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Shizuka greatly dislikes Rance for messing up her attempts to save her parents and her attempt to become a Lv3 mage. She also dislikes his perverted personality. When the Calculator Cube states she is one of Rance's fated girls, she is aggravated by this fact and denies it completely. She later aids in the battle against Demon King Rance.


Like Nagi, Shizuka becomes good friends with Reset after she is de-aged into a child.

Tokugawa Tone[]

Like most characters, she treats Tone like a little sister. Shizuka cannot resist spoiling her.

Nagi su Ragarl[]

Despite being the daughter for her greatest enemy, Shizuka greatly cared for her half-sister Nagi, When Nagi begins to die as a result of her experiments, Shizuka performed a spell that connected their life force and de-aged them into children to save her.

Maria Custard[]

Maria and Shizuka have been close friends ever since they met. When Shizuka learned that Maria has a crush on Rance, she showed great concern for her friend's well being.

Mill Yorks[]

While their is limited interaction between the two, Shizuka is shown to be good friends with Mill and treats her like a sister.

Eleanor Ran[]

Eleanor and Shizuka shared a mutual respect as leaders and led the Kathom defense force together prior to Eleanor's injuries. Shizuka was also concerned about Eleanor's negative personality.

El Mofus[]

Shizuka is on good terms with El and constantly gives them advice on being a leader. El is the first person she told the truth about her and Nagi's reincarnation into children.

Ragishss Cryhausen[]

Originally Shizuka had immense respect for Ragishss as a mage and magic teacher, but when she learned that he was using them to increase his own magic power, Shizuka teamed up with the other witches of Kathom to destroy Ragishss.

Chenezale do Ragarl[]

Shizuka despised Chenezale for killing her parents and raping her mother. In turn Chenezale desired to kill Shizuka for being Souzou's child, but gave up his quest for vengeance because of her resemblance to her mother.