AliceSoftWiki is a doujin music album with arranged versions of tracks from Rance 03: The Fall of Leazas. It was released at Comic Market (Comiket) 89.

It was published by ECE-SMZ which was preceded by Yohsui O'asa which in turn was preceded by syuryougonjinsyu. Other related full albums released under these labels are: Arabure, Hoochie Koo!!, HIGH!, Kami -Dios-, R. and R.evolution

The Japanese credits are included in the gallery and are translated down below.


No. Title Length
01 R!R!R! 3:06
02 Attack on Dragon! 5:03
03 I Will Die! I'm dead! (死ぬし!死ねし!) 3:23
04 Casual Shoes (気ままな靴跡) 3:41
05 Hochdruckpumpe 3:29
06 Munmun Rance (むんむんランス) 3:30
07 Hyper Super Strategy (ハイパー超戦略) 5:48
08 Force (03Boost) 3:39
09 Nowon Destroy (ナウオンデストロイ) 3:15
10 Destructor (デストラクタ) 5:00


All music originally composed by: Alice Soft
Music arranged by: ECE-SMZ
Illustrations by: Ito Benji (伊藤ベンジー)
Jacket design by: Eru (Aether)