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The purpose of my life is to provide sexual training for human women... Except... I feel like I've done all I can with human women now... So I was thinking I would try my hand at training gal monsters... I want to train all of the gal monsters in the world... That's why I left the Free Cities and came here...

—Tamanegi, explaining his life's goal to Rance.

Japanese タマネギ
Romanization tamanegi
Race Human
Sex Male
Status Alive
Class Trainer
World The Continent
Affiliation Free Cities Alliance, Ice Flame
Level limit 30
Skill levels Training Lv1 (?), Short Sword Combat Lv1 (?), Hunting Lv1 (?)
Appeared in Rance VI
Mentioned in Sengoku Rance, Rance IX, Rance X


Tamanegi is a strange man from the Free Cities Alliance.

An archaeologist by trade, Tamanegi frequently wanders The Continent away from home in order to excavate the various ruins found all across it. Despite this, he is far better known for his side career as a sex trainer, which he simply performs as a "hobby". Through his depraved and erotic mind and exceptional technique, Tamanegi has succeeded in converting countless women into completely docile and expertly trained sex slaves, garnering him a large amount of infamy in the shadier corners of the world.

During the events of Rance VI, Tamanegi traveled to the Magic Kingdom of Zeth in order to explore a set of ancient ruins located on the remains of an Insect User village. Having grown bored of training Human women, Tamanegi became fascinated with capturing Gal Monsters and utilizing their unique characteristics in order to experiment with new forms of sexual training. During one of these capture attempts, Tamanegi encountered the warrior Rance, who was working with the non-magic user rights group Ice Flame, in a forest near the group's base of operation. Impressed by Rance's strength, Tamanegi offered to lend his services to Ice Flame in exchange for having the warrior subdue and capture gal monsters for him. Eager to witness Tamanegi's skill in action, Rance agreed to allow him to join his team. From then on, every time the Green Corps successfully managed to capture a gal monster, Tamanegi would train it with a specific sexual goal in mind before showing the results to Rance through a series of photos.

While Tamanegi generally kept out of the Ice Flame's larger affairs, he was later called on by Rance to assist him in torturing Kaoru Quincy Kagura, who was suspected of being a spy. Despite this, Rance was put off by Tamanegi's brutal methods of torture and quickly forced the trainer to leave. Later, Rance allowed Tamanegi to train both Sill Plain and Rizna Lanfbitt into becoming sex slaves, though he almost immediately retracted his offer of Sill after realizing it would mean other men would most likely have sex with her. After Rance had successfully captured every species of gal monster in Zeth, Tamanegi was able to perfect his gal monster training technique. As a token of his thanks he gave Rance the Pitiful Dogu, an item he found while excavating the ruins of the Insect User village that allowed access to the ancient fighting golem Seyadatara.

Following the completion of his gal monster training, Tamanegi returned home to the Free Cities, though he remained in contact with Rance. During the events of Sengoku Rance, Rance utilized a sex training set given to him by Tamanegi to torture the captured Tenshi Sect monk Manmaru. Later, during the epilogue of Rance IX, Rance received an invitation from Tamanegi to participate in a sex trainer tournament, which he agreed to, noting his great success in training Tilde Sharp into becoming an obedient sex toy.

In Rance X, Rance receives another letter from Tamanegi, inspiring him to do exhibitionism training with Menad, indicating he is still well, and advising Rance in how to develop sexual fetishes.

Personality and Appearance[]

Tamanegi is a fairly tall and extremely lanky man with long, greasy brown hair, a small pair of glasses and a perpetual sinister smile. His clothing consists of a low-rising purple shirt, long blue trousers and a brown trench coat. He is never seen without an onion in his hand, which is likely the source of his name.

Tamanegi's sole passion in life is exploring the depths of sexual pleasure. He views training women to fully blossom into their lust as an art form, and takes great care in doing so as a result. Regardless of the location or person, Tamanegi will carefully analyze his environment in order to create an intensive and personalized training regime for his subject and maximize their potential as a sex slave. Because of this, he can almost always be found quietly laughing to himself over his discoveries, causing most people to become wary of him. Tamanegi's aim is to perfect his skills as a trainer in order to become the greatest in the world. When discussing the methods through which a person can become the ideal sex trainer, he mentions that they must suffer through some sort of sexual trauma early on in their life, suggesting that he was sexually abused during his childhood.

As Tamanegi values sex training as an art, he deeply resents those who pursue it recklessly. When examining the training environment used to create the child prostitutes of the Lolita House, he expressed utter disgust at their thoughtless methods, explaining that training someone into becoming a sexual toy is a process that should be done gradually and with care in order to ensure that it is a painless and pleasurable experience for the subject. Despite this, he is very capable of performing incredibly severe and cruel torture if he is required to, up to the point of requiring Rance to forbid him from permanently damaging Kaoru Quincy Kagura during their interrogation of her.

