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Sushinu the Gandhi
Japanese スシヌ・ザ・ガンジー
Romanization sushinu za ganjī
Race Human
Age / Birth LP0007/16 years old
Sex Female
Ht. / Wt. 153 cm / ??
Status Alive
Class Zeth Princess
World The Continent
Affiliation Zeth, Rance's Children, El Party
Level limit
Skill levels Magic Lv3 (?)
Appeared in Rance X


Sushinu the Gandhi is the child between Rance and Magic the Gandhi. She is the princess of Zeth.

Personal History[]

During the same year as her birth, the catastrophic invasion of monsters to the Human Realm orchestrated by the most powerful Dark Lord Kayblis led to the start of the Second Dark Lord War. While Sushinu was initially under the protection of Zeth, after the United Human Army was established with Rance as its head, she was instead moved to her father's home at Rance Castle along with her siblings, where the main headquarters of the United forces of Humanity had settled following the unification. In the castle she was under the care of Tokugawa Sen in a special room designed to function as the children's nursery, and she remained there for the entirety of the war to ensure her protection.

In the year RA07 the Demon King's eldest daughter, Reset Kalar, put together a plan to unite all of Rance's kids at a New Years Party. Sushinu attended along with her mother, meeting for the first time with some of her siblings like Dark Rance, Rangi from JAPAN, Lelikov from Helman, and a few others. It would become a regular occasion for the children to socialize, and their parents could discuss state affairs at the same time. An invitation was also extended to Demon King Rance, but he never once attended. At one point during one of these meetings, Sushinu accidentally caused an incident with her brother Zance, prince of Leazas. While playing in the garden of the castle, Zance convinced Sushinu to use her magic to pick an apple from a tall tree but, being in possession of tremendous magical power that couldn't control at the time, she accidentally exerted a powerful magical force that left her brother grievously injured. His mother, Queen Lia, was so enraged by this incident that it nearly ended in all-out war between the two kingdoms, but her rage soothed down after Zance's life was confirmed to be out of danger.

By RA11, she was kidnapped by a murderous cult, but was saved before she could be sacrificed.

Personality and Appearance[]

Sushinu has brown eyes, short brown hair and wears glasses. Since she is still a Magic school student, she wears Zeth Magic school uniform.

Sushinu is very timid, afraid of meeting people she is unfamiliar with. Her introvert nature was exacerbated by her fear of unable to control her magic power and hurting others. This is due in part to an incident where she accidentally injured her brother Zance and nearly caused a war between Leazas and Zeth trying to get an apple using her magic. Once finding someone she can trust, she is very dependent on that person and requires constant reassuring feedback.

Sushinu developed a fear of large cities after she was kidnapped by a cult.

Like her mother, she loves comics and will spend days at a time reading them. She is a bit embarrassed about this due to Zance teasing her and Magic giving her stares.


With her infinite level cap and Magic Lv3 skill, Sushinu's magic potential surpasses even her grandfather's, Anise's and her sisters, Mix and Reset.




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