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Master Rance, please stop being unreasonable...

—Sill, trying to reason with Rance.

Sill Plain
Japanese シィル・プライン
Romanization Shiiru Purain
Race Human
Age / Birth 22 / GI1000 (physically 21)
Sex Female
Ht. / Wt. 156cm / 46kg
Status Alive
Class Mage
World The Continent
Affiliation Rance
Level limit 80
50 (Rance 03)
30+ (natural cap)
Skill levels Magic Lv1 (?), Divine Magic Lv1 (?)
Appeared in Rance I, Rance 01, Rance II, Rance 02, Rance III, Rance 03, Rance IV, Rance 4.1, Rance 4.2, Kichikuou Rance, Rance 5D, Rance VI, Sengoku Rance, Rance Quest, Rance IX, Rance X, Mamanyonyo


Sill with her master Rance.

Sill Plain is a slave purchased by the great adventurer Rance in the year LP0001 prior to the events of Rance 01. She was purchased by Rance for 15,000 GOLD, being forced to travel alongside him wherever he goes since then. However, Sill developed strong romantic feelings for him and, even though the "Absolute Obedience Magic" once cast on her has long since worn off, she remains single-mindedly loyal to Rance regardless. She was originally from a rich family in Zeth but under "certain circumstances" ended up in the slave market sold to Rance. 

She is capable of using both offensive and healing magic, in addition to the creation of magic barriers. She is also known to have a large knowledge of worldly culture and history, as well as an understanding of many creatures. This is apparently due to her studying from a wide variety of books at a young age due to her origins from a noble family.

She makes her first appearance in Rance I, which is Rance 01 in the new canonical timeline, where she appears as Rance's sidekick and assists him in his mission of finding the missing girl Hikari Mi Blanc, who had mysteriously disappeared in the capital of the great Kingdom of Leazas. From that point onwards, Sill has showed up in every entry supporting Rance as one of the main characters of the Rance Series. In Rance VI, she was revealed as one of Rance's soulmates by a dream that led her to the mysterious dungeon known as the Calculator Cube, and was the only one to actually admit her affection for him.

During the events of Sengoku Rance, Sill was encased in an eternal block of ice after she blocked an attack launched towards Rance from the Demon King Little Princess, that resulted in her being placed under a curse of ice and going into a coma. Since that point, Rance has spent the following two games searching for a way to release her from the curse of ice until she's finally freed in the canonical ending of Rance IX.

Personality and Appearance[]

Sill is a very attentive and servile person.

Sill is a young woman with a rather petite and sexy but average body, though her caring and nice demeanor makes her come off more in the adorable side. Her most distinctive trait is her wide and silky pink hair. In her earlier appearances, her hair was puffy, curly, and looked like a big pink afro. But in the art of the more recent games it was remodeled, although still voluminous and fluffy. While most wouldn't consider her physical appearance that special or distinctive, Rance has often shown to love it, even claiming that it is almost as if she was tailored for him. Her appearance is a bit juvenile like a teenager, but by LP0006 she's already 21 years old. Her clothing has varied over time a lot. In her first appearances in the oldest games, she wore very light outfits, some of which were basically a simple white bikini leaving most of her skin exposed, as such light clothing is fairly typical for slaves on The Continent and her sexy outfits would suit Rance just fine. However, in more recent games since Kichikuou Rance, her clothes have become more reserved and a bit more refined as well, although still fairly simplistic and unchanging.


Sill is a person with a natural disposition towards helping others.

Sill's personality contrasts directly with that of her master Rance. While he's brutish and mostly cruel, Sill is kind and gentle with a largely positive disposition to always help those in need. She's a pleasant companion with an amiable and sweet demeanor, which is the reason why most people tend to appreciate and like her, contrary to her master, who is almost always seen as a savage and a horrible person by people, at least at first. When Rance tries or intends to do overly cruel things, Sill would often pressure him to stop, which more often than not would influence him and curb his worst tendencies, although it really depends on Rance's mood. She's also the one that will instinctively assist people that need help or protect the weak, while Rance would only do the first for his own benefit and the latter if it's a beautiful woman he wants to seduce. Another notorious difference between the two is the fact that, while Rance is a sex maniac with an insatiable libido, Sill is a very prudish person, getting easily embarrassed by matters relating to sex or being exposed in front of a lot of people. Sill in general is a timid and very submissive person that is rarely seen angry. Her kind and affectionate nature makes her universally beloved by most people. In the Sengoku Rance Epilogue, after she was frozen in ice, she remained in the Oda House near Kou, who would regularly place flowers near her and give her company and over time, many people from the country that had met her started doing the same to show their appreciation for her. Despite her seemingly abusive life, she's actually very happy with living with Rance and greatly enjoys the life of servitude. She's a naturally caring person that likes assisting others and is legitimately fond of serving her master dutifully and cheerfully. She's optimistic and keeps high spirits most of the time, although she's scared with relative ease, especially in dark and gloomy places. She's scared of Ghosts and Undead monsters, and they completely terrify her to the point where she is paralyzed in fright. Rance usually finds it cute, but he quickly helps her to snap out of it (typically by hitting her).

