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How long are you gonna stand around here? You're annoying me, so leave! Would you like me to call some monsters again then? Hmm?

—Summon-chan, threatening Rance.

Japanese 召喚ちゃん
Romanization Shōkan-chan
Race Monster
Sex Female
Class Gal Monster
World The Continent
Strength ☆☆
Appeared in Rance 4.1


Summon-chan has the unique ability of summoning monsters to fight for her.

Summon-chan is a Rare Gal Monster that works under Archibald for the extremist Monster Protectionists Group, the Angel Army. She's very loyal, dedicated and devoted to the group, especially to its leader, Archibald. Being of the Rare type, means she's the only Summon-chan Gal Monster in the world, an extremely rare one of a kind type that is only born once. Due to this, she has the unique and terrifying ability of summoning other monsters at will by using special magic of her own. 

She made appearance in Rance 4.1, where she took a mission from the Angel Army to summon countless monsters from a dungeon below the factories of Happiness Pharmaceuticals in order to attack the Drugs Company, which the extremist Group believed to be evil. Thanks to her summoning ability, many monsters started emerging from the subsoil of the Factory, forcing them to seal it with a powerful door to avoid the Monsters from coming out of the Factory. The Company set a reward of to get rid of the monsters, which lured many adventurers to get the price, however, due to the infinite number of monsters she summons, many adventurers ended up dying in the dangerous dungeon, which led the Company to be forced to raise the reward to the obscene value of 150,000 GOLD.


During the events of the game, she was found by a few talented adventurers that were trying to complete the job to earn the reward, such as Genri, Bird Lithfie, Kisara Copri and Rance, but none of them were capable of defeating Summon-chan in a direct encounter. Eventually, only Rance managed to take her down by assaulting her from behind from another secret location before giving her the chance to summon monsters. Rance was very mad at her for all the trouble she brought to him and the way she baited him. As revenge, he forced her to masturbate in front of him and then raped her after he covered her mouth and folded her to prevent her from summoning. After he was done, he kicked her out of the dungeon and told her to never come back without taking her life. The mission was successful as the plague of monsters under the offices were effectively suppressed with her gone.

Personality and Appearance[]


Despite her seemingly charming looks, her personality is very obnoxious and nasty, showing little concern towards others. She was the one that summoned countless monsters in the dungeon below the Happiness Pharmaceuticals Factory, taking the lives of many adventurers with little mercy or regret. She's a very bad-mannered and rude girl as well, talking in a very fierce way.

She doesn't like humans aside from the ones from the Angel Army because she's actually scared of them, probably since Gal Monster are typically hunted and sold by humans, but she usually hides her fear towards them by acting violently and forceful, summoning monsters and openly mocking them due to their inability to reach her. She ridiculed and bad-mouthed Rance several times before being caught by surprise by him. She usually acts tough in front of humans but, as long as she's in a vulnerable position, her true colors come out and reveal a more nervous and fearful side. She's a prudish and easily embarrassed girl, but she's very scared of dying or getting hurt and she will do anything to avoid it.

Despite the way she's towards humans, Summon-chan is actually a pretty pleasant and delightful girl to those she likes. Her true personality is more cheerful and caring with those she values. Strangely, she's deeply in love with a Power Gorilla called "Sudou" and often fancies with him. When Rance forced her to masturbate in front of him, she was completely immersed in her fantasy with Sudou and completely forgot about the fact that Rance was watching.



Summon-chan has an incredibly powerful ability, having the unique power of summoning monsters to fight at her side and follow her orders. She usually summons Guy Monsters and sometimes Hannies, always in groups and outnumbering their opponents. The Level of the monsters she summons isn't too high and a group of adventurers can defeat one of her Summoned Parties without too much trouble, however, her ability is seemingly limitless, as she's able to consecutively keep summoning monsters to no end and without showing any sign of distress or exhaustion. Due to this, adventurers are always forced to retreat once they are over-powered by the monsters due to lack of stamina. A more experienced adventurer like Rance could quickly tell that trying to fight her directly would be futile due to the infinite number of monsters she can summon, and chose to retreat despite his irritation, proving the amazing power Summon-chan possesses.

Despite this great ability, Summon-chan is incredibly weak in direct combat. Even without comparing it to her Summoning Ability, her physical abilities are very poor, and she would quickly go down against any regular adventurer if she fought on her own. Furthermore, she's prone to panic when facing an unexpected situation and her confidence quickly falls apart. Her summoning ability is also limited when she's incapable of talking, as the spell to Summon Monsters require her to chant it, so mouth-folding her will render her special skill nullified completely.