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Snake Crest

The Snake Crest was a secret, Outlaw conspiracy in the World of Eve, with the stated goal of bringing humanity to war, an almost unthinkable concept due to the restrictions of Mother Eve's blessing. While "war" served as a general catch-all for the organization's motives, each member had their own individual motivations, with little desire to work together, and some did not even care about the intended war as more than a side-effect of their own goals.

The First Incarnation[]

Most details about the first incarnation of the Snake Crest are unknown. It appears to have been founded by Pope Seydes, who had partially translated the Evenicle and learned enough of the truth about Mother Eve and the Archfiend Adan that it broke his faith. At that point, he began to conspire against the other kingdoms of the world. Later, after meeting up with a young Prince Felton and Millet, who possessed the Black Evenicle, they were able to complete the translation and confirm their findings.

At this stage, the Snake Crest was busy infiltrating, blackmailing and recruiting among the upper echelons of the world's government, and ultimately led to the Arthur Tragedy. During the Tragedy, Ramius and Acheval Dreissen's Zero Knight mother defended several members of the Snake Crest in a battle lust. It is unclear if she was actually a member of the Snake Crest or not. If not, Snake Crest's impact on the actual battle portion of the tragedy was minimal at best.

After the Tragedy, Snake Crest was mostly rooted out, and Seydes went into hiding.

The Second Incarnation[]

In the final stages of the Arthur Tragedy, the Prince Felton recruited Acheval Dreissen to their cause, and recruitments continued over the next five years. The organization moved their operations to Sky Island and the Battleship Digamma, both moving and hidden locations where they could not be tracked. Prince Felton also secretly deposed his father, Emperor Viaries, and took de facto control of the Central Empire.

During the interim years, the Snake Crest began research into Adan's Blood, a narcotic refined from the blood of monsters, created through a joint effort of Jabber Wock and Bolonius. Meanwhile, the government of Central arranged a marriage betwen Felton and Princess Croix of Eden, a woman with a great deal of control over miracle power and considered a reincarnation of Mother Eve.


Refined Adan's Blood

In broad strokes, the Snake Crest's plan in this incarnation was to capture all the governments of the world, often with the help of Adan's Blood. Snake Crest first became public when Rochefort ordered the Siege of Fort Baroroan as a distraction so that he could feign a defence of the bridge between Eden and Lancelot and become a popular politician. Rochefort's long-term plan involved inspiring a revolution over the monarchy of Eden, with the help of President Bors of Lancelot.

Rocinante of the Bigbux Company attempted to manipulate the government of El Quixote into war over Kalar Village as a prelude to Snake Crest's goal of a larger war. Jabber Wock, besides producing Adan's Blood, attempted to addict Queenbelle of Humpty to Adan's Blood to bring her under his thumb. Lastly, Bolonius, in an effort to restore his daugther Ophelia back to life, inadvertantly supplied Snake Crest with a zombie army.

Luckily for the world, Snake Crest's plans were undone at nearly every stage by Asterisk, knight of Eden, and his family. At this point, the organization proceeded with the second stage of their plan: to charge Princess Croix with "miracle energy" via a wedding ritual, and then to addict her to Adan's Blood to control her actions and reshape the world. Secretly, Seydes masterminded a third phase as well, which would give him control over the energy by harvesting the desire of his former leutenants' bodies.

While Aster and his family were able to stop these attempts in the long term, the Seydes' plans had reached such a stage that a new calamity arose in the remains of the Archfiend's Right Arm. There, many members of the Snake Crest had been reborn as "Shadows," which would further hinder any attempts to save the world.

Having lost most of their members in the war in Central, the Snake Crest was essentially dissolved after its administrators were finally defeated.

Notable Members[]