Rance and Kou along with Sill after she was frozen.

Rance tends to treat Sill very poorly, having her do all the chores, follow all of his orders, having sex whenever he wants and in any way he wants, blaming her when something goes wrong (particularly when it's just his) and overall being a gigantic jerk with her, to the point she's easily the woman that he's abused the most and to whom he shows the least amount of respect. Despite all this, this is just Rance's way to hide the value he has for her, as he's the type of prideful person that would never openly admit how much he cares for her, so he sometimes makes it a point to be cruel to her just to show that "she's just a slave". However this does little to hide his true feelings Rance's love for Sill has been noted clear as day by many other people like Lia, Maria, Keith, among many others, and even some that didn't know them like Kouhime have mistaken the two for lovers, which Rance will vehemently deny and follow up with some random cruel act towards her. Several instances have been shown in which Rance shows appreciation for Sill, but it mostly happens in dangerous and deadly scenarios, where the two are in a situation where they don't know whether they are going to make it out alive or not, and Rance is the one that will quickly embrace her in such situations. The only thing that Rance can openly admit is that he wouldn't allow anyone to put anything but a scratch on Sill, although his argument is that as his slave she is his property and, thus he can't allow others to hurt it. Deliberately trying to hurt Sill will make of Rance a dreaded enemy, to the point that despite his policy of never killing or hurting women, among the few instances in which he's shown intention of doing so was against females that attempted to take Sill's life. Ruberan in Kichikuou Rance and Satella in Rance 03 are good examples of this. While he wouldn't ever admit it, Sill is the one that keeps Rance in check the most and limits his brutish acts immensely, serving as a morality figure that tells him when he's overdoing it and Rance, subconsciously or not, does restrain himself when around Sill. Rance's appreciation and love for Sill is actually so big that it's been stated(and shown) that if Sill were to die, Rance would become the most dreadful and horrifying Demon King to ever live, surpassing even the likes of Gele.


As for Sill, despite the poor treatment she receives from her master, she also loves him back and is completely devoted to him, believing that he isn't as bad as some of his more brutish acts suggest (which seems to be more accurate over time, probably in part thanks to her efforts). She's willing to do anything to help him and actively tries to influence his actions in a positive way. Her boundless loyalty to him is absolutely impressive, and she has a profound trust in him that makes her never lose hope that he would save her when things look grim for her. Due to her caring and warm hearted personality, many people are just incapable of comprehending why would she put up with such a brutish and harsh person like Rance, and some like Bird Lithfie have even thought that she was being forcefully made to serve him, but Sill would always refute all such things, claiming that Rance isn't really that bad. While he wouldn't actively say it, she's aware of how Rance feels about her and finds sympathy on his character. Her love for him is unquestionable, to the point she's perfectly willing to give her life in order to save Rance's, perfectly showcased when she took the shot from Little Princess and was encased in ice as a result. 


Sill making use of Fire Magic to help Rance.

As a former noble from the Zeth Kingdom, Sill is a very proficient mage, possessing the rare skill of having aptitude in both offensive Magic and Divine Magic, the latter used typically for healing and supporting purposes. With offensive magic, she has good affinity towards the element of Fire and Ice, but can employ any type of element. When she adventures with Rance, she tends to use more supportive and healing magic since Rance is plenty strong by himself to be the damage dealer of the group and healers are not that common, but her offensive skills are quite good as she's capable of casting relatively high level spells like the Fire Laser and Snow Laser.

Despite this, she lacks Lv2 skills so she doesn't quite excel in either area and is usually over-shadowed by those that do, like Shizuka Masou in the offensive side, or Sel Catchgolf as a healer. Still, her versatility makes her a valuable asset to any party as she's still capable of fitting both roles with proficiency. Her biggest weaknesses are that of a typical magic user, being fragile and lacking mobility in the battlefield, and is usually required to be protected by others in order to bring assistance to them.

