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Fire Arrow!

—Sill, in battle.

Unit Description[]

A mage and Rance's slave.

Because she's not only bad at fighting to begin with, but especially bad at squad-based combat, you can't expect much from her.

However, when she's with Rance, she may prove to be more powerful than usual...

Has no special skills.


  • You start with her, but lose her shortly thereafter. To get her back, conquer Volgo Z before LP 4/1/3.
  • To recruit her as a General again, summon her in the harem.
  • Required for:



"My slave, she's been with me for a good while now.

She's cute and she does anything I say. We're really compatible when it comes to sex, too.

Maybe I should make her moan some more tonight." -Rance


  • Any time you talk to her while her unit has less than 50 troops, her unit size will increase by 50 troops.
  • There is a random H-scene with her as a start-of-turn event.
  • Has an H-scene in the S&M Tower.
  • If you call Sill in the harem much more frequently than Lia, she will curse Sill, during which Sill will be removed from the harem and the subordinates list. To uncurse her you must see her events in the merchant screen, harem screen and commander screen (not necessarily in that order), then see another event in the merchant screen. Then bring her to Ho-Raga or Earthy Jiuletta. Whatever Sill is equipped with when she gets cursed will be lost. While Sill is cursed, she can be sold to Purupet where she will be lost forever.
  • If Sill dies in battle, there is an event where Rance visits her grave.
  • Her happy ending is obtained by finishing the Creator Phase with her alive and through Warg's events.
  • Her unhappy ending is obtained by not conquering Volgo Z in time.


  • If deployed with Rance, both Rance and Sill will receive the "surging with power" bonus, which can randomly increase the attack or defense values of their troops by up to 2 points.