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Tanaka Raizou
Japanese 田中 雷蔵
Romanization tanaka raizō
Race Human
Sex Male
World Daiteikoku
Affiliation Empire of Japan

Tanaka Raizou is one of the admirals that were chosen by the new Japanese Navy Minister Tougou Tsuyoshi to help rebuild The Empire of Japan's navy. Tanaka Raizou is well known amongst the navy for disobeying his superiors and acting independently. While this usually yields good results, it has been his greatest weakness as an admiral. Tougou Tsuyoshi chose Raizou as an admiral due to the immense potential he saw within Raizou's character.

Tanaka Raizou is very young. While he is employed in the Imperial Japanese Navy one of his top priorities is to find a girlfriend. Raizou is not fond of the Sakana fish that are sometimes used in battle.

Tanaka Raizou has spoken to Tougou Tsuyoshi about becoming Japan's next Navy Minister, and established with the current Navy Minister that he is an obstacle that will one day have to be overcome.

Voice Actor : Nagakura Nihachi


Recruitment: Default Commander

Command Points: 180

Skill: "Roar" - Allows for 2 movements between star regions instead of 1.

Level 0

Cannon + 20%
Cannon + 20%
Hp -60%
Hp -60%

Growth rate +6%


  • Raising his level reduces the Hp Loss in the last two slots by a factor of 2%
  • Doing events with him eventually improves his HP slots greatly(at level 10 he will be at wopping +60% Bonus)
  • Doing 2nd event of Retia Adolf after rescuing her raises his 4th slot HP bonus by +40%
  • Fielding him against Soviets(maybe just defense) will increase his command limit after a few battles at least once by 30
  • May want to consider giving him Submarines to avoid dying too quickly


  • Likely a parody of Tanaka Raizou (田中 頼三). Tanaka Raizo was a rear admiral in the Imperial Japanese Navy during the events of World War II.