 5 (3)

Which base can't be feinted to by a pitcher if he does not intend to throw?
2nd base, 1st base, 3rd base (2)

What is the name of the string on a badminton racket?
Rubber, Net, Gut (3)

The annual Hakone Ekiden race is held on january 2-3 with the return leg being on the 3rd. Which is longer, start or return? (as of 1995)
Start is longer, Both are the same, Return is longer. (3)

What is the real name of Ichiro, the Orix player who achieved 200+ hits in a year?
Sato Ichiro/佐藤一郎, Suzuki Ichiro/鈴木一郎, Suzuki Ichiro/鈴木一朗 (3)

Baseball. Who was the manager described to be "The kind of manager who will only cross a bridge after 3-4 other did"?
Nomura Katsuya/野村克也, Mori Masaaki/森祇晶, Ohgi Akira/仰木彬 (2)

What does the term "QB" represent in American Football?
Quarterback, Quick ball, Clinic base (1)

What is the illegal act of using drugs to stimulate muscle growth or boost performance?
Thinking, Doping, Swapping (2)

What is it called when a player score 3 points in the first half?
Hattrick, Turkey, Triple lutz (1)

Which of the actually happened at a professional baseball game in the Tokyo Dome?
A ball hit the ceiling light, The rain leaked through the ceiling, A ball broke the glass in the broadcast booth (1)

What is the name of the Japanese professional volleyball league from winter of 1994?
V-league/Vリーグ, Attack league/アタックリーグ, J League/Jリーグ (1)

Which of the following Japanese former professional baseball players never won a rookie award?
Ō Sadaharu/王貞治, Nagashima Shigeo/長島茂雄, Horiuchi Tsuneo/堀内恒夫 (1)

Which country won the FIFA World Cup in 1994?
Italy/イタリア, Brazil/ブラジル, USA/アメリカ (2)

Of the founding 10 teams of the J-league, only 1 was not an ex-company team. Which one?
Kashima Antlers/鹿島アントラーズ, Tokyo Verdy/ヴェルディ川崎, Shimizu S-Pulse/清水エスパルス (3)

What is the full name of the girl genius table tenisser Ai-chan?
Nomoto Ai/野本愛, Iijima Ai/飯島愛, Fukuhara Ai/福原愛 (3)

What is the name of the top flight of Italian professional football?
J League/Jリーグ, I-league/Iリーグ, Serie A/セリエA (3)

What is the meaning of the Sanfrecce part of J League team Sanfrecce Hiroshima?
Three arrows, Fresh sun, Nickname of its mascot (1)

Where was the former professional baseball player Nakahata Kiyoshi born?
San Francisco/サンフランシスコ, Fukushima prefecture/福島県, Tottori prefecture/鳥取県 (2)

What do you call a triple jump in figure skating?
Triple Lutz/トリプルルッツ, Triple Axel/トリプルアクセル, Quadruple/クワドラプル (1)

What kind of technique is the nukite in Karate?
A technique that blocks lower attacks with the hands, A thrust attack from a far, A technique where the fingers come together to strike a vital point (3)

Which of these combinations makes a triathlon?
Swimming-cycling-marathon, Swimming-skiing-marathon, Cycling-sprinting-marathon (1)

Which of these is the name of the professional American football league in the USA?

Which of these professional baseball teams, excluding the Yokohama BayStars, has the longest waiting period for the next league title? (as of 1995)
Fukuoka Daiei Hawks/福岡ダイエーホークス, Chiba Lotte Marines/千葉ロッテマリーンズ, Nippon-Ham Fighters/日本ハムファイターズ (1)

Which of the following can be considered defensive interference in baseball?
Thrown bat hits the pitcher, Hitting a defender on the baseline, A broken bat hits the pitcher (1)

Many players have hit two homeruns or two walks in one inning, but only two players received two dead balls. Then Seibu's Ishige and who else?
Hanshin's Sanada/阪神 真田, Daiei's Iijima/大映 飯島, Hiroshima's Kinugasa/広島 衣笠 (3)

In baseball, "Godzilla" is Matsui and Nagashima-san is "Chō-san". Who would be "doggy"?
Dog/犬, Kin Tiger/王虎, Ō Sadaharu/王貞治 (3)

What is a method a long-time professional baseball player can use to move to another team?
DA, FA, VA (2)

The mascot of the Hanshin Tigers is Torakkii. The number he wears represents the year of Hanshin's previous championship. What year was that?
1978, 1987, 1985 (3)

The score count in tennis goes 0-15-30, but which one is next?
40, 45, 30 is the max (1)

What is the name of the pose you strike after you land in ski jumping competitions?
Chiremark/チレマーク, Raremark/ラレマーク, Telemark/テレマーク (3)

What was Ichiro's number when he was the first Japanese player to record 200 hits in a season?
31, 51, 11 (2)

In sumo wrestling, what happens if you lose your Mawashi?
Win, Loss, Rematch (2)

Who won the gold medal in women's table tennis at the 1994 Asian Games?
Fukuyama Ai/福山愛, Chire Koyama/小山ちれ, Itō Midori/伊藤みどり (2)

How many points get awarded for a field goal in American football?
1, 3, 2 (2)

Who was the first foreign sumo wrestler to become yokozuna?
Takamiyama/高見山, Konishiki/小錦, Akebono/曙 (3)

What was the first at-bat the former professional baseball player Ō Sadaharu made in his first professional match?
Dead ball, Home run, Strikeout (3)

What is the name of the professional basketball league in the USA?

How do you restore a damaged ice rink?
Scrape the surface and mist it, Scrape the surface and then pour hot water over it, Scrape the surface and apply salt water (2)

In baseball, what happens if a batted ball hits the plate without touching a fielder and then bounces into the foul zone?
Batter out, Foul, Fair (2)

What special skill the former professional basebal player Egawa Suguru possess?
Smoke cigarettes with his ear, make his ears twitch, Drinks milk with his ear (2)

What is the name of the city where the 1998 Winter Olympics will be held?
Beijing/北京, Nagano/長野, Salt Lake/ソルトレーク (2)

What swimming method is used by the first person in a swimming medley relay?
Butterfly stroke/バタフライ, Koshiki eihō/古式泳法, Backstroke/背泳 (3)

What does the olympic symbol, the five rings, actually represent?
Money, Continents, Races (2)

What was Giant Baba's occupation before becoming a pro wrestler?
Office worker, Baseball player, AV actor (2)

What is the bakken record in ski jumping for?
Longest distance jumped, Highest acceleration, Shortest air time (1)