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All living beings with a soul that are born within the Planner Scenario have Levels and Skill Levels set by birth. Skill levels determines the expertise of the person's skill in any given field(which is not the same thing as Levels). While levels are increased the more one trains, skill levels are set in stone by birth, and do not rise or fall.

Nearly everything has skill levels, including daily skills such as cooking and cleaning. One does not have to have skill level to be able to do the task, but the individual will never achieve great expertise in it. For example, majority of people may not have Cooking Lv1, but they can cook just fine. Just not at professional level.

Unlike regular levels, skill levels don't determine how strong someone is or can be but rather how talented they are for that skill. Someone with a Lv2 in Sword Combat is not stronger than someone with Lv1, he's just better at using a sword for combat. It doesn't even mean that the Lv2 user will always win over the Lv1, since levels are the ones that determine one's strength.

Every living being within the Planner Scenario has skill levels, no exception. 


There are three levels to classify Skill Level.

  • Level 1 - Normal skill expertise of a given skill. A professional with said skill.
  • Level 2 - A genius in a skill that astonishes all. Can even make their own unique abilities.
  • Level 3 - Legendary beings. Only a few individuals in history are level 3 and are the best of the best.

Level 1 users are by no means bad, they are professionals that can make use of a skill at a proficient level but shouldn't expect to get any fame from it.

Level 3 users are extremely rare and reserved for the uncontested best. Uesugi Kenshin or Rick Addison for instance are the worlds finest swordmen yet they only have a Sword Combat Lv2 skill. Level 3 users are very rare and tend to be balance breakers due to their insanely high potential, usually revolutionaries in the field, and sometimes even die by excess of their own power.

Typically, only skill levels that are at least Lv1 are listed. Technically, everyone has dozens of Lv0 skill levels, which means an individual is capable of doing the task, but since they don't show any particularly impressive aptitude for it, is almost never listed.

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