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Japanese サイレント
Race Human
Sex Female
Status Alive
World World of Eve
Affiliation Church of Eve, Hamlet, Central
Appeared in Evenicle


Saint Silent is a saint of the Church of Eve, responsible for church business in the Hamlet region and in the Central Empire. Due to her seniority and possibly because the Hamlet region is the home of the Church of Eve, she is comparatively powerful in the Church of Eve, and is often seen as an associate to Pope Norshin.

In previous years, Silent handled the training of Saint Croix on Melancholy Island in the Kingdom of Humpty, and was present for much of her ritual voyage to her wedding in the Central Empire. She helped provide "holy water" for Aster's attack on the Ranger Academy. After Croix's kidnapping and the war against the Outlaws stationed in Central, Silent maintained her church duties in the wartorn region, and encouraged Aster and his family to push for the recapture of Aubade, a northern city of somewhat lesser strategic importance, but still home to vulnerable citizens.

Silent later joined her fellow saints and Aster in a ritual designed to help them bare children, which Riche Eden sabotaged. She also helped Croix with her research into a way to break the Outlaw Curse.

Personality and Appearance[]

Silent is a prim, business-like saint, who does her church duties with the utmost professionalism, even the lewd ones. This has certainly helped her in her duties as a saint and with her work and power in the church in general, although it may have scuttled her romantic prospects, especially with Croix Eden, with whom she is hopelessly infatuated.


As a saint, Silent has a relatively high level of divine power, but this is not so high to allow her any particularly special powers outside of select religious rituals. Nevertheless, she is an efficient worker and administrator with a genuine desire to help others.

Silent is distantly descended from a dragon, and has the power of limited teleportation, allowing her to commune between Hamlet and Central even in the winter months.