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Shut up!! Who are you to say that our fight is meaningless!? We know our convictions have meaning!

—Silky, enraged at Galtia's petition to surrender.


Silky Littleraisin
Japanese シルキィ・リトルレーズン
Romanization shirukyi ritorurēzun
Race Dark Lord
Age / Birth +1001
Sex Female
Ht. / Wt. 145cm / 37kg
Status Alive
Class Elite Dark Lords
World The Continent
Affiliation Hornet Faction
Level limit 205
Skill levels Enchanting Lv2 (?), Sword Combat Lv1 (?), Hammer Combat Lv1 (?), Spear Combat Lv1 (?)
Appeared in Kichikuou Rance, Rance X
Mentioned in Rance VI


Silky Littleraisin is a compassionate Dark Lord that urged Demon King Gi to release Humanity from the slavery and oppression that had been established by Gele for over 1,000 years. She was born as a common human near the end of Gele's era or right at the very start of Gi's era. Despite the fact that Gi had replaced the previous ruthless Gele that reduced humans to cattle, not much had changed for humanity as Gi didn't make attempt to change anything that had been established by her.

On the year GI0020 Silky, then a regular human warrior, performed an assault to the impregnable fortress that was the Demon King's Castle completely on her own. She made her way towards Gi, killing countless Monsters and avoiding many defenses, though getting mortally wounded in the process and even losing an arm. In the end, she finally managed to get to Gi himself, but she was barely clinging to life by then. She demanded that he frees humans from the oppression that Gele thrusted upon them. Gi was beyond impressed by her actions, as no other human in history has ever caused such chaos on the Demon King Castle and get to the Demon King himself, and admired her unshakeable resolution. Because of this, Gi agreed to Silky's request and invited her to become one of his subordinates by becoming a Dark Lord, a petition she accepted. Through a period of four years, Gi relocated the majority of monsters on The Continent to the western half and, on the year GI0024, divided the world between the Monster Realm and what would be human territory, allowing humans to finally be free. Despite the fact that Silky held a key role in the release of humanity from slavery, something that would have granted her a status as a legendary hero, she was completely forgotten by humans and no-one actually knows about her.


During the Gi Era she served as one of his most trusted subordinates and confidants, and she eventually became one of Four Elite Dark Lords, one of the highest hierarchical positions on the Monster Realm. She's very loyal to Gi, and developed a very close friendship with his daughter Hornet. Upon Gi's death and the conflictive decisions that split the Monster Realm between the two factions, Silky didn't even hesitate to join the Hornet Faction to support her friend and believes that peace is the best option for everyone. While she also wants to keep Gi's last will, she isn't particularly fond of Miki Kurusu and has expressed desire to force her to become the Demon King to stop the civil war on the Monster Realm, but she chose to follow Hornet's decisions of respecting Miki's will and allow her to claim the title only if she truly desires it. In the year LP0002, she travelled to Leazas to find Miki and Kentarou and convince them to go to the Monster Realm so that they could be under their protection, but she failed to persuade them and they ran away instead.

Personality and Appearance[]

A very petite girl in stature and with almost no visible traits to differentiate her from regular humans, Silky is not nearly as imposing and intimidating as the other members of the Four Elite Dark Lords. She has a short yet wide blue hair that curls up on the ends, as well as glowing red eyes which most likely come from her transformation into a Dark Lord. She also has what appears to be a green scar on her left cheek. Despite possessing a rather tiny body, her slim figure is voluptuous and feminine. Her clothing choice is surprisingly skimpy, leaving most of her skin left exposed. She strongly inherited the traits of the Demon King and is vampiric in nature.


