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Kanami Edit

While training a technique to immitate the dead, Kanami is found by a previous Silver Eye Sect leader named Kakusui, who recognizes Kanami by the Leazas emblem and ends up stealing her Decapitation Blade during their brief encounter. Kanami gains the assistance of Suzume to track down Kakusui and get back her weapon.

Suzume Edit

While running away from Inukai to avoid being forced to learn the Blightened Leaves Technique, she finds Kanami locked in combat with Kakusui. When Kanami says her name, Kakusui recognizes Suzume as the person responsible for defeating the Silver Eye Sect near Lake Biwa lead by Gumo Danjou and vows to kill her and Inukai. Once the situation turns in Suzume's favour, Kakusui retreats with the Decapitation Blade and Suzume decides to help Kanami get it back (which also allows her to get out of learning the Blightened Leaves Technique).

Sen Edit

Disenchanted by the fact that peace has arrived in JAPAN, Senhime wanders around aimlessly until she overhears at a tea house that there's a battle going on between Kakusui and her gang and Kanami and Suzume. Hearing this, she decided to join in the fight against Kanami and Suzume. Once they meet in combat, Suzume mentions that there are many more enemies on the other side of the conflict and Senhime decides to switch sides, joining Suzume and Kanami.

Hired hands Edit

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