In stark contrast to his disturbing image as a sex trainer, Tamanegi is actually a married man, and has a young son named Tomonori. He is shown to be a loving father and husband, regularly writing to his family when away from home during work and keeping a picture of his wife and son on his bedside table in his room at the Ice Flame headquarters. It is very likely that Tamanegi's family is completely unaware of his second life as a sex trainer, as he conspicuously leaves out any details about his work in his letters to them.

Tamanegi took an instant interest in Rance upon first meeting him. Recognizing the warrior's love for sex, Tamanegi quickly offered to enter into a partnership with him in order to gain his assistance in capturing gal monsters. While Tamanegi respects Rance as a fellow connoisseur of the erotic arts, he sees him as being too soft-hearted and inexperienced to have any potential as a sex trainer, going so far as to describe him as a "kind man". In comparison, while Rance finds Tamanegi to be strange, often calling him "weirdo", he is substantially more tolerant of him than he is of most other men due to his ability to consistently supply him with titillating content. Despite this, Rance is often put off by Tamanegi's constant discussions of depraved sexual scenarios, to the point of momentarily abandoning his usual libido when talking with him. Notably, Rance has remained in contact with Tamanegi following their adventure together in Zeth, a distinction that Tamanegi shares with few other men.

Tamanegi is fascinated by Rizna Lanfbitt, who he views as being a masterpiece of sexual training. When near Rizna, Tamanegi will obsessively examine her body in order to marvel at what he perceives to be the greatest achievement in sex training. Tamanegi believes that, through a combination of Rizna having the ideal body and personality for a sex slave, the environment in which she became a sex slave, and the person who trained her to become a sex slave, she achieved a level of sexual awakening that few others could ever hope of reaching. In contrast to his admiration of her, Rizna is deeply disturbed by Tamanegi's behavior towards her, and attempts to avoid being around him at all costs.



Tamanegi is incredibly skilled at capturing monsters.

Tamanegi is a skilled individual with a wide array of talents. He possesses an above-average Level Cap of 30, giving him a good amount of potential as a warrior, as well as skill at using short swords and capturing monsters. Despite this, he himself admits that he is not a fighter, and is somewhat weak physically when compared to others of a similar level.

In combat, Tamanegi utilizes a grappling hook to restrain and damage his opponents. When using his grappling hook, Tamanegi is able to attack from a range, allowing him to avoid directly confronting his opposition and compensating somewhat for his weak constitution. Tamanegi is also able to utilize his grappling hook to more easily capture gal monsters which, along with his natural talent for capturing foes, makes him much more skilled as a hunter than others such as Rance.


Tamanegi's "Lusty Fingers" can incapacitate a gal monster with a single touch.

After successfully capturing and training every species of gal monster in Zeth, Tamanegi gained a power known as "Lusty Fingers" as proof of his mastery as a trainer. With this power, Tamanegi is able to instantly send any gal monster into the deepest throes of ecstasy with a single touch, making it incredibly effective in capturing and defeating them, regardless of their strength and ferocity.

Tamanegi's true talents lie in his skills as a sex trainer. He possesses an expert knowledge of both human physiology and psychology, allowing him to be able to skillfully manipulate both in order to transform a person's body into becoming dependent on sexual gratification. Tamanegi generally utilizes Pavlovian techniques when training a subject, relying on consistent repetition of a particular act until their body instinctively becomes aroused by it. This skill has earned him an excellent reputation, and has made him a very sought after person in the sex trade market. Tamanegi's vast understanding of the mind and body also causes him to be an exceptional torturer, as it allows him to be able to quickly and mercilessly deliver punishments that are personalized to be able to break the person subjected to them instantly.

Outside of sexual training, Tamanegi is fairly skilled at his "true" career as an archaeologist, being able to uncover the location of the ancient super weapon Seyadatara with relative ease. Unlike with sex training, however, Tamanegi is generally uninterested in his work as an archaeologist and rarely talks about it with others, and was willing to give Rance the key to awakening Seyadatara with little hesitation.


  • Tamanegi is an alternate universe counterpart to the character of Tamanegi from Daiakuji, another game by Alicesoft. Compared to the Tamanegi of Daiakuji, the Tamanegi of the Rance series appears to be slightly younger and is somewhat more restrained in his methods. Unlike the Tamanegi from Daiakuji, whose name is merely a nickname in reference to the onions that he always carries around with him, the Tamanegi of the Rance series' name appears to be his real one, as he signs his letters to his family with it.
  • Tamanegi is one of the few men who Rance has maintained consistent contact with.
  • Tamanegi's name is the same word used to refer to an onion in Japanese.