She is a very serious and straight-forward person, not very accommodating and has a hard time dealing with people, coming off as slightly socially awkward. She's very hot-blooded and quickly driven by anger, often creating unnecessary enemies due to this, and other Dark Lords like Garutia have described her as short-tempered. She's merciless to her enemies, and has never shown the slightest sign of fear even in the most hopeless scenarios. She's extremely brave and determined to the point of bordering with recklessness, but despite her overall hot headed personality she is also shown to be surprisingly emotionally stable and is very capable of controlling her emotions when it is needed. She shows a good understanding of her limits and is capable of realizing when it's time to back down. She's still incredibly stubborn and won't ever willingly surrender whatever she wishes to accomplish though. Despite all these traits making her a seemingly abrasive person, Silky is extremely caring and warm hearted to those she's close to and will do everything in her power to assist them, placing an enormous value in their well-being even above her own. Her selfless nature has been carried over since her time as a human, as her feeling of releasing humanity from their oppressive lifestyle was genuine and sincere, to the point she hasn't expressed grudge or even annoyance over being forgotten by humans. Despite the extended period of time she has lived, she's never engaged in sexual activity of any kind and remains chaste as a result, suggesting that she's largely uninterested in sex.

Her most notable friendship is with Supreme Dark Lord Hornet, the daughter of the previous Demon King Gi who Silky served for a millennium. The two are very close, and Hornet's calmed and soothing personality meshes well with Silky's hot-blooded behavior. She cares deeply for Hornet's well-being, and is willing to push herself to the most extreme and insane situations to help her, a mutual sentiment she shares with Hornet herself. Similarly, Silky has a deep respect for her former master Demon King Gi, who she greatly looks up to and wishes to keep his last will at any cost. On the recent years, Silky has developed a strong grudge against Kayblis as a consequence of the conflict between the two factions. She despises him and wishes to take his life eventually on retaliation for everything he's done.

When not in conflictive times, Silky has the rather unusual hobby of baseball. It is unknown if she herself plays it, but it was stated that she has set up many matches between Dark Lords in the past, something that is pretty odd to say the least. The overall level is said to be quite subpar though. The recent civil war on the Monster Realm has completely stopped this.


Silky made regular use of her Chimera Apostle Little in and out of combat.

As one of the Four Elite Dark Lords of the Monster Realm, Silky is one of the most powerful living beings on The Continent, far exceeding the might of even the strongest humans. She has a very unique Skill Level named Monster Synthesis, which grants her the extremely rare ability to synthesize Monsters and form Chimeras to fight at her side. This skill of hers is a Lv2, making her a formidable genius of the field. In Kichikuou Rance, she was able to put this ability to use to create full armies of empowered Monsters. Her most notable Chimera is her Lesser Apostle Little, a strange organism made from the genetical mixture of many different creatures. It is her favourite chimera and serves both for transportation and for combat purposes. It carries a chair where Silky usually comfortably sits and it is equipped with heavy weapons and spikes. It's own strength is also very remarkable, as it was strong enough to crush a True Apostle like Alefgard that had been blessed with augmented strength with a single strike.

Aditionally, Silky often creates exo-skeleton Chimeras that serve as an empowering gear she wears to boost her own combat abilities. In the former setting she had one of the highest Level Caps seen at 205, and her current Level was 119, also among the highest.

Silky has also been noted for having a formidable mental fortitude, and has come out of major battles with severe injuries that would have usually killed a normal person through sheer willpower. Her force of will is showcased at its finest during the events of Kichikuou Rance, where she was able to consume as many as five Demonic Blood Souls from deceased Dark Lords and overcame the will of all of them in the process.

Appearances in the Series[]

Kichikuou Rance[]


Non-canon warning: This section contains non-canonical information that is not considered part of the canonical timeline and should not be considered part of the overall storyline.

She made her first and only physical appearance so far in the non-canon Kichikuou Rance as one of the main commanders of her faction during the war in the Monster Realm. She first shows up during the introductory scene of the Hornet Faction after Satella and Meglass were sent to serve as bodyguards of Miki Kurusu, who was being targetted by Dark Lords of the Kayblis Faction, and hoping that they would be able to convince her to become the Demon King and stop the war currently on-going on the Monster Realm. Shortly after, Kayblis loses all his remaining patience and decides to send all his forces on a full-scale attack against Hornet's territories to end the war once and for all, taking advantage of the currently weakened state of her faction. During the betrayal of one of her members, Noce, he abandoned the faction and was promptly killed in a battle against humans, as well as taking down Dark Lord Ithere with him in the process, and having sent Satella and Meglass to protect Miki, her faction currently had only 3 of its original 7 Dark Lords. It also lost a large a number of Monsters from their Demon Army, as many either died during the war or defected to Kayblis out of fear upon thinking that victory for Hornet's side was impossible.

