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Three Supreme Gods
San Chōjin

The Three Supreme Gods are the firstborn of Ludo-Rathowm, the three original beings created from his own body to amuse him. The Three Supreme Gods are the administrators of The Continent, governing what species live there, what events happen there, and the universal physical and metaphysical rules and laws everyone must abide by.

In addition to running the continent, they are also responsible for the creation of the Protagonist RaceDark LordsMonsters, the Hero SystemKalar, and almost everything else. However, even though the Three Supreme Gods created almost all of the world, they rarely influence it directly. This is because the world would become boring and predictable if they directly controlled it all the time. Almost like if one cheated in a game of chess by moving the enemy's pieces, the "game" that is the world would lose its intrigue and sense of randomness, so the Supreme Gods rarely interfere beyond small, especially entertaining things. One such example of the world being more entertaining without the Gods' interference is Rance himself; born with an infinite level cap and other strange abilities, his potential to take over the world and upset its balance made Planner want to get rid of him at birth. But for the sake of entertainment and fun, he was allowed to live, and the Gods didn't interfere.

The three are brothers, but they are in constant competition for the approval and attention of their father, often trying different methods to make the world a more entertaining place for him. However, though they are his creations, they are not enslaved to him and do have their own personal agendas.

The Three Supreme Gods are entirely immortal and unkillable, unless the Hero's Sword, Escudo reaches a certain level of power after almost all of humankind is wiped out, in which case Escudo can damage even the Supreme Gods.

The Three Supreme Gods are: