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I'm shaking with excitement because we're going to war. The silence and the tension before a battle are absolutely fabulous. I feel uplifted. It's the moment I love the most.

—Senhime, excited on the dawn of a fight.

Japanese 徳川千 / 戦姫
Romanization Tokugawa Sen/Senhime
Race Human
Age / Birth 23 / GI1000
Sex Female
Ht. / Wt. 170cm / ??kg
Status Alive
Class Guard
World The Continent
Affiliation Tokugawa House, JAPAN, Rance Castle
Level limit 65
Skill levels Spear Combat Lv1 (?), Guard Lv1 (?), Fortune Lv1 (?), Housekeeping Lv2 (?), Parenting Lv1 (?)
Appeared in Sengoku Rance, Three for the Slash! Thrust! Burn!, Rance IX, Rance X
Mentioned in Rance Quest


Tokugawa Sen is the former princess of the original Tokugawa House that ruled Mikawa during the 4th Warring States Period of the country JAPAN. Raised as the princess of the Tokugawa, she was raised to become a proper lady, receiving a high quality education and learning mannerisms of the nobles. However, her life changed when she started taking an interest in the battlefield. Upon experiencing the thrill of a battle, she came to enjoy combat immensely and fought on the frontlines as a commander. She soon became intoxicated and obsessed with it, becoming a famous figure on the region and earning the nickname of "Warring Princess".

When the Youkai raccoon dogs invaded the Tokugawa territory and took over the Tokugawa House, they forced humans to serve them and placed their leader to become the new Lord of the House, who received the name of Tokugawa Ieyasu. Sen however refused to obey the raccoons and kept fighting against the Youkai to the bitter end until she was finally defeated and imprisoned in an underground dungeon. She was handcuffed and unable to escape, spending some time on the dark dungeon before the Tokugawa House was defeated by the Oda House led by Rance. After his victory over the raccoons, Rance heard from the local population of the beautiful princess that'd been trapped by Youkai, and promptly payed her a visit. Upon meeting her, he immediately demanded a "reward", and took her virginity on the spot despite the princess' complaints on the matter. She initially wanted to restore the Tokugawa House but it was something of a lofty goal considering Rance took over the land and the raccoons destroyed everything that'd already been established, so she instead decided to dedicate her life doing what she loves: being on the front lines in battle. In order to do that, she became a mercenary, willing to side with any nation as long as they're in war. Because of Rance's goal to unify JAPAN, he convinced her to join his ranks as a commander of the Oda in order to satiate her lust for battles.

Senhime - Rance IX.png

After the events of Sengoku Rance and the unification of JAPAN, the country that had been in a state of perpetual war for many years finally entered a period of peace, but because the lack of conflict prevents Sen from taking part in battles, she decides to travel to The Continent in order to see the rest of the world and continue fighting by offering her services as a mercenary. She makes a second appearance during the events of Rance IX. When the Group of Outlaws of the Helman Revolutionary Army led by Rance attempted to take down the General of the Helman 4th Army Nero Chapet VII she showed up as a mercenary hired by the 4th Army to serve as a bodyguard. Later on when Rance's group get to Cossack where Nero is and defeats most of the stationed soldiers, she remarks that the rumors of him being an incompetent general were true, revealing that she'd joined his ranks precisely to fight in a losing battle. Due to the negative prospects, Nero loses his mind and starts setting the whole place on fire and she confronts him as many innocent civilians are at risk, defeating him on the spot and taking his life. Immediately after, Rance appears on the scene, reuniting with her and the two evacuate the civilians to a safe location.

