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Satsu's events are already translated in the ain file from the english version, so here are the resized/modified/original pictures:

Mediafire (original upscale)

MEGA (original upscale)

Mediafire (new HD AI upcale)[1]

WITHOUT HER PICTURES YOU CAN'T GET HER, so download them from a link above (files copy instructions are in the "readme.txt")

About her:

A character from the world of Daiakuji who was on her way to Horaga Pass in Hirakata, then she got lost (and warped?) and somehow ended up in the Ice Flame Resistance's hideout. She decided to stay there until she finds a way to go back to her world.

HOW TO GET HER (after her files are in place):

She offers her fighting service, she can join you with the "Gain Ally (Bonus Character)" event after the "Green Squad's first meeting" event. You don't need to do anything for this event to show up once you load your game. It's around the bottom of the events and easy to miss if your near end game.

Upgrade Priorities: N/A



Satsu's basic attack.

It requires 1 turn charging and it deals 100% physical ranged damage to a single enemy.

Volley Fire

Satsu's stronger attack.

It requires 2 turns charging and it deals 100% physical ranged damage to all enemies on sight.

Weapons and Items[]

You cannot upgrade her weapon or armor.

Recommended Items[]

  • Ignoring Glasses/Unflinching Sword - Since she has attacks with turns only you don't want her to be cancelled.
  • Moja Doll - Since you don't want her to miss her attacks as they miss quite unexpectedly (though not as often as Maria at first). Paired with an Ignoring Glasses she can be ok.