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Unit Description[]

A strong-minded girl that loves fighting.

Her commanding ability is extremely low, and all she does is charge, so her unit's power as a whole is very subpar.

As an individual, she's good at searching dungeons.

Has no special skills.


  • You start with her, but shortly lose her. To reobtain her, you must conquer Volgo Z before LP 3/8/3.



"She's been my woman since I took over the thieves.

She's got problematic things about her like how she loves killing people, but she's cute, so whatever.

I like the wild sex!" -Rance


  • If call her in the harem twice. You'll then receive a letter from Bound as a random start-of-turn event. After that, visit the library until you get an event involving Maria, then visit the Thief`s Hideout and recruit him.
  • After you obtain Bound, there will be a series of beginning of turn events where Soul gets a boyfriend. After that, she will be on her happy ending.
  • Her unhappy ending is obtained by not conquering Volgo Z in time.


  • Has the 'thief' unit type, which is the cheapest when buying reinforcements. Can become a decent meat shield, relatively cheaply, if you reinforce her with a large troop size.
  • If deployed with Bound Less, both Bound and Soul will receive the "surging with power" bonus, which can randomly increase the attack or defense values of their troops by up to 2 points.