When the battle is over, he convinced her to join his group and begins to take part in the Revolution as a member of Rance's group. She quickly becomes a respected member of the group but her love for battle confuses other members such as Tilde, who doesn't understand why someone like her that dislikes reckless killing and doesn't care about fame enjoys war so much, confusion that Rance uses to his advantage to suggest that she's possessed by an evil spirit. Through this excuse he manages to convince her to go through several "exorcisms", involving mostly sexual techniques he claims serve to exorcise spirits, stating that if the demon is not drove out she could endanger the group. Sen is not buying any of it and knows he's doing it as an excuse to have sex with her, but she rolls with it anyway just for the amusement of it. Later on, Sen has a dream about the Calculator Cube and she's revealed as one of the women that is fated to Rance. Additionally, she's also soon revealed to have been impregnated by Rance during one of their sessions. She gave birth to Tokugawa Tone, her daughter in LP0007.

Personality and Appearance[]

Despite her love of battle, Sen can be a surprisingly fancy woman when she wants to be.

An exotic and extremely appealing female, Sen carries many traits to be considered an ideal JAPANese woman. Despite her relatively low age, her body is mature, developed and refined, as well as displaying a long and gallant violet hair. Her attire consists of a modified version of a yellow JAPANese kimono with pieces of a samurai armor attached to it. Instead of extending all the way to her ankles, it resembles a skirt and covers her legs with white thighhighs instead. She's also seen carrying a spear with her most of the time. Her fighting gear is her standard outfit as she's always ready to fight at any time and is rarely seen with a different attire. Her body is well-built and rough, but not overly muscular and, surprisingly, despite the large number of battles she's taken part in, it remains unscarred or damaged.

She was raised as the princess of the Tokugawa House in JAPAN, but unlike most princesses she started to become more and more fond of combat rather than political or administrative affairs, to the point she started taking an active role in the front lines during war times. Above all else, she adores fighting and putting her life on the line on a crude battle. She's strong-willed, determined and spends most of her free time training. She loves the thrill of the battlefield more than anything in the world and doesn't care for what side she fights as long as she's able to experience the excitement of the battle. Even winning or losing holds little meaning for her, even going as far as claiming that she would be fine with dying in combat. Calling her a fighting maniac would be an understatement. She's not particularly interested in fighting strong opponents, but difficult and life-threatening battles. She prefers losing battles as she states that there is no thrill involved in a fight that takes little effort to win. Because of this, her favorite operations are suicide missions. She won't take a personal involvement in the side she's fighting for unless she grows attached to her companions and allies, which is a rare occurrence. When fighting very intense and challenging battles she's prone to go into fighting frenzies, with the adrenaline making her look slightly deranged and laughing maniacally. She takes missions for money but only asks for the minimum costs, as she didn't become a mercenary to increase her patrimony and lives a humble life with the bare minimums to survive. She's not interested in making money, getting fame or even getting stronger, only in keeping her body in good shape for the time where she's deployed on the battlefield. She lives for war and is able to live a satisfactory life with just that. She's diligent and acquiescent, willing to follow the orders of her superiors without protesting and at any time as long as it's within her range of responsibilities.

Excited to be surrounded and outnumbered by enemies.

Outside of the battlefield, Sen is a stoic and blunt individual who feels little shame in speaking her mind. Her upbringing is still noticeable and has many attributes of a regular princess, speaking in a formal manner and maintaining a civilized behavior despite her battle-obsessed traits, making her live up to her nickname of a Warring Princess. She's well educated, knowledgeable and with great management skills. She's a very calm and collected person that doesn't showcase emotions too much when not fighting, regularly relating to others without ever expressing feelings of anger or even irritation, and keeps a straight face even when discussing ridiculous topics. Tilde Sharp has immensely praised Senhime for her inherent lady-like behavior while living the life of a true warrior, describing her as an ideal woman and leading her to develop a one-sided rivalry with her. She's a very frank and straight-forward person, so much infact that she can be shockingly naive at times and has a tendency to takes things too literally. She rarely gets involved with other people's affairs, and isn't moved to assist others unless it's for the sake of a good fight, coming off as a morally bland person. When picking up jobs, the motivations or goals of her employer doesn't concern her the slightest, willing to work for anyone that will grant her an opportunity to fight in a life-threatening battle and abandoning the mission if it doesn't satisfy her or she doesn't get to fight as much as she thought she would.

