Sword Combat is a skill level that represents the skill and talent an individual possess to wield a sword for combat purposes. A person versed in the art of the sword. 

This is a common skill for soldiers, adventurers, and mercenaries, since swords are common weapon due to their efficiency in simplicity. With a lengthened blade fitted into the top of a handle, with many varying designs and kinds, the Sword remains one of the most popular weapons. Most swords however tend to rust and wear down over time, which is why warriors tend to change swords fairly often. 

JAPANese have a different type of sword called katana, which was also imported to the mainland. It is characterized by its distinctive shape, being curved, slender and single-edged blade with a circular or squared guard and long grip to accommodate two hands. 

Since the sword is the most popular weapon of choice, the strongest swordsmen tend to be among the world's most powerful fighters.

Sword Combat as a Skill Level[]

As a skill level, having a Lv0 skill in Sword Combat is fairly common, since most people can pick a sword and wield one to a decent degree for self-defense.

With a Sword Combat Lv1 skill, a warrior is considerably stronger. A human with such skill could reach an above average rank in the military or become a more than a competent adventurer, but it also varies wildly depending on each individual. 

A Sword Combat Lv2 skill is a lot more rare. They can employ unique skills that tend to be powerful enough to decimate several foes with one wave of the sword, and their strength tends to grant them fame and praise. As proof of this, the strongest fighters in JAPAN, Helman and Leazas, possess this skill level.

A Sword Combat Lv3 is absurdly rare. Only one case is know and is the Emperor Fujiwara Ishimaru, but it remains unknown how strong he was, yet it is well known that he was one of the strongest humans in history though.

Unique Famous Swords[]

  • Byroad: Rick Addison's weapon of choice. Byroad is an enchanted sword that is passed down to every general of the red army of Leazas. However, it is a ceremonial sword, so it isn't really a strong blade. But it's also a magical sword that can extend, making Rick's unique ability more effective. It also doesn't rust or wear down like regular swords.
  • Shiranui: Hubert Lipton's weapon of choice. Shiranui is an enchanted blade, gifted to him by his father Thoma Lipton. It has the unique ability to increase its power based on the fighting spirit of the user. Incredibly powerful when taken to the limit. It was destroyed during the Helman Revolution.
  • Chaos: A legendary sword capable of destroying the invincibility field that protects Dark Lords. However, it is known as the Corrupted or Demonic Sword because it can take control of its user and manipulate them. One needs to have a strong will to be immune to Chaos' possession but even then it's a very obnoxious sword and most wouldn't want to wield it anyway. Rance is its wielder since his personality is very similar to Chaos'.
  • Nikkou: A legendary sword capable of destroying the invincibility field that protects Dark Lords. Shaped like a JAPANese katana. Unlike Chaos, Nikkou is known as a Holy Sword because it's been wielded by Heroes many time to repel Dark Lords. Kentarou Ogawa is its current wielder.
  • Escude: The ultimate sword, created by Supreme God Planner to give humanity an advantage against the Demon King. Escude becomes more powerful depending on human mortality. The more humans die, the stronger the sword becomes. If most humans are dead, the sword can even strike down Demon Kings and even Gods, but humanity must be reduced to absurdly low numbers for the latter to happen.

Known Users[]

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