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The monster cards we gathered in the last battle still aren't enough. I think we should search for a monster fortress. Since sometimes they suddenly appear in the Human Realm and assault helpless civilians. We need to exterminate them sooner or later.

Nanas, planning his next move.

The Monsters' Holy Ground
Type Interception
Objective Defeat Monster Fortress
New Units Hero
Chapter's Protagonist Nanas
Location Mamatoto (Country)

The Monsters' Holy Ground is the 2nd Chapter of Mamatoto: A Record of War.


After succesfully crushing the Kingdom of Zazam, Mamatoto remained stationed in their former territory. A meeting is being held between Mamatoto's main leaders. Kakaro wishes to continue taking down goverments now that Mamatoto has finally been able to increase their forces, and aims for the Buron next. However, Prince Nanas is aware of the immense military power they held, and claims that Mamatoto would stand little chance against them for the time being. He believes that Mamatoto should focus in exterminating Monster Fortresses that are causing trouble to regular civilians, that way he can help those unrelated to the war, while also increasing their forces by obtaining more monster cards to produce more Kids. Kakaro decides to believe in Nanas's judgement and orders to move to the north, near the entrance of the Monster Realm so they can escape in case things look grim. 

After spending two days waiting for a Monster Fortress to leave the territory of monsters, a small fortress finally appears and Mamatoto prepares to battle them. In the fortress, a wacky Minotaur alerts his boss about humans approaching them, who decides that he will crush them and steal as much money they have.


Nanas's Advice[]

"The enemy has one offensive squad. Go straight to the defense! They’re going to attack from straight on. Of their 18 units, 2 are combat engineers.

Their commander is a strong-looking lizardman warrior. He even has a minotaurus working for him, so he must be pretty capable. Watch out for the magic-using monsters, too.

One of you will go out on the front line. I’ll have you take Kids with you. The rest of you wait in the Sortie Room and prepare for the final defense battle."


Total Number: 18

Commanders: Hero

Initial: 4 Kobolds, 3 Orcs, 1 Roper, 1 Minotaurus

Reinforcements: 3 Kobolds, 2 Combat Engineers, 1 Roper, Tantaurus

Treasure Chests: Silver Ring


Mamatoto manages to come out victorious in the battle against the damaged fortress, which makes Kakaro realize truly how strong the Kids System is, since it allows them to restore their troops very easily. However, Nanas notes that without good commanders to lead them, they are wortless so they have to make sure to keep recruiting talented people and he decides to try inviting on the prisoner they just captured in their recent battle. Kakaro is troubled, as he quickly realizes that the prisoner is a monster, and decides to go rest in his private room. Soon after, he calls his new personal maid Nozomi, and presents her to Nanas, explaining that he hired her to take care of his health. Nanas politely introduces himself and asks the timid Nozomi to take care of his dad for him, which she apprehensively accepts.

Nanas reunites his commanders in the sortie room. He explains that the Kids are powerful but they can only be used by certain talented people, and Mamatoto needs to gather more skilled commanders in order to increase its military power, and he asks for their opinion in wether trying to recruit the Lizardman monster is a wise idea or not. While some like Murat or Rick care little about the fact that he's a monster, and Stourin boundlessly follows Nanas's decisiones, though Wang expresses great disagreement over the idea. In the end, Nanas ends up choosing to follow his instinct and attempt to recruit him. Murat goes with him in case he reacts violently and the two start talking with him, with Nanas praising his fighting prowess. Thanks to Murat's support, Nanas is able to convince the Lizardman to lend his power to Mamatoto, and he releases him from the prison cell. The Lizardman presents himself as Hero and vows loyalty to Nanas.

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