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Souzou Masou
Japanese 魔想惣造
Romanization Masō Sōzō
Race Human
Sex Male
Status Deceased
Class Mage
World The Continent
Affiliation Zeth, Free Cities Alliance
Appeared in Rance II (PC88 version only)
Mentioned in Kichikuou Rance, Rance VI


Souzou Masou was the father of Shizuka Masou.

A gifted young mage from Zeth, Souzou was one of the ten students chosen by the legendary witch Mysteria Tou to study under her at a special cram school in order to find a worthy successor. During this time, Souzou met and fell in love with his classmate Athmaze and formed a fierce rivalry with Chenezale do Ragarl.

Of Mysteria's ten students, Souzou was the most talented in the Magic Arts, but was still considered by Mysteria to be too weak to be a worthy successor, causing her to deem the school a failure and close it down.

Following the closing of the school, Souzou married Athmaze, which angered Ragarl, who was also in love with her, to the point of insanity. Jealous of the happy couple, Ragarl began to stalk Athmaze at all times in order to make sure that his nemesis was unable to ever be alone with her. Fearing for his wife's safety, Souzou took Athmaze out of Zeth to live in a remote village in the Free Cities Alliance. The couple lived in relative peace for a year and had a child together. Their happiness was short lived, however, as Ragarl, who had spent the year searching for their location, arrived at their village and challenged Souzou to a duel to the death. Souzou reluctantly accepted Ragarl's challenge in order to save his wife and daughter, but as Ragarl had augmented his own body to increase his magical power and Souzou was out of practice, he lost the encounter and was killed in front of his wife, who was promptly raped and kidnapped by Ragarl.

Souzou's death left an important legacy for several characters. His daughter Shizuka's discovery of his death at the hands of Ragarl is what motivated her to abuse the power of the Phil Rings during the Kathtom Incident in an attempt to gain enough power to travel back in time to prevent it, and continued to drive the majority of her actions up until her confrontation with Ragarl during the events of Rance VI. The discovery of Souzou's daughter, meanwhile, caused Ragarl to train his own daughter with Athmaze in magic with the intention of eventually having her kill Shizuka to prove that his blood was stronger than his rival's.


Souzou was an extremely talented mage whose natural ability caused him to be one of only ten students picked to study under Mysteria Tou, meaning he was recognized as one of the strongest mages of his generation. Due to studying under Mysteria, Souzou was capable of performing several incredibly powerful and forbidden magic spells that not even the strongest mages in Zeth were aware of, making him a dangerous foe.

While his Level Cap and Skill Levels are unknown, his ability to consistently outperform Ragarl, who possessed a Magic Lv2 skill and was considered to be one of the strongest mages in Zeth suggests that Souzou had similarly excellent potential, which is further supported by his daughter's own natural talents.

Despite his great strength and talent, however, Souzou's abilities were considered insufficient by Mysteria, who rejected taking him on as a successor. As Mysteria was intentionally trying to find a person with a Magic Lv3 skill level, it can be assumed that Souzou had Magic Lv2.