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 Appearances In Rance Games[]

Rance 01: Quest for Hikari[]

Acts as a partner to Rance and helps investigate Hikari's disappearance. Ends up getting kidnapped by Lia, who planned to perform erotic torture on her. Rance ends up saving her in the end and punishing Lia for her evil ways.

Rance 02: The Rebellious Maidens[]

Follows Rance into the town of Kathtom which had just been devastated by the Four Witches of Kathtom. She was separated from Rance by accident and was teleported to a fountain area inside of Elenoa Ran's maze. There, she runs into Bird who was in critical condition, and saved him. Feeling grateful for Sill's hospitality, Bird decided to protect and accompany Sill so they could escape the maze together. In the later events of the story, Bird falls in love with Sill and tries to get her to leave Rance for him, but she remains faithful to Rance and helps him with the rest of his quest.

Sill is the main player character for Chapter 3 and Chapter 5, and also participates in the final battle along with Rance and Masou Shizuka.

Rance 03: The Fall of Leazas[]

She and Rance are recruited by Kanami to help save Lia and Leazas from the Helman army. After the fighting she and Rance are sent to Ylapu.

Rance IV: The Legacy of the Sect[]

She gets trapped on Ylapu where she befriends Freoncoise and works at her bar. She is later captured by Toushin Upsilon and is later rescued by Rance and his party. Rance however was traumatized when he thought she was dead.

Rance 4.1/ 4.2[]

To avoid putting her in danger once more after the events on Toushin Upsilon, he decides not to take her on his next quest, and is instead accompanied by Athena 2.0. However she disobeys his orders and follows him in a superhero getup under the name of Pink Mask, keeping an eye on him and saving his life when necessary.

Kichikuou Rance[]

Rance and Sill join up with a group of bandits. When raiding a Helman town, she was captured during an enemy counterattack from a Helman army regiment led by Ruberan. Rance's main motivation in becoming king of Leazas was to reacquire Sill from Helman's heavily guarded borders. Whether he succeeds or not has a huge influence on the game's ending.

Rance 5D[]

Both Rance and Sill got lost in a dungeon, and end up finding Genbu Castle. They enter the cursed grounds and have to find out a way to get back home. Along the way, Rance and Sill are separated a few times.

Sill is a potential member of the party, but can be switched out for Gal Monsters or other companions. Often, she is not present. She can be raised as a Healer or an offensive Mage.

Rance VI: The Collapse of Zeth[]

Rance & Sill are separated as Rance is thrown into a prison in Zeth for being rude to a magic user, while Sill is given VIP treatment due to the fact that she's a mage. Rance plans for revenge against the noble who imprisoned him and joins the Ice Flame movement, while also aiming to gain back Sill as a "minor side quest". She is reunited with Rance after being kidnapped by Abert. Later after she is rescued she is revealed to be one of Rance's fated girls and receives special magical gloves Sillpheed from the Calculator Cube.

Sengoku Rance[]

She follows Rance into JAPAN with the premise of going on a hot spring trip. Later in the game, she jumps in front of a curse from half-Demon King Miki aimed at Rance, and is encased in a block of "eternal ice". As much as Rance tries, he can't break the ice and free Sill. This doesn't happen on any of the IF routes, but they aren't canon.

She is not available as a commander during unit battles as she is part of Rance's unit and heals his troops, but she appears during commander battles and dungeons where she can use her trademark fireblast or use "S Healing", a healing spell that when used on Rance also restores his action points.

Rance Quest[]

She only makes one appearance in this game due to the events of the previous one. Due to being frozen in a block of ice, she isn't a playable character but instead is given a room in Rance Castle for people to visit.

She is freed from the ice at one point by Pastel Kalar when she amplifies her magic ability with a special ring and temporarily lifts the powerful curse, but this was only a temporary measure.

Rance IX: The Helman Revolution[]

Sill will finally be freed from the ice by Crook after all character routes are cleared once. The scene will appear in either the true end CG or from clearing the main route.

Rance X[]

She is killed by Bird. It is later revealed that Sill was still frozen and Crook just created an artificial body for her. 15 years after Rance became the Demon King, she is finally freed from the ice. After Rance returned to being an adventurer, she stayed by his side until the end of their natural lifespans.