Sill performing a magical attack in Rance VI.

Aside from her magic potential, Sill is very useful in Rance's every-day life. She can cook, clean, wash, and overall take care of most of the house-chores in Rance's place, being surprisingly efficient and competent at her job, probably due to the fact that she's gotten a lot of experience at the tasks over time, since Rance pretty much forces her to do most of the stuff. He also makes her carry almost all their equipment when going adventuring despite being physically much weaker than him, so she's in a pretty good physical condition and able to follow Rance around while carrying several bags on her own.

She's also grown to become incredibly skilled at taking care of Rance, getting to know all the little quirks Rance likes the most and how to work for him in the most efficiently way possible and in a way that suits him the most and generally being an excellent attendant. A homely example of this is something as simple as making tea, which Rance has noted after Sill was encased in ice how the temperature and flavor of the tea she prepared was perfect, and becomes annoyed at the failed attempts of other people. Sill is a very attentive person and nitpicky with details.

Sill adventuring with Rance.

A notable aspect of her is her incredibly high level-cap, reaching the obscene number of 80. This was not her original Level Cap though, as it was raised over the years with Rance because of his ability to raise the cap of those he sleeps with, and her original cap was around the thirties. Regardless of this, it grants her an incredibly high potential as a mage and could outperform many high-tier mages if she reached such stage. It also allows her to not fall behind with Rance during adventures, who completely lacks a Level Cap, since her cap is so high that she usually won't reach it even in their greatest adventures.


For more in depth gameplay information of each game refer to:

Appearances In Rance Games[]

Rance 01: Quest for Hikari[]

Acts as a partner to Rance and helps investigate Hikari's disappearance. Ends up getting kidnapped by Lia, who planned to perform erotic torture on her. Rance ends up saving her in the end and punishing Lia for her evil ways.

Rance 02: The Rebellious Maidens[]

Follows Rance into the town of Kathtom which had just been devastated by the Four Witches of Kathtom. She was separated from Rance by accident and was teleported to a fountain area inside of Elenoa Ran's maze. There, she runs into Bird who was in critical condition, and saved him. Feeling grateful for Sill's hospitality, Bird decided to protect and accompany Sill so they could escape the maze together. In the later events of the story, Bird falls in love with Sill and tries to get her to leave Rance for him, but she remains faithful to Rance and helps him with the rest of his quest.

Sill is the main player character for Chapter 3 and Chapter 5, and also participates in the final battle along with Rance and Shizuka Masou.

Rance 03: The Fall of Leazas[]

She and Rance are recruited by Kanami to help save Lia and Leazas from the Helman army. After the fighting she and Rance are sent to Ylapu.

Rance IV: The Legacy of the Sect[]

She gets trapped on Ylapu where she befriends Freoncoise and works at her bar. She is later captured by Toushin Upsilon and is later rescued by Rance and his party. Rance however was traumatized when he thought she was dead.

Rance 4.1/ 4.2[]

To avoid putting her in danger once more after the events on Toushin Upsilon, he decides not to take her on his next quest, and is instead accompanied by Athena 2.0. However she disobeys his orders and follows him in a superhero getup under the name of Pink Mask, keeping an eye on him and saving his life when necessary.

Kichikuou Rance[]

Rance and Sill join up with a group of bandits. When raiding a Helman town, she was captured during an enemy counterattack from a Helman army regiment led by Ruberan. Rance's main motivation in becoming king of Leazas was to reacquire Sill from Helman's heavily guarded borders. Whether he succeeds or not has a huge influence on the game's ending.

Rance 5D[]

Both Rance and Sill got lost in a dungeon, and end up finding Genbu Castle. They enter the cursed grounds and have to find out a way to get back home. Along the way, Rance and Sill are separated a few times.

Sill is a potential member of the party, but can be switched out for Gal Monsters or other companions. Often, she is not present. She can be raised as a Healer or an offensive Mage.

Rance VI: The Collapse of Zeth[]

Rance & Sill are separated as Rance is thrown into a prison in Zeth for being rude to a magic user, while Sill is given VIP treatment due to the fact that she's a mage. Rance plans for revenge against the noble who imprisoned him and joins the Ice Flame movement, while also aiming to gain back Sill as a "minor side quest". Later when she is rescued she is revealed to be one of Rance's fated girls and receives special magical gloves Sillpheed from the Calculator Cube.

