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The Sea is the biggest body of water in Ludo-Rathowm's world, located in the area between the Kingdom of Zeth and the Free Cities Alliance. The sea flows towards the edge of the continent, and the distance from the coast is about 37km. At the border the water is poured down forming a stream known as the Sea Falls.

At the center of this large lake lies the island of Kawanakajima where the Holy City of Kaiz was established by the AL Church, the most popular religion in the continent. Staying afloat in water, the land has been treated as the Holy Ground by AList believers, prompting them to set up their headquarters in the mysterious region. The area of the large lake is called the Shina Sea, and the waters beyond that are uncharted territory that no one can venture outside of the times when the High Tide takes place.

The city has become a famous tourist attraction for the general public, welcoming thousands of believers who wish to reach a closer connection with their Goddess. Trips to the Holy Land are often carried out from Diphteria, one of the few cities in the world with a harbour due to bordering with the sea directly. Diphteria's government holds a tight relationship with the AL Church and supervises all the trips to the Holy Land.

The High TideEdit

The water from the large river usually falls to the void endlessly, mysteriously supplying itself through the influence of the Holy Beasts that carry the continent on their backs. However, once every 10 years, a huge mass of water flows out and creates a sea around the world. This incredible phenomenon is usually referred to as the "High Tide" or "The Flood". The mystifying new world of water that emerges has captivated the hearts of countless adventurers; thrilled to explore these waters for the short time that it remains. The time the sea remains during the High Tide varies but it's estimated to last around two weeks before getting spontaneously drained again. Those that were in the sea at the time would simply fall from the continent, making voyages to the unexplored body of water extremely dangerous. Not many come back alive from their adventures in the sea as most either find themselves overwhelmed by storms and strange sea monsters or fail to return before the High Tide ends. Furthermore, within the dangerous marine creatures, there is a colossal beast named Raidboss that attacks ships that get too close, making the odds of survival of those that clash with it slim. The beast is the biggest source of fear for those that attempt to traverse the sea as it's become infamous for sinking ships throughout history.

The unusually high concentration of water is also an excellent chance for people to gather around the coast in order to extract salt. As soon as the High Tide begins, the production for the salt industry blooms on several places as they collect for long-term reserves since otherwise the extraction of salt is limited to the coasts of the Shina Sea. The distribution of salt from the Shina Sea is managed by the AL Church, often distributing it for free during missionary work​. Coincidentally, JAPAN's source of salt is an internal lake called Biwa, being one of the main reasons for the AL Church's weaker influence in the country.


While from land the sea seems endless, it only extends the edge for about 20 nautical miles, although exploring it in its entirety in a single trip is impossible. Outside of adventuring, the surrounding water also enables an alternate path of travel within the continent but it is not a recommended route due to the unknown dangers present in the sea, on top of the limited timeframe the phenomenon provides.

Skill LevelEdit

The Navigation skill level determines the ability of a given person to manipulate the movement of a sailing vehicle. Those blessed with this talent possess an inherent aptitude for navigational techniques that involve the determination of position and direction. Good navigators have a well-developed orientation, being able to easily assert their position and track effective pathways quickly and instinctively. They are also capable of identifying locations through common patterns in the environment and predicting changes in the weather.

Because of the lack of large bodies of water in the continent however, it is a very rare skill that, even among those with the talent, it might go unnoticed due to the lack of opportunities to put it to use directly. Navigators get their chance to shine during the High Tide but it's not nearly as effective during expeditions in mainland.

Navigation Lv2Edit


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