On a desperate move, Silky is sent along with La Hawzel to fight back the invading forces on Cascade Bau. Commanding a Demon Army composed of a hundred thousand of monsters, they are forced to defend their position against an army over three times larger and led by several Dark Lords, and on multiple occassions Silky engages in battle against other Dark Lords such as Garutia, Medusa and RedEye. Despite the overwhelming difference between the two forces, Silky and Hawzel are able to stand their ground for several months while their army progressively falls apart. They are eventually overpowered and Hawzel is defeated by Kesselring and Medusa, with the latter taken her as a prisoner. The loss of her comrade and being completely surrounded by the enemy force Silky to withdraw and abandon the territory that they had so desperately tried to defend for so long.

Upon returning, she meets again with Hornet, who comforts her after recognising her grief and guilt for her defeat. Hornet the tries to persuade her to run away on her own, seeing that the war has already been lost, but Silky refuses to do so and firmly decides to fight to the end. While Hornet is not happy with her friend's decision, she reluctantly respects it and the two set an ambush on the Sulfur Forest. Said forest and the Land of Death are the only paths Kayblis' forces can take to attack their current location, and since the Land of Death is a massive death-zone that takes the life of anything that enters it, they conclude that they will attack from the Sulphur Forest instead and Silky takes their remaining army to the forest. However, their plans crumbled when Kayblis gathers all the Dark Lords of his faction and uses a huge number of monsters to break through the Land of Death by using his units as shields, reaching Hornet on Silky's Castle and catching her completely by surprise. On her own, Hornet was forced to engage in a defensive battle against the majority of the Dark Lords of the Kayblis Faction but was eventually defeated by Kayblis himself and taken prisoner as a result.

With Hornet's fall, the war has been decided and only a very little number of troops would remain on the Demon King Castle along with Silky, who abandoned the castle soon after and disbanded the faction. Upon doing so, the Kayblis Faction effectively unifies the Monster Realm with Kayblis as the Supreme Ruler, with Silky being the only last remnant of Hornet's group and declared a fugitive. As the last remaining member of her faction, Kayblis mobilizes the Monster Realm in an effort to capture her and she's pursued for an extensive period of time by Dark Lords and Monsters. Her fate varies on each playthrough depending on wether she's captured or not.

If Silky manages to effectively avoid being caught by the time war between the Monster Realm and the unified Humanity breaks out, she will make a sublte effort to kill Kayblis and rescue Hornet. When a Dark Lord is killed during the war, Silky will appear to consume his/her Demonic Blood Soul. This brings her insufferable pain and essentially turns her into a time bomb, with each Blood Soul increasing her power but drawing her near to her death. Her strong resolution and mental fortitude allows her to withstand the excess of power for three months without dying. If after three months upon consuming the first Blood Soul a total of 5 Dark Lords have been defeated by Rance and his army, Silky will meet with Satella prior to her last stand, requesting her to rescue Hornet for her. While Satella asks Silky to promise to return alive, she will simply leave without responding. With her stored power becoming unstable and her body crumbling, she makes her way towards the Demon King Castle where Kayblis remains. After slaughtering most of his Castle Guard, a short but extraordinarily fierce battle will take place between the two. Despite all her efforts, Kayblis came out victorious and Silky is reduced into a Blood Soul herself, but her sacrifice still proves useful for Humanity's Army, as Kayblis was so savagely wounded during the battle that is barely clinging to life, leaving him extremely vulnerable as a result.

Alternatively, if fewer than 5 Dark Lords are defeated within 3 months, she will go on to challenge Kayblis anyways, but will end up being defeated and captured. She will later be freed together with Hornet, when Rance defeats Kayblis in his castle.

Non-canon warning: Non-canonical information ends at this point.


  • It was stated that if it wasn't for her, humanity would have never been freed from the enslavement of Monster, making her one of the most influencial characters of the current setting since she enabled nations like Helman and Leazas to be founded.
  • In the original popularity poll made of Kichikuou Rance she ranked 20th, making her the third highest ranked Dark Lord after Hornet and Satella.