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Takamori Haruka
Japanese 鷹守ハルカ
Romanization takamori haruka
Race Human
Sex Female
Status Alive
Class Blade
World Beat Blades Universe
Affiliation Crescent Moons
Appeared in Beat Blades Haruka, Widenyo
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Takamori Haruka is one of the Blades of the Jougenshuu, traveling from the past chasing the Noroi to the present days. She has transferred to the Ten Treasure Academy in order to serve as bodyguard of Takamaru, and also to help her learn about the modern age.

In her original era, her name was simply "Haruka". She adopted the family name "Takamori" when she came to the present, in order to fit in. "Mori" means to protect, and "Taka" which means Eagle is part of the name of Takamaru. Thus her adopted family name has the hidden meaning of "to protect Takamaru".

While she's in the same class as Takamaru, she's in reality two years older than him.

She is full of potential, and had achieved the qualifications to be a member of the Blades significantly faster than normal people. However, due to some incidents, she had to come to the present without completing the "ritual" of becoming a full Blades.

Typically she's a kind and gentle girl, but when fighting she becomes a resolute warrior.

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