TADA is the Executive Vice President of Champion Soft Co. Ltd. (Alice Soft). (See Here)


  • Vice President of Alicesoft, his real name is Kazufumi Tada.
  • He joined as a programmer in the early days and went on to write the scenarios behind Little Princess and Little Vampire.
  • In 1989, he co-wrote the first Rance game, this is seen as an event that helped shape the modern eroge industry.
  • While he started off more involved with the writing, he later moved on to business administration and company management, the last game he helped write was Kichikuou Rance.

He's the director of most Rance games, the chief of the Game developing department, and is also responsible for marketing "Alicesoft" brand.

As of July 2010, he stated that he will retire from his position and left those task to HIRO, and will focus on making Rance games. He always draws in Microsoft Paint pieces of questionable quality. His drawings sometimes appear as joke enemies and sometimes as bonus Super Boss fights.

Personal Life[]

People in the office call him King Hanny, and he is obsessed with girls wearing glasses, he is known to shout "Moe!" when seeing a cute character in glasses.

He is a huge pre-WW2 military fanatic, he loves battleships and tanks, and implements them into his work.
The character Hornet in the Rance series is named after the Hornet Aircraft Carrier.