Sengoku Rance[]

She follows Rance into JAPAN with the premise of going on a hot spring trip. Later in the game, she jumps in front of a curse from half-Demon King Miki aimed at Rance, and is encased in a block of "eternal ice". As much as Rance tries, he can't break the ice and free Sill. This doesn't happen on any of the IF routes, but they aren't canon.

She is not available as a commander during unit battles as she is part of Rance's unit and heals his troops, but she appears during commander battles and dungeons where she can use her trademark fireblast or use "S Healing", a healing spell that when used on Rance also restores his action points.

Rance Quest[]

She only makes one appearance in this game due to the events of the previous one. Due to being frozen in a block of ice, she isn't a playable character but instead is given a room in Rance Castle for people to visit.

She is freed from the ice at one point by Pastel Kalar when she amplifies her magic ability with a special ring and temporarily lifts the powerful curse, but this was only a temporary measure.

The main premise of Rance Quest is Rance asking Pastel Kalar's help to free Sill from the ice. He is dismayed and turns violent when it turns out she's unable to do so at the end of the story. To keep Rance sane, Lia lies to Rance that there is an item in the Helman treasure room which would free Sill from the ice, for which Rance sets off to join the Helman Revolution.

Rance IX: The Helman Revolution[]

Despite Lia confessing in Rance Quest that she was just lying to keep Rance sane, Rance and co. apparently indeed find the desired item in the end. Sill will finally be freed from the ice by Crook using that item, after all character routes are cleared once. The scene will appear in either the true end CG or from clearing the main route.

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Rance X[]

At the end of Part 1, she is shot in the stomach by Bird during the party celebrating humanity's victory over the monsters and dies. It is later revealed in Part 2 that Crook didn't actually free Sill from the ice since there was no magical item which could remove the powerful curse by Demon King Little Princess. She merely transferred Sill's soul into a host body created by magic, and Sill's real body is still frozen all the time. Sill is eventually rescued by Demon King Rance and reunited with him again. After Rance returned to being an adventurer, she stayed by his side until the end of their natural lifespans.

Appearances in Other Alicesoft Titles[]


She was summoned as a heroine.


She was summoned by Nanas as a heroine.

Alice's Cottage 7[]

Sill Plain's clothes and hair style are included in Dungeons & Dolls's Doll Dressup Section.


Jinba, the horse with the pink mane that accompanies Rance Khan, is essentially the cameo appearance of Sill Plain. Both the "Hin Hin" noise Jinba makes, and the naming of its battleship are references to the way Sill cries when teased/abused by Rance.


  • She was the first woman to fall in love with Rance.
  • She is the first playable character in the Series, besides Rance himself obviously.
  • Sill is the only character, aside from Rance himself, that has made an appearance in every game of the Rance Series.
  • While debatable, many fans have refereed to her unconditional love for Rance as a case of Stockholm Syndrome, though her status as a Fated girl might have something to do with it.
  • Sill is actually a very divisive character between the fanbase. While many see her contrasting personality and direct opposition to Rance's as fantastic, others dislike Sill and deem her as dull or boring, to the point where some flatout hate her for the attention she gets in the series as one of the main characters.
  • Both Rance VI and Kichikuou Rance start with Sill being separated from Rance, and both end with Rance reforming countries and taking down governments as a result.
  • She has some similarities to Sheila Helman as both used to be high class women who under certain circumstances ended up as Rance's slaves, both are proficient in magic and housework and both are soulmates for Rance.
  • Sill is an interesting counterpart to Satella, both being completely different characters that have fallen in love with Rance. While Sill openly acknowledges her love for him, Satella chooses to act like she hates him instead and opposes him directly. In addition, Sill is a character with a firm morality that more often than not pushes Rance to do what's right, while Satella is a selfish and cruel character that cares little for those unrelated to her and pushes Rance to do more twisted and terrible things.
    • The prime example of this is seen in the two alternate endings in the non-canon Kichikuou Rance. Sill's ending with Rance results in a peaceful world where the continent was saved and humanity was unified, with the two continuing adventuring together. Satella's ending with Rance results in him becoming an extremely cruel Demon King that fills the world with chaos and destruction.
  • When Alicesoft was trying to come up with a new game and decided on a RPG and decided upon making their protagonist a brute, ideas were thrown around ultimately deciding upon a cheerful mage girl that would be devoted to him. However Hakase (YUKIMI's alias at the time) thought that alone was too naive and proposed to make her a slave, thus creating the character of Sill.


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