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The Legendary Five
Densetsu no Gonin



The Legendary Five are five adventurers who challenged the Demon King Gele and disappeared in the year GL0533, approximately 1500 years before the current timeline. They became legend and their names are in history books but, unlike common knowledge, fifteen centuries later they are all still alive in one form or another, in different parts of the world.

The five were all legendary adventurers led by a man named British, it is said that they were the most powerful party in history of man.


The five members banded together with the common goal of defeating the Demon King and her army:

  • British felt it was his duty to defeat the dreaded Demon King and save humanity and started travelling by himself, eventually having the others join him and forming a party.
  • Chaos joined to avenge the death of his lover, Gina.
  • Nikkou joined to avenge her parents, siblings, and villagers that were slaughtered by a Dark Lord.
  • Ho-Raga was interested in learning about Dark Lords and the Demon King and liked British himself as well.
  • Café Artful was secretly in love with British.

They had an opposing party of adventurers called The Witch's Party, who intensely despised them and faced many fight with each other before they finally defeated them in the Ancient Ruins.

The Tale of The Legendary Five[]

Despite the party being the strongest adventurers of the time, no matter how strong they get, they knew it was impossible to harm a Dark Lord or the Demon King due to their invincibility field. So their journey focused on finding a weapon that can harm them, or a method of doing so. After journeying through the entire world, they felt there was a clue hidden in the world's largest dungeon, the Ancient Ruins. Never would they know that this will be their last adventure as humans.

After many battles with monsters and humans living in the dungeon, the five finally find God Totems and a massive "Gate of the Gods". They placed the statues on the pedestal, but nothing happened. The next second, Café screamed and set up a protection barrier around them. As Chaos turned around, he saw a huge human shaped creature. It was a monster they've never seen... it was a Proto-God. The five managed to defeat the creature, but British was fatally wounded.

Another being was observing this battle. These 5 had defeated a God, even if it was a failed prototype of one. The observer was interested, and opened the God's Gate for them. The five started to advance, but British could not move from that place. Regardless of Café's attempt to cure him, it was of no use. British told the members to go on without him. The purpose of this journey was to find the way to defeat the Dark Lords. The four gave their last words to British, and advanced on.

The place was an unknown land... the land of the Gods. It was filled with darkness and void. But one beacon of light was shining inside. The four advanced towards the light.... and finally met a God. The God complimented them for defeating the fallen one, and finding their way there. It was one of the Three Supreme Gods, Planner. The four were excited. After all, how many humans got complimented by a god? Planner continued his talk. "As a reward, I will grant one wish for each of you...."

The four expressed their wishes. Nikkou and Chaos wished for the power to defeat Dark Lords and the Demon King. Ho-Raga wished for the "ultimate knowledge" about Dark Lords. Café, who harbored romantic affection towards British, secretly wished for "ultimate beauty".

The God laughed, and told them he will grant their wishes. ... but not with them, he laughed at them. The four lost conciousness. They were teleported outside of the dungeon, separated from each other in different parts of the world. When they woke up, they realized they were no longer human....

Their wishes were twisted to the sick will of Planner. All were given immortality as well, despite the fact that they didn't ask for it.

In wishing for the power to slay the Demon King and Dark Lords, Chaos and Nikkou were turned into Demon killing swords with the ability to break the invincibility field of the Dark Lords, but reduced as nothing more than sentient blades, they couldn't do anything without a wielder.

In wishing for ultimate knowledge of Dark Lords, Ho-Raga was instead given full knowledge about everything in the world, and realized the important roles the Demon King and his Dark Lords play in the world, the role for humanity, and the intentions of the Gods. He realized that a life where everything is known has no purpose, as they are nothing to learn. Due to these, he became eternally bored with the entire concept of this reality. He went to his home tower and never came out again.

Café could not find happiness with her ultimate beauty. She realized all the men who desired her wished so out of pure lust, and no one loved her truly. She was imprisoned by a Royal family for three generations for her beauty, and used as a political asset for hundreds of years. 

British is found stuck in a stone wall in the dungeon near the Leazas castle. He was caught in a trap set up by the magician Shin, a member of The Witch's Party that was wiped out by the Eternal Heroes. The "Curse of Concrete" trap places the target in a stone wall, and keeps them alive for eternity. He asks for help sometimes, but people either punch him, piss on him, laugh at him or call him an idiot.


  • While British was called a hero during Gele's era it was never stated that he was The Hero of the system designed by Planner and he was probably refered to just as a normal hero by the people. The fact that during the time he was with the Legendary Five was already around 25 years old supports this theory.
  • It is unknown wether what the Legendary Five found was the actual Supreme God Planner or his alter ego the 1st Class God Nautoala.
  • Chaos is the only member whose Levels are unknown for some reason.
  • All five of them are still alive in the current setting and make appearance in the Rance Games.
    • Ho-Laga appears only in Rance X.
    • Chaos is wielded by Rance himself.
    • British appears in various games stuck in a concrete slab.
    • Nikkou as a sword is wielded by Kentarou, and as of Rance X, can even assume human form to fight by herself.
    • Cafe Artful is playable in both Rance Quest and Rance X.