• Leader - Sakamoto Ryouma
  • Principle - Escape the hell that is Death Country and all live together as equals, be they cursed or cripples.
  • Military strength - 4/5 Some powerful leaders with many troops, but with only one worthwhile territory, the other being a wasteland filled with ogres.

The Takuga is formed by a group of outcasts locked inside Death Country. Though they are initially officially under the authority of Houjou House as the main source of ogre activity, the residents band together to proclaim their independance before invading the neighboring region belonging to Mouri House, which leads to them being pressured into an alliance with Mouri Motonari. They are a close-knit group always looking out for each other with a fairly informal behavior, deciding on leaders and names with luck games.

Appears in: Sengoku Rance.

Key characters[edit | edit source]

From left to right: Sakamoto Ryouma, Gon, Kawanoe Yuzuru, Kawanoe Mine. (c)アリスソフト

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