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Demon King Ssulal...thoughtfully cautious, she was the weakest Demon King in history. Even so, she is not someone that can be taken lightly.

—Crook, on Ssulal

Japanese スラル
Romanization suraru
Race Demon King, Human (former)
Age / Birth 500
Sex Female
Status Deceased
Class Demon King
World The Continent
Affiliation Monster Realm
Level limit
Skill levels Demon King Lv1 (?), Magic Lv2 (?)
Appeared in Rance X: Part 2


Ssulal was the 3rd Demon King of the Planner Scenario, the system created to bring destruction and despair to the protagonist race of the continent. She was the first Human Demon King, personally appointed by Supreme God Planner after the human race was created by Roven-Pan to serve as the new main players of the world.

As she was the Demon King during the earliest period of humanity following their creation, her existence as the protagonist race's ultimate enemy wasn't as universally feared as it is today. Furthermore, because her bloodlust wasn't as intense as that of other Demon Kings, satiating it didn't require large scale rampages of destruction and whenever she craved for blood she merely sent her subordinates to hunt some humans to serve as her meals. Nonetheless, word of her presence was still spread over the continent and she became known as "The Queen of Monsters". Because of her reputation as an enemy of mankind, numerous warriors attempted to take her down, though the majority of them didn't get too far. Sometime during the century of the years SS200 a legendary Insect User named Galtia managed to repel attacks from her forces multiple times. Fascinated by his incredible talent, Ssulal turned him into her guardian Dark Lord instead after she managed to charm the gluttonous Galtia with food.

In the year SS300 Ssulal, who was concerned over her personal safety, spent some time researching about the Gods and managed to find a way to meet with Supreme God Planner. She put forward her idea, that the Demon King and Dark Lords should have an "Invincibility Field", a skin-tight barrier that cannot be pierced by conventional weaponry, thus shielding the more frail members of the Antagonist Race from physical harm. Planner obliged, but the Invincibility Field came at a price; Demon Kings would no longer have an eternal lifespan, instead serving a fixed term of 1000 years before having to choose a successor. Additionally, in order to give the Protagonist Race a chance to fight back against an otherwise invincible enemy, the Hero System was created, which would grant a chosen one human the ability to become more powerful the more human beings die. On that same year, the Gods also established the Human Administration framework, which places the 1st Class Goddess ALICE in charge of manipulating human society through a religion named the AL Church.

On the year SS500 because Ssulal was the prototype for the new arrangement in the Demon King's system her term was cut short and ended after a mere 500 years instead of the agreed 1000, when she suddenly melted into the Blood Pool and was never seen again. Following her sudden death, Planner appointed Nighcisa to serve as her successor.

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During the events of Rance X: Part 2, Ssulal manifests during the final battle when Blood Memories uses past recollections to imitate the fighting style of the previous Demon Kings. Rance comments that he finds her cute and that it's a shame that he wasn't around during the time she lived.

Personality and Appearance[]

Phyiscally, Ssulal was not too different from a normal human being. She was a rather petite young woman with pale skin, a short white hair and red eyes with some traces of green (which might mean that her eyes were originally green and became red after her transformation). She also had larger canine teeth than common humans, but that is due to the vampiric nature inherent to the Demon King.

Ssulal was an extremely intelligent individual centuries ahead of any other rational creature in the continent. Instead of fighting, she followed through on intellectual pursuits, studying methods to keep herself safe from harm and researching about many different topics. She had an extensive knowledge of the world's structure but she was extremely concerned over her personal safety. She was a very cautious woman who relied a lot on her subordinates to do any work that could be even slightly dangerous to her, as well as being constantly on the lookout for powerful individuals that could serve as her bodyguards. Despite this, she was seemingly beloved by her subordinates, with both Galtia and Kesselring remembering her fondly and seeing her as their one true master even to this day. Funnily enough, it's implied that she might have been somewhat eccentric, as she would give her most important subordinates unique titles based on their abilities and refer to them exclusively by it (in a similar manner to Miracle Tou), with Galtia's title being "The Lord of Beasts" and Kesselring's "The Lord of the Night".

Beyond her usual studies, Ssulal was apparently quite fond of cooking, and it seems like she would regularly cook for her Dark Lords. However, it is implied that her cooking skills were dreadful, being Galtia's unusual palate the only one that managed to find it appealing.



Ssulal was the weakest Demon King in history and was described as being quite frail and delicate. Much like her predecessor Avel, she preferred indirect approaches when dealing with her enemies and largely relied on her subordinates to guard her. However, while her strength is on a lower scale when compared to other Demon Kings, Ssulal still held a considerable amount of power and stood above 2nd Class Gods in strength. In battle she possessed a defensive fighting style, employing a large number of barriers and other defensive techniques, as well as powerful healing powers. Her trademark attack was called Solid Blood, an ability capable of piercing through the armours and barriers of her opponents to inflict damage directly much like the dreaded Hanny Flash.

By far her most notable skill was her extraordinary intellect, which allowed her to devise the invincibility field for the antagonist race, a power that proved to be instrumental and extremely useful on the millennia that followed her reign and allowed her successors to act with a freedom and temerity they otherwise wouldn't have been able to. Additionally, purely through her own individual research, she managed to find a way to contact with Supreme God Planner, something that is almost completely unheard of in the entire history of the continent.

SS - Ssulal's Era[]


  • AV721/SS000 - Roven-Pan completes his next Protagonist Race, humanity.
  • SS001 - Ssulal is made into the Demon King by Planner. Because she was the weakest Demon King her bloodlust was also the least intense, making her era less chaotic than usual.
  • SS2?? - Ssulal hears stories of an amazing insect user named Galtia. She finds him and makes him into a Dark Lord.
  • SS300 - The intelligent but frail Ssulal seeks to make her body invulnerable to attack. She seeks the assistance of Planner, who grants her the Invincibility Field in exchange for her eternal life.
  • SS420 - Kesselring Kalar is transformed into a Dark Lord, becoming a man in the process. Ssulal asks him to become her knight and Kesselring loyally obliges.
  • SS500 - Although she was meant to live for 1000 years, she died after 500 as she was the prototype of the newer system. Her body was swallowed up by a pool of blood and she was never seen again.
    • Nighcisa is appointed by Planner as the new Demon King.

Known Dark Lords Created: Galtia, Kesselring Kalar.

Preceded by: Demon King Avel

Succeeded by: Demon King Nighcisa


  • Hidden in the game files of Rance X there's a finished yet unused "nude portrait" of Ssulal despite it not being present at any point in the main game.
    • In said nude portrait Ssulal is seen blushing and covering herself, which suggests that she might have been somewhat prudish.
  • According to Orion, the Rance Series lead artist, Ssulal's hobbies included exploring archaeological sites and creating medicines and literature.



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