Tero Ettieno
Japanese テェロ・エティエノ
Romanization Tero Etieno
Race Devil
Sex Female
World The Continent
Affiliation Devil Realm
Appeared in Toushin Toshi 3


Born from Rathowm's flesh, she was the first of his Devils created for the sole purpose of being a vent for his sexual urges. Like Sill is to Rance, she is reserved and protective of Rathowm, and she is very attached to the Devil King. She would protect him with her life with no second thoughts. Her relationship with him was "Master and Servant" for many years, but he gradually became charmed by her personality and appearance and came to terms with his feelings, allowing her freedom and marriage to him. Their relationship ended up giving birth to the Three Devil Princes.

She does not have a Devil Rank, and is known as the "Eternal Mother" (悠久なる母, yūkyū naru haha). She wears little clothing, only covering key points of her body, two of her three pairs of wings are feathered, but the other pair is more insect-like and transparent. She is universally loved and respected by all of Devilkind.

Since she was originally designed to be his sex slave, she was designed to be a representation of Rathowm's sexual preferences. Silver hair, violet eyes, a gentle demeanor and the physical appearance of a 15 or 16-year-old girl.


  • She made appearance in the climax of Toushin Toshi 3.
  • TADA has compared Tero and Rathowm to Sill and Rance on more than one occasion.



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