This mentality changed however, following the birth of her daughter. When he 2nd Dark Lord War broke out, rather than join the combat (given how hopeless the situation seemed, she would have enjoyed it), she stayed back to watch over Tone and the rest of Rance's children, showing her love of her family surpasses her love of battle.

She's is generally level headed and quite serious, but faces a hard time understanding other people as she puts little effort in relationships with others. However when relating with people she's grown fond of, Sen proves to be an affectionate and caring person. She initially didn't like Rance, as he took advantage of her situation to rape her when they first met, but she forgave him due to the fact that he avenged her clan upon defeating Ieyasu and freed her, stating that they were now even. Rance thinks of her as a wonderful woman and is constantly eager to sleep with her whenever they meet, but she often turns him down claiming that she's not interested in the matter. She enjoys sex, but she finds fighting and training to be a lot more fun and stimulating. Upon experiencing his talent, she came to hold a deep respect for Rance's abilities, holding him in an extremely high regard as someone capable of doing anything he's determined to, and with the growing development of their relationship she begins wondering if she might have fallen for him.


Senhime in combat in Sengoku Rance.

As expected from someone who earned the title of a Princess of War, Senhime is a highly skilled fighter with a lifetime of experience on the battlefield as a consequence of her frequent and active involvement in the Warring States Preiod of JAPAN. Her primal fighting tool is a naginata-type weapon, which she shows great expertise with thanks to her natural talent earned from a Spear Combat Lv1 skill. Her fighting style is a rough combination of offensive and defensive maneuvers, displaying an impressive amount of physical strength to assault her opponents while protecting her allies in the turmoil of the battle, which she's also greatly skilled at thanks to a Guard Lv1 skill. Her endurance in particular is exceedingly high, as she's capable of fighting for very extensive periods of time before going down, as well as carrying a fearsome fighting spirit that allows her to survive all the dangerous battles she takes part in. When the Tokugawa House was conquered, she kept fighting against them single-handedly to the bitter end, and her rampage cause such fear on them that they were forced to lock her up.

She's gifted with an incredibly high Level Cap of 65, which she makes good use of. Because she spends the majority of her time training and fighting, her current Level is 45, one of the highest among humans and never goes down as she never procrastinates, coming off as one of the strongest people in JAPAN. However, because she lacks Lv2 skills that would truly make her stand out, her fighting ability comes mostly from her extraordinary spirit. She also carries a Fortune Lv1 skill, which grants her a good fortune that prevents her from being worn down by unpredictable circumstances.

Funnily enough, she also has a lot of natural talent on fields that are not combat oriented like a Parenting Lv1, which will allow her to portray an instinctively effective role as a mother and raise her children without difficulties. Additionally, she actually has a Lv2 skill in Housework, making her someone capable of turning into outstanding genius as a housewife despite her lack of interest on it. This inherent talent of her is still noted on her daily life however, as she's a very organized person that keeps her personal residences on top shape without putting any notable effort on it.


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  • See Senhime for historical reference.
  • Her name is strictly written as 千姫 (Thousand Princess) but when nicknamed she's called 戦姫 (War Princess) because 千 and 戦 are both pronounced as Sen.
  • She is the only known person with a Lv 2 housekeeping skill.
  • In the Sengoku Rance popularity poll she was ranked 5th despite being a secondary character. Whereas in Rance IX she got the 6th place among the heroines, the second lowest after Pigu Geliciam and 48th in the Rance X poll, making her the least popular of Rance's fated girls and third least popular female overall.
  • In the original RPG version of Rance VII which would eventually become Sengoku Rance, her design was going to be used for Mokko of the Takeda house. The design was repurposed when the scenario and gameplay were re-envisioned.
    • According to the Sengoku Rance manual, her design was inspired by the character Kos-Mos from the Monolith Soft RPG Xenosaga. To Orion, her original name Mokko looked sort of like Mokos, which reminded him of Kos-Mos, and so he had hoped players might recognize her design as an homage. But when the design was repurposed for a character with a different name - Senhime - the reference became more obscure.


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