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Hello, poor people. My name is Sparn.

—Sparn introducing himself to the player.

Japanese スパーン
Romanization Supān
BBA Sparn face.png
Race Human
Sex Male
World Japan (Daibanchou)
Affiliation Wolf Fang
Appeared in Big Bang Age


Sparn is the owner of Hawaii, an independent island region. Prior to the events of Big Bang Age, Sparn and his younger brother Spaparn were poor men, just barely scraping by every day. However, never giving up hope and inspired by his favorite book "The Record of Hawaii's War", Sparn travels to Hawaii where he starts robbing tourists coming to the region to make money. Then, one day, Sparn struck oil in Hawaii. With his newfound wealth, Sparn buys the island and starts having a luxurious lifestyle.

Sparn proceeds to buy everything he's ever wanted, but he still wants one thing: an elf. After Zanma Rouga and Zanma Gou discover the World Tree in Forestland, where the elves live, the media begins to flock to the region to report on the newly found tribe. Sparn sees the reports on TV and proceeds to travel to Forestland where he runs into Sonnet, an elf girl. Sparn knocks her out, picks her up and takes her to Hawaii. There, Sparn rapes Sonnet and forces her to become his wife and sexslave.

After this, it's possible for Rouga to meet with Sparn and convince him to join Wolf Fang. Sparn agrees, but only on the condition he's allowed to bring Sonnet with him. Rouga accepts, though he does question the relationship between Sonnet and Sparn.

After a while, Rouga notices how Sonnet is starting to look sickly. Sonnet explains that it's because she's gone from Forestland for so long and that despite Sparn forcing her to take tons of medicine, she isn't getting any better. Rouga tells her that she should go back, but Sonnet believes Sparn won't allow her. A little while later, Sonnet dies.

Despite her recent death, Sparn immediately bounces back and proceeds to corner various young women around Japan at night, drags them into an alleyway, forces them into elf outfits and hypnotizes them to make them believe they are elves. Then he forces them to come with him, where they are never seen again. However, if Kuga Kyouichirou is stationed alongside Sparn, he'll step in to protect the girl, which prompts Sparn to leave Wolf Fang.

After the events of Big Bang Age, Sparn decides to go on a journey to Europe, which according to Sparn is the home of the elves. Afterwards, a dynasty is born in a small European country, likely caused by Sparn's visit there. Nothing else is known about these events.

Personality and Appearance[]

Sparn is a loud brutish man who only cares for himself and willingly sacrifices others to suit his needs. He's not above kidnapping and raping women if they appeal to him. Sparn generally lazes about on the island he purchased eating expensive meals and sipping his tropical drinks. The owner of the hotel he stays at frequently tries to appeal to Sparn to pay attention to Hawaii's needs and step up as the owner of the island, but Sparn continues not to care. Even after Wolf Fang takes control of the island, Sparn continues his luxurious lifestyle as if nothing happened.

Sparn considers himself a great hero and a knight defending Hawaii. His favorite anime 'The Flames of Departure' inspired Sparn to create his own flames of departure whenever he leaves. Thus, when he sets out to Forestland to get himself an elf he burns down the hotel with gasoline, despite the hotel owner pleading with him not to. Similarly, after kidnapping Sonnet, Sparn also sets fire to the part of the forest she lives at.

Because of his personality, Sparn is not liked by almost anyone he's seen interacting with. Sonnet is afraid to speak up against him in fear of being hurt. Rouga had to hold himself back to punch Sparn after hearing that Sonnet died. Kyouichirou does not allow Sparn to hynotize and kidnap an innocent girl. And the hotel owner of Hawaii has issues with how Sparn treats the island. The only person who does not appear to dislike Sparn is his younger brother Spaparn.

Sparn has black hair, hazel eyes and remarkably sharp-looking teeth. Sparn is always seen with an evil looking expression. For his outfit Sparn wears pink body armor with a high collar and gold buttons. He also wears a grass skirt around his waist, bright orange sandals and blue gloves. Around his neck he wears a white cape and a necklace made of flowers. He fights using a longsword with a gold hilt.


Sparn is a decently powerful mid-range fighter. He attacks enemies by approaching them and hitting them with an overhead swing with his sword.

Sparn's special ability "Trouble Maker" causes all allies stationed with him in the same region to lose loyalty faster. This negative abillity further showcases Sparn's relationships with others.


  • Sparn's name and some of his likeness is based on Parn, the main protagonist of the fantasy novel franchise Record of Lodoss War.
  • The book that inspires Sparn to go to Hawaii "The Record of Hawaii's War", is also based on Record of Lodoss War.
  • Some of Sparn's articles of clothing are from or often associated with the American state of Hawaii, which the Big Bang Age region is also named after. These articles of clothing are the grass skirt and the flower necklace, called a lei.
  • Sparn's younger brother Spaparn looks and dresses similar to Sparn, but looks and acts much kinder than him.
  • Sparn appears somewhat aware of the player. He introduces himself to the player and explains what happened in his life to get to where he is, but then remarks "By the way... who am I talking to? Afterwards he immediately disregards his statement.
  • A lot of Sparn's attributes are similar to Rance. Both have similar hair and teeth, both are loud and brutish, both consider themselves a hero, both are willing to sacrifice others to better themselves and both have slaves (although Sparn calls Sonnet his wife). However, Rance is actually liked by a large amount of characters whereas Sparn is always disliked or feared.