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Japanese ソラ
Romanization sora
Race Human
Sex Female
Status Alive
World World of Eve
Affiliation Eden
Appeared in Evenicle
Oola mayta potten kororin, pattara piro riro, nya nya nya!

—Level-up Chant


Sora is a "level-up person" living in the town of Stallion, in the Kingdom of Eden. She works personally with Aster, levelling up him and his party, though he knew very little about her at the start of his journey, as she does her job remotely using a series of speakers and magic receivers, or via single-use Level Shop Summon Tickets. To help encourage repeat customers, she feigned her appearance using photos of her older sister, Mifa.

Sora's ultimate ambition is to become a Level Goddess, but to do so she has to get a great deal of clients. She and Aster have a strong rapport now that they have met in person, but Sora does not want to get married, and would rather start a relationship with Aster when she becomes a goddess and is no longer bound by Mother Eve's blessing.


As a "level-up person," Sora can level up anyone who has sufficient experience points, but can only do so in person or with the help of magic receivers.

Sora is also something of a minor con artist, both with her clients and with her sister.


  • Sora can be seen as an analogue to Rance's personal level goddess, Willis, who debuted as a human being and ascended to godhood. Sora's commentary on the need for speakers and magic receivers to deal with remote clients could be seen as a commentary on why Alicesoft needed to make Willis a goddess in the Rance series.
  • Sora appears to be accompanied by several egg-shaped Dragon Balls, from the series of the same name. Unlike the actual Dragon Balls, Sora's eggs seem to have duplicate star patterns.