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The Marishiten Assassination Brigade never fails. Wait a little while and we'll deliver that guy's head straight to you.

—Spartan, confident that his group would succeed in killing Rance.

Japanese スパルタン
Romanization suparutan
Race Human
Sex Male
Class Warrior
World The Continent
Affiliation Marishiten Assassination Brigade, Angel Army
Level limit 39
Skill levels Hammer Combat Lv1 (?)
Appeared in Rance 4.2


Spartan is a member of the Marishiten Assassination Brigade. He is a large and muscular man with a brutish appearance.


Spartan is a gruff and arrogant fighter.

He is a loud and rowdy man who is very arrogant and prideful of his physical strength, claiming to be the strongest man in the world. He takes a great amount of joy in fighting strong opponents to prove his strength and dislikes losing. He seems to be unintelligent, as he accidentally gave away the identity of his employer to his assassination target. In general, he appears to be the kind of person who acts before thinking.

He and his coworkers were hired by the Angel Army in Rance 4.2 to defeat Rance, who was threatening to destroy the organization. Spartan was the first of the group to confront Rance's party, where he proved himself to be extremely overconfident in the ease with which he could defeat them and was ultimately defeated. He later attacked the group again, this time aided by his allies Dangerous Bravo and Jofuka, but once again lost. While it is possible for him to die in battle during gameplay, Spartan, along with the rest of Marishiten's group, canonically survived the encounter and are still active at present.


Spartan Battler

A large man with a sturdy body, Spartan possesses great physical strength and is capable of sustaining large amounts of damage before falling. His strength is further enhanced by his fairly high level cap of 39, which is the second highest of the group after Marishiten's, giving him a greater amount of potential. He also possesses a Hammer Combat Lv1 skill.

In combat, Spartan utilizes a large hammer on a chain to smash his foes. While his attacks are highly damaging, they lack finesse and are fairly easy to avoid, ironically likely making him the weakest member of the group despite his great strength.

Spartan is also capable of working together with his allies to great effect. When he, Dangerous Bravo and Jofuka all fight at once, they compensate for each others' weaknesses with their own strengths and become much more difficult to defeat.