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Strawberries, Seeds (いちご, 種, ichigo, tane) is a short story featuring characters from Alicesoft's Rance Series included in the fifth issue of the company's irregular fan magazine Hanihon. Taking place entirely in Rance's home in the Free City of Ice, it centers around Sill Plain's efforts to prepare a batch of strawberries that satisfy her master's picky eating habits.



  “Master Rance, I bought some strawberries. They’re red, sweet, and delicious-looking.”

The noren jangled as Sill brought out a bowl of glossy red strawberries, freshly-washed from the kitchen.

  “Mm. But…”

  “Is something wrong?”

  “I don’t like all the little bits.”

Rance stared at the strawberry seeds.

  “Strawberries are pretty good, though… Hey, Sill, take the bits out.”

  “You… you mean… these?”

Sill also stared at the seeds. 

  “What? Got a problem with that? *glare*” 

  “*sniff*... I understand.”

With a fruit knife in hand, Sill did her best to pick out each and every strawberry seed. 

  *plipliplipliplipliplip* *plipliplipliplipliplip* *plipliplipliplipliplip* *plipliplipliplipliplip* *plipliplipliplipliplip* *plipliplipliplipliplip* *plipliplipliplipliplip* *plipliplipliplipliplip*×∞

  “Master Rance… I did it!”

Sill placed the pile of mangled strawberries in front of Rance.

  “Hmph. Took you long enough.”

  “Ah… I’m sorry… So, um… do they taste good?"

  “...They’re clammy. Is it because you were touching them all day while you took the seeds out? They almost feel like flesh… It’s kinda gross.”


Early the next morning.

Sill was de-seeding strawberries again. With a fruit knife in hand, she did her best to pick out each and every seed.

  *plipliplipliplipliplip* *plipliplipliplipliplip* *plipliplipliplipliplip* *plipliplipliplipliplip* *plipliplipliplipliplip* *plipliplipliplipliplip* *plipliplipliplipliplip* *plipliplipliplipliplip*×∞

  “Haah… That should be good. Now to put these in the fridge, and…”

Sill began preparing breakfast.

  “Um… Would you like some strawberries, Master Rance? I’ve taken the bits out.”

  “I don’t wanna eat fleshy strawberries.”

  “No, not this time.”

Sill took out a pile of seedless strawberries from the refrigerator.

  “I’ve made sure to keep them chilled.”

  “Ooh, nice work. Let’s see… *munch munch*”

  *ba-dum ba-dum*

  “Yep, no bits alright. And they’re cold. *munch munch*”


  “But… Something’s off.”


  “Strawberries are kinda bland without the bits in ‘em.”


  “Yeah, gimme some with the bits still in.”

Rance squashed the seedless strawberries and handed them back to Sill.

  “Uh… That isn’t… There aren’t any more… I made them all seedless…”

  “Whaaaaaaaaat!? How dare you, a slave, not prepare what your master wants!”


Rance flipped the table over.

  “*sniff*… I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”

  “Shut up, you’re getting a spanking! I’ll try out all the new sex toys I just got in the mail! Gahahaha!”


Rance dragged Sill to the bedroom to do the usual erotic stuff.



Story Tori
Art Orion