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Tashiro Hozumi
Japanese 田代穂澄
Romanization Tashiro Hozumi
Mugen Houyou Hozumi
Race Human
Age / Birth 17
Sex Female
Ht. / Wt. 160cm / 48kg
Status Alive
World Mugen Houyou
Affiliation N/A
Appeared in Mugen Houyou


Hozumi is a meek maid who for some reason is very bulliable. She isn't particularly bad at her job, but is somewhat clumsy.

She is an unwilling maid who got sent here to pay off her parent's debt. She tries her best to do her job and pay it off, but she lives in constant fear of Tsuchiya Kuon.

Spoiler Warning: The following section contains spoilers.

In the game she tends to feel miserable and reacts with great fear towards Tsuchiya Kuon. She also seems to get somewhat sick often. It turns out she is pregnant with Kuon's child.

Her events focus on finding her and choosing to punish her for minor mistakes.
If you are mean to her at every turn, she will kill herself. If you limit your meanness, she will kill you. If you are nice to her, she will be taken as a mistress after giving birth to Tsuchiya Kuon's child.

She has a few joke endings. One has you being in love with her as you leave everything behind just to be with her, another has her blackmail you for her freedom. Depending on your reaction to her blackmail she either confines you due to your embarrassment or you keep paying her for the rest of your life (despite her not actually wanting that).

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  • She is a variant of the Nozomi archetype with her only major difference being no glasses
    • TADA was not involved which might explain why, Tori was involved in Toushin Toshi II which included the first known Nozomi type character.