Taira Eichi
Japanese 平良 英知
Romanization taira eichi
Race Human
Sex Male
World Daiteikoku
Affiliation Empire of Japan

Taira Eiichi is a skilled and well known Japanese admiral. Eiichi is very dedicated to Japan, and wishes to see it conquer other nations and powers so that it may thrive.

Taira Eiichi is hospitalized at the beginning of Daiteikoku, and is therefore not one of the initial admirals that Tougou Tsuyoshi has direct contact with. He will eventually rejoin the navy as his wounds heal; though they do not fully heal before he joins.

As a member of the ultranationalistic group the Aikoku Shishidan (愛国獅子団, Patriotic Lion Group), Taira Eiich is extremely unwilling to work alongside foreign admirals, and mentions frequently to Tougou his distaste for them. Eiichi also has a cousin who he asks to work as an admiral for Japan, Fukuhara Izumi. She belongs to the Aikoku Shishidan as well.


Command Points: 450

Recruitment: He will only join you if you accepted Japanization plan.

Skill: "Support Group" - HP recovery +20%

Level 0

Stats + 10%
Stats + 10%
Stats + 10%
Stats + 10%

Growth rate +2%


  • Taira Eiichi may be based on Tōyama Mitsuru, a Right Wing political leader who established a secret Nationalist Society during the events of World War II.
  • The untranationalist group the 'Aikoku Shishidan' is likely a parody of the group that backed Tōyama Mitsuru. These financial groups were called zaibatsu.