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Spear Combat is a skill level that represents the talent and natural skill one possesses in the fight with long ranged melee weapons, including staffs, lances, harpoons, spears and pole weapons in general. 

Spears consist of a shaft, usually of wood, with a pointed head. The head is usually sharpened and made of durable materials like steel, iron and, sometimes, a sharped stone. It is one of the most basic weapons since it's very easy to make, and also wielded often by those inexperienced in combat due to the safety of the range it provides, the low resources required to make, and the fact that it's a weapon easy to pick up and use decently. However, in the right hand is a weapon just as powerful as any sword, if not better. This type of weapon however has the disadvantage to be hard to use for defensive purposes and requires the wielder to keep at range or have a good evasion.

Those with a Spear Combat Lv1 skill can show displays of great agility and strength. They tend to be either footsoldier that push back the enemies while protecting their allies, or strong combatants iconic for their aggressive stance resulted from massive speed and offense.

Individuals with Spear Combat Lv2 skill can take their skills even further and make extremely powerful fighters. However, they do tend to be overshadowed by Swordsmen due to not being as balanced fighters.

Known Users[]

Spear Combat Lv2[]

Spear Combat Lv1[]


  • Bizarrely, almost every character known to possess the Spear Combat skill comes from JAPAN, with only four characters from other parts of the world having it. This may simply be because spear users are more common in JAPAN than they are anywhere else on the Continent.