Japanese しのぶ
Romanization shinobu
Race Human
Sex Female
Class Ninja, Kunoichi
Affiliation Oda House
Level limit 47
Skill levels Ninja Lv2 (?), Kunoichi Lv1 (?)
Appeared in Kichikuou Rance, Sengoku Rance
Gekkou... We are one, no matter where we may be.

We shall become one again in the land of the dead.

—Shinobu, during her last moments with Gekkou.


Shinobu is a legendary ninja and kunoichi who served under the original Oda Nobunaga in the Great Youkai War. She was found as a baby on the battlefield by Gekkou. According to him, Shinobu would cry no matter what but when he held her she stopped crying, which emotionally touched the ninja. His lord ordered him to kill her, but he cut his own left arm off on the spot and declared that she would live with him and act as his "new hand".

He taught her everything about being a ninja and the duo became a legend. The two were inseparable to the point where, after Shinobu sustained serious injuries during battle, Gekkou blew both of them up so they could die together.

In Sengoku Rance, it is possible to recruit both her and Gekkou during a second game, where it is revealed that the two were struck by lightning moments before the explosion and sent to the future, where they promptly begin serving Oda House. She does not function as an actual unit in battle and instead continues to serve in Gekkou's unit as his trusted "hand". This appearance is entirely not canon though and they are presumed dead in the canonical storyline.

If she and Gekkou are character cleared and deployed into battle alone, the two blow themselves up to defeat the enemy, mirroring their previous sacrifice and finishing the two off for good.


  • Shinobu (しのぶ) is a Japanese verb meaning "recall" (偲ぶ) or "stealth/endure" (忍ぶ). Shinobu is also the dictionary form of shinobi, an alternative name of ninja.
  • Shibata Katsuie became a lolicon after first laying his eyes on her, and has had an obsession with her ever since.
  • Gekkou's special skill "Assassination Skill +" that gives him 100% chance to kill an enemy that has run out of action points in Sengoku Rance may reference to both Gekkou and Shinobu roles in Kichikuou Rance where they can only assassinate "tired" Leazas generals (already took orders from player in that turn).
  • While she and Gekkou were stated to be dead in canon, the RWN lists them both as currently alive. It is unknown if this was intended or just a simple mistake.