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Japanese ティオ
Romanization tio
Race Human
Sex Female
Status Alive
World World of Eve
Affiliation Lancelot, Aster
Appeared in Evenicle


Tio was a young woman living in the country of Lancelot, where she was once a leading candidate for president. Publicly, her campaign revolved around a costly plan to research the poison in Lake Guinevere, and to maintain the ruins of Arthur as a historical site. While the former was legitimate, Tio was secretly protecting the colony of innocent Outlaws living in the ruins, whom she had long funded and supported with the help of Louin Eden.

With the help of her experienced campaign manager, Palomides, Tio's victory seemed more and more possible. Corrupt, incumbent president Bors attempted to have Dark Night Kitty assassinate Tio, but Aster and his family prevented this. At this stage, Tio was approached by Rochefort, who promised her the election and safety for the Outlaws in exchange for the lives of Aster and his party. Rochefort betrayed Tio, however, and only Aster's arrival prevented a massacre at the colony. Dismayed at herself, Tio recommended Palomides for the presidency in her place, which he won.

Sometime later, Tio learned the fate of her late sister, Tilt, who had become a ghost in the land of Eden. Tio went to her sister, realizing she would die in the process, but Aster was able to convince Tio to live for herself after so many years of living for others. The two were soon married, and Tio went on to live at Aster's home outside of Stallion. Tio continues her work with the Outlaw colony, but in a minimized fashion.

Personality and Appearance[]

Tio is giving to the point of self-sacrifice, a flaw that took her near-death at the hands of ghosts to confront. She seems to believe the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, even if those few are her friends (such as when she attempted to sacrifice Aster and his family for political power) and especially when that few is herself. She insisted on campaigning even after initial attacks by Dark Night Kitty, and even put herself in danger to rescue victims of a poison gas cloud in Pankarch. Tio put even her deceased sister ahead of herself until push came to shove.

Even after Tio's life-changing move into Aster's family, she still puts others first. As the house's first full-time resident and simply as an extension of her personality, Tio has taken up the role of mistress of the house, and deals with nearly everyone's basic needs outside of cooking, which Aster, Kyou and Kinou handle whenever present.


As someone who nearly won the presidency of Lancelot, Tio can be considered an expert politician, and has also shown strong secretarial skills. She is also all-around talented in most domestic fields, including cleaning, sewing, logistics and repair.

Tio has no combat skills whatsoever, and required an escort to travel the land of Lancelot during Dark Night Kitty's attacks. In battle, she can only use the "Wait" command. This improves her defence, but her Speed stat is so low that she is unlikely to get much use out of it.