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Super! Here I am!

—Super Hanny

Super Hanny
Japanese スーパーハニー
Romanization sūpā hanī
Race Haniwa
Sex Male
Class Monster
World The Continent
Strength High
Appeared in Rance III, Toushin Toshi II, Dungeons & Dolls, Persiom, Rance 03, Rance VI, Rance IX, Evenicle 2



The Super Hanny is a sub-class of the Haniwa race, highly regarded as one of the most powerful types of Hannies in The Continent. Their size and form is similar to that of the common Hanny but of a glowing yellow color, as well as possessing a stylish "S" on their chests which stands for "Super!". This is a weird and unusual form that it is believed is achieved through a radiation that sometimes occurs after exposure to Golden Haniwa. Super Hannies are not seen in human settlements, and they're sometimes found in dungeons with other monsters or serving as the personal guard of the Hanny King. They're very proud of their strength and status, boasting about their form among their fellow lower Hannies with dignity and pride.


Super Hannies are extremely powerful combatants, classified among the strongest monsters in the world. Their power surpasses any other class of Hanny aside from a few uniques. There is no doubt that they are just as super as they appear. Unlike other members of their race, they don't wield any weaponry and instead rely on simple tackles, but as their physical strength is very high they hardly need anything else. Upon mutating they gained unique properties like flight, as well as the ability to perform the Super Hanny Flash, a modified and deadlier version of the trademark skill of the race the Hanny Flash. Their Super Flash is a very lethal attack, capable of ignoring the enemy's defenses and inflict extremely high damage. They also possess the Absolute Magic Immunity inherent on all the Haniwa, further increasing their danger. All these things make of the Super Hannies feared enemies, and few adventurers would be capable of defeating them in battle, especially